Today I’m back with another income report, and I have so many important things that I want to get into this month.

I hope you’ll join me as we reflect on the lessons learned over the last couple of months and talk about why the Black Lives Matter movement is so important. I really wanted to take the time to give Black Lives Matter its own moment on the podcast without overshadowing it with other topics. Also, I am sharing what we are doing at Brandi and Company to right our wrongs and make our community a more inclusive space for all.

Of course, I’ll also get into the usual income report goods. What our revenue was, our expenses– all the good stuff! I’m breaking down what it looks like to have almost $80,000 cash flow through the bank and $47,000 in revenue generated, as well as where we are on our track to a million-dollar year.

But much more important than that, as always, are the lessons learned in June. I want us all to think about how we can be better and how we can make the future better for our children.

Value Bombs:


  • What goes on behind the scenes of scaling to a million-dollar year
  • Why we need to keep talking about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement 
  • Steps we’re taking to make sure that this community is a safe space 
  • The importance of taking action as a business and as a family to be anti-racist
  • The value of self-care 
  • How to define success for yourself 
  • A breakdown of our expenses and income 


Thanks for tuning in for such an important discussion this week. I’m linking up a few different resources down below, and I urge you to take the time to look at those and think about how you can help. 


We’re all in this together! 






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Lattice Hudson’s Affirmative Action Workshop

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Welcome to another income report. This month, I'm breaking down what it looks like to have almost eighty thousand dollars cash flow through the bank. And forty seven thousand dollars in revenue generated. But much more important than that. As always, is the lessons learned in June. And I'm going to give you a full update on where we are on tracking our million dollar a year because we've hit the midway point. So let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host, Brandi, is a wife mom. And in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can to.

Hey, hey, hey, Serve Scale Soar family. Oh, my goodness. I'm so excited to be back with you for another income report. And this one is June, I will tell you. This one is not a Celsi as last month. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollar one. But once again, twenty twenty is throwing us some curve balls. And what I'm so excited to do is more than ever is break down the lessons learned. Because let's be honest, these income reports are not about the revenue. Yeah, them numbers are nice to hear. They showed the possibilities that happen. But more than that, it's a transparent look at behind the scenes of a business being built to a million and the lessons learned along the way. And I don't know. Another podcast that really breaks down the numbers and shows behind the scenes as much as I do for you all. And that's what I always want, is to be as transparent as possible. So before we jump in to this month's income report, I want to read one of the reviews that we received from one of our Spotlight listeners. And this one comes from and comes one so relatable. I can relate with Brandi on so many levels. I feel like she's speaking directly to me.

Thank you, Brandi, for such a valuable podcast. Can't wait to continue to follow you. Incomes one. I'm so excited that you feel like I'm speaking directly to you, because here's the thing. I know that there's a set of ears, a real person on the other side of those air pods. And I hear you. And I see you. And that goes for each and every single one of you listening. So thank you so much for your review. And if you would like to be one of our spotlight reviewers. Sure. Just to leave us an honest review, and you could be our next spotlight listener of the week. OK. So without further ado, let's jump into the numbers. But before I do that, as I said, this is all about going behind the scenes of building to a million. And lucky for all of you, this is happening in 2020 when some of us feel like the world is ending. But here's the thing. What happened in June and it happened at the end of May, and I didn't talk about this in the May because we had a lot of stuff in May. And I didn't want to take away attention from something as important as what I'm gonna talk to about it first. And that's Black Lives Matter at the end of May when George Floyd was killed by the police. I didn't want to put that May's episode because I didn't want everything else to shadow that, because I do believe this is a super important topic and I wanted to give it the amount of time and respect it deserved.

So that is why I'm hot headed off to the June report, because a lot of what happened all cumulated in June. And so one thing I want to say is Black Lives Matter did not just happen in twenty twenty. This is something that's been going on. The organization was formed four years ago. And so this isn't something new. This isn't something we can blame on 20, 20 and Korona. Do I believe that a lot of this thought brought to attention because we had already been on under lock and key for several months? Maybe. Probably. And I think that that's a good thing. This shed a lot of light and I'm not. Let me preface that. I'm not saying George Floyd being killed was a good thing. I'm saying that the attention that the Black Lives Matter movement received was a good thing. I think that whenever anything bad happens, it's always a learning lesson, no matter what it is.

And we have a choice to see things in a way of how can we learn from this? Or we have a choice to ignore it or only see the negative in it. And one thing that I saw is so many people that felt like they couldn't speak up before were now speaking up. And I think there's so much power in that. I think it shed a lot of light on things that should have been shed light on a long time ago. And we had just been shut off from all social media. We had been vacationing at the end of May and came back and my heart hurt not only for George Floyd and his family, but my community. We have an extremely diverse community between Serve Scale Soar and conversions for clients. And the first thing you did is go to them to make sure they were OK and to let them know that this was a safe place for them to share whatever they wanted to share. And I will say, I just have to give a shout out to Jacquelyn Howard because she approached me with such grace in such a way to light. And it was not her job. And she shared amazing resources with me to help educate me as I was searching out my own resources as well. And I just have to give a shout out to her.

She's an incredible person. And so if you don't know her, definitely go and just check out Jacklin because she is freakin incredible. But. I went to my community because what's so important to me is that thorough, OK? I always say that my students are my family. And that's not just something I say lightly. That is something that is so true to me that I see each and every single one of them as one of my family members. And so one thing that happen with Black Lives Matter is it shed a lot of light on things that I had not focused on before. In all honesty, it made me take a second to look at my business and see where were the holes that we were missing. And one was this podcast as I was looking through the guest. It had not been as diverse as it should have been. And that's on me. It wasn't intentional, but also I wasn't intentionally seeking out black women or women of color to be on our podcast and be represented. And one thing that I always want is for you to listen to this podcast and feel like you can relate to someone else's story, because I know not all of you share the same background and story as me.

And I always want there to be someone that you can relate to on this podcast to show that it's possible, no matter your background, no matter your race, no matter where you come from in the world. And so that is the first steps that we have taken as a company, is to make sure that when we book our podcast guests that we have a full lineup of all backgrounds, of all races. And that is one thing that I definitely knew was a hole in our podcast. Another thing is one of my amazing students inside conversions for clients Lattice. She is incredible, a Lattice Hudson and she is a business coach and such an amazing person. She's been in conversions for clients. She had an affirmative action workshop, which we'll make sure to link up in the show notes. I'm pretty sure it's still available. We're putting into action the things that we learned from her workshop. Another thing is we always donate to Village Impact, which is Stu McLaren's nonprofit that helps build schools in Kenya without outside interference. It's totally ran by the government. So if the nonprofit is no longer available, the schools will still run. We're diversifying where we donate our money. And one of the things that I'm doing is how many organizations that support women entrepreneurs, black women, women of color, entrepreneurs that we can support. And that's something that we're actively researching.

We also donated to five different causes personally and from Austinite personal bank account. We did that and we will link-up those in the show notes. So if you filled so called to donate as well, then those are great resources. And we've just really been looking at how as a family we can make sure that we raise a daughter who loves and cares about everyone, no matter the color of their skin, their background and how we can be anti-racist for our family and for people that look to us for support and guidance. And so my husband and I, we're reading a lot of books right now. And we got Riley, who is to a is for activists. And we're also making sure that we just diversified the shows that she watches and her dolls. And how can we show our daughter that she can grow up in a better world than we did? That's not saying, I believe that we live in a bad world now. I just always believe that we should be improving the world for our children, whether that is teaching them to be more inclusive, teaching them that people will be judged by the color of their skin and how they can step up and be a voice when people don't have a voice. I think that's super important. And so I hate that a man had to die for this to happen. But I think that in 2020, between Corona and Black Lives Matter, we are learning how to be better people.

We just are. And it's been a rough year for a lot of people. But I know that we are learning and we're becoming better people. This year, if you choose to see it that way. So that is why I did not mention anything in May, because I wanted to give this the attention that it deserved in June's episode. So we will link up a lot of things in the show notes. So hopefully you can, if you choose, continue to support Black Lives Matter. Continue to reach out and work on being anti-racist and really just become better people. So our children are better people. And so this is a weird Segway now. But now I want to jump into the rest of June and let you know what that looks like. So one of the big things that. In June is I learned that self care is really important and I think this goes right in line with what I was just talking about is that we all need to make sure that we're taking time for ourselves. We're taking time for self care. We are just taking time with our family and loved the people around us. And I told you in May during the launch, I really struggled with feeling like an absentee mom. And in June, that was like the complete opposite. June, I pretty much checked out the whole month and spent it with my family.

We flew my parents down from Virginia. And it was my dad's first Father's Day without his father and without my Popol that passed away in February when I talk to her about that. And so we brought my mom and my dad down and they got to spend a lot of time with Riley. And we surprised him and took them to Key Largo. And then we brought them back up to St. Pete and we rented a boat for my dad in Austin to go out because it was Father's Day weekend and they got a fish. And I just remember thinking like, oh, my goodness, it was all worth it. Because y'all know, if you watched my free training, that being able to travel without worrying about, like, oh, my gosh, can we afford this? Is this the right thing? And being able just to enjoy a vacation is such a big part of why I do my business, because I'm all about creating moments and memories and things are fine. But travel creates memories. It creates moments. And I will tell you, Korona has been a rough thing for me because I love to travel and then able to do that. So we went down to Key Largo appearance, had a great time. Besides our wedding, they had never stayed in a resort like that. So it is so great to be able to spoil them and create those moments with Riley and to see my dad so excited about fishing because it's just a rough time in see, my dad and my husband go out fishing for Father's Day this year and to be able to give that to them and not worry about like, can we afford this? Does this mean we can't have something else like next month or something? That was such a gift and I'm so thankful for my business.

And they want to create those moments. And I always think that when we look at our business, what are we doing it for? Like people ask, what does success look like? And I always say you define success by your terms. But my definition of success is how many moments can I create with my family? Because we have no idea how much time we have with our family. So those I'm like in that moment, I was like, yes, my business is a success. This is why I have it. And I want you to ask yourself, why do you have your business? What is your definition of success? And is it a monetary value? That's fine, but that's not going to get you up in the mornings. What gets you up in the mornings to get excited about working your business and maybe you don't know right now. And that's OK. And people say like, oh, travels by you, work your business. But travel creates moments which lights me up, which lights my family up, and that's time that I won't get back.

Those moments are for ever in my memory. And we're those bad parents that don't take a ton of pictures because we're like, so in the moments. And I'm like, oh man, we have to get the camera out or we're gonna have to hire someone to, like, follow us around and like record our family moments. But it was also my husband and I's. Oh, God. Now he's going to listen. Twelve years. So we got married on our dating anniversary. So 12 years together, I think. Six years married. Yes, six years married and twelve years together. And we went snorkeling and it was so beautiful. And once again, it's those moments like sitting on the boat, going out to the water. You want to have that two hours snorkeling and seeing beautiful coral and fish with my husband. That's why to my business for moments like that. And so pretty much June. I didn't do much work and it was so nice. I was taking a break from, you know, May being a little bit of a more hectic month to. And I so enjoyed my time. I did end up traveling more than just to Key Largo. I flew out to Malibu, California. And you'll see this and my expenses that we hard people to really just take a whole bunch of videos, like we recorded like 60 videos for ads and content. And they're currently running you probably getting hit BiOM and they're so good. And so I flew out to Malibu, recorded all of those videos out there with them, and it was nice to get on that airplane.

But one thing, as I tell you all, I love to travel. And last year I traveled Premiss to California or Canada every single month from July until January. And I thought that's what I wanted out of my business. And then after being home, I think so much. And when we did travel this year, it's been with my husband and daughter and realizing like, that's not what I. I don't want to be flying all the time without my family. I'm going to fly somewhere. I want my family to be with me. And it was such a wakeup call and I'm so grateful for that because sometimes we need once again, Korona has been a learning lesson. And I got to learn that what I thought I wanted from a business is not what I wanted for my business. I don't want to be flying all around. I thought I wanted to speak on stages and stuff. And that's all my ego like wanting to speak on stage and things like that. That's for my own ego. But what I really want is more vacation with my family. And so I'm so glad that I went out there. I'm so glad that I got clarity on that, because now I know what's truly, truly part of what success will look like for my family.

And I think that was a big thing. And then it's an end of a quarter. So we're at the halfway point.

All 20, 20 is halfway over. And oh, man, what a year. And I know you want to know where we're at for a million dollar year, but I'm going to save that till end. So keep on listening. So let's jump on into the numbers. So money in the bank. Will you go back to Januaries? I discussed the difference between cash flow in the bank and actual revenue generated. And so money that actually went through the bank was seventy eight thousand nine hundred.

So almost eighty thousand yea. And we are not in a launch. I was super happy about that. Our expenses came up to twenty five thousand three hundred and forty two. And I'll show you where a lot of that broke down cost of services. This is where we actually sent out brownies to all of our conversions for clients, students. We sent them out like yummy brownies, not the crappy brownies that you get. And you're like, oh yeah, I got brownies. But they saw these actually taste amazing. So that cost one thousand three hundred and ninety two dollars. My team was more expensive this month. It was eleven thousand seven hundred and seventy three. That's because we now have on retainer the video production crew, the like, took all the videos and everything. That was actually a large part of expenses that we had for our team Facebook ads. We spent two thousand seven hundred and eighty two dollars on much slower than normal. My office supplies. We had to get some things for the office was three hundred and eighty one. Software was a little bit more expensive. It was one thousand eight hundred and sixty one. Kajabi kills me because I'm like we stick to a budget and then Kajabi sometimes charges you on the first and sometimes they charge you on the thirty first. So I was double billed for how they roll out their payments. And so that was more costly than normal. And then I paid for three software things in full, which brought our total up higher than normal.

One of them was adamant. Ah, so our clients, our students can add all the events strictly to their calendar and subscribe.

So we added that when we added two others and now I can't think of what they are, but I know that Kajabi was a big one.

And then education was higher than normal is four thousand seven hundred and twenty three dollars. I purchased Ryan Levesque's Quizmaster class to learn how to create a quiz for you also. Go to Serve Scale for such quiz and there will be a quiz waiting for you when this airs. Now I've got to get it done because I just told you all that and it's going to be all about pricing your services and then travel. Since I was out there at already paid for flight and stuff already the previous month. But food, that kind of stuff came up to three hundred and seventy four dollars and then fees came out to two thousand and fifty six. That was from like merchant fees.

So I'm always fine when that number goes up because that means we have more money coming through the bank. So total expenses, twenty five thousand three hundred and forty two. My pay was eleven thousand. But remember, about a thousand fifteen hundred comes out and payroll taxes go right around the ninety five hundred ten thousand mark that I take home each time. And our revenue generated was forty seven thousand eighty six.

Fifteen thousand of that came from Serve Scale Soar. We're coming up on our year. Well, we did come up on our year. So we had a lot of our members renew. We had a lot of new members added. So this was not reoccurring revenue that is much higher. This was actual new members coming through. The mastermind we had our new mastermind members gone and rejoined for their next round. That was twenty two thousand services. 4000. Yes, I'm down to two client Joe, and I'm probably going to keep these two clients on, but we're going to stay at four thousand just for a few months. And then affiliate was five hundred and fifty dollars. Delighted with Dubsado.

That thirty seven dollar offer that we will linked up in the show notes brought him five thousand or hundred and seventy six dollars. So that is the number break down. The big thing that I wanted to share about these numbers is it was really cool. To have almost 80 thousand dollars go through the bank in non launch and we're tracking million in revenue generated.

But you all, after seeing our numbers. Think we're gonna hit a million in the bank this year. Which is bananas. And that's an even cooler number to me than the revenue. And so super fund here. This is coming up to me, not like from a business standpoint. I'm having a blast from everything else. We're learning a lot, which I truly believe is going to make us better people. And I'm excited about that. So what? I know the number you want to know is where are we for the year? And so at the end of June, we finished with two big milestones. One, our goal was to be at a half a million because it would mean that we're on track. But we finish at a little over it. Some change. Six hundred thousand so far for the year, which is Bonanos. So I'm super excited. I think we'll actually I don't want to jinx it, but I don't think it stinks in it. I'm just like calling it. I know that we're gonna hit over a million this year in revenue generated, which is super exciting because the cool thing is I see all the lives that are being changed through it. And that's what's really cool. And the team that's being built that I'm going to help support. And it's just been a fun ride. It's been a fun ride. And so we are at over six hundred thousands who were definitely on target by a lot. And then the other thing that I wanted to share is this big milestone we had was we had a million dollars in the business.

So in two years, July. So as you're listening to this already be in August. But as I'm recording, it's July and July marked two years that I started my virtual assistant business with a five month baby, wondering how the heck we're going to pay for food. And now the business Brandi and company hit one million dollars in two years, which is super fun. But, you know, we're tracking million for this year. So what I want you to know, it's not about the money. It's really about the journey. And I truly mean that. That's not just something cliche, but I'm just loving on the learning lessons. I'm loving this journey. And thank you all for letting me share this with you. So we are going to link up some amazing resources for you in the show notes for being better people, for being anti-racist and continuing to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Even though June is over and a lot of people have forgotten what happened, but we don't want to do that. So we're going to share those resources. There are so many amazing people. I also want to give a shout out to Ronnie. She's also in Serve Scale Soar in conversions for clients, and she's also an amazing member. That was so gracious and just was amazing at sharing her thoughts, her feelings and resources. So I also want to thank her. And I just want all of us to go out and be better people. And next week, I can't wait to chat with you more. But until then, go out. Serve your clients, scale your business and soar into that six for your year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review. And be sure to tune in next time.

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