Today on the show I am wrapping up 2019 in a big way by talking about the lessons I learned 14x-ing my business.  Make sure to tune in because I have a few surprises up my sleeve! 


It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of 2019.  Tomorrow we will be heading into a new year and a new decade!  I was thinking about my life over the last 10 years and it’s been a crazy journey.  I went to law school, worked in direct sales, had a baby, started a mom blog and finally ended up finding my true passion. 


Over the past 10 years, I have had many failures and many wins.  “Failing” at something allows you to learn from your mistakes. These so-called “failures” have made me into the person I am today.   Remember to stop and reflect on your past and celebrate your wins, even the ones that may seem small! 


Value Bombs:


  • Relationships over revenue: focus on building relationships and expect nothing in return. 
  • Things can happen fast.  I started doing Facebook ads for clients less than a year ago. 
  • Show up, add value and participate in courses and FB groups. 
  • Ask yourself how you can show up and help others in a genuine way
  • Don’t get caught up on revenue: concentrate on your profit 
  • Keeping your expenses low allows you to have a higher profit, which allows you to make a bigger impact at home and in your community
  • The importance of your overall happiness in your business and life 
  • Make sure that what you say yes to, aligns with what lights you up 
  • Do not pick a service just because you think it is scalable.  
  • Realize there are things that are mandatory in your business: you won’t love everything you have to do all the time.  


Summary: The 3 Big Lessons I Learned in 2019: 

  1. Relationships Over Revenue 
  2. Profit Over Revenue 
  3. Your Happiness Should Help Dictate Your Decisions


2019 was a whirlwind year for Brandi and Company.  I niched down and started offering Facebook ad services, I started a podcast, and I started a membership for service providers that lights me up every single day.  In 2020 I am hosting my first live event and running a mastermind for a group of amazing entrepreneurs. 


Remember that so much can happen in 12 months.  I started my business in 2018 and made between $25,000-$30,000.  In 2019, we did over $350,000. I don’t say this to boast or brag, but I say it to show you that a lot can happen in a short amount of time if you get intentional about where you want your business to go.  You must focus on the things that matter the most and stop making excuses that it won’t work for you. 


I hope you all move into 2020 with a fresh view of your business and yourself and leave all the negative baggage behind you. You are meant to do great things and to do something bigger.   Whatever goals and desires you have, you can make it happen! 


As you know, learning how to do Facebook ads and offering this as a service changed my life.  In honor of that, I am opening the doors to my brand new course, Conversions for Clients. The doors open January 8th and will only be open for a short period of time so I encourage you to jump on the waitlist at  


Make sure to jump on the waitlist and you will be the first to be notified when the course opens up.  This course will take you from not knowing anything or very little about Facebook ads to being a rockstar Facebook ads manager that leaves your clients raving about your conversions. 


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Hello Serve Scale Soar today This episode is wrapping up 2019 in a big way and I'm talking about all those lessons I learned in 2019 growing to a multiple six figure business, and I have a few surprises up my sleeve for you. So let's jump right on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years your host Brandi is a wife mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

Happy New Year's Eve y'all. Oh my gosh, can you believe tomorrow is 2020 the first day, brand new start of a year but also have a decade. And oh my goodness, if we were looking back at the last 10 years, my journey, it would be a crazy crazy journey. It would involve college law school, direct sales and having a baby starting a mom blog and now ending up finding my true true passion. So before we begin this episode, I really want to start this off as your journey did not just get started, whenever you decided to start your business, your journey has been going on in the things that have nothing at least what you think nothing to do with your online business 100% affected between the ways we were raised our beliefs. If we went to school if we didn't go to school or previous jobs. All of those experiences have brought you to where you are today. That's why it's so crucial that we don't look side decided other people's journeys, but we just focus on our own because that is truly the only one that matters. And I can tell you as I look at my own journey, I'm just so proud of the last 10 years, there's been failures. I've learned from them. Those failures have brought me to the place I am today, which is so freaking happy and passionate about my work. And so just as you reflect as we go into the new year as you set goals, try to reflect on all the wins you've had and where you've come. And all the places you're going and celebrate you celebrate all the success you've had. Even if you don't feel like that success is where you want to be. You've had success and we need to celebrate those wins. And so before we jump into today's episode, I just wanted to remind you that and I wanted to read a review from one of our listeners so they did not put their name but insightful and worth the time. Five stars, simple short strategies with big potential payoff. I found Brandi through the art of paid traffic podcast and immediately liked her grounded and laid back vibe. And the fact that she's standing up for service providers who don't necessarily want to build a team, preach. Just the first few episodes alone are packed with simple, actionable takeaways. And I love that she gets straight into the good stuff, no fluff, can't wait to continue listening. insightful and worth the time. I so appreciate your comments. And I'm so glad that I get to be the voice for those service providers who do not want to hire a team. Because I totally understand and I get that. I always joke that we are most of us are moms that are listening. We're already managing a whole household. The last thing we want to do is manage other people. Now this does not mean I'm totally against having a team. I have a team now, but I had a strong family nation at first, and I'm just so grateful that you popped in left a review, and that you're loving the podcast. So if any of you would love to be featured on the podcast as a spotlight listener, just go on and leave an honest review and a star rating, and apple and I would be more than happy to read your review. Okay, so let's jump on into the episode. And this episode is one that I was like, do I even need to give you? We have so much information about like, goal setting and everything in the new year? Why should I put out more information on that you're probably already bombarded. But here's the thing I've learned a lot in the last 12 months because as many of you know, if you've been listening and if you don't, my business has only been a business for 17 months, which sounds crazy and really this year is when I first started 2019 January When I started offering Facebook ad services, so what I know is that things can happen fast. And I wanted to leave you some lessons that I learned this year that maybe you can build off of and go into 2020 with. So that first lesson that I learned was relationships over revenue. And this has been one of those things that I found is my superpower and I didn't even realize it and many of you who are listening, this may be your superpower and you don't even realize it. But I focused so heavily on building relationships with nothing expecting nothing in return, just really genuinely wanting to help people and serve them and help build them up to where I am. And so before even had an idea of a membership or any paid products or anything like that, and I was just offering my one on one done for you. So services. I was just focusing on relationships, building genuine relationships. When I purchased a course, I made sure that if there was a live event I attended, I made sure if there was office hours I attended. And it wasn't just for the information and I wasn't just passively watching. But I made sure that I was building relationships with instructors, and the other students that were in there. And I think that's one of the biggest things is we need to start showing up and getting our name out there because when you do that people notice you they want to hire you. And you become known for something. There's a few ways I did this. One was with Abbey Ashley in the virtual savvy. I showed up I participated I helped other people that wanted to grow their service based business I answered questions that they had expecting nothing in return. Not only did Abbey become one of my favorite clients, but she also is a dear friend and she helps promote Serve Scale Soar. It really helped me get my name out. She also introduced me to people that we have written already who was not only my coach, but also another one of my clients. It wasn't because I responded to a job that I got that position. But instead it was because of the relationships I built, expecting nothing in return, but serving adding value to his community. And that served me well. There's several other cases where I was on podcast episodes and everything, and added value to other people's communities, when we can add value to other people's communities or just add value in the Facebook groups, Instagram, wherever you're hanging out in genuinely helping people without ever expecting anything in return. That is 100% where revenue happens is in those relationships, and I want to be very conscious And say this I'm not building relationships, because I know revenue will follow. There are a lot of relationships I have, where revenue won't follow, and that's okay. I'm okay with that. But as I'm building genuine relationships, expecting nothing in return, that is truly where when we track my revenue, the majority of it has come from is building relationships. So I highly encourage you in 2020 How can you show up? How can you add value to other people's communities? How can you just add more value to the world and that doesn't mean more information, but it just means helping others who need help in genuine way, showing up to live events which we have a whole podcast episode which will link up in the show notes. But just getting visible and building those relationships is going to be so important going into 2020. Okay, so my second lesson I learned is profit over revenue. As you can see, I'm not so focused on the revenue, I am focused on all the things that just generate revenue. And when I talk about profit over revenue, this is something that I'm very, very passionate about. Because there's a lot of people out there that just throw around numbers like, Oh, I did a million all I did a half a million, oh, I did 9 million, whatever the case may be. And those are different numbers. Some of them are actually how much money has went into their bank accounts. Others are just revenue generated, which means that they've generated the money, but it hasn't come into their bank account. And some of them maybe they've done a million but they've spent 900,000 on ads. We don't see that part of people's business. And so it's easy to get hung up on these vanity numbers. And what I want to tell you is that Who the heck cares? I mean, maybe if that's what you want a million dollars, but you've spent 90,000 or 900,000. on ads, like that's not great profit, especially when there's other expenses. As service providers, I want to break this down for you. This is why I'm so passionate about you creating a really strong foundation and a lean business, when we talk about our service based business, because we can run such a lean business without many expenses, and then that means our profits are so much higher. This is why I'm passionate about you starting a really strong foundation before you hiring anyone, because once you start hiring people, your profit will take a dip, hopefully your revenue grows and it offsets but that's not always the case, especially when you're not sure who or how to hire, and if that is actually going to bring in more revenue. So I would encourage you to focus on what do you want your profit to be in 2020, not your revenue, and then you can reverse engineer that to get to where you really want beam. So for me going in, we have a big freakin goal. And I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it is a million, a million dollars in revenue. But my goal is actually to have 65% profit margins. This year we had 70% profit margins, which is incredible because we had over $350,000 a year. And that is with courses. $200,000 came from my Facebook ad services. And those profit margins were at 90% 90%, y'all that means that's a lot of take home money in the bank, and my money is all together. I'm very honest. So, overall, between the membership, the mastermind, the live event, and my services, we had 65% profit margins, and that's really good. I'm excited about that. That's a lot of money for my family for bigger impact and my community for village impact which we donated to this year. And I love having looking at the profit, and not just the revenue, because here's what I can tell you, we have this big freakin goal to hit a million in 2020. But I also have a big freakin goal to at least have profit margins where I'm taking home 600,000. And so that means that we keep our expenses low, and we keep more profit in the business. Because when we have profit, Ah, that's when things can happen. That's when we can have a bigger impact. That's when we can have you know, donate, that's when we can take our families to Disney. When that profit is there, that's when the magic happens. So I would strongly strongly encourage you to not only focus on the revenue you want to bring in in 2020 but what are your profit goals and so if you Want to have a six figure business? So hundred thousand? How much of that hundred thousand? Do you want to be profit? Are you okay with 50,000? Do you want 70,000? Do you want 90,000. So really figure out what you need is your family, and then reverse engineer that to figure out how much revenue you need to bring in to make that happen. Because the surprising thing is for people is just because you have a six figure business doesn't mean your family's getting six figure income. And I think that's really important to note that we have to pay. You know, taxes are separate. I mean, some people take them out, some people take them in, but what I'm going off of this, it's without the tax numbers and everything but you decide, but like when we have expenses, and we have all these software's like decide how much you need to bring in to give your family the income that you want, and decide if that includes taxes or without taxes, because that's going to be different for all of us. So that would be my number to live. Is profit over revenue. So the first one was relationships over revenue and then profit over revenue. And then the third one is happiness levels still dictates my decisions. And so I would encourage you to go back to the podcast episode where I talked about the six things I track are four things I track to scaling to six figures, and we'll link that up in the show notes. But one of the things I said was my happiness level. And that's still true in 2019. A lot of decisions were made based off my happiness level. And so one of the things I can directly say, that happened was this podcast, I really wanted a podcast I really wanted to serve my audience in a deeper way than I could in an email, or that I could just in my, you know, just chatting on Instagram or something like that. I wanted something where you could have that takes you to a deeper level with me, and I could get to know you better serve y'all How you want to be served bring on guests. And so that lights me up. But all the backend stuff like when I thought about how much editing and software and all these things that would have to happen, that did not light me up. And that hindered me from starting this podcast for a long time. But then I was like, how can I work from my happiness level, but also not have something that feels like a chore? And I probably wouldn't stick with. And that's where Stephanie, the amazing podcast manager came in. And she was able because I heard her and able to serve you from my happiness level. And she takes care of all the stuff that does not make me happy. Now, when I talk about this, there's times to work from a happiness level and there's times that we just have to suck it up Buttercup, and make it happen. And so some of those things that I don't like but we have to do is like There's things in our business that sometimes I like, don't want to do Facebook ad copy. There's sometimes that like, I don't want to get on and record an episode. But here's the thing, when it's a momentary happiness thing, like, I'm just not feeling like it that's different than something that's constantly making you unhappy. So, sales funnels, we'll talk about this sales funnels were constantly making me unhappy. I did not want to build another sales funnel in 2019. And so in May when I stopped offering that my happiness level grew because I could take on more clients as Facebook, which do they do bring me joy, they do bring me happiness. I love being a Facebook ads strategist. And so that is the difference between temporary unhappiness and doing something over and over and over again, that is just not bringing you joy, picking a service just for the sake of scaling of service. Is that you think is scalable, but you don't really love it. That's not following your happiness level, halfway right Facebook ad copy one day when I'm not feeling like it, and deciding, oh, well, this doesn't align with my happiness level. That's a cop out. So really don't take these words and twist them that like, if you don't enjoy doing something one day, you shouldn't have to do it. We're thinking about the big picture. Because there are things in our business, sometimes I just don't want to do, but I still have to do it as the CEO of my business. Like the legal stuff. There's a ton of legal stuff that I have do. We have attorney that also looks over it, like I still have to take care of it. I don't like doing that stuff. But it's part of being a CEO. So also don't use the happiness level as a cop out for not doing things that are mandatory when you run a business. But I do want you to follow what brings you joy, what lights you up and not picking services for the sake of scaling a service or your business because that is only momentarily You will burn out if you don't love what you're doing. So if you're thinking about pivoting your services, make sure that you're pivoting your services for the right reason. And it's something that's going to light you up, bring you more joy. And it's not something that's just easy to scale that is so, so important. So those are the big lessons I learned in 2019 is relationships over revenue, profit over revenue, and happiness level should still be dictating your decisions. And I will tell you, this was a whirlwind of a year for brandi and company. We started a podcast which I love. I started offering Facebook ad services, which I love. We have the Serve Scale Soar membership which freakin lights me up every day. And we have a live event that's happening in 2020 and a mastermind that is about to start tomorrow. So January 1, and so hi just now that so much can happen in 12 months. We went from 2018. I had brought in I started my business, I had it for six months and did between 25,030 thousand. And then this year in 12 months, we did over 350,000, which is so crazy to me. And I'm not saying that to brag or boast, but to show you what can happen in 12 months, what can happen in six months when we get intentional about where we want our business to go, where we want our life to go. And we focus on the things that matter most. And we stop making excuses why this won't work for me. But we start focusing on how can I make this work for my situation. So many amazing things can happen in 12 months and I want you to go into 2020 new decade new year with a fresh view on your business and yourself and leave all that negative baggage behind because you deserve so much more carry that baggage around with you. And I want you to know that you were created for greatness. You are meant to do great things and make a bigger impact because you are listening to this right now, that already shows that you want something bigger, you want a bigger impact. You want those Disney vacations, you just want to be able to buy a house, you want to get out of debt. You want to be a mom that shows your daughter that you can show up and have a business and be an amazing mom. Whatever your goals and desires are. You can have them it just starts with believing that you can have them and believing that you deserve them. Because you do and just knowing that the universe is conspiring in your favor. That was one of the quotes that really really stuck with me this year is the universe is always conspiring in your favor. And I love that and I'm going to leave y'all here with that today because 2020 is gonna gonna be epic. And I'm just so excited to watch you soar and hear your stories. Wow, y'all, this was so amazing. I'm so glad that I just kind of spend this time with you and I so appreciate it. And I talked about happiness level, we talked about revenue, we talked about scaling, talked about profit, and all these things are so great. I learned how to do Facebook ads, and it totally changed my life. And so in honor of that, coming January 8, the doors open to my brand new course conversions for clients is launching, it will only be open for a very short time so I encourage you to go on and get on the waitlist at forward slash c f c waitlist, that's C for conversions, F four, and C for clients waitlist, and we'll link that up in the show notes and you will be the first to be notified When this course comes out and it takes you from not knowing anything or very little about Facebook ads to a rock star Facebook ad manager that leaves your clients raving about your conversions. So if you are ready to learn a new service this year, and scale it fast and it brings you happiness, then go on and get on that waitlist and be the first to know when conversions for clients open. I'm excited for you in 2020 and this week, go out serve your clients scale your business and soar into that six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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Brandi Mowles is the host of the Serve Scale Soar podcast which is a podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five-figure months so they can soar into six-figure years. Brandi is a wife, mom and in less than one year, created a six-figure business.   Now she is spilling all her secrets so you can too.

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