I have a challenge for you today!  I want you to meet some people in real life.  That’s right! Today’s episode is all about meeting people in the flesh.  Whether it’s a retreat, a conference, or a local networking event, I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to conquer them all.   

You might be thinking…. “There is no way that I am going to a conference with 3,000 people Brandi! That’s why I work from home!”   Hear me out! Even if you are an introvert. I used to say the same thing too! 


Value Bombs 


  • Why I started out thinking that all conferences were a waste of money
  • My first online business conference was in Idaho with less than 300 people! 
  • Within 35 days of that conference, I booked 6 clients and went from $19,000/month to $30,000/month.
  • This conference gave me the opportunity to meet one of my clients in real life and form an even deeper relationship with her.
  • I got to meet two of the mentors in my business- Abbey Ashley and Rick Mulready! Crazy right!?
  • This conference wasn’t about what I learned, but about the relationships that I built. 
  • Live events can be truly life-changing… speaking from first-hand experience!
  • Conferences can be a great source for finding your ideal clients. 
  • Conferences are also a great place to network with other service providers in your industry.  These connections can turn into great referral sources as well! 
  • How to determine which conference is for you.
  • What size conference is a good match for your business. 
  • Why I suggest spending more time networking and relationship building than going to sessions. 
  • What is a retreat and how it’s different than a conference
  • What is the purpose of a retreat?
  • The importance of coming to a retreat with an open heart and an open mind. 
  • How you can use local networking events to build your client base 
  • Growth happens when you are doing something uncomfortable so I encourage you to attend live events even if you don’t want to. 
  • Attending local events is a low-cost option that doesn’t require a lot of time commitment. 


Ok, so after listening to today’s episode, are there any events that you plan to attend in 2020?  Do you have any conferences or retreats planned? Are you going to look into doing a local networking event? 


Make sure to DM me on Instagram @brandimowles and tell me if you plan to attend any conferences, retreats or networking events soon! 


Thanks for tuning in! See you guys next week. 


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Let's meet some people in real life. That's right. Today I'm talking all about meeting people in real life, whether it's a retreat, a conference, a networking event, I'm going to give you tips and tricks and actionable steps on how to conquer all three of them. So no matter if you're like, Oh, I don't know about that. I do not want to go to a conference with 3000 people. That's okay. Or if you're like a retreat sounds like my type of deal. That's perfect. So even if you're thinking right now, there is no way you're getting me to a live event. That is why I have an online business. Stay with me because I promise you at the end of this episode, you're going to go away with an actionable plan on how to conquer your next live event. Even if you're an introvert.

Welcome to the serve scale soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure month so they can soar into six figure years. Your host brandi is a wife mom, and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can too.

Hey y'all, and welcome back to the serve scale soar podcast. I'm so excited today because we're talking about something I'm truly truly passionate about. And that is getting in person at live events, whether that's a conference or retreat, a networking event in your local community, whatever it is, to truly believe that there is magic when we meet people face to face, and not just online. But before we chat about that, I do want to read one of our spotlight reviews this week. This one's coming from Greg he says the real deal. Brandi is a brilliant marketer and a Master at Systemetizing online business. Since joining her program, I've streamlined my business and implement a new systems which have brought me back precious time, and allowed me to close more deals. This is a great podcast from someone who consistently over delivers for her tribe. Thank you so much, Greg, I truly appreciate that. And what I love most is you're getting more of your time back, and closing more deals. That's so exciting and what I hope everyone gets from this podcast. So let's talk about live events. So let me just tell you a little bit of backstory. I used to attend live events before my online days. These live events. Were not with my ideal clients. They were with people who were in the exact same situation as me. Yes, they were 100% great for making new connections, which sometimes happens sometimes didn't. But they were pricey. And I wasn't going to land a client from them. So I had this notion about live events that They just took money, and I wasn't making money from them. So when I came to the online world, I did not make live events a priority. Not only that, but I had a five month old baby that had to sleep on me and cried all the time. So it really wasn't in the plans for me at the moment. But then everything change when I attended my first live event for the online world, and that was convert kits conference. And that was in May. And I will tell you, my world was rocked. When I attended this conference. I flew to Boise, Idaho, which let me just tell you is not easy to get to, for a conference of 300 people with a program I used in love Convert Kit, which will link up in the show notes. And I went and I was like, oh man, and then I looked at the roster. And I was like, wow, there's some big names here. This could be a great opportunity. For me, and so I went to the events, I met people, I networked and made relationships. And the cool thing is, it wasn't in a slimy way. It was very casual. But the results from that conference is that I landed six clients, within the 35 days of going to this conference was transformed my business and took it from making $19,000 a month to $30,000 a month. And let me tell you going to this conference was scary. It was really scary. I didn't know if I know anyone. I didn't know if I make connections. I really didn't know anything that would come from this. And I was leaving my daughter for the first time without my husband. So this was the first time I had trouble since everything my daughter where my husband wasn't with me. And so I was just a little nervous. I'm going to be honest. And so I made the best of it. I brought the business cards, I was super prepared. And I went and I took my really nice clothes. I even went out shopping to buy nicer clothes. And I got there, and we went to the welcoming party. And the coolest thing happened. One of my clients that was a dear client, we got super close when we were working together. She was there. And it was a time for us to connect. And so that was the first one is meeting one of my clients in real life. And it felt like we had been friends forever, but it was just different seeing each other in real life. Then I went to the opening party. And that me Ashley from the virtual savvy which had made such a big impact in my life. And I was able to share that with her there. I was able to just have that one on one conversation with her. And then Rick mulready walked in, and I was like, oh man, but two people who have impacted my business a most are in the same room with me and in the same city. And it's Boise, Idaho, like what in the world. And so I was able to talk to Rick. And from that we recorded my podcast episode with him, which ended up being like, a huge success and a game changer for my business. And from that, I met so many cool people. I had dinner in like a speakeasy type deal. It was so amazing, made so many connections with people that I would have never had a chance to make connections with before. And I just loved that opportunity. And then I learned so much from being there. But I can tell you, it wasn't about what I learned. It was about the relationships that I built. And that conference truly changed my business. It made not only an impact on how I see live events, and made an impact on how I view relationship building. And it made a huge impact on the dollar amount in my bank account. And I'm more than like 10 X, my business revenue after going to that event. So what I'm telling you is live events can be life changing, will they all be life changing? Probably not. But it only takes one to truly make a difference in your business and in your life. And so today, I'm going to talk to you about the three main types of live events that you can attend, and kind of some tips and strategies to get you through those. And this will also help you decide which type of event is right for you.

So the

first one is conferences. conferences are pretty much my favorite thing triggers who because this is where your clients are, this is where they're hanging out. This is where you're going to find them. This is when you spend a little bit extra money, because if you do it right, you're going to leave with a lot of clients. So some of the examples would have been Convert Kit conference. I left with a lot of clients, I left with a lot of connections. Amazing. Another one, I went to his podcast movement and it was so cool because I got to meet Greg, who was our spotlight. Oh, that's so funny. I didn't even play in that. He was our spotlight listener. I got to meet Greg, I got to meet Stephanie, which is the podcast manager for serve scale sore, and that's where she got hired. I'd already met Angie which a True Blood which is amazing. She's a visibility strategist. And she was my visibility strategist for a while. And we had already met, but I got a room with her again. So building that connection. And then I got to meet Christina. And I got to meet Tasha, oh my gosh, like the list just goes on and on. Oh, and let's not forget, I got to meet Lewis howes use and take a photo with him. So we can't leave him out. And so the conferences are so cool when you get to meet those people who are already part of your life. There. In your programs, they're your clients. There are people you admire and look up to there at the conferences and podcast movement was definitely that for me. Now, I will tell you, there's a difference between podcast movement and Convert Kit. So Convert Kit conference had 300. And then podcast movement had like 3000. And then I went to tribe live, which is a different type of conference because it's a conference for Stu McLaren course tribe. So it's all membership owners. And as a service provider, if I had been looking for clients, those were all my ideal clients since I launched memberships and courses. And so that one was like, I think 900 to 1000. So different degrees. When you start to attend different conferences, you kind of find out which ones are for you. For me, podcast movement was really overwhelming. There was a lot of people. So that one was not one that I don't know if I'll go It was great for building relationships. But it was a lot of people, Convert Kit conference 300 people. That was my sweet spot I loved that tribe was incredible. But once again more people. So you also have to know what makes you feel comfortable and where you're going to thrive. And so for me, I know I'm going to thrive and smaller conferences because it just fits my comfort level. You may be someone who feeds off the 3000 people energy and so podcast movement or larger conferences like that would be perfect for you. But when you go to these conferences, a few tips one, yes, take business cards. I am the worst at this. But you really want business cards, they do not have to be fancy. They need to have your name, your website and the service you provide. That's literally all they need. So keep it simple, but definitely definitely have your business card. Also, make sure that you bring different types of clothes. So one thing that I'm The mistake is in my previous career at conferences, we had to dress up like super nice dress up. And then when you go to these conferences, they say business casual. But online business casual is very, very different than what you're probably thinking of as business casual. So at the Convert Kit, podcast movement, you see one nice shirts, jeans, like it's pretty casual. So just make sure you take a few changes of clothes just so you feel comfortable with what you're wearing. Now, if you're someone who like you love to dress up, and that makes you feel confident, do it. If you're someone who does not feel comfortable wearing heels out, hey, then don't do it. The most important thing is you feel comfortable with these. So you can market yourself at your A game. So take business cards, bring the extra clothes, you can feel comfortable and the crowd and then spend more time networking and building relationships. Then you do worried about what classes you're Going to, because here's the thing, them relation you'll learn is great. But the relationships you build, those are what changes the game. So don't get hung up. If you're in the middle of a great conversation, and you're building this relationship, and it's time for the next session. It's okay. Really building that relationship is so much more important than anything you'll learn in that session. I can promise you that. And so an example of this is I'm a session goer. I like to learn when Rick asked me if I wanted to go grab coffee, so we could chat about my business because I had some questions. And it was during a session that I really wanted to go to. And I was like, No, brandi. No, no, no, you cannot say no to this. And so I went and that's when I decided to join accelerator which is his mastermind which changed my business once again. So going to that coffee. made way a difference in my business, then anything I would have learned at that session. So that's the big thing. It's all about building relationships rather than worrying about the sessions. Also, if people ask you to go to dinner, or lunch, no matter if you're tired or what you go to dinner or lunch, I bought some of the most amazing relationships, attending dinners and lunches where people wouldn't ask. And so I highly encourage you, even if you're tired, everyone's heard at these conferences, go to dinner or lunch. When people invite you, it will serve you well. Okay, so those are my tips with attending conferences. Now retreats, but our retreats. retreats are usually more intimate, smaller people. A lot of times they're people that are probably in similar situations with you. So an example of this is as you're listening to this today, take To the serve scale soar retreat just went on sale. And so this is going to be 40 people in an amazing home, taking actionable steps in their business to grow it better relationships off one another, also brainstorming together, but it's more intimate. And so that is more of a retreat where it's more intimate. It's about building those relationships and taken actionable steps. I was at another retreat in Orlando, and there was, like, 15 of us, maybe 20. Maybe less than that. I'm not really sure. But I was at a retreat and it was great because we got a bond I and these were all people in similar fields as me I was Facebook ad we have funnel builders, we had many chat experts, we had sales call reps. So like they teach people how to do sales calls, things like that. And it was really great. We were all technically in the same industry, but I learned So much there, I built some really great relationships, and it was a much more intimate environment. Another one is in my mastermind that I'm in, we have a retreat twice every six months. It's only 15 of us if everyone comes. It's really about building off each other's knowledge, getting feedback from one another, learning actionable steps to take to apply to our business. I really love retreats. It's not so much about getting clients, but it's about ways to improve your business and building some relationships that are much much stronger than ones you would get at a conference. And they last longer now they can lead to clients. Absolutely. But typically, these are about really making some actionable steps in your business. And they're about just creating that really strong bond. So my three tips for attending a retreat would one be willing Shut off. So that means turn off the technology, unplug for a little bit and really be willing to be present. Because when you are willing to set the cell phone away or the computer and really be present in the moment, I truly think retreats are when magic happens. The second one is, it's not really about bringing business cards or what you were. It's really about how you come with an open mind and an open heart. And so maybe I'm really bad about this, but I am someone who puts up walls, and it's harder for me to make real, real real connections and get close to people. And so one thing that I've done is when I go to these retreats, I make a conscious effort to put those walls down and be more vulnerable and open that I wouldn't other settings. So I would encourage you, if this is something that you struggle with as well, and you're working on, like me, then show up with an open heart and an open mind, and a conscious effort to be a little bit more vulnerable than you normally would. And the third one is just get to them make it like a priority to attend one a year. Because a retreat with the right people. And the right mindset can truly be the thing that takes you from maybe 25,000 to 75,000 a year. Or maybe you're 50 and you're looking for that hundred thousand a year or maybe, for me, oh my gosh, I'd already hit the hundred thousand. But this going to a retreat is what took me from making 22,000 a month to 40,000 a month. So like doubling and driving us and to a multiple six Figure year. And so these retreats when you come in with an open heart and open mind and make it a priority to attend with the right people, your people, your tribe, retreats can be one of the most impactful live events that you make it to. So I highly, highly encourage you to do that. Ok. So the third and final one is local networking events. I will share with you these are not my favorite. However, we have several members inside of surf scale sore, who this is their jam. This is where they get their clients. This is like their marketing mavens. And so I would encourage you if local clients are who you want to work with, you need to make these a priority. Once again, you probably do want to dress a little bit more up for these. You definitely want to have business cards and you want to make real connections with people when you go Do not be the person who stands in the corner because that's me I don't know what it is, but it live networking events that are local. I'm like the small child who's like, Oh my gosh, why are we here? But I go to them. I do. It takes some effort, but I want 100% make it because I know when we do things that make us uncomfortable. That's really where the growth happens. So now that I'm in St. Petersburg, one of the things I've been looking up as I'm recording this, and it's in September, I'm looking up local networking events. And I see that there's a rising tide society, there's the podcasters of Florida. There's like all these things that I can get plugged into. And I really, really need to start plugging into those because my people are there. And it's something that makes me uncomfortable. So I know that's what's going to make me grow. So find local ones. And here's my three tips for you. One get to them because they're usually cheap, free, and they're local. They don't take a lot of effort to get to. The second thing is make sure you You have business cards and you're dressed like a professional. And three, you can look up online. Just Google networking event tips, tricks, and questions to ask. And when you do this, it will give you tips and tricks on when someone says, Hi, my name is blah, blah, blah, what do you do? And you give a better answer with questions. So there's so many resources but I definitely recommend having some questions already in your mind and work on your elevator pitch before you go to one of these because really, I think these are the most intimidating for me but for people in serve scale soar, they are crushing it at these. And remember, the more you do any of these, the more comfortable you get. And so for me, I have been going to conferences now for several several months, lots of travel going to them and I love conference. I love retreats. Local networking is something that I want to try to do more of because I want to connect with my community. But also it would be really nice just to have relationships local to me, and not flying all over the country to meet my friends in real life. So I highly encourage you to start there, because the big thing is you don't have to travel during your community already. So that is today's episode. How about live events and I really encourage you to get to one and I would love to know which ones you're going to because I love live events now. So DM me over on Instagram @brandiandcompany, we will link that up in the show notes. And let me know what conferences are you going to what retreats Are you going to and hopefully we will see you at the serve scale soar retreat, which tickets are now on sale, you can go to serve scale soar.com/12 just the number 12 and get those tickets. before they're sold out, we only have 40 spots. And once they are gone, they're gone. And so I would love to see you at the retreat. I would love to hear what conferences you're attending this year. Just DM me on Instagram and go out this week. serve your clients scale your business, so you can soar into the six figure year you deserve.

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