Are you trying to offer more services than you can keep track of? Are you thinking that the more services you offer, the more clients you’ll attract? 


This is a simple mistake that I see so many new business owners making. Think about it. If you’re offering everything under the sun, what will people know you for? What will they refer you for? Probably nothing! They have to know what it is you do, and so do you. Trust me, when it comes to your business, less is more. 


The quicker you can be known for what you offer, the quicker you will scale your business. 


In this episode, I’m going to teach you three steps to deciding what one service to offer. So we’re getting rid of that laundry list of services that you are currently offering, and we’re nailing down what you will become known for.

Value Bombs:


  • Why Amazon didn’t start out selling everything 
  • Being known for something makes you easy to refer 
  • Three steps to take when deciding what one service to offer 
  • Why you should be running at your highest happiness level 
  • How to figure out what you do and do not want to do in your business 
  • The importance of researching how scalable your business is 
  • Recognizing what skills you have or need in order to offer your service 
  • You don’t need a certificate to be able to land high-paying clients 

It’s time to take messy action! None of us are ever great at what we do until we just start doing it. I’d love to hear about the services you’re offering, so take a screenshot of this episode and tag me over on Instagram! 

Don’t forget about the free training coming up that’s all about scaling your service-based business to consistent $10,000 months without hiring a team. I only do this training twice a year, so if you want to get registered, go to today!

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Today's episode, we're talking all about how to decide on what one service or two you should be offering, and some people call this your signature service, I just say at your service, but you can totally put a fancy name on it. But I always know that the quicker you can be known for what you offer and people know exactly what you do, the quicker you will sell your business. So if you're ready to learn how to decide on what that one or two services you're going to offer will be, let's jump on in to this week's episode.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host, Brandi, is a wife, mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can to.

Brandi Mowles: Y'all, today's episode is going to be so good because we are talking about how you can decide on one or two offers you want to be known for, and so we're getting rid of that laundry list of services that you are currently offering and we're nailing down what you will become known for. Before we jump into that, I have two things I want to start with. One is Spotlight. One of our listeners, Sara Ortez, says, magic to my ears. Five stars love this podcast and everything Britney has to offer. But most of all, I love how transparent she is. Thank you so much, Sara. I truly appreciate every time anyone leaves a review because that truly is how this podcast continues to run and how more people hear about scaling their service-based business. And I know that there's not a lot of resources for a service-based business out there. So every time that someone leaves a podcast review, that just helps more people find it. So I truly appreciate you, Sara. And if you have been listening and not left to review yet, I would truly, truly appreciate it. If you could go do that. Right now, it's only a few clicks of a button and you can leave an honest review. OK, before we jump into this week's episode, I do want to tell you is we have a free training that is coming up.

Brandi Mowles: I only do this training twice a year live, so this training will not be available again live until twenty, twenty one. So you definitely want to jump on it. And it's all about scaling your service based business to consistent ten thousand dollars a month without hurting a team. We have three options coming up for you time wise, all the same training. But the great thing is I want to make sure everyone can join me live because I am doing a live Q&A at the end so you can come with all your service based questions and I will be answering them live for you after the training is over. So going in head to and get registered today. And I cannot wait to answer all your questions in our live Q&A at the end. OK, without further ado, let's jump on in to this week's episode. So we're talking all about how did you decide what one or two services you are going to become known for? And I want to go back to Amazon. This is so crazy. But if you're listening, do you know what Amazon actually started selling when they first started at like the company Amazon? Because now we know they sell everything. But do you actually know what they started selling when they first started out? They started selling books. They were known for selling books, and they got really famous for that.

Brandi Mowles: And once they got really famous and they built their business, that's when they started offering other things besides books. So I want you to ask yourself how many of us right now are treating our business like the Amazon of today and not how Amazon got started? Because here's what I know. The more services you offer does not equal, the more money you will make. It's actually the opposite. The more services you offer, usually the less money you make. And you're spending a lot of time on the back end because you can't create systems that actually support all of those services. Or you are going to have to hire a team. And maybe that's what you want. But I know that it makes it really hard when you are not known for something to refer you as well. So I want to make sure that we are referral machines. So when someone says, hey, Sara, what do you do? Then Sara can say exactly what she does. And it's not like I do everything. It's a podcast manager. I'm a Pinterest manager. I run Facebook for course creators. I run Facebook ads, not just Facebook. I am an OBM for online business coaches. So what are your signature services? What are the one or two services you are offering? If you're offering more than one or two services?

Brandi Mowles: I would say you're probably offering to many when we're starting our business being the Amazon when Amazon started and not the Amazon of today. So that means let's start out only offering one or two services, get super good at that and then you can always add on and once you're known for something already. So let's jump in to y you really what are the three steps on deciding what and how you only offer one or two services? So the first thing you want you do is think about what are the things you love doing that you are already doing. And this may be one of those episodes. You are not like running around doing all the things, but you're actually writing down and taking notes. So in a piece of paper, if you have to come back and listen to this, I would encourage you to write down what are the things that you're doing for clients right now that really light you up and make a whole list of that. And then I want you to write down what are the things you're currently doing for clients at. You can't stand doing and write all of that down and then your third column is going to be what are some of the services that you're interested in but you've never offered? So for me, an example of this was when I was offering social media management, email marketing.

I was doing a lot of things, Pinterest. And then I got really clear and I started offering pretty much just Pinterest. I was pretty much only doing Pinterest. And I knew I wanted to kind of build funnels and do Facebook ads, but I didn't have experience and I didn't have a lot of training. So I was like, OK, that would have been something that I wrote down in my thing about like what I would like to do, but I'm not currently offering. So in my mind, it would have been, what do you like doing? I would have been I love seeing the funnel work, so I love seeing the traffic and pulling the data from Google Analytics from Pinterest. And I liked creating the graphics and I like the strategy behind Pinterest. Then in the I don't like columns would be I don't like scheduling pins and tell ones like that's what I would put. And then in the what I would like to learn would be Facebook ads and sales funnels. So that's kind of how I would break it down when I was doing it. So what are those lists look like for you? The one thing that we want to try to get away from is doing things in the what we don't like section because we should be running our business from our happiness level, our highest happiness level. And if you're doing a ton of stuff that you hate doing, there's no way you can be running at your highest happiness level.

But there are always going to be things that you may not necessarily love to do, but you still have to do it like with me and Facebook ads. I don't love pulling reports, but I still have to do it. It's just how it is. And so there are going to be things that you don't love to do, but you still have to do it because of the service you're offering. But don't get that confused with doing a whole bunch of services like me. I hated doing email marketing. I didn't like doing copywriting like those are things that I didn't like to do and I don't have to do with the services that I'm offering. So I want you to focus on what brings you the most happiness so we can work from that Level Ten happiness level then number two. So once you've made this list, what do you love to do? What do you not like to do? What would you maybe want to do then? I want you to do some research and think, is this service scalable? So think that's going to be different for everyone. So I love for you to talk about what is your revenue goal? Is it two thousand dollars a month? Is it five thousand? Is it ten thousand? Is it twenty thousand? It really depends on what your revenue goal is to what scalable is for you.

It's going to be different for everyone. So I want you to think, OK, if I want to make five thousand dollars a month, is this a service that I could realistically get to? And to be honest, I feel like any service, as long as you're really niche, like as long as you are not doing all the things for everyone, you can totally get to five thousand dollars a month. No problem with any service. Ten thousand dollars a month. Can you get there? I believe you can. We have albums that are at ten thousand dollars a month. We have executive virtual assistants that are we have Facebook ad managers that are we have funnel builders that are podcast managers that are at that level. So is this somewhere that you can get to? Is it scalable? There may be some services that just are really hard to scale to more than ten thousand dollars a month without hiring a team. But if hiring a team is part of what you want, then of course, just make note is this is scalable service. If it's something that's extremely time intensive, then it may not be as scalable as something else. And if you're stuck on that, do some research, see what other people were doing and kind of come to the conclusion. I would say that most all services are scalable.

There's a few that I can think of that maybe not as scalable that require a lot of just you, but even my IBM's executive virtual assistants in the membership that is very much like them and time intensive. And they're still scaling to ten thousand. They have families. They have kids. You can check out Curran's podcast episode. We'll link that up and how she's able to do it with a full time schedule and hitting over ten thousand dollars months. So is the service you're offering scalable? What is your goals for scaling? So I would also write that down. Is it five? Is it ten? Is it twenty? What do you want to get two per month? And then once we've decided what we love to do, what we don't love to do, what we possibly would want to do if it's even a scalable thing. The third thing is what skills do you already have or what skills do you need to offer that service? So for me, when I was doing Pinterest management and Pinterest ads, I knew that. I wanted to learn how to do Facebook ads. I had no idea how to do Facebook ads, that was going to be a skill that I had to learn. So I researched and found a course that I was going to take to learn Facebook ads with funnels, though I knew there was a ton of resources that I could get that I didn't have to pay for, that would help me learn funnels.

And I knew that like I have several books that I recommend and stuff, but I didn't need to take a course for funnels. I was doing enough of them. Pinterest, seeing the back end of other clients funds where I knew I had enough information if I just got some figure it out along the way. And that's what I did with funnel building. I didn't need to take another course for that Facebook ads. I one hundred percent needed a course on that. So whatever service you are offering and whatever you want to be known for, I would say, do I need a course for this? Do I know enough? And here's the thing. Your you do not need a certificate for anything. So do not think if you want to be an OBM, you need a certificate. Do you not think if you want to be a funnel builder you need a certificate, you do not need a certificate to land clients you just don't like? I truly believe that the certificate programs help you feel more confident in your abilities. And that's OK if you want that certificate for you, but just know those certificates your clients do not care about. So do not feel like you have to go out and get a certificate to be able to land high paying clients.

But you do need to make note. Do you have the skills? Are there free resources you can figure it out or is it something where, yeah, you need to take a course and then research and figure it out. Once you do this, I want you to decide what is the one or two services I want to offer after looking at all this, after you've done your research, what are those services? So for me, I landed on Facebook ads and funnel building. I wanted to really hone in on those things. And then I quickly realized that I could make more money and my happiness level was higher when I was just focused on Facebook ads. So I dropped funnels. And so you may end up with one or two services and you may end up with one by the end of it. Or you may decide, like, I don't like either one of these and you go through this process and you pivot. This is one of the best things to know about your online business. Give it a try. Give some, then try for ninety days. Figure out if it's your jam. If it's not, you can always pivot and figure out your next signature service. You're never stuck. And I think that is the most freeing thing to know in the online space is we are never stuck.

Brandi Mowles: You can always pivot what you do and who you are. So what services do you want to be known for? Is it a podcast manager? Is it a Pinterest manager or is it a funnel builder? Is it a Facebook ad strategies? What do you want to be known for? And this is the first step of knitting down is deciding what your services you want to offer. And I promise you, you want to get known for a service. You become this easy magnet for people to refer and people start to get to know you because you are an expert at what you do, because that's all you do. So let's just recap really quick that when we are deciding with our signature services or what one or two services we're going to offer, we're first going to write down what we love to do, that we're currently doing what we don't love doing, that we're currently doing and what we think that we would be really good at or we'd be interested in learning. Then we're going to do some research and see if this is scalable. We're going to decide what is scalable to us, what is that monthly figure that we want to hit. And then we're going to decide what skills we need to know for the service. How are we going to become an expert and really know our service? But here's what I do know is that you will not become an expert until you actually start providing that service over and over and over again.

Brandi Mowles: We can read all day how to swim, but until we actually jump in the pool and swim, we do not know how to swim. Same thing with our services. You can read all day how to build a funnel, but until you actually build one, you're not a funnel builder. So don't get hung up in the research. Don't get hung up in the learning. Go take massive action and do. And so I'm so excited to hear what your signature services are. So take a screenshot of this and let me know on Instagram, what is your one or two services you're going to be known for? You can tag me at Brandi and Company and I would love to share that with my audience. And so I am so excited for you to decide on your one or two services that you will become known for. And just remember, we have that free training, which I diven more details about this and you can head to and sign up for that live training. I only do this training twice a year, so make sure you go and get signed up. And I'm doing the live Q&A is at the end. So come with all your questions that to get registered today and until next week, go out, serve your clients, scale your business. And saw into that six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi, if you loved our podcast. Please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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