Have you thought about creating a membership, but you’re worried that no one would even sign up?  Maybe you keep telling yourself that you don’t have a big enough audience or you don’t have enough knowledge to be teaching others. 

I get it…. I had all of the same thoughts when I was starting the Serve Scale Soar membership.  Looking back, I am SO glad that I didn’t allow overthinking and fear to hold me back. If you’ve ever thought about adding a second stream of income to your service-based business, you are going to want to make sure to tune in to today’s episode!

Value Bombs:

  • Reasons you should be focused on a few key things when getting started
  • How Stu McLaren’s workshop fired me up 
  • Using gorilla marketing when building your business
  • Getting over your fear and coming from a place of abundance 
  • How one service and idea can lead to many others 
  • Working from your passion and joy 
  • Using your business to make a bigger impact 
  • Why I started my podcast and mastermind
  • Having a small audience is not a setback


I encourage all of you to let go of fear.  Figure out how you can work from action and abundance.  If you have a passion and a desire to create an impact in the lives of others, GO FOR IT!  What dreams and desires do you have to create a bigger impact in the world? Put that into a membership!  

If you have any questions or want to brainstorm how you can add a membership into your business, reach out to me on Instagram @brandiandcompany.  I would love to help you! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s motivation. Take your fear and turn it into action! Run with it and see the impact that you can make in your life and the lives of others. 

Make sure to sign up for Stu’s free training at www.servescalesoar.com/tribe

As always, don’t forget to go out, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into that six-figure year you deserve.





Resources Mentioned:

Stu McLaren’s Free Workshop on Creating a Membership


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Don’t forget to sign up for my free training >> How to Scale to Consistent 10K Months Without Hiring a Team 

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I don't have a big list. I don't have a big audience. I don't know if anyone would ever purchase anything for me. Who am I to be teaching this mind to create a membership? These are all the questions I asked myself before creating Serve Scale Soar. And I'm so glad that none of these held me back from creating the Serve Scale Soar membership because it truly is one of my favorite things that I've ever done in my business. It is truly like my second child. So if you've ever thought these things like what is it the right time to start a membership? When is it the right time to create a course? I don't know enough. No one will pay me. What if? What if and if you've ever thought about having your services and adding a second stream of revenue such as a course or a membership. This is that episode for you. So let's dive on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entreprenuers scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandi is a wife mom. And in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets so you can to.

A Serve Scale Soar FAMM. I'm so excited because today we're talking about something I am extremely passionate about and that is the Serve Scale Soar membership and I'm going to tell you about how this membership came about, because it's a question that I get asked a lot, and especially since last week we had Stu McLaren, which is like the master at all things membership's on here. And we got so much feedback. And I know that so many of you wanted to hear how I created it and why I created it. And so that is what this episode is all about. So I started my membership journey last May. I worked on scaling my business from January until April and April's when I hit nineteen thousand dollars. It was my first $19000 a month. I remember just being like, Holy cow, how did this just happen? Like, I was blown away and I was like, I'm going against the grain and doing all the things that everyone says. You don't need to focus on notching down. Yes, they say that, but they don't tell you how. Also, doing a 15 minute discovery calls and providing a brand new service and being able to excel at that service very quickly. And I noticed that I was only focused on the right things. I wasn't focused on growing an Instagram or growing an email list or anything like that. I was just focusing on doing the things on a limited amount and time that made the biggest impact.

And when I looked at my month and I said, nineteen thousand dollars without a team, what am I doing that other people aren't? Because what I really wanted was this to be an option for more people. I knew not everyone wanted to create a course or not everyone wanted to grow an agency. And the agency model was never something that I was interested in. And so when I started thinking about it, I was like, I want to share what I'm doing with other people because I was really fed up. The membership was really designed and created because I was so fed up with the industry and how they just were saying you need to grow a big Instagram and worry about your email list and all this things. And I knew that there was better ways, faster ways. And those are not the first things that we need to worry about is service based entrepreneurs. And so that's when I kept on toying around with what is this is this, of course, is the membership. But I don't have any malice because I haven't been working on that. I don't have a big following. I had only had my business for at that point, not even a year yet. And I was like, who am I to be teaching this? But one thing I found was Stu MacLaren. And I don't know how he came into my life, but he came in at the right point and I watched his free workshop, which will link up in the show notes so you can rencher far.

But I watch that workshop and I got inspired. I started hearing all these stories about other people who were creating these amazing memberships that were changing other people's lives and changing their own life. And it was all with a tiny audience. Some of them had massive audiences. But the stories that resonated with me were people who had very tiny audiences because that was my story. And so I listened to this workshop and was like, I'm going to do it. And so we launched in May to a Beda. I sent out one email, just one. And then I did what I call gorilla marketing. I got in and everyone who had ever came to me and asked for business advice or just help or people that I knew could probably benefit from this membership. I reached out to them and I asked like, hey, I'm going to create something amazing. There's nothing there now. But I promise you I'll get you something and it's going to be good. And we started it. Thirty seven dollars a month. Or they could purchase for the year. My goal was twenty five members and we hit twenty three. And what I found is that you don't need a big list. You just need to have been impacting people's lives.

And the thing is, you never know that you're actually impacting lives into it comes down to something like this or you reach out and you're like, I'd love for you to be involved. And then they say, yes, and they believe in you. And so from that, I actually built out them membership with them, did all the recording live, got their feedback, made adjustments. So it was tailored to exactly what they needed. And then from there we launched in July and we added 50 new members, which was super exciting. And then from there, we created an evergreen funnel that was running and we launched again in October. And then we also launched in February of this year. And since then, as I'm recording this, we've impacted over 250 people's lives, which is insane. And you've heard a lot of their stories here on the podcast week after week. And those are members who are scaling their business and soaring. And I love to spotlight them both. All the things that I didn't know what would come from the membership, because when we think about it like we're creating a membership and it's like, okay, so we're creating a membership and that's it, just a membership and maybe will change the minds around the way and maybe some people will join. We'll find out. And what I didn't know is that the impact that when we take action, the impact that we can make is incredible, because from that community and because I took action, we now have people whose lives are changed.

We have people that are celebrating fifteen thousand dollar months. We have people celebrating $10000 months. We have people who've brought their husbands home. We have people who've left their nine to five. And now they going to be at home with their babies. I mean, oh, my gosh. And all of that, because I decided not to work from a level of fear, but work from a place of abundance and knowing that whatever happened happened and we'll see where this thing goes. And I was like, let's go for a ride and see what happens. And from there, this podcast was created because it is named after the membership. And so from that podcast now I'm able to serve anyone and everyone and not just my members. My members get logged on in a much different way. But now you get to experience me each week in your headphones and that's because I created the membership. And then creating a podcast was a no brainer because I love sharing their stories. And this was my way of giving back and helping them share their stories to audiences as well. And then from that came from the soaring in our circle master mind, which is the higher level mastermind where we explore creating memberships and launching courses and launching group coaching and maybe hiring some team members to grow an agency. And that is another thing that came from Serve Scale Soar the membership and also that gave me the courage to launch a course which is conversions for clients.

And that's all about Facebook ads. And so teaching people how to elevate their service because the last portion of Serve Scale Soar the membership is elevate your services. And a lot of people wanted to elevate their services to Facebook and Instagram ads because that's what I do. And so we created a course all around that. But none of this would have to happen if I didn't create my membership Serve Scale Soar. And I just know that from launching that twenty three people took interest in it. Twenty three people had faith in me with nothing in the hub, nothing in the portal. And we built it out together. And now there's this magical community where people win and celebrate and have somewhere to go when things aren't going right or have somewhere to go where they can celebrate or just have somewhere to go when it's like no one else understands what we do. But this group does. And never in a million years when I created the membership would I ever think that would drive me to my higher purpose. And that higher purpose isn't one that I've found along my journey, which was because once the membership was formed, we had a second stream of revenue, actually a third because I had my services and then I was doing affiliate marketing.

I always have done affiliate marketing. And then from there came the membership. It gave us another stream of revenue. And what that extra stream of revenue, it made us feel comfortable enough for my husband to retire from his job. We say retire because you know what it means. But he gets to be at home and be a stay at home dad living of his life with our little Riley and just being there to support me as I grow this business. And never did I think that my husband would come home and be a stay at home dad, and that we would be able to do Disney days and just live out our best life during the week and weekends and not worry about. Do you have to take off or anything like that? And then from the membership, I saw this happening more and more, more parents coming home, either both sets or moms being able to leave their 9 to fives to be at home. And that means so much to me. We're living in a generation where our kids will grow up in a different home than we did, one where parents are not having to go to nine to five grind, but living out their purpose and their dreams. And some homes will have two parents at home and stay at home dads. And I think that that is so incredible. Or maybe a work from home mom and a work from home dad.

And I think that there's so much power in that when families love what they're doing, they're working from their passion and they can work from their joy, because then that means their kids get to see what a joy filled life looks like. And holy cow, never did I think the membership would create that kind of impact. And another thing that's been super awesome since creating the membership is that I've fallen in love with village impact. Which is Stu McLaren and Amy McLaren's charity, where they help build schools in Kenya that are run by the government. They're helping kids who have never even seen a fort go to school and go on field trips and go to entreprenuer College and creating a whole new life because of the Serve Scale Soar membership. Now we're able to donate to that cause and make a bigger impact. And there is so much magic when we work out of action and not fear. And we're just open to going along for the ride. And I can tell you that I was scared out of my pants. So when I launch Serve Scale Soar for the first down and the second and the third time and it wasn't until October when we had started seeing some big time results that I realized that this was not about me. This was about so much more. And this was about changing lives and making a big impact in the world.

And every day I'm so grateful that I did not work out of fear, but I worked from action and wanting to see what if I do this? What is the worst thing that could happen? Maybe no one joins, and that's literally the worst thing that could happen. But now I think about it and I'm like, what is the worst thing that could happen if I didn't do it? And life's would not be impacted the way that they are now. And maybe people did get to that same point without serves scale saw, but maybe it took them a little bit longer. And the impact that they're able to have now since they didn't have to wait is incredible. There is so much power when we can create things that impact the world. Your services impact the world. A membership can impact the world. Of course, can impact the world. But what I know is that I believe wholeheartedly and having multiple streams of revenue and never counting on just one. So still today, I still on my Facebook and Instagram as strategist's had actually brought in two hundred thousand dollars last year with just my ad services. So I am not discounting that, but also the membership. We were able to scale to six figures in six months. Also, that's not including conversions for clients and the soaring inner circle mastermind. Those are all now revenue streams that came from the membership.

And so what I'm saying is if you can diversify and if you've been caught or you have a dream or it's been like in the back of your mind to create a course, to create a membership, then I would say sign up for tribes. The workshops to McLaren's workshop, we'll link it up. See what it's about. See if your heart is pulling you in that way. But I know that it will be so scary. It is. But here's what I have to tell you, is that when you take that chance, when you jump into fear and you see what's on the other side, it can be a magical experience. And think about all the people that their life is not being impacted because you're too afraid to take action. So I'm giving you permission. Take Massy action. Imp.. Action is always better than no action at all. So make it massy, make it imperfect, but just leap into fear. So if you've been thinking about creating a membership, if you've been thinking like I really want to do something and have a second revenue source or a third revenue source besides my service, I would invite you to join the workshop that Stu's doing. It's completely free and you can join that. It servescalesoar.com/tribe. we'll link it up. Decide like I'm ready, let's create a membership. We can do that together. I'm going to have tons of bonuses.

So make sure you're checking your email and you can always go to serve scale sword dot com forward slash tribe because I want to help you along this journey. And so if you sign up for the workshop, take a picture of this episode and tag me at branding company and let me know because I want to message you. See what your takeaways are. We're gonna have a special Facebook group that you can join once you get signed up. So I'm so excited for you to take that next step to create another revenue system. And maybe you're not ready to take the next step, but you just want to see what this workshop is all about. I encourage you to check it out. Stu is an amazing storyteller. Stu is incredible. if you didnt listen to last week's episode, make sure yo check it out. Think, what are you passionate about? What are those secret goals that you don't tell anyone? What is your dreams and desires for your bigger impact in the world? And you can put that into a membership. So if you have any questions, I would love to chat with you in the dm. And I hope you enjoyed this episode. Just take fear and run with it and see the impact that you can make. So go out, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into that six figure year you deserve.

Again, for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review. And be sure to tune in next time.

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