Are you thinking about your new year’s resolutions for 2021?


Join me in this episode to find out why I’m actually not a big fan of the word “resolution” and what I do instead. 


Today we’re talking all about planning your 2021. 


I like to keep it simple, so we’re not talking about content calendars or social media posts, but I am sharing the 5 Rs that I use when planning any year. 


We’re getting into strategic thinking, things you don’t want to give up on come February, and making decisions that move the needle forward. 

Value Bombs:


  • Why you should think more about what you want out of life, not out of your business 
  • The importance of reflecting on the last year
  • Why you should review your numbers to see what is and is not working 
  • The benefits of rewarding yourself for what you’ve achieved in the last year 
  • How I look at resolutions differently 
  • The importance of making firm decisions and sticking to them 
  • How to set up your goals for the year 
  • Why you should do this every quarter, not just every new year 


What is your firm decision? What is your vow to yourself for 2021? I want this to be the year that you do the thing you really want to do. No more excuses. You can do it if you are willing to commit to it. 

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Brandi Mowles: We're talking all about planning your twenty twenty one, twenty twenty one, because here's the deal, everyone always asks me, what are you doing to play in Brandi? What are you doing to plan? And spoiler alert, I'm kiss. Keep it simple, sweetie. I don't have fancy content calendars or any of those things, but I am going to go over the five R's that I use when thinking about how to plan out my twenty twenty one in every year. But this is not going to be an episode of Content Calendar Social Media Post. It's all about the strategic thinking and things that you don't give up on come February. And this is not going to be the episode where you pick your word. So if that's what you're looking for, I think you should still stick around. But just know that's not this. This is all about really making decisions that move the needle forward. So let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host, Brandi, is a wife, mom and in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can too.

Brandi Mowles: Before we get started today, I'm super excited to be talking about this because it's probably a little different than what other people are sharing when it comes to planning their twenty twenty one. Like I said in the intro. I'm not about content calendars, social media posts pulling out your calendar unless it's to look and see when my family is going on vacation. But it's all about strategic thinking and actually a lot of mindset. And so what I want you to do is go into this episode with an open mind. But before we do that, I want to spotlight one of our listeners reviews. And this one comes from Tammy. She gives us five stars and said Brandi brings value, the first podcast I listen to every Tuesday. She has great guest interviews and the content has actual items I use in my own business because, of course, she shares on our podcast Membership Mastermind. My business has more than tripled in twenty twenty. Whatever she puts out is golden. Here, take my credit card. What do you mean. Thank you for that. And this episode is no different. I'm going to give you actionable steps that you can put into action soon as we stop listening to this podcast. That's what I hope each and every single one of you do. You take more action in your life and in your business. And Tami, congratulations on tripling your income in twenty twenty. I can't wait to see what twenty twenty one has in store for you.

Brandi Mowles: And I think this episode is definitely going to help you plan that out. Now, if you would like to be one of our Spotlight listener reviews, please go on and head to Apple and leave us a five star rating or an honest review. These reviews mean the world to us and I personally read every single one of them. So let's jump on in. OK, so the five R's for planning your twenty twenty one, I'll tell you, I am not a big person on resolutions. I think that in the US we have come because I can only speak to experience in the US. We have come to think that resolutions are these fun things that we set in. Then by the end of February, if we're not where we want, we ditch them and we forget about them and we create these words each year and we forget about them. What I'm going to do is not tell you to make resolutions. I'm actually going to tell you to make a resolution. But it's not the same kind that we're normally used to. But I really want you to do more strategic thinking and more thinking about what you want out of your life, not your business so much. We need to have both of them in play. So stay with me as I go through my five R's for planning twenty, twenty one. So the first thing I do is reflect we'll link up into the episode where I talked about before, planning your twenty twenty one do this.

Brandi Mowles: It was all about reflecting and reflecting on the three pillars that actually make sense. So your money, your lifestyle and your business, we need to reflect and journal on those things. I usually like to take an hour or two hours when I'm doing this at the end of the year and I do this each quarter. And I really want to reflect on is my business lining up with the lifestyle? One is the money I'm making. Lining up with that is my business taking over my life. These are all things they like to reflect on and we even give you a PDF download in that episode. So we'll link that episode up. You definitely want to check it out. But reflecting is one of the best things you can do. And you want to reflect what worked in this year, what didn't work, what would you love your life to look like moving forward. So I love to get clarity on that first. So many times were so quick to put a number to what we want to make, but we don't even know what that number means. Like, why do you want that number? If you just want the number to say, like, hey, I hit this, no, go for it. I'm not judging. I've totally been there, but I really want you to think, what do you want your lifestyle to look like? Do you want more time with your family? Do you want four day work week? Do you want to clock out every day at three p.m.? Do you want to leave your nine to five job? Do you want to be able to travel once a month? What does your lifestyle look like and how can your business help you achieve that lifestyle? That's really what we want to do.

Brandi Mowles: And if you don't take the time to reflect, you don't know the answers to those questions. So the first step that you want to do in planning your twenty twenty one is reflect. It's the step that everyone likes to skip, but it is the most important step, in my opinion. Then the second step is review. This is really where you're diving into your numbers and looking at what worked well. What did it work, what should you be doing more of? What should you be doing less of? What did you not like? What did you like this year? And so we want to review our numbers. So here's an example. When I was looking at my numbers, it was a quarterly review, not a yearly review, because I do this every quarter. And so I was looking it was twenty nineteen. I was running funnels and Facebook ads for clients and I remember looking at my numbers and being like, holy cow, I could get rid of funnels that are taking. A whole lot of hours and take on two more ad clients, which would be less hours of it, actually get it.

Brandi Mowles: It was like four hours back a week. If I took on to ad clients and dropped my funnel clients and actually make a thousand dollars more per month. And I was like, that's a no brainer. But I wouldn't have known that if I didn't review. So I want you to review and maybe you've been posting on social media every day and you look back and you see that all your clients have been coming from Facebook groups. Well, chances are you should probably spend more time in Facebook groups and less time on posting on Instagram, vice versa, maybe that you saw that a lot of your clients were coming from your emails. Or maybe you have a membership or a course and you're like, oh, my goodness, all my clients, all my students are coming from my email, then double down on your email marketing. And that's where you spend your time moving forward, not trying something new, but double down on what's working. So one thing that we look at is what is our number one organic stream of traffic? And it's this podcast. So you know why this podcast has never, ever missed an episode since we started. It's been going since the very beginning of September of twenty nineteen. And we have yet to miss a week. We produce an episode every single week. So we're going to continue to do that because it's a major organic traffic driver for us. And so I want you to look at your numbers at what you're doing and review what's working and what's not.

Brandi Mowles: I know that there's a few things in our business that just wasn't working and wasn't bringing in the results that we wanted. So we stopped doing them, stop doing what's not working and focus more on what's working. But in order to do that moving forward, you have to review this keeps you from having shiny object syndrome. It keeps you from doing all the things when you just continue to do what's working. And here's the deal. Once you have what's working down in, you're doing more of it and you have systems or someone to help you with it, then you can kind of get out into those other things. So now that we have really solid systems for the podcast, we have a video editor that we've hired. One of the things that I want to do moving forward in twenty twenty one is YouTube videos, my YouTube videos, bringing in a little bit of traffic every single month. And I haven't produced a YouTube video since March of twenty nineteen, but it's long term and I love video. I love giving you all free content. I love doing video. I love YouTube. I could spend hours on YouTube. So that's something that we're adding in twenty, twenty one because we're already doing the podcast. We do more of it and we have systems down. So now let's bring in a new traffic stream. But you see that I'm thinking long term, it's not Portmore on social media because I know that's gone in a flash of a second.

Brandi Mowles: But do more things that are going to people are going to find time after time after time. Same thing with email. My email list is amazing. Y'all are incredible. I send the email every single week without ever skipping that. So we're going to do more of that in twenty, twenty one. So have you reviewed your numbers? What's working, what's not working? It's important to review. So reflection review and then reward. The third thing that we like to do is reward for what has happened in the previous year. So even if you didn't hit your goals, find things to be grateful for and reward yourself. So one example is this. We hit a million. And so, oops, if you haven't been listening to income report total spoiler alert, we cost million in November. So as soon as we did that, I booked a full week desert vacation for my husband and I. The little one really is going to go stay with her grandparents. And my husband and I are headed to Sedona, Arizona, the Grand Canyon in Vegas. Now we're only doing twenty four hours in Vegas. Not really my scene, but I think he'll be super cool with all the lights. And so we are so excited to do this. And I didn't hold back. It's also my husband's birthday. My husband birthday's December twenty seventh, so I totally planned a celebration with us with full like oh my goodness, I'm so excited y'all, because I was like, you know what? This is not something that I normally would do, but it's a total luxury trip.

Brandi Mowles: I booked us the nicest hotel. I upgraded us to first class. My husband's never flown first class. I have champagne and strawberries waiting in our room for New Year's Eve and he has no clue. And I've planned this amazing trip to spoil my husband because he truly is one of the reasons that this whole thing works, because he takes care of Riley during the day so I can do my thing and take care of her at night. And he supports me. And so I booked us a vacation that something that I would normally not do. Booking the vacation. Yes. Doing like total luxury, not usually our thing, but I'm super excited to spoil him. And so we're rewarding ourselves. Last year we didn't have a million dollars a year. We had a great year, but I still celebrated. We actually took Riley to Disney for her birthday. And I did another trip and we celebrated my success in the business as well. And so what I want you to do is reward yourself. Maybe it's going to that fancy restaurant that you've always wanted to. Maybe it's going like purchasing. Like we have one of the things that I've set a goal and as soon as we hit it, I'm going to reward myself. And this is a much smaller one, is that there's this infrared sauna place and it's like sixty dollars per session, which for me, like that feels a little crazy for, you know, like we all have our things with money.

Brandi Mowles: But for me, I set a little goal and that's something I would normally not like, go and just do nilly, but I'm going to reward myself. So find little things that excite you, that reward you. Maybe you just buy balloons and be like, dang, we got through 20, 20 and we still have a business like celebrate this stuff, reward yourself. The more you can celebrate and reward yourself, the more you used to that you get to winning. So I tell my mastermind, I'm like, when, when when we start our meetings every Monday, what team wins but also personal wins? Because I know the more we get used to winning, the easier winning becomes. And you need to share your wins from the rooftop. I come from the south where you're supposed to be like super humble, super polite. You don't like to tell people how great you are. No, let's stop doing that. If we start talking about how great other people are and how great we are, then we'll start to act great. We'll do more in the world, will help more people will have bigger success because you should celebrate your brain, need you to celebrate wins all when small, big, medium. I want you celebrating your win. So freakin reward yourself for this year no matter if you hit your goals or not.

Brandi Mowles: Find something to reward yourself with and say yes. Twenty twenty. We did this thing. We did the dating thing. We didn't quit. We kept going. Maybe we lost some clients. But you know what? We got some more back. We didn't quit, even if that's what you think that like that's your only thing, which I would probably get. You have more to celebrate than that. But if that's it, then do it and reward yourself for not quitting. You didn't give up. You were here. And so I want you to reflect, review and reward the fourth. I keep saying for planning, but it's the fourth are is resolution. I'm not a big fan of this word because like I said, in the US, we just use it so willy nilly that you can just, you know, create a resolution and things don't start to go your way. So we forget about it. And I don't want you to do that. And I looked up the definition for resolution and I wanted to come up with a better word. And I got in the thesaurus, but I was just not saying anything that started with an hour. So we're going with resolution and that's to make a firm decision to do something or not to do something. And so that's the definition. But here's the thing that I think that we always forget that the definition says a firm decision, a firm decision, not a firm decision until February or until things don't go our way, but a firm decision.

Brandi Mowles: I want you to make a resolution that is your firm decision. Now, for me, I usually make income decisions, not necessarily income, but revenue number driven decisions, because that's how my brain works. But that doesn't mean yours has to be. So I came out in twenty nineteen at the end. I was sitting in a room in San Diego in December of twenty nineteen. I looked at my coach and I said I'm going to have a million dollars a year in twenty twenty and he's that. What did you do this year. And I said three fifty and he said you're going to do a million. And I was like yes. And he was like let's write it out. And I was like, we can do that. But I don't think that's how we'll get a million. Like, we can totally do that. I don't know how we're going to hit a million, but we're going to hit a million. I just know it and I believe it. And you know what? I'm going to create a podcast every single month to share with people behind the scenes. And I'm going to tell them that we're going to hit a million. And I remember him being like, OK, yeah, like I'm excited for you. But that doubt was there. I never had doubt. I made a firm decision that that's what was going to happen. And I didn't doubt it.

Brandi Mowles: It just was what it was. And you've heard through the income reports, we had months where the numbers did not look like it, but I never doubted it. There was one moment I doubted it for like less than twenty four hours and quickly overcame that. But it was a firm decision. I'd set a firm decision, the other firm decision I had set for that year, it wasn't in the planning. It was left in January when I heard a podcast and my husband and I were supposed to be going to Italy in May, that I was only going to work four day workweeks. I made a firm decision, and I've pretty much stuck to that firm decision, and so I want you to make a resolution. What is your firm decision? This isn't something willy nilly. We don't need ten of them or anything. I want you to make one firm decision that you are willing to stick through. This is like marriage. You're taking a vow to this better or worse sickness or health. This is the firm decision you are making. This is your vow to yourself this year. This is what you're going to do. And you know what? If we wanted to hit a million, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. Maybe we ended up at eight hundred or nine hundred thousand and I learned a ton and still, like, tripled my revenue. You know, that's the thing. We get so hung up in how we're going to get to the results.

Brandi Mowles: Don't worry about that. Yes, I definitely think that we need to sit down and like, you know, review the numbers and things. But no matter how we put these numbers down, a million looked really far. Million looked really far as I was planning. But I made the firm decision that that's what we were going to do and we did the dang thing. And so I want you what is your firm decision? What is your vow, for better or worse, that you're going to accomplish in twenty, twenty one? Maybe it's a revenue goal, maybe it's a lifestyle goal. I don't really care what the goal is. I just want you to make a firm decision because here's the deal. We get so used to just copping out of our decisions, our resolutions. And what that does is it creates this pattern where it's OK to quit on our dreams. It's OK to quit when things aren't going our way. And yeah, I totally get life happens and things happen. But what is that thing that's just tugging at your heart? What is that thing that's in your gut that maybe you've given up on before because maybe you were scared, maybe you didn't think you could do it, but like, it's what you really, really want and what, twenty, twenty one to be the year that you make a vow that that's going to happen. You don't quit when it's not going your way.

Brandi Mowles: If you hit a roadblock, you don't give up. You just keep going even if you can't see the result. Because here's what I know. If you truly believe in your heart and you don't doubt it, you don't give up. Even if you don't hit the goal, you're going to get freaking close and it's still going to be a really good thing. So I want you to think, what is a resolution that I'm not going to quit in February, but it's like a marriage vow. I'm committing to this for twelve months. I'm going to see it through. That's what I want you to think about when you think about resolution. And then your five R for planning, your twenty twenty one is react. And so this is the most important thing is that we react after we reflect review, reward resolution, then we react, we look at all this and we create a plan. And this does not have to be a big plan. All I want you to do is focus on what can I do in the next twenty four hours? What can I do in the next seven days? What can I do in the next 14 days, 30 days? And then we're going to take it 90 day cycles. I like to create rocks. So whatever your big resolution is, I want you to create rocks around this. Now, this is something I learned from Traction, the book by Gino Whitman, and he talks about rocks and how we should have these rocks in our business and their main focal points that you do.

Brandi Mowles: I did this in twenty twenty and it served me so well because it kept me from having shiny object syndrome. And so if my goal for twenty twenty one was three million, I would look and say, OK, so what are the big things that we need to do each quarter to make that happen. And so maybe quarter one, I have three rocks that are going to get closer to that. So it would be a virtual conference and then it would be hiring a content director and hiring a new coach for it to begin. So those would be our three big rocks that we need to accomplish to get closer to that goal. And then quarter to rocks, I would set three main rocks for those. And so it would be let me see, it would be launch conversions for clients, launch Serve Scale Soar and create an S.O.P guidebook or something like that. Like I'm just spit balling here, but I'm going to create three things to work on that are big rocks that are going to move the needle forward. And that's where my focus is going to be. It's not going to be on outside of that. I'm not going to get shiny object syndrome. So another example of this is for we have this program beta to biggie that's now part of the business instead of the mastermind. And it's so great because it's split up into quarters.

Brandi Mowles: So someone who's coming in beta to beggie may say, OK, so my quarter one rock is to launch my beta. My quarter to rock is to launch my first webinar launch. My quarter three is to start working on my visibility and relaunch my program, my quarter for is to bring on JV partners and relaunch my program and really get down my systems for my business. So those are the rocks and those are the only things that they're going to be focused on during that time as a service provider. Quarter one, maybe rocks are I need to get my business system set up and have X amount of discovery calls on my books. So that's what you would focus on. And then quarter to maybe it's raise my prices, streamline something else and start thinking about a second revenue stream like map out a second revenue stream. And then quarter three is only take on clients that are paying me twenty five hundred dollars a month. You know, like you're going to think about what yours are and then maybe it's sign up for beta to biggie so I can create a second revenue stream. No, I'm just kidding. But you want to go through and think about this and now I like to plan out my rocks for the whole year, but know that sometimes these rocks have to get moved. They have to change as the year changes. We have to be open to pivoting, but I'm going to set up rocks.

Brandi Mowles: So it's just three big action steps that are moving the needle forward and they keep me grounded and only focusing on that. So quarter one would actually be like our biggie, our live event that we're doing. So it's actually it's a virtual live conference. So that would be one starting the YouTube channel and hiring two new people. Those are my quarter one rocks. And then we'll set out plug ins and Clickup under those to make sure that those things are accomplished. And we'll assign the people who need to be assigned to it to help make that happen. So those are the how I react. I create an action plan that is just based on three to four things, Max, and sometimes we have big rocks. So it's only two things each quarter that are going to move the needle forward. I don't focus on the things that don't move the needle forward. So content plans and things like that not really important to my business. And I think too many times we spend too much time working on the things that don't move the needle forward instead of only focusing on the two to four big rocks each quarter that are going to move the needle forward. And remember, you're going to have downtimes, you're going to have UPTIMES. What I would need you to do is make sure that you're actually going through these five Ps every quarter.

Brandi Mowles: It helps really keep you grounded and always keeping a pulse on your business. So you're going to reflect, review, reward, resolution and react every single quarter. Your resolutions are just creating your rocks. That's all that is. And those rocks all come back to how you're going to get to your resolution that you created for the New Year. So all my rocks last year were all revolved around hitting a million dollars. So that's why we didn't have a website for eight months, because I didn't need a website to hit a million dollars. It wasn't important. Like, we want to focus on the things that are actually important that are going to move the needle forward. So you hit your goals while still living life that lights you up. And if that's forty work weeks, then heck, we want you to have four day work weeks maybe is just having every morning with your kids without stress. Or maybe it's being able to wake up your daughter from nap time. I know these things are definitely part of why I work my business and so I'm only able to know these things because I go through the five hours of planning every single quarter. This is something people forget that they only plan in the New Year. But let's do these five R's every single quarter for massive results. So friend, I'm cheering you on to a super powerful twenty twenty and in twenty twenty one. If you're ready biggie size your business, then I'm going to invite you to join us for our virtual conference. We have a great virtual conference that's coming on and it's only nineteen dollars. We have two days packed of great guest. We have Jordan Gill, Amber Dugher and Tasha Booth and we are digging into how to biggie size your business for twenty twenty one, talking about VIP days, how to grow an agency. I'm going to be talking about all about creating a seven figure business, but also how to create a second revenue stream. And Amber Dugher is giving us all the juicy details on our finances, because if you don't have those in check, you can't grow your business. It's going to be a great event. We have guest panels as well. And so make sure you head to Serve Scale Soar biggie to grab your tickets. They're only nineteen dollars. Well, it's going to be so, so worth it. And so I'm excited to share this conference with you and I'm excited for you to go plan in your twenty twenty one and biggie size your biz. Until next time friends go out, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi, if you loved our podcast. Please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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