Are you ready to increase your revenue without adding more retainer clients? If that sounds like the dream but also completely impossible, then this episode is for you. 


Today’s special guest, Jordan Gill, is talking all about how to incorporate VIP days (or intensives) into your service-based business so you can make more revenue without taking on more retainer clients. I’m so excited for you to meet Jordan and to learn what VIP days are and how they can be added into your business. 


Jordan is a Texan, a dog mom,  a fiance, a bonus mom, and an avid jigsaw puzzler. She is also head honcho of System Saved Me, an operations consulting firm, where she conducts all the VIP days. Her passion is helping overworked, one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. 


Today we are covering pretty much everything you could ever need to know about VIP days; you will not believe how much Jordan covers in our forty minutes with her!

Value Bombs:


  • What a VIP day/intensive is
  • How to use VIP days to test whether a client is a good fit
  • The sweet spots for pricing 
  • Why you need to rethink the way you value your time and services 
  • Exactly why VIP days can be for anyone
  • How VIP days cut out all the challenges of normal monthly retainers 
  • You can use VIP days to pivot your business from service provider to course creator without dropping your beloved clients 
  • Just how VIP days can give you more white space
  • Different ways to market a VIP day
  • Why VIP days could work well for you if you’re more introverted 


Are you as sold on this as I am? I’m ready to start offering VIP days right now. I’m so excited about the possibilities that this can give your business, whether you want to replace your retainer clients completely or you just want it as an additional source of revenue (which I’m always a fan of).


I would LOVE to hear your takeaways from this episode and so would Jordan, so be sure to tag us both on Instagram so we can see what you have to say! 


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Brandi Mowles: Serve Scale Soar family. Are you ready to increase your revenue without adding more retainer clients? If you're like Briney, what in the world how do you even do that? Then this episode's for you. Because I have a special guest today Jordan Gill, and she is talking all about how to incorporate VIP days into your service based business so you can make more revenue without taking on more retainer clients. I'm so excited for you to meet Jordan and to learn all about VIP days. So let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host, Brandi, is a wife mom. And in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can to.

Brandi Mowles: Hey, hey, hey. Serve Scale Soar family all my goodness, I am so excited because today I have Jordan Gill on here and we are talking about these VIP days. Other wise and maybe I'm wrong about this, but I always thought of it as an intensive. But Jordan is really going to jump in and go over what this looks like and how you can add more revenue to your service based business by incorporating VIP days. So, Jordan, I'm super excited to have you on here. I've been a fan for a long time. And just tell my audience who you are as a person and as a business owner.

Jordan Gill: Yes, totally. So as a person, I guess I'm I'm a Texan, so I live in Dallas.

Jordan Gill: I'm a dog, mom. I am a fiance, a bonus mom and a jigsaw puzzler. Well, I don't want in there for fun. And that's a business. I'm head honcho of System Saved Me, which is a operations consulting type firm. But it's just me who does the VIP days, which we'll get into. But really, my passion is helping overworked. One woman shows become streamlined solo producers.

Jordan Gill: The reason for that is I think that there's a lot out there about team building. And like you need a team, even if it's like just a V.A..

Jordan Gill: And I think there's so much power when it's just you and I feel like a lot of people have taken the power out of that, which is unfortunate. But I have been doing VIP days for the three 1/2 years, almost four years now, as my sole revenue, like 80 percent of my revenue comes from that. And for the most part, I have been doing that as a solo producer because I have a bunch of systems running. And like I just showed up to the sales calls and I showed up to the VIP days. And so I really look at a lot of burnouts. So opening our service providers who are like, I know that I look like I'm good at what I'm good at. Well, that's graphic design or systems or whatever, but like monthly, where trainers do not fit my personality or my preferences because that's how I felt. I was like questioning if I was even very good at systems because I was like, why do I hate the client work? But it wasn't that. It was the business model that I had set up. And so I've been doing VIP days again for about four and half, four years. And I am pretty much obsessed with all things intensives and VIP days.

Brandi Mowles: I love this and I totally didn't know that you didn't have a team. I'm very passionate about not having a team with a service side of my business. So this is so in alignment with one, I believe, as well. So I love this. And so tell me, audience, what is a VIP day?

Jordan Gill: Yeah. So a VIP day or an intensive. They're pretty much like the same. It's just your positioning on like, do you want to be fancy or do you want. Not with fancy.

Jordan Gill: And it really is a four figure offering that basically has to be under the 24 hour period. I see a lot of people do like sprint intensives for like two weeks or so like that. The some intensive, like an intensive VIP day is within the 24 hour period. So a lot of people I would say the max I've seen is like eight hours and one day.

Jordan Gill: So it's like a full workday. But a lot of people, I would say, are around like between three and six. So it's like a happy, happy day or half intensive or full VIP day or full intensive. And there are four figure offer because not only is somebody getting your time, you're like hours. However, they're also getting your strategy brain. And like, that is really where the juice is. And it's almost like getting the experience of somebody who runs an agency for those of us who don't run agencies. So because you work with so many people, like between four to eight clients a month, depending on how many you want to take on, you're seeing a lot of people's back ends or you're seeing a lot of people's experience. And so they're literally able to, like, synthesize and get like the highest parts of working with you in a really condensed amount of time. I like to think of it as like Disney fastpass. I know you're going to Disney and probably our audiences, too. So think of it like you go to Disney, get a real ticket waiting in line, do the whole thing or you can get the Disney fast.

Jordan Gill: I think it's called like Max Pass Now or something. All these levels now. So who knows? But the higher level where you are able to actually skip the lines or like, you know, go to the little booth, click the button and get your time, come back and only have to wait 10 minutes versus two hours or whatever. Right. And so VIP days and intensives are the fast pass max pass version of your offerings, and you don't have to totally get rid of your monthly retainers. You can also use your VIP days as like a qualifying offer. So like you can basically test on your clients and see if you're a good fit. And you enjoy them and all that, and then you gonna move them into a monthly retainer. If you see fit. So it's not even like a you know, it's intensives or monthly retainers. It can be both if you do enjoy parts of monthly retainers, but you just haven't had the right qualifying offer to know like. This is a great client for me. We have the same values. All of that sort of stuff.

Brandi Mowles: I love so much of this. And I just wanna unpack it real quick. And you're making my heart so sad, because right now, with everything going on, I know there is no need be visiting.

Brandi Mowles: I know my heart is sad, but I'm talking about this. I love this. That the first thing I want to say is how you said it's an intensive VIP day. It's within 24 hours. I've also had to put my, like, foot in the sand and kind of be like, no. For people who are like one drawing it out of our week. And that's the complete opposite of what an intensive is by definition. And intense is done in a short amount of time. And so I love that you're like, nope, it's like short. Twenty four hours. I've always taught 90 minute into our intensives to lead into retainer. So I like going a little bit further. And you talked about how it's a four figure offer. So tell me, where are the sweet spots for pricing?

Jordan Gill: The reason for this is, well, you know, we're kind of kindred spirits as a systems brained people. And I find that in the operations space, people are much more likely to undercharge than overcharge. And while you don't have to be a seasoned person to do VIP days or intensives, I tend to attract a lot of systems people naturally. And what's so important about this is when I was doing my VIP days, one of my clients who whatever went through my intensive, which I do client management processes now, I kind of also do student management processes for like group coaching programs. And I had a lawyer client and we set up her whole client management in Dubsado and then beyond. And then her first client that went through was like, I'm so impressed and I feel so taking care of them, literally sending you five more clients. And so she literally whatever paid me three K at the time and was able to make twenty five K after her first person went through, because it's so important to make your clients feel like they're taken care of. And so could people call me crazy that I am three K now and five K for a VIP day. Could people call me crazy. Sure. However like I know the value and the transformation of what a client onboarding process can do for your business and the client management plan can do for your business, because if your client experiences right and tight, like, you know, it's just like endless opportunities.

Jordan Gill: And so for a lot of people, they they think about hours and a lot of people start out as hourly. And so your brain is like, oh, they're only getting six hours or they're only getting three hours or an hour and a half. How would I possibly charge four figures for that when technically somebody can get two hours? My time for X and my statement to that is, again, you have to look at what the transformation is versus what your hours are. And it takes a minute for your brain to, like, rewire that way. But if you're able to come up with, like a 90 day editorial plan that helps people fill their funnels, it's probably like for social media, probably should charge accordingly, like they're gonna be able to make money from that. A lot of people then have a really hard time looping that back to our line. I'm talking mainly to like business people, but people have like this one guy who is doing an intensive doing this, like, healing song. I was like, OK, hold on, I'm not the most soothing I have amount's as a candle. So, like, I was like, I don't know exactly.

Jordan Gill: But it was so interesting because, like, basically the beginning, the day somebody would talk about their trauma. Then for the intensive, she would go and write them a song and produce them a song. And then at the end of the day, they would have a song and meditation that helped them heal through their trauma. And I was like, that is so cool. Like, there's so many different ways you can go about this. And so the transformation of being able to heal your trauma, like I go to therapy and I know how much I paid my therapist and what she was charging for this, like song that would help with trauma. I'm like, that's like three or four therapy sessions. Like, it's like not really a big thing. So pricing really has to be about the transformation. And also, VIP clients are they're willing to pay more money for a quicker transformation. And people again, another way to think about this is travel. So she is a pretty check if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Oh, my gosh. It is a life changer. So, again, you'll notice that I just don't like to wait in lines is really what this is all about. But TSA PreCheck is where you are able to skip the security line at the airport and.

Jordan Gill: Totally wait in the free airport line with, you know, people simply fee and having to take your laptop until it's yours out or you can go to the TSA PreCheck line. Keep your shoes on. Everybody keeps their shoes on. You put your bag on the belt, you'll walk through and you're done. And VIP clients are like that. They're like, I'm willing to pay money to avoid the nonsense and shenanigans. That is the other side. And a lot of people have been working with people on the free line where they're like, I'm pinching you for hours. I want to see your logged hours. Are you even really doing what you're saying you're doing to them? VIP clients like I don't care about the nitty gritty of what you're doing. Are you able to get me to the end of the transformation and as quickly as possible? Great. Like, I'm going to pay you for that. So it takes a bit of a mindset shift because you're like, well, they could get this for X amount of hours and I can just build it for them. Or, you know, they're getting all of this for a thousand dollars a month and then I'm having them do fifteen hundred for a day. It feels the time thing is where people get trapped and it's all about the transformation.

Brandi Mowles: And I talk a lot about the transformation in conversions for clients, which is my Facebook ad managers. And it's so much easier then to say that because there is a direct Arwa to that.

Brandi Mowles: But even for like our OBM on my down at mountain time and our systems people, the amount of time you save someone, that's what it's all about. And if you can automate things so they don't have to hire someone, you're saving them money. And I think a lot of times we forget about all the stuff that happens after we do stuff like we just had someone who has to step down from a position. And the first thing I did was pull out a drawing board and start mapping out how much of this I can automate. And so I would replace it. And so when you can do that for someone, you're not saving. You may not see the direct ROIC. Like a Facebook ad manager, but it's all that on the back in the time that you're saving them. The people that you're saving them from having to hire the money from that that they're going to make more of. Because you've done that. And so I think it's also important to really focus on that as well, is that we don't always recognize how powerful our service is. I learned that. OK. So we're looking at like a thousand to three thousand starting out. Yep. OK. Perfect. Are there certain services that intensives really don't work for or they do work for or VIP day.

Jordan Gill: Totally. So it's rare for me to be stumped on a VIP day. Yet the only one that I would say is potentially difficult is it would be less of an intensive and more of like a workshop is where if you're like doing like a calligraphy workshop with like one on one with somebody to help them, like, be better at calligraphy.

Jordan Gill: Like, I would position that more as like just a one on one workshop, then a VIP day or intensive. And what I'm getting at is more like products, which calligraphy is kind of like service and products at the same time. But I would say for most products owners, like if you're doing a jewelry making class one on one or something like that, the positioning of that is going to be a little bit different than if it is like a service or strategy or something like that. And so if you are used to delivering the services or strategy, then VIP days and intensives are like right up your frickin alley. And if you have a socially with implementation, like, again, I'm able to build out a whole client management plan in six hours. And for most people, they will hire somebody for six weeks or eight weeks or whatever the case may be for less than me, like eighteen hundred. But you got a lot of back and forth emails. You got a lot of just like the normal monthly retainer, some of chasing invoices, dealing with slack pings, dealing with, oh, I have this idea in the shower and now I want to pivot your entire project. So now we've got to delay it.

Jordan Gill: And now I've got to tell you, you need to pay me more money and then it gets really awkward. So, like, all of that stuff is erased when you're doing VIP days and intensives because they're either on the call with you the entire time or you can do it where you're not on the call the entire time. Actually works with Kristen Miller, who does Web site development in her VIP day. Like we'd never got on a call. We had a sectional open, and when she was done with the page, she would tell me to go check it, give her any feedback to go back and fix it. And so, like, that was super easy and super great because I didn't have to carve out an entire day to be on a call just to watch her build my website pages. It was like, oh, we'll just be honest. Like all know that I Slack needs to be up all day so I can see when she pings me and I showed like seven Kajabi pages done for me and like seven hours and I was like, oh my gosh. Like I will pay you all day, every day to do that.

Brandi Mowles: I'm writing down her name because I need her website. Done in Kajabi now as hell of a filler.

Jordan Gill: God is amazing. Oh my gosh. So. There are so many like people between I've seen Facebook ads, people do strategy and an intensive I've seen like OBM doing difference systems, team building, SEO copywriting funnel building. I mean, the gamut is there. But I would say services and strategy are like the sweet spots for VIP placements themselves.

Brandi Mowles: I love it. So I've toyed around with wanting to offer VIP days because I'm at a point now where I don't really need my clients, but I love working with clients, so I don't want to just. Yeah, everyone go so selfishly. I'm going to do this. So I was thinking I'm really good at launches like I thrive in the Yemenis. And so have you seen VIP days where, like, we literally plan out your launch or even an offer day where we're planning out your full funnel before the launch? Like, that's where my my my two, because I'm like, oh, I can see the hour away from that. That's something I could really dig into deep for a day.

Jordan Gill: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I have a couple of people who have done launch strategies. I would say get really specific on the type of launch. Right. And that will actually help.

Jordan Gill: It's just like being able to be referable. Yeah, I've seen both a launch. I've seen a little bit of the offer. Sweet stuff. I would say that that really is a specialty. And so if you're able to do that in a VIP day, then I would say that you would have one of the more like rare VIP day or intensives, because I mean, offer gracian like is a skill like is something that everybody has and not everybody can understand. And so between those two, they both are needed. And I think that the offer one is one that is going to be a little bit more rare in the sense that not a lot of people who are greater offer creation are offering VIP days.

Brandi Mowles: So my team wishes I wasn't good at offer. Please stop. Oh, my gosh. I love that. OK.

Brandi Mowles: So I think this is also a way then, as I'm hearing, is this would be great for people who kind of want to pivot like your 70 people, like dump your clients, create a course of block. And I like I have a successful course, I have a successful membership, but I love being a service provider. I think there's just something so unique about being in other people's businesses. So I'm also seeing a VIP day is for those people who are maybe starting to launch a second revenue stream, but they don't want to give up those clients. And this is like I'm going to dedicate four days to VIP days and I can still be in clients. Still know what that looks like. Still get experience, but then also have a course or a membership or whatever that looks like.

Jordan Gill: Totally. It's exactly what it is. And I think a lot of people struggle with, okay, I built the course for this or the or the VIP day first.

Jordan Gill: And honestly, that's your prerogative. And what I found when I made the switch is that making us what should be IAP days like. I was working like three day workweeks and honestly, I could've been working, too. But I love to work. And so I did three day work weeks and like was making six figures and just working with clients between four to eight days a month. And, you know, it just felt really good to have all that white space. And you can determine if that's white space to travel or white space to spend time with family or white space to homeschool your kids or white space to create a course. And I think that when you're looking at how much is involved in creating the course, like even if you are like super snappy with, like offer creation, you still got to build a page. You still got to figure out how you're going to check out you got to write the email and deliver the thing and set up Facebook ads or do affiliates or whatever your marketing plan is for a VIP day. It's like really low hanging fruit because you most likely already have all the software to sign contracts or send invoices, send a questionnaire, just the exact same software that you need for VIP days. You have Zoom.

Jordan Gill: Most likely that's all you need for a VIP day, a virtual VIP day. So it's just a matter of figuring out your framework of your intensive to then start selling them like the amount of work that you have to put into actually building. Now you're in tons. It is way less than that of building the course and marketing the course. So I really encourage people, if you're wanting to build a course like you honestly could do a VIP day version of what you're helping people with a course or what even helping people with your services and get that time and money capital so that you can invest and put money back into your course to make it really successful versus trying to trot along a little bit. Because a lot of service writers don't have email list. They don't have big followings. They haven't had to focus on that because of their services. And so I really encourage people who are looking for that next phase or second stream of income to make it the VIP day for a couple months, get that rock and roll in and then have space and time and money to allocate toward building a course or membership.

Brandi Mowles: I love that because services make us money like they just do a lot of overhead like services. I've never heard someone who said I have a service based business. Online done for you. And I'm like, bleeding money. Yeah, save an agency or something like that doesn't happen. And I have talked to a lot, of course, creators who are like, I'm so in the red, like, get out of it. That's why my service is funded, creating Serve Scale Soar membership. So, like, that's what's so amazing about services is you get that quick cash. I love that you suggest that, OK. So now we've went through a lot of this. But I know everyone's wondering, OK, so I wanted you a VIP day. I kind of have an idea what that day is going to look like or what I'm gonna do. But how do we market this new service?

Jordan Gill: Oh, yeah. So for me, I market it different than what I think most people would be comfortable doing.

Jordan Gill: So I do not market my intensive publicly on my Web site. You can't see that I offer intensives. I don't shout out about it on my Instagram. I'm talking about it. It's usually like, well, I'm about to do it if you date today. But I'm I do not directly sell, like, publicly. And people are always like, are you making money over there? Because I don't I don't do the typical marketing aspects and avenues. I really focus on backend sales. And what that looks like is I will I'm very comfortable with outreach. But that was not my strong suit. When I first started business, I was like sales. And I got myself a sales coach because I knew that I had to get comfortable with it. And so it really taught me that, like, you can just have conversations with people and almost lead it into, like, an opportunity to talk about what you do and potentially then work with that person. So how I get my VIP clients is, again, I'm a very numbers data person. And so if I wanted for clients for the month, then I know that I would probably need to get like eight people on a sales call. And that means I would need to talk to about 14 to 18 people, either through Instagram. D.M. behind the scenes of an event, I'm like whatever the case may be. So my target every month was 18 people I've got to talk to for the month. It was all I've got to do. And it's very targeted people, people who I think would need my services.

Jordan Gill: But I just kept it really, really simple. Like I can't do complicated. And also another way is through podcasts, interviews, I'll do strategic podcasts, interviews about leveraging your strengths as a business owner or really more like in-depth topics versus tactical topics, because the in-depth topics are ones that VIP clients are drawn to. And so it's not like it's not rare for me to randomly get an Instagram, the Amazon being like, hey, I want to schedule with you. And I'm like, they came from a podcast episode. And so it's it's really interesting because, again, it's it's not those traditional ways or like, you know, so on Instagram all the time or whatever else, there's nothing wrong with that. And VIP clients tend to really like offerings that not everybody has access to. And so people are like, well, why don't you start, you know, promote and marketing it now? I really haven't had to. So why change something that's not really broken? And I think that, you know, for VIP to clients like they like referral type services are offering. So I have referral partners that I nurture every single month that will send me people because they're like I'm a business coach, I was marketing coach or whatever, and I hate talking about asado or I hate talking about active campaign or I hate talking about client management systems. I want to talk to them about the strategy. I do not want to talk to them about the systems. And so I'm not only benefiting their clients, I'm benefiting them because, um, they don't have to talk about it.

Jordan Gill: And so when you can find that win win with a referral partner and your actual referral, then you've hit a sweet spot and you're able to really just focus then on nurturing your referral partners and getting those clients through them, which are nice and warm or even hot. And the sales conversation just goes a lot more smoothly. So I would say like referral partner event marketing and then like podcasting as a sweet spot. But I know tons of people who actually do outwardly sell their VIP days and stuff like that through like Instagram stories or even Google Docs, which is like fantastic. I saw a lot through Google Docs and. Yeah, so there's I would say it's not if you think like posting on Instagram one time a month is going to like make you have four VIP day clients. That's a little different than that. Like, you got to put a little more effort into it. But I would say that if you're somebody who also is very introverted and is not wanting to talk to a bunch of people, the days are going to be super beneficial to you because, again, like to talk to 18 people for. Across 30 days is not that many people. And so you're able to then just have a little bit more intimate conversations, one on one in depth conversations, that then will lead to a VIP day or in terms of I love this and I love that you work for numbers.

Brandi Mowles: I love numbers. So I love that you break that down because we talk about tracking your discovery call conversion rate. And this is the rate that you're talking about. You know how many people I love that also will link up. True Ones episode about pitching yourself on podcast, because that's actually how I got a lot of my seven and eight for your business owners as clients was because I was on their podcast and then they get up to you. It's a very intimate time. And then that leads to clients and wheeling that up. And I know that if I don't ask you this, I'm going to get a ton of DMs. What is selling through a Google doc?

Jordan Gill: I know, right? So it's funny because I'm such an MVP. I've I've launched twenty five different offers in three and a half years, four years.

Jordan Gill: And it's funny because I didn't realize I was doing this, so it was like a good friend of mine.

Jordan Gill: I was like, didn't you stop creating stuff? And I was like, what are you talking about? Doing great things. You like, go count how many things you've created over the years. But I did. I was like, holy can only. And a lot of those were sold in Google Docs, meaning that instead of having a fancy sales page, instead of, you know, having really cute Instagram graphics or whatever, I would just create a Google doc that was basically a sales page. What was really straightforward and I have a link to my thrive card at the bottom and say, if you want in, here's the link. Go buy and sell things for fifteen hundred five thousand. I've sold all sorts of stuff in Google Docs and I think again, my people I'm not I'm a systems person, so people aren't really looking for me to have like pretty branded stuff, thankfully. So if you're like a wedding planner or like a graphic designer or something like that, you might be able to get away with this. But if you're somebody who people don't naturally put those things together, you can kind of like be nimble and literally just type of a Google doc of what's inside your beta program or what's in your course or what's in your program and be able to sell through that.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. Part of me loves that. It's so simple because I love simplicity and I show everyone my ugly proposal. I call it my ugly proposal. They got me to six figures.

Brandi Mowles: There is no images. It was like super plain Dubsado, like here some day. I only wish they had the packages set up right at the time. And then I was like, but if you really feel like you need a pretty proposal, this is what mine looks like now. Six figures without that. But then digital marker inside me, like cringes that you didn't have a sales stage.

Brandi Mowles: Oh, I know. I'm like so split on that. But I love the simplicity because it makes it. So anyone, no matter their skill level of creating sales pages or anything like that. No excuses. It just takes away on all the excuses. And you're keeping it simple. And a lot of times that's just what people want. They just want the point. They don't want all the extras. Just tell me what you're going to do for me. And that's what they care about.

Jordan Gill: Yeah. I so, so agree. I know I, I haven't done a good a good sales page program, I think since February, which doesn't seem that long ago.

Jordan Gill: But I've now cut down my offer aggregation because I'm very similar to you. I'm just like, oh, I'm just immobilism. Here we are. And I like to test things and I think too many people. I'm a perfectionist mg one. So hey, hey, it's all manager and one lady is. I've had to train my muscles to like be OK with like 80 percent because my hundred percent like this isn't me like being like, oh I'm so awesome. But my eighty percent looks like everybody else is hundred percent because of how detail oriented and how intentional I am with everything that I do. And so I really had to take that 20 percent off the table. And I have a direct correlation with how long I worked on a project and how much money I made, the less time I actually spent on like creating and nit picking and messing with branding and doing all the things. The less money I made, like the more time I spent, the less money I made and the less time I spent. Like I create a group coaching program back in February, literally in a month, the group coaching program, the sales of it, the marketing of it.

Jordan Gill: And I watched it and I had the biggest launch and biggest month ever in my business in March. And like, I was just like, this is very odd. I've spent months and months creating the template shop before and that really didn't have a good revenue stream for me. And I've spent months, months on other programs and done all of these things. And it's all fallen flat. And I think it's because you sit there and you just like suffocate it to death. Because you just wanted to be so dang perfect. Then it just the energy around it is so different than when you're just like I'm like going through this, like it's fine. Like I'm just knocking stuff out and I'm just going to show up and the right people will be there, very different energy and whatnot. Again, I'm not a super cool person, but I just recognize how intense of a person I can be and how I really had to shift, how I viewed launching or putting offers out there so that it felt better. And I got better results.

Brandi Mowles: I love that my podcast managers and Enneagram one. I don't know like anything about it. Enneagram, except she's the one and I'm an eight. And that's like the extent.

Brandi Mowles: Whenever I'm like, oh, I do that because I'm in a place that. No. So I'm like, well you always say you're a a. But it is.

Brandi Mowles: I'm gonna go through the Enneagram and check it out. But I love this so much, Jordan. And this was so good. And I'm so glad we got to connect because I just feel like how you run your business and how I run mine is so in alignment. We believe in its simplicity and systems are so important. I am all about just running your business. So you all listening. This is two people who have six figure service based businesses not even talking about like the course that or anything like that. And we both did it without a team. You can't do like you can. And it is possible. So you don't have to grow an agency. OK. And before we wrap up, I like to Rapid Fire. Are you ready? I'm super ready. OK. This is not like the first word. Just the first things that come to your mind. OK. OK, cool. OK. So what is your favorite part of your business.

Jordan Gill: Oh gosh. The favorite part of my business is which I've had to like. Some I chill out on is the Tinker Name. I was systems and automation. I could sit and click up. I could see an active campaign.

Jordan Gill: I could sit in Zappier all day, every day and be like the happiest clam ever. So I. My favorite part is really building out the automations because it takes all the nitty gritty off myself and my team.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. Okay. What's your favorite software tool that you can't live without?

Jordan Gill: I saw this question that was just like this is a death trap. I would say that my favorite my favorite tool probably is Click Up. And I would say that because with how much, we really only have about four projects going on at a time in my business.

Jordan Gill: Like we have a podcast, we have a video show, we have my program, and then we have usually some launch every quarter. Again, my service-based is this is really only is me because everything else is automated. So my team is literally on the other side like content and all that. And Click Up just allows me and my team to know who's doing what, when it's getting done, making sure that we're staying on track. And that is so core, especially when you have a team of people which I have a team of six courting before, and then I have two contractors. And so it's it's a lot a Click Up of super funds.

Brandi Mowles: Weu\ love click over here so that this kind of sucks right now. But this events and you 30, 70 years. But what is the best conference that you've ever been to, virtual or live.

Jordan Gill: Ok, so I've been to a lot of events and personal events. I like I, I think I've stopped counting because I feel like it gets embarrassing. I know that in twenty seventeen I went to thirty two events in twenty seventeen.

Jordan Gill: You do not have to go to that many to get VIP clients. I just thoroughly love events.

Jordan Gill: I would say one of the best events I've been to is honestly ask life with Ryan Levak.

Jordan Gill: He is somebody in the online marketing space that I believe is like running a business. Because I feel like a lot of people in our space are just kind of like willy nilly out here and not thinking at all with, like a business mindset. And like, he is truly running like a legitimate business and is on like it's like top companies and like what not. But his event was really well done because, again, I go to a lot events, so I know when the selling is going to happen and I see all things. Another sign is bad at all, but I'm like super curious about like how different people sell. And he did it so elegantly that, like, I didn't even see it coming, like. And again, I'm very much like on alert and not in a bad way. But he did it so elegantly and the caliber of people in the room, everyone was so smart and driven and go getter and high achieving that I was like, oh my gosh, is am my people like we can just like talk about business and less about like feelings and things. Like, again, any other one, that's a very Enneagram eight thing as well. So like, yeah, I'm feeling fine. But when it comes to business, like, it's like all business became my love.

Brandi Mowles: Ask is usually one of the top two books that I always say that are really going through Ryan Lomax quiz program right now. I'm loving his teaching style. OK. Tell me the best piece of advice you've ever got in your business.

Jordan Gill: The best people piece of advice I've gotten in my business is probably I'm trying to think who said this? But I'm somebody who is a trailblazer, a little bit of a rebel.

Jordan Gill: And because I enjoy making processes, that is also somewhat been a crutch or it's held me back in my business because which is very hard. It's like a hit to my ego still even hurts.

Jordan Gill: But I joined a program in the first program that I've joined. But it was my first like when my first intentional program.

Jordan Gill: So I joined and it was about creating and selling. I took a coaching program and I've been in the industry for six years, like I've worked for like some of the top, like all my marketers. Like I was a coach inside of a different group coaching program for a year and a half. I'm like, I know everything. Right? And so I kind of had to lay on my sword. And someone said, like, what is this actually getting you? Like, by you being the one who is having to come up with the processes, figure out the marketing, look at, you know, case studies of on case studies and trying to Frankenstein like your own version of somebody else's group coaching program or somebody else's mastermind or whatever. Like what does that even really getting, you know. Like, it's that's just like feeding your ego. Like that's not going to build your business. And I was like, okay, well, like, that kind of hurts. But it was true because it literally a month after I joined that program, I doubled my investment in it. And it was not a cheap program. So I was like, OK. Like, I have been holding myself back. I've been the one self sabotaging because I wanted to say that I built the system or I built the process when. Who cares? Like, honestly. Like nobody cares. And so I had to let go of my ego around that. And I had to step into a student role where I felt like I should be the teacher. And in areas that you, as a business owner, even feel are your strengths, it's always good to go back and be a student. Like you're going to always learn so much from other people. And so that was something that I would say that advice helped me a lot, not only just financially my business, but just mindset shift wise because I just was so sad and was so ego driven and it just didn't have to be that way.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. I love that. I think so many of us could just meet included take a step back and really reflect on that. So I love that, Jordan.

Brandi Mowles: I tell my audience, so where can they get in touch with you? What do you have for them? I just want them to be able to reach out to you.

Jordan Gill: Yeah. So I am an Instagram. So you come on Instagram at Systems' saved me DME. Say hello.

Jordan Gill: Let me know what resonated with you on the episode and whatnot. And then my website, you can go to systems something if you are super interested in VIP days and super entries. I have a free VIP day road map that you can go and sign up for totally free. Just your email address and it will show you the nine different steps to take in order to have a successful, intensive VIP day. So I would say those both remain places. Oh, I also have a podcast called Cultism. Save Me so you can go and listen there.

Jordan Gill: Yeah, because we're rich.

Brandi Mowles: I love it. Thank you so much for being with us today.

Jordan Gill: Yes. Thanks so much for having me, Brandi.

Brandi Mowles: Yo. I'm ready to start offering VIP days. I'm like sold on this. I am so excited about the possibilities that this can give your business, whether you want to replace your retainer clients completely or you just want it as an additional source of revenue, which I'm always a fan of. But Jordan broke down so many value bombs for us today from how to price these at a premium price. How to market in a way that we don't typically talk about. And how you can scale your online service based business without a team to six figures. And you'll know I'm all about doing it without a team and getting maximum results. And you can have more time for those people in your life that are most important. And so make sure to reach on out to Jordan and let her know you're all ohis. Share this on Instagram and tag Jordan and I in there because we would love to hear your. Takeaways. I'm so glad you tuned into this week's episode. So until next week, go out. Serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review. And be sure to tune in next time.

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