What does your service page have on it? Is it working for you?


Here’s what I know: If it’s working for you, don’t recreate it, but if your service page isn’t doing what you hoped it would, it’s time to change it!


In this episode, I am covering the elements that you should have on your service page and the one element you shouldn’t have!


I explain each element and tell you how you should implement them to best serve you, your clients and your business.

Value Bombs:


  • What a service page is
  • The same mistake I see over and over
  • The four main elements you need on your service page
  • How to define the right headline and story
  • Why you need to make your page feel personalized
  • The power of social proof
  • How to make sure you stand out

Remember, you want to write your service page like a sales page except less intense, and if you make it look different than every other service provider out there, clients will remember you and not the 10 other people that they had a call with.

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Brandi Mowles: Are you ready to find out exactly what you should have on your services page? Well, that's what I'm going to do in this episode. I'm going to break down the four elements that you need on your service page to get more clients booking discovery calls with you and the one element you probably have on that page that you need to get rid of today. So let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years, your host, Brandi, is a wife, mom and in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can too.

Brandi Mowles: Hello, Serve Scale Soar family. Oh, my gosh, I am so freaking excited about today's episode and I have a story that goes behind why I decided to do this episode. But before we jump into that, I definitely want to spotlight one of our listener reviews. And so Rendlesham gives us five stars and says my go to podcast every week. From actionable tips to inspiring entrepreneurs stories, Brandi's podcast offers tons of values and inspiration. I binged on her podcast episodes when I first discovered it, and now I make sure to listen to her podcast every Tuesday as soon as it's out. I also love her guests. They seem such kind, genuine people who are killing it in their business, which is so inspiring to me. And I so appreciate the review and I'm sure that you're listening to this today. And so, my friends, if you get any value from this podcast and you haven't left us a review yet, I would love, love, love for you to take two minutes and leave us an honest review. It really means the world to us. And you could be our next spotlight listener. So just like Ron said, I love to give tons of value and give actionable steps, and this episode this week is not going to be any different. So let's talk about your service page, and I want you to ask yourself right now, what is my service page even have on there? When is the last time a cold lead has went to my service page and booked a discovery call? What are some of the elements that I have on there? Is it a page that's working for me currently or is it a page that could use some work? And here's what I know.

Brandi Mowles: If it's working, don't fix it. So I think this is actually not broken. Don't fix it. So if it's working for you, then don't go and take action. I would still listen to this. You can always optimize, but you don't need to recreate a service page if the one you have is currently working in your book, dealt with discovery calls. But if you're sitting here listening and you're like, I am not getting as many discovery calls as I like, and you already know that you are actively marketing and doing your marketing minutes every single week, then maybe this is a place that we can work on. And so let me tell you how this episode actually came about. And so inside Serve Scale Soar my membership, we had someone who was brave enough to post their services page and asked for feedback. And here's what I know. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask. So many of us sit on the sidelines afraid to ask questions because we're afraid of being judged. We're afraid of seeming like it's a dumb question. We're afraid that no one will respond. Or if they do respond, it'll be full of critiques and criticism.

Brandi Mowles: And one thing I know is that I always even when it's so uncomfortable, because, believe me, I've asked some really uncomfortable questions, is that the more questions we ask, the further along we can move in our business, and especially if we take action on the critiques and feedbacks that we get. And so I love that the student asked this question in the group because not only did she benefit from the question, but all the other students inside Serve Scale Soar and now you are also benefiting from her question. So she posted her services page and I asked her if she would be OK if I did Illume and critiqued it. And she was very open to it so I could share with everyone else. And then I was like, oh, this would make for a great podcast episode because I see so many service providers making this mistake on their service page before we dove. And let's just clarify what is a service page? This is where you have your packages listed. This is where they can book discovery calls with you. It is where you're telling your client what services you actually provide. There are four main elements that you need on this page and one element you probably have that you want to get rid of like yesterday. And so let's jump in and chat about what these four elements are. The first one is your headline. Instead of just saying we're going to use Pinterest management as an example for this whole episode, but instead of just saying my Pinterest management services, I want you to hit them like a headline.

Brandi Mowles: And so how this came up is I was doing a clubhouse the other week and someone came on and she was talking about she had a high end program and she was talking about all the benefits and how she couldn't attract your ideal client. But she had these workbooks. She had all these things form. And I got on the clubhouse and I said, here's the deal. What people who aren't DI wires, they don't care about all the little things they want to know. The transformation you bring. I use this what I teach my beta to big students about courses. And I was like, oh, my gosh, this totally applies with our services as well. The people don't care about all the things you do. They care about the transformation you work on to provide. So we're going to right our service pages like a sales page, but less intense. But we want to start off with a headline. So if you're a Pinterest manager, instead of saying Pinterest Management Services, what have you started with? How would you love to get one hundreds of thousands of. Of new eyeballs on your content each and every single day without spending money on ads like holy bananas, I would be like, yes, please, yes. And so what is that going to be that headline that draws them in, that gets their attention in an easy way to start.

Brandi Mowles: This is their greatest desire without their biggest pain point. So what Pinterest it's really about like getting new eyeballs, like everyone wants to attract new audience, new audience, new audience. But they don't want to do it with having to pay for ads because everyone's so sick of paying for ads. And Pinterest is a great platform to use that. How would you love to get hundreds of thousands of new eyeballs each and every single day, week, month, whatever you feel comfortable saying, without paid ads like, holy cow, yes, please. So now you've hooked them. So now you're going to use the subtext under that as just a little bit of showing how you can provide that transformation. So you could say something along the lines of and this is not like Fagg, so don't use this. You would want to do your own research. But Pinterest is not a social media platform, which means your content doesn't disappear. After a few short hours, people still see your content month after month after year after year on this platform because it's a search engine. And so with that being said, you're setting yourself up for a business of long term success and not short term gains. With Pinterest, you're able to get new clients eyeballs on finding your content to hundreds of thousands of people and make it searchable with the right strategy. There's no better platform to get your online course creation business on for long term sustainability without ads then with using Pinterest.

Brandi Mowles: So see, you're putting your case in front of them of why this is going to benefit them and hitting on their pain point. So you need to know your audiences pain points and you're just going to do a little subtext under there. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, something that they can quickly read. So that is our first point. We want to have a headline and show a transformation that can happen, that they go from unseen to hundreds of thousands of views every single month. What is your headline? What is your transformation story underneath? The second part that you need to have is make them feel special. This is why we're not going to show different packages that say, like with this package, you get all these things with this package, you get all these things with this package, you get all of these things. We want them to feel special. Everyone thinks that they are a special little snowflake and we want them to feel like that, even if you're doing the same thing for all three of your clients, because I teach you how to systematize and how to create packages, not customization, but we want them to feel special. So what we're going to do is the second elements make them feel special. We're going to present what it looks like to work with you and how you customize their experience.

Brandi Mowles: So it would be instead of saying, like I do pine graphics, I do headline descriptions, I do research, you're going to say when we work together. Step one is a personalized strategy plan for your Pinterest account. Step two is taking that strategy plan and making sure that we have all the elements or assets needed. So graphics, PIN descriptions and you're not seeing your writing? We have all the assets needed because I'm one of your packages. You may not do the graphics, so words matter. And so that second step would be making sure that we have all your customized assets created and ready to go in. Three is monthly reporting and four is weekly check ins or whatever you want. So you want to show them that you communicate, you get reports that they're going to have all their assets together in a customized strategy. What are the ways to work with you? So that goes back to the wow onboarding experience, which will link up that episode below. But we're really creating those customized plan. And so then after we do that, we're not getting into the nitty gritty of how many pins we're creating or anything like that. This is a big overview that it's going to come with their customized plan and you find out what they're customized plan is when you get on the discovery call. So if you have all those things that are like I do X this, X this, this to ninety seven, and then on this plan I do X this, X this, you're going to have that guide internally.

Brandi Mowles: That's what you want to work off internally. So once you hear their budget, what they need, all those things you're going to say, OK, so your customized plan would be this plan. It's my Pinterest premium package which is going to include everything that you just mentioned that you need based on your goals. And so this is the package we're going to use. But that's not on your service page. That's an internal document that you are using because we want them to feel special when they land on that service. So we're going to have our headline, we're going to have our subtext that takes them through the transformation, then we're going to make them feel special and show them how this is a customized experience and it gives them an overview of what's included in your packages. And then the third step is social proof. This is where you want to make sure on this page that you have social proof, that you have your testimonials, that you have any screenshots of any work that you've done, that you are really showcasing what people have said about you as a person, what they've said about working with you. If you work in an industry like Pinterest or Facebook ads or anything that has metrics that you can show the growth like screen charting those put those on, but that's social proof goes a long way.

Brandi Mowles: And then your fourth element is you need your call to action button. So you need someone that says Bulc, 15 minute discovery. Call with me. Those are the four elements that you need on your page. And I want to recap those real quick and then also give some more insight. So first is your headline. We're going to really draw them in with that main pain point and then we're going to give them the transformation story underneath. The second one is we want to make them feel special. Show them a few elements of what it's like to work with you without getting specific in the details. And then three is your social proof. So any results, testimonials that you have and for is your call of action to book a 15 minute discovery call with you. So I start out by saying this is kind of like building a sales page, but not as tedious because we don't need to sell them on the page to book our services. We need to sell them to get on a discovery call with us. So that's the difference between course creation and really one on one service provider is that we're not selling on a page. We're selling to get on a discovery call. So when you have all of these, like packages and all this stuff, it's overwhelming. It's confused. They nitpicked. They don't feel special. It's like here, this is what you get when we can show them what it's like to work with us, when we can show that we understand their pain points, when we can show our social proof on that page, they're more likely to book a discovery call with you and then jump on a call.

Brandi Mowles: And that's where you lay in the cells on the discovery call, not on your service page, because a lot of people may leave the service page because they're just overwhelmed or they just feel like it's like everyone else's service page out. Here's just another one. But when you can stand out, which I talk about all the time, you can land more clients. So those are your four elements for your service page. And I told you I was going to tell you which element you do not want on your service page, and that's your pricing. Do not put your pricing on your service page. It does not benefit you. It does not benefit your clients, because here's what happens. They don't know how amazing you are until they get on the discovery call with you. They may be making assumptions before jumping on based on you putting prices on your paper. So an example of this is I've had a ton of people say that they don't have enough money to afford me per month. But once we get on the discovery call, they changed their mind because they got to get to know me.

Brandi Mowles: They got a vibe with me. They saw the work that I've done and they changed their mind. I was able to show them the transformation we can get for them without making any definite promises. I don't like pricing. Also, I teach that you should always be raising your prices. Every time you get a new element of social proof, you should be raising your prices. And so when you put them on your website one, that means you're going to have to do another step and go update them, or you're probably going to forget to update them. And then people are going to get on a discovery call and say, but wait, your website said this price. I don't like the prices on there. What you can do if you really don't want to, like, not put any prices, you can always put my customized packages start at X dollars and put your lowest package. And so you could do that on there. And that's totally fine. And I love the fact that you're saying customize your packages are set internally, but you're going to customize and decide which package is best for them based on the conversation. It's not them just picking the lowest one because they don't want to spending money. You're going to present them with the package that meets their goals. And that's what we always want to do, is make sure that our clients goals are being met and they don't always know what's best for their business with a platform or work that they're too close to, to really see what they could benefit from and what they actually need.

Brandi Mowles: A lot of times we as business owners think that we need a lot less help than we actually do when we actually need a lot more help. So these are the four elements for you. That headline with the transformation, make them feel special, show them the customers, experience the social proof, the call to action, to book a discovery, call it. And then let's leave those prices off, if you take these elements, rework your service page, really showcase your social proof and get the prices off. I can't guarantee you, but I'm like ninety nine point nine percent positive you are going to see an improvement on your discovery calls. Make your pages look different than every other service providers out there. We want them to remember you and not the 10 other people that they had a call with or the 10 other people that commented like, come work with me. We want to showcase how you are different and how you're going to make them feel like they are different and they are getting customized services because that's what business owners want, is to feel special and to get results. So stop thinking about all the little things and all the little elements and instead think about the transformation you're giving your clients while you all.

Brandi Mowles: That's what I have for you today. I hope this benefit to you, once you finish your pricing table and take a picture of it, send me the picture and a DM on Instagram @brandimowles, I would love to see your before and after. I think that would be so fun. I would love to do that and give you any feedback.

Brandi Mowles: So if you would love more tips on how to price your services, market your services, create systems and elevate your services, head to my free training, how to scale to consistent ten thousand dollars months without a team at ServeScaleSoar.com/free and jump into my free forty-five minute training. You'll be given instant access you can to exit. It's an incredible training and it will share more information about my Serve Scale Soar membership and y'all until next week, go out, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six-figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi, if you loved our podcast. Please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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