Do you need to work on your mindset?  Are you looking for the right community to join to walk with you while building your business?  Are you wondering if subcontracting might be something worth looking into? Do you need to work on streamlining your systems so you can scale?

We are going to cover all of these topics and more on today’s episode with my very good friend, Brianna Cortez!   Brianna and I met when we were in the beginning stages of our business and it’s been so fun to be able to see how much she has grown in her business! 

Brianna is a Facebook ad strategist and through her business Pixel & Delight, she helps online entrepreneurs sell more of their digital products and programs through the power of Facebook and Instagram ads. She is a wife and dog mom based in San Antonio, Texas and loves helping women business owners expand their audience, spread their message, and supercharge their launches with creative and effective ad strategy.

Value Bombs:


  • The importance of finding accountability partners in the beginning of your business 
  • How saying your goals out loud to someone adds an extra layer of accountability
  • How Brianna got started working with an agency 
  • What it’s like working as a subcontractor and the pros and cons involved
  • Working with an agency can open up opportunities to work with clients and work on projects you normally wouldn’t have exposure to when working for yourself
  • The struggle of managing growth in your business, while also providing exceptional service and delivery to your existing clients 
  • The importance of using systems in your business to grow and scale 
  • The two main tools Brianna uses to run her business to make things easier on herself and create an exceptional experience for her clients 
  • The thing that helped Brianna to break through her income plateau
  • The mindset shifts she had to overcome on her discovery calls and how things have changed


Well, what did you think?!   Brianna is amazing, right? She is a true gem and I have been honored to be able to work side by side with her since the early days of her business.   I am now blessed to have her in my Serve Scale Soar membership as well as my Inner Circle mastermind. 


Brianna talks about how important systems, community, and having the right mindsets are for scaling for your business.  If you want to meet more women and entrepreneurs just like you who are scaling their service-based business, I would love for you to sign up for my free training “How to Scale to Consistent $10,000 Months Without Hiring a Team”.  This is a completely free training so make sure to sign up!

See you all here next week!



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Hello Serve Scale Soar family. I am so excited because today's episode is with Briana, and she is a friend. We have been on this journey together. And she's also a member of Serve Scale Soar. But we are dropping some major major value bombs. In today's episode, we talk about how important community is to scaling your business. How mindset can be holding you back. We also chat about how these things don't happen overnight. And it takes time to build up the momentum. We talked about the importance of systems in order to scale. We also chat about what it's like to work with an agency as a subcontractor and how that can be beneficial when you are just starting out. And we really dive in and just talk about all the things online and the power of creating a community and having people that you can share this online experience about so I am so excited today. And you are going to get so much out of this episode. So let's tune in. But before we dive in today's episode with bringing up I want to spotlight one of our listeners. And that is Shana and Shana says to the point five stars Serve Scale Soar is amazing. Brandi gives you direct to the point information and advice that is so helpful for you and your business. If you are having questions about scaling your business, and the processes and systems to get you there, make sure to listen, you will not be disappointed. Shana. Thank you so much for leaving a review. And if you love this episode as well, please go and leave us an honest review. And maybe you'll be our spotlight listener of the week. So without further ado, I want to introduce you to Brianna. She's a Facebook ad strategist and through her business pixel into light, she helps online entrepreneurs sell more of their digital products and programs through the power of Facebook and Instagram ads. She's a wife and a Dog mom based in San Antonio, Texas and loves helping women, business owners expand their audience spread their message and supercharge their launches with creative and effective strategy.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure yours your host Brandi is a wife mom, and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

Oh Serve Scale Soar family. Oh my gosh, I am so excited today because we have Brianna and she is a Facebook ad strategist. And I'm excited because we have actually been on this journey together for a while. We actually started like our own little mastermind back in October. I think it was and That's when like all this crazy growth started happening. And it was just so great to have people in my corner that just had my back during that process. And she was one of them. So welcome to the show, Brianna. And I am so excited. You are here.

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm so excited to be here too. I can't believe I feel kind of special because I feel like I've gotten to see your growth for a long time. Like we've known each other ever since before Serve Scale Soar. And I've got to see, like all the amazing is that brandi has become so, so special.

Oh my gosh, no. I'm excited to chat about yours. Because when we first started chatting like back in last year, you were offering a lot of different services and not necessarily what you're offering now. So it's been fun to see like your business pivot, and we'll definitely talk about that. But first off, tell us a little bit about who you are as a person.

Yeah, so like Brandi said, I am a Facebook ad and funnel strategist. So I primarily work with female online entrepreneurs, helping them build amazing ad campaigns and well designed funnels so that they can sell more of their digital offers and programs. As far as me, I am a newlywed wife. I live in Texas and I have three lovely dogs. So that's my life outside of the internet, but you can find me online most of the time because that's where my business really lives.

I love that. Okay, so tell me how long ago did you start your business? Like, when did you actually get started in the online space?

Right. So I actually started in March of 2017. I want to say yeah, so it's been almost around two years right around there. Yeah, I always lose track of time, but it hasn't been very long. Yeah,

I'm trying to think. So I got started in July of 2018.

Okay. No, then based on that I started a little before you then it was 2018. Like, forever. Okay, I know. I was like, I don't think

that's right.

Okay. Okay, so

it was March 2018, then because I remember finding you a few months after I got started.

Perfect. Okay, that's awesome. Yeah. So we have been, we started in the same program on how to get started as a VA. And that's how we met. And I remember when I posted I think I'd hit like $5,000. Or maybe that's when I hit 6000. That's in October. And that's when I was like, I am so sick of doing this alone. I want other people who want the same things. And that's when you join our you said Yes, me. And then we had Haley who did and we had two other people, but now it's been really fun because Haley's a member of Serve Scale Soar you're a member. I'm in there, of course. And now we're just doing this journey together, which has been amazing. And so let's chat about the devil. Friends between, you know, having that accountability group, and then having something that's at a larger scale. So you know, it is a lonely place, and you were going through a lot, you are getting married, and moving and all these things. So tell us a little bit about like, just having community online.

Right. So I'm really glad we started that initial accountability group, because it was really clear to me, just from the way you were communicating in that community where we were that you were serious about growth. So I feel like finding accountability partners who are not just like talking to talk, but really walking the walk, and you can kind of see they're taking action. So that was huge for me, and I'm really glad that we started that small one. But even now that we have a larger community and serve skill store, I think it's because you're such an action taker that it really sets an example for everyone else to that. We are here to not just learn but really make moves and make a change. In our business that are going to move us up and help us grow and elevate. So I think it's all about kind of the expectation you set of what we are here to do. Oh, well, thank you.

But let's say that I love chatting about Serve Scale Soar. And I know that with our small group, one of the things that was really beneficial for that, and this is just for anyone who is looking, you're like, I don't have the money right now to join a group or I just don't know if that's right for me know that you can create your own group, you don't have to pay to be in a group, you can totally create your own. And that's what we started out with. And I think one of the best things I got was just those relationships with y'all and like Haley and I have worked on projects together. Like if I need copywriting, she is my go to person. And then we've chatted about launches because we both work in the same space. And then just having someone that you know is coming in your corner that they're going through the same things and I think that was so intercall. And my growth was just being able to show up on our bi weekly calls and be like, this is what's happening, like, this is what's going on and then have that accountability, because we would check in with each other with our goals. And I know that like with Haley, I think it was, you took forever to get her website up, because she kept on saying she's going to do it, and she did it. And I don't know if without that accountability of checking in, that would actually happen.

Yeah, I totally agree. And I still have people that I meet on a bi weekly basis that we're not in a program. We're just you know, we've developed relationships over time and decided, like, we're going to show up for each other and we're going to check in on each other and I think when you're saying your goals out loud to someone kind of over and over and you're like, Oh, I didn't do it again. Oh, that didn't happen again. As you meet overall, you're like, I'm not implementing. Like it's more clear when you're talking to someone about it and not just like writing it down in your planner, moving it down in your On a tasks, you're literally having to stay out loud and face with someone else that maybe you're not hitting your goals as quickly or, you know, even just talking about your struggles and getting that feedback was huge.

And I think that is so powerful because we are so quick to break promises to ourself. But when it comes to promises to other people, we don't typically break those promises. And so when you have that group until you can get to a point where you stop breaking promises to yourself, I think that's where the magic happens and where you can really like, push forward. That's one of the biggest things I got out of that is just being accountable for what I said I was going to do. I

totally agree because I'm one of those people who I love keeping, or trying to keep promises to other people, but for me, like keeping them to myself has been something much harder, especially if it's something challenging and something I don't 100% want to do, whether that's because it's fear, it's one of those tasks in your business. That doesn't quite feel the funnest at that time when you have other people that you're accountable for, it's a little bit easier.

Absolutely. Okay, so I love this. I think power of community is so important in the online space, especially, but I want to chat a little bit more about you. So tell us what your online journey has looked like since March of 2018. And what service use you provided, what obstacles you've had how you've pivoted, just tell us all the things?

Yeah, so I'm actually going to start a little bit before March 2018. Because I feel like that was when my business started. I was when I started taking clients. But there was even like, this journey before that, where I started working on that program that me and you were initially in and even before that, I was like learning about the online space but could not get myself to start the business. So I was learning skills like web design, or learning about marketing strategy, and I just could not get into action for like a year. year I learned and then finally, in March 2018, was when I joined a program and I was like, Okay, this thing is happening. So it really took me a while even just to start my business. But once I did, I was working with merely in design, web design, so helping people with their websites funnels. And then through that I started kind of working an agency's and so starting to learn more about the online marketing side, and I just dove in headfirst to digital marketing and really started to love the strategy piece. And so over the course of 2018, and even into 2019, I was learning about ads, but I really didn't dive headfirst into it or offer it specifically until probably this year's when I got serious about as because I just saw, like, how fantastic they were growing businesses and I saw an opportunity for me to really specialize in that place and even still take kind of my previous design experience to help with funnels and things like that. So that's pretty much how I got the niche where I am today.

I love that. And so I think we started on Facebook ads about the same time. But I want to backtrack just a little bit. So you said you started off working in agencies. So I know nothing about working in agencies. I know nothing about having an agency. So that's kind of like sub contracting. Right?


Okay. So tell our listeners just a little bit because I don't know, and I'm sure many of them don't know, tell us what that's like to work in an agency.

Okay, I think my opportunity was really nice. I think when you work online, you have these opportunities, like you said, to subcontract. So you're working as a contractor, there's can be a lot more freedom in that than working as an employee in an agency, but you can still get a lot of experience and I saw the value in that because as I was getting started, sometimes agencies will offer a lower rate than maybe you would get from your own client, but working on a team having resources and then how The agency bring in clients for you was really helpful when I was getting started so that I could gain experience, I got to get my hands on launches and clients that I may not have been able to land at that time because of the experience I didn't quite have yet. So I got to get really quality time with quality clients early on. So I think if someone is kind of an earlier stage or has some extra space to maybe step in as a contractor for an agency that is at a higher level than maybe their businesses, I think it can be huge for your experience, even for networking because you meet other people on the team. You meet the other clients. So it's been a great experience.

Okay, awesome. And then for people who are wondering so you're working for an agency as a subcontractor, so then do you also take on clients of your own?

Yes, I did both at the same time, and all my clients knew that was happening. And I was open about being on people's teams, or when it was just me, especially I think when you're a contract, sometimes it'll say when you actually sign a contract what you can or cannot say, but it was fine for me to live in both places at the same time.

Okay, perfect. I don't know. But I'm assuming, though, that you definitely want to read the contracts of the agency that you're working for. Coz I have heard that some agencies don't let you take on your own clients if you're working for them. And then if you're someone who wants to scale your business, I would imagine then that's not possible because you can't take on your own clients. But you're saying with your situation, you could still have both.

Yeah, exactly. Like you have to be careful with those non compete agreements is usually what the clause you have to look for in your contract. But fortunately, I feel like in our industry in the online space, a lot of people know that there's so much flexibility in working online. And that they know that you're going to be working with multiple people, multiple clients, because if you're a subcontractor, there's a good chance they can't give you a full time amount of work. And that's why you're doing so contracting and smaller projects. So they kind of expect you sometimes to almost work with other clients. So I definitely think there's opportunity, if that's the situation you want, you want that openness, I think there's definitely agencies you can find that are willing to work with you on that.

I love that because I know nothing about that space. So I'm glad that we tackle this because that's really good to know, especially if you're in a spot where you're just struggling finding clients on your own. Or if you're in a space where you just don't feel confident yet doing discovery calls. I think that sounds like it would be a great option for someone to get that cash flow coming in. And then the money's not so stressful, and then they can find their own clients.

Right. It takes that pressure off right away. And I mean, honestly, there's support because you're delivering things to clients with other people. Even if it's you're in charge of a project, there's usually like there's other people in the agency who care about how the client delivery goes and communicating with the client. So even if you ever had any issues, you kind of have someone else there to help you work through any hiccups to help you learn. And so I think if you're not feeling ready, you're 100% to go completely on your own. Subcontracting, even if it's for a short amount of time can be really beneficial.

I love that. I love that because that is a whole world but I don't know and I love that you're able to shed light on it for our listeners because I do think it's a good option for some people. Okay, so tell me where did you learn Facebook ads? Was that mainly through the agency courses like where have you been able to learn Facebook ads?

My mentor has been Claire Peligro. So she's a fantastic Facebook ads strategist and I have been working with her for a little over a We're in a really close setting. I get on calls with her regularly and she has been a fantastic mentor and teacher for me.

I love that I actually had dinner with Claire. When we were at the ConvertKit conference, we had like this small intimate dinner with like, 12 of us and she was great. I loved

Yeah, yeah, she's, she's a lot of fun. And she's always been like, very forthcoming and very hands on. I feel like when you can find a mentor, that's not afraid to really get in the dirt with you and talk about the tough things or really be open with their strategy and their ideas. That's like a golden key to helping you grow.

I love that. I love that. Perfect. Okay, so let's chat about what are some of the obstacles that you have had to overcome in your business.

So one of the obstacles I would say especially right now is a managing growth and managing like good delivery at the same time. So I think something people struggle with when they're trying to scale is figuring out how do I continue to keep marketing my business? How do I continue to keep serving my own business as I serve more clients or as I serve clients at a higher level? So managing and balancing that has been one of the more difficult obstacles for me. And it's been a journey figuring out like, where that balance even exists for me.

Absolutely. And what are some of the things that you have done to overcome those obstacles?

One of the huge things is get support so having other peers that are also at the same level as you and growing and kind of just even saying that they're feeling the same things you are makes it me a little bit easier on myself, because there's some days where I feel like Brianna, what are you doing today? I don't think you have it together today. But then I can look around and see that I have other people around me who feel like that sometimes too. And so having just that support has been huge. But even then the next thing has been systems systems systems. And I know you reiterate this all the time. But the more I've been able to systemize the back end of my business, the more I've been able to kind of prep to take on more at any given time has helped me a ton.

Absolutely. And this is something we chat about all the time and serve skills or is the second module of the five figure framework is systems. And that's before the growth. Because if you really want to grow fast and do it, especially without hiring a team, you have to have systems in place. And it's easier to get those systems in place before you start growing them once you start growing. And then as you grow, you're just tweaking them a little bit to match the new growth, but they're already there. So if you're like, well, I only have one client, I don't need to worry about systems. It's actually way easier now to get systems in place. Then when you have a full client load, and things are all over the place. So if you're sitting here like Like, oh, I don't have systems, now is the time to get them together. And it doesn't take a lot of money or time, we will link to the episode The four tools, I use scaling to six figures. And that shows you exactly the four things I used. Super simple, and they cost less than $35 a month. So we will link to that in the show notes. So talking about systems tell us what systems you use to run your business.

So my primary system is Dubsado. I used a plateau to run the majority of my business. And I just want to say to that I was really resistant to setting up things ahead of time. I'm one of those people who can sometimes procrastinate on getting those kinds of things set up because I like doing like the client work and getting really into that area. But when it comes to you know, systemizing my business that's particularly fun to me, so I procrastinated a lot and even once I had like my first class in the way I wanted to work with them. I was like, Okay, get it together. Here's your time. Maybe you didn't do it ahead of time, but you have one person in here let's test this system with them. Let's make it and that way any future clients really have it going for them. And so Dubsado has been huge. And then something I've started using is Asana. I did try Click Up for a while and felt like I wasn't really ready for something incredibly robust. So working with the asana has been a really good way for me to and my productivity Perfect.

Okay, so for our listeners, two systems, Asana and Dubsado. I was such a fan of Asana. I love Asana and then I switched to Click Up and I am clickup girl now but Asana is a great one, especially if you don't need something as robust as Click Up Dubsado. I used when I was making $1,000 a month and now I use when I'm doing $30,000 a month. It's one of those software's that you can use no matter where you're growing and will link the 20% discount and the Show Notes. But it is definitely my number one tool as well to running my business and keeping you out of the back end, which is very important. And people are so resistant to setting it up. And it does take time. But you don't have to use all the bells and whistles. I don't even use all the bells and whistles, you just got to get it started. And that's why I don't use I don't use all the bells and whistles either at all. But just like you I started using it from the very, very beginning, just got a few simple things set up and just having an all in one system that can handle so much for you. It's like, why wouldn't you do that? Why wouldn't you make it easier for yourself by using something like that? So I always recommend it too. Perfect. Love it. Okay, so let's chat about last month, because last month you had your largest month we're recording in October. So in September, you had your largest month to date. So tell us a little bit about your numbers, what you were doing before what last month look like and what were the big shifts that made that happen?

Right So, last month in September, I did over 6000 in revenue in my business. Whereas before this, I have plateaued at anywhere from, I would say, like 3000-3500. I had been there for months, and I could get consistent clients, I could get consistent work, but something was just not I just was stuck at that level for a while. And then finally in September, I broke through. So should we talk about a couple of things that helped me get there? Absolutely. That's what we want to know. Okay, so, first of all, I feel like this effort didn't happen from one month to the next. I feel like it's important to say that this was a build up that finally kind of broke through. So like I said, having systems ready. And productivity were two of my things that I struggled with, but then really started to figure out so I got all my systems in Dubsado ready to take on Clients things like what onboarding, even client management, I made space for that to happen. So by the time clients started coming in, it was really simple for me to take them on. And I didn't have resistance about bringing someone into my business because I knew they were going to be taken care of based on what I had set up. So it was really easy for me to pull people in. But even before that, I think it came down to focusing on marketing more than I had, and Brandi, you talk about this a lot. But when you really take the time to look at your business, look at your tasks, what are you spending your time on? If marketing's not a huge one, then you're really going to probably struggle with that growth. And so when I looked at my tasks, I was spending a lot of time in my client work, which I don't think is bad. I just think I probably could have been more efficient there. And I was kind of hiding more than I needed to from the marketing work and so So when I really looked at it and focused, okay, how can I present myself more? How can I put myself out there? How can I make space for taking on more discovery calls and when I made that a priority, maybe things didn't change overnight, I would say I started to get more calls over the course of a few months, and even had to start making sure my conversion rate of those calls went up before finally in September, I really started to see that growth.

That's amazing. So do you know your discovery call conversion rate?

I do not. I haven't looked at it recently. But I know when we started talking about you, and I was sitting around 25%. And I definitely know it's getting closer to 50 now, but it really was lower because I wasn't doing enough calls and I wasn't spending enough time talking about my offers. And the more I started to do that, the higher my conversion rate went up.

Amazing. And some of you are probably like, wait, what are we talking about? What are these conversion rates, and so I talked about This in the four things I track scaling to six figures episode, so we'll link that up. But it's also something that I chat about all the time I talked about it in my free masterclass, I talked about inside search skills, or that the only three places that you should spend 80% of your time is your marketing minutes, which is how often you are actually showing up actively marketing your services, to his discovery calls. And then three is on client work. But I love that you're saying that you were kind of hiding behind your client work instead of making time for those but the order I just had those were marketing minutes, discovery calls and client work. So your marketing minutes and discovery calls are so important. And when we talk about conversion rates, we're talking about how many discovery calls Did you have and how many clients Did you land. So you actually have to have discovery calls on your books in order to know those numbers. So now you're saying that you're getting to 50% which is incredible because that means if you have four calls that month, you're getting Two new clients, which is really important to know. And it's a great way to know how many discovery calls you need to track in order to hit your revenue goals. So I love that you know that and that's where your focus changed. And now you're seeing those results.

Yeah, that has been my favorite part. And that takes time, you have to get on calls, like you said, learn those numbers. But once you have them and you realize, okay, this is how much I want to grow my business this month, or this is how much revenue I need. So I know I need this many calls, ideally, based on my past numbers, and there's a good chance that your numbers could even improve. Maybe you'll even close more clients that month, but having that data is really integral for their business. I

love it. And quick question, how long are your discovery calls?

Well, my discovery calls are now usually 15 to 20 minutes. They used to be much longer, but that's not really the case anymore. Love it.

Okay, so I used to have really long discovery calls like six 30 minutes, and then I got them down to 15. And I like changed my life. And so how long were yours before you started doing 15 to 20 minute ones.

Oh, same thing, they could range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, as well. And this is one of those things where you need to surround yourself with people who are examples of what is possible, and what you feel you want to get to. Until I mean, Brandi and I used to talk all the time, but until one day, she was like, Hey, I think I'm gonna do 15 minute discovery calls now. Like, that's my new standard. I was like, Whoa, is that a thing like, and once I realized, okay, like this is working for her. I'm going to see if it works for me. And I started figuring out how to implement that for myself. Same thing, I never even would have considered it if I hadn't been in a space for someone to say, Hey, this is a possibility for you. And so once they started implementing that it was so much easier and I also feel like the calls had to be so much more high quality in a short amount of time because you will didn't have this long called where you had all this time to go through way too much. So it made them so much more efficient.

Absolutely. And so many people resist the 15 minute strategy that I teach. And then once they do it, they're like, my life is changed forever. Because it is it's a different call. It's not as draining and you can get more calls in one day doing 15 minutes than you ever can with 45 minutes. But also, I feel like and I have the numbers to prove it. You land way more clients with a 15 minute call than you ever will with a 45 minute call.

I 100% agree. And I do think part of it is mindset. Part of it is deciding that you're going to be able to give the person the information they need and present your offer in that short amount of time. I remember like earlier when I was getting started, I felt like I needed a longer discovery call because I needed to prove my work so to say or prove that, you know that my work was valuable. But really that is a mindset shift, you know, knowing before you get on the call what you have to offer, and that it is 100% worth your rate that you're aligned with your rate. And then deciding that on the call, you're just figuring out if you can help this person if they're a good fit for your business. And so learning to make that shift and coming to my calls with that mindset, really made it much easier.

I cannot agree more. I love this. Ah, this is so good. We have covered so much there has been so many value bombs. But before we jump off, I do like to do some rapid fire so you're just going to answer the first thing that comes to mind. Are you ready? Oh, gosh, yes.

Okay, so what is the favorite part of your business?

Okay, this one is where clients like a go from being like not liking Facebook ads to finally being like pro ads when I work with my clients and I'm like, Yes You can see the results, you can see that they work, you just need a little bit more education and you needed the right partner. But when they finally see those things happening in their business, and they see that about turn on, it's like, yes, that's the best.

I love that. I know that feeling very much. So I love that. Okay, so favorite software tool that you can't live without in your business.

So we talked about this a little bit. And Dubsado is definitely my number one. So I'm just going to iterate it again. I know I'm being repetitive. But seriously, I don't know why anyone wouldn't use a system that can not only help you template parts of your business, but also serve your clients better. They have things like client portals, things like automations that can help your clients be served when you're not physically working with them, which is amazing.

Absolutely. Okay, so what is the best conference, online or offline that you have ever been to? So this isn't good one

So I've only been to a few conferences, but recently, I went to the event held by boss babe called success and soul. And so this is a company that really focuses on helping female entrepreneurs grow. And it was two days of so much strategy and mindset. And it was pretty intimate. It was 200 people or 300 people. And really, they did a huge session on not just learning the things to grow your business, but also focusing on where you need to be as far as mindset as far as managing your emotions and making that a part of your business, but also not letting it drive your business and figuring out how to balance those two things I think is so key.

I love it. Okay, so tell me the best piece of business advice you've ever received.

Yes. So the best advice I received is to decide that it's going to work, decide that your business is going to be successful that you You are and so when you have that in your mind going in when you hit those road bumps and things don't look that great on certain days, you come back to that and you're like, No, I know this is going to work. I know this is a bump in the road, it's not the end of the road. And so when you make that decision before anything happens before things go awry, and you know, it's going to work that really helps you to just keep taking that next step forward. I love it.

And this has been so amazing, Brianna, and I'm so excited for you and your business. And just I know that the next step is those $10,000 months and I'm so thankful that I get to be part of your journey. So thank you so much for being on the show and just sharing with the listeners your journey.

Yes, thank you so much. This was so fun, and I'm so grateful to have someone like you to help me grow and I really hope that this was helpful for the listeners so that they can get on this on this show. too

perfect and tell the listeners where they can connect with you.

Yeah, so you can find me at That is my website, or I would love to connect with you on Instagram. My handle is @pixelanddelight. So you'll find me there.

And we will make sure to link all that up in the show notes. Thank you so much. And we will chat next time. Wow, y'all, that was powerful. There's so many amazing takeaways from this episode with Brianna. And I just want you to now if you are in any of these situations where you feel alone, you feel like this online space is not for you. Go back and listen to this episode again. Because with the power of Community Systems and the right mindset, it is totally possible for you to scale your business. And if you want to meet more women, and entrepreneurs just like you who are scaling their business, head on over to my free training, how to scale to consistent $10,000 months without hiring a team. And check that out because I'm going over all these topics in there as well. And that is completely free for my listeners. So thank you so much for tuning in this week. Go get Brianna some love on Instagram and go serve your clients and scale your business and soar into the six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scaale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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