On today’s episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast I will be breaking down what it’s like to run a super profitable business even when things don’t go as planned.   February was a tough month in a lot of ways, but I will be diving into all of the numbers. I am happy to report I generated over $59,000!  


This month was filled with heartache, disappointment and moving homes.  I gained a lot of knowledge this month and learned many lessons, but I am thankful because now we have systems and processes in place in my business to avoid these issues in the future. 


This is me being transparent and real. I’m going to go behind the scenes and talk about what happened, what worked, what didn’t work and what I learned. So join me in this journey towards my million dollar year!

Value Bombs:


  • The problem with taking on too many things at once
  • The challenges of having my husband and daughter at home
  • What it’s like to have a troll in your webinar 
  • What you should never do after experiencing a troll 
  • How to learn from your mistakes and set up systems to prevent them in the future
  • My income vs my expenses and why this month was still a huge win 


I hope this episode taught you that your business will not always go the way you want.  You will have setbacks, disappointments and bad days, but you must push through, learn from them, and keep showing up.  


Don’t let one person deter you from helping others.  I am here to share my knowledge and serve my audience so they can scale their business.  This month’s disappointment made me realize that what I do is more important than what one person says about me.  


February was a crazy, crazy month full of life, trolls and lessons learned! I’m super excited that we’re still on target for a million dollar year. Stay tuned to see what next month’s income report will bring! 


See you next week! 




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Episode 28: Income Report: Breaking Down How I Generated over $101,000 in January


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Ole Serve Scale Soar family. Are you in for a treat? Because I am doing Febuary 2020's in Come report. And let me tell you, this one's a doozy. So in this episode, you're gonna hear all about trolls. Life and lessons learned as I generated over fifty thousand dollars in the month of February. And oh, boy. More than that. I gained a whole lot of knowledge and lessons and just like dirt on the knees type of deal. So without further ado, let's jump on in to this week's episode of the Surf Scale's or podcast.

Welcome to the Surf Scale's Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entreprenuers scale their online business to five feature months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandi is a wife mom. And in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets so you can to.

Yo. I am so excited about today's episode. Well, kinda good. I'm just gonna be real with you. This is an episode that I was not exactly thrilled to have with you because we came out in January twenty twenty.

And if you didn't hear that income report where I generated over one hundred and one thousand dollars in one month and to February doing half of that. But this was a hard month and I'm gonna go behind the scenes and talk about what all happened, what worked, what didn't work and what I learned. But before we get into that, let's chat. I want to read one of ours listeners spotlights and this one is from Tricia P and she is one of our members of Serve Scale Soar. I know this because I can see her actual name.

I love when y'all have like real Apple names. She gives us a five star. It's like she's reading my mind. From the moment I began interacting with Brandi and Serve Scale Soar, I thought. It's like she's reading my mind in the podcast. She speaks to the pains that so many of us service providers experience, and she gives us simple and actual steps to help navigate those challenges without getting overwhelmed. She shares both her success and her failures and what she learns from them with her growing success. Brandi remains humble with a heart of God to help serve and grow others in the service based space. Thank you, Brandi, for a beautiful and caring person you are. And thank you for such great support from all of us. Thank you, Tricia, for leaving that amazing review. And I so appreciate you. And she said she shares both her success and her failures and y'all today. I'm going to be. I don't like failures, but I am definitely gonna be diving into some things that didn't go the way I would have liked them. So if you would like to be our spotlight listener, make sure you just head on down there and leave us an honest review. I love reading these. They are the highlight of my day and they keep the podcast going. So I know you all want to hear about my month. That's why you're here. You wanna hear all about the dollars and so revenue generated. I will go on and give you that number. But we're not going to break down the numbers to the end because I want to tell you a little bit about what went on in this month.

So the total revenue generated was fifty nine thousand four hundred and ninety nine dollars. So let's chat first about what February looked like. February was not the easiest month for a lot of different reasons. The first started off I felt like the beginning of February started off strong. We were actually coming off the launch of conversions for clients and I was building that out for those students. And it is done now and it is freakin incredible. The feedback we've been receiving has been great. So I was definitely busy with the course doing the live Q and A's and everything and Serve Scale Soar launch of the membership was coming up very fast and I was struggling with a few things at home. I was struggling with being anybody here. My daughter and husband play in the other room when I was in my office. I was also struggling with recording when they were playing because I could hear everything. Y'all could hear everything. The courses I was creating, they could hear everything. And so there was just a lot of disruption. So I was toying with do I get a co-working space? But then it's like. But then I'd actually have to get up and get dressed every day. And Savage is wearing a t shirt and like some boxer pants. And then it's like, well, then I'm not actually home working with my family, which is why I brought home my husband. So I was dealing with all these emotions that went around them.

And my coach Rick brought up a good point and he said, why don't you just go tour one and get some inspiration? Well, I didn't go tour one. Instead, I told my husband I was like, I'm just so sick of living in this apartment. We were in an apartment and I was like, there's just noises outside, upstairs. And they were noisy as we were in a smaller quarters. And so I said, why don't we just go in? Our lease wasn't up until the end of August and I did not know how that was gonna work out, like if we could get out of it. But I just needed some like hope that once our lease came up that we could actually, like, find something. So we started looking and my husband wanted to look over at the beach side. We live on the water before, but we were on the bay side and my husband's a beach person. I am not I'm not a sand person. And so we went over there and found this house that we fell in love with. We all like beautiful. It's coral. So like, we literally live in a pink house. But it's everything that I've ever wanted in a house, a fenced in backyard, a massive kitchen, tons of living space, a big office. You know, I have never been someone who needs a sitting room in their bedroom, but we have like it's a big bedroom, like a little bit too big, but a nice bathroom.

I just always like a big Walk-In shower. I'm not a bath person. I like a shower. And so we walk into this house and also a one floor. And it was even to the point where the driveway and the. Circle, I've always said, like, how in a circle driveway, because these are pretty popular in Florida, but not all the houses and my husband's like such a ridiculous thing to just like put on your list. And I'm like, it's not a must, but I would like a circle driveway. And then for my husband ahead, a two car garage. And I was like, this is the house that I've manifested. If it was on the water, it would literally be my dream house. The water is just right across from it's like it's behind our neighbors. And so super freaking close still. And I was like, this is the house. So I was like, what do we have to do to get out of our lease? Like I want in this house. And so we found out, like, we just had to pay a cancellation fee. And y'all I don't want to jinx this, but somehow the paperwork got messed up. The apartments and the final bill. And we didn't even have to pay the cancellation fee, which was freakin amazing. So we just had to pay our electric bill. And it's just so funny how these things work out. And so we had set while we were like, okay.

So we sign the lease and everything that day. All of this happens super, super fast. And this was like February 7th. Then on February 14th, we were fully moved in to this new home. So within seven days, y'all, when I help you to take action. I mean it. Like we are action takers. We get things done and we get them done fast. So we were fully moved into our new house on February 14th. It was such an amazing experience where a mile from the beach. It's incredible. I love it. But that caused a lot of like I was packing. I was recording a cause. I was getting ready for a launch. It was a lot. And I learned that like I could've slowed this process down. I didn't have to move in seven days. We chose to do that. And this was a big learning lesson for me is that I tend to take on too many things at once. So we're working on that. But nonetheless, we moved. Then I got some bad news that my grandfather, which an amazing man, spent so much my child hood at my grandparents house and he had passed away suddenly from a heart attack. And it was very quick. And so no one was expecting it. And that was hard because we were also coming up to where we had the launch of Serve Scale Soar. We didn't I didn't know when the funeral was gonna be at like.

Everything happened so fast. We had already been running ads to the webinar and so we made the decision. It happened like it was fast, so we weren't sure what to do. So we ended up going up after the funeral because we needed to like if it was gonna be before then, it was just gonna be me that was gonna have to go up. And then like, Riley wouldn't get to see her grandparents. There's this whole big thing. So that was going on the same time. I'm running ads to get ready for the Serve Scale Soar a launch. So we just moved in. Grandfather passed away suddenly and we're getting ready for a launch. And I will tell you, I was a little bit checked out of this launch. It was a rinse and repeat. I've done this launch two other times. They've all been amazing. The first one was a forty five thousand dollars launch. The second one of them was a seventy five thousand dollars launch. I really thought that we could go in this one in like bare bones minimum $50000 launch. So I hadn't like, you know, as a rinse and repeat. And we were excited. I love doing this training lot. I just love doing it lives. I love the energy of you all when you get on there. It's just something really magical that happens when we're in a master class together. And I'm so passionate about this master class because it gives you the belief and breaks down the barriers that you have to hire a team in that you have to be doing all the things.

And so we get into it and the we rely very heavily on our webinars. They convert extraordinarily high. Really, we have most of our sales come in. Most of our new members come in within the first 48 hours of the launch. So we are not someone when you hear these people, they're like on the last day, you'll have all these floods of people come in. That's not our story and never has been. So I get into the webinar. I'm not like at 100 because I'm still dealing with a lot of personal stuff. I know that I'm not one hundred, but it's still good. And we have never had trolls like the worst thing that anyone has ever sat on. One of my ads is that they had a click three buttons to find out that the membership was $67 month like. That's about as bad as trolling as I get. And so I don't look at the chat while I'm doing the mastermind. Unless that are the master class, unless it's like, hey y'all who are my target mommas? And I look at the chat and see like, yes, yes, yes. Well, I'm in there and I look at the chat and Janessa is in there and everything. I look at the chat and I see like a bunch of like just stuff going on like chatter, which is very unusual because it's not like, oh, my gosh, yes, I love Target.

It's like chatter and a few words catch my eyes and my heart sinks. But I keep the show going and I get through it and I can just. Well, I see a big drop off. We have people stay till the end like people love our master class and they stay till the end. And about like twenty five minutes in, I see a massive drop off of attendees that are still there. And I'm thinking like, OK, what's going on? Continue. The show has to go on, ask another question and look in the chat. And I see some really negative things that are personal attacks against me. And I know my energy just sunk. And then that's when I realized that we are experiencing a troll. And so I do the master class in the cell. The new members do not come rolling in like usual. Like usually after the first one, we have at least 20 people sign up minimum. And that was not the case. And I get off and I asked Janessa, I was like, what was going on? This was not like what happened? And she tells me we had a troll. Then there was people protecting me. And then there's like two people who jumped in mob mentality, style. And this person signed up for the webinar just to troll. They sign their name with an M..

I can see their email. I know their first and last name because I can pull it in the back end of Zoom. And they've been on my email list for a while and they came in from the minute that the master class started till the very last. So an hour and 15 minutes with the Q&A. They stayed on until the very end and trolled the whole time, making personal attacks, making business attacks and a lot of just hateful things. And I made the decision to download the conversation and the chat. And this is probably one of the biggest lessons I've learned, y'all, is when you have a troll. It does not serve you to read the comments. It does not serve you to find out what was said. And I read that chat and I will tell you. So this happened on a Tuesday. My grandmother just passed away. Not even like four days before that. And I just sat on the couch and cried my eyes out, like curled up in a ball. And the whole day and I had another master class at 8 o'clock that night and this was at 12:00. And I just remember like crying. And this was my first lesson with trolls. And what I found out, though, is everything happens when you need it to happen. I needed to learn the lesson of how we have systems in place now where if we have a troll again, we know exactly what to do to make sure that that does not ruin our master classes or distract other people from what they signed up for.

And so we have those systems in place now, so that won't happen again. But I also received an amazing email from one of our conversions for clients members answer skills for our member. And it was the words I needed. Like sometimes when you send a message to someone just saying like, thank you for helping me, your course has made a difference in my life. And I received that like right before my next one that was supposed to go on. And no one knew that this had happened. And it just reminded me that what we do is more important than what one person says about us. It truly is, because here's the thing I know is so many lives have been impacted by serve scale. Saw over two hundred and fifty lives have been impacted by Serve Scale Soar. And if I were to let this one person, this one person deter me from continuing to help other women and men serve their audience and scale their business, I'm doing such a disservice to everyone else. And so what I know is that trolls happen, life happens, and how we decide to move on from those moments, how we decide to deal with those, how we can use those lessons as learning lessons determines how we can move forward in our business. And so it's sucked in the moment.

But I've learned a lot from this. Like I said, we have systems in place now. I also know that I will never read the chat again if this happens. And I've also just realized that, like, if one person is going to bash me, that is on them. That is not on me. And I think the thing that hurt the most was like the personal attacks. If you want to take my business, if you want to check things like that, but like it wasn't about looks, it was about my integrity. And that is so important to me. That is one of the core values of my life and my business. And that hurt. And so what I know is that person is hurting even more, though. And I want them to know if they are listening that I hope they heal. And I hope they can find the joy that I so desire that they have. And I'm sorry for the pain that they are and that they would want to cause pain to other people. And so that's one thing I want to remind you, too. If you experienced trolls, if you experienced people that are just saying hurtful things, it is not about. You it is about them. And we just have to remember that our impact on the world so much more important than one person's comments and their pain. So those are the big things I learned about this month.

Oh, man, was it a fun month. So the launch did not go as cording to plan. It really affected our conversions. But I'm not even worried. The women who join are so incredible. They're already seeing results. And that is what matters. And so this was definitely a humbling experience because I thought I could just get in there and do my thing. And that was not the case. And we found holes in our system like we need a new sales page. The sales page I've known does not perform as well as I would have liked it, but I've always had great classes. So I've never had to worry about spending the money to get a new sales page. And that is something that we'll be focused on before the next launch of Serve Scale Soar in September. But I'm going to dig into the numbers for you so you can see what everything looks like this month. And I will tell you that coming off one hundred and $1000 a month to a fifty nine, almost sixty thousand dollars month was a little hard for me because we're tracking million. And so right now, we're only five thousand three hundred behind, which I would say for two months into the brand new year is like freaking guide. So I do not feel behind. I feel right on time. But the membership brought in. This is revenue generated. So if you're confused about like cash flow and revenue generated, I talked about that in January.

Twenty, twenty. So make sure to listen to that one. Revenue generated, the membership created thirty three thousand eighty four dollars. So that pretty much all came from the launch. We did have two people upgrade their memberships total yearly or lifetime because they wanted to be on our service provider directory. So that is included in there. So the launch was a thirty one thousand dollar launch. So it was actually my lowest launch I've had and it was a learning lesson and I loved that I was able to learn through this and the next will be better. But I'm so grateful for the members we added, because they are truly, truly incredible and they are the people that deserve to be in there. And the ones that I want to be in there, conversions for clients brought in eight thousand eight hundred and eight new revenue generated. That is for. Because our members that are in Serve Scale Soar conjoin conversions for clients. At any point, conversions for clients will open up to everyone in May. So be checking your inbox if you want to learn how to run ads for clients. So become a Facebook ad manager then. Conversions for clients is the course for you. The mastermind generated three thousand dollars. The affiliates was almost 4000. It was three thousand nine hundred and ten dollars.

The live event Serve Scale Soar generated six hundred and ninety seven dollars in my services were $10000 spot on because I lost two clients go. OK. So for our total whopping a revenue generated fifty nine thousand four hundred and ninety nine. And then I know you want to know about cash flow. So money that actually went through the bank that I brought in was thirty nine thousand six hundred. So most missed a forty thousand dollar a month. This has been one of our lowest months since probably September, but I'm still super, super happy with it in terms of money through the bank. I mean, $40000 a month. I'll take it all day long. And then our expenses totaled out to be twelve thousand nine hundred and twenty two. So let me break down these expenses for you. The cost of services was two thousand. That's like stuff that we use for our programs. So any time that we send one of our members like a gift card or a t shirt or coffee mug or just things that have to go into the membership or the course or the mastermind to run, that's in cost of services. So that was two thousand total contractors. So my team was one thousand nine hundred and twenty marketing. So this is how much money we spent on Facebook ads for the launch was four thousand nine hundred and sixty nine.

So right about 5000. My office, I had to buy a few new things since we moved into the new house, like I needed rugs and stuff because it's super echoey still in here. And that was two hundred and forty five. And then my software was a little bit more expensive than what we normally pay. It was eight hundred and sixty one, and that's because I upgraded the team to Heir Table Pro because we had some credits and we have a little bit more functionality there. And then also Zoom was more expensive because I had to upgrade for the web in our software. And so that was a little bit more expensive this month than usual. We also just because my software was only eight hundred sixty one. We continue to put money in to savings to prepare for when those year payments come up. So like click ups about to come up. So I pay for that in full. So I'm not paying monthly, but the money is in the business so that we're not pulling it like oh crap, we have to pay for this. It's already budgeted for out, OK? Education was one thousand eight hundred and fifty that I spent. That was just the normal things that I'm already paying for. I don't think I invested in anything new in February. My fees. So these are merchant fees that come out from card payment processors was one thousand and eighty four dollars.

So total expenses, twelve thousand nine hundred and twenty nine dollars. And I took a sixteen thousand dollar owner drawl last month. So that was just because we are moving in the house and stuff like that and the money was there. So I took a $16000 drawer. And so you can see that the business is still super highly profitable and I love that. And we also put away money for taxes. We put away money for profit. So it kind of like going off the profit. First, though, each month we put out a percentage that will go. So if I take because I usually take a quarterly bonus plus also when paying taxes. So that is the low down on what happened in February. A crazy, crazy month full of life trolls and lessons learned. And I'm super excited that we're still super, super on target. 4 million. It's gonna happen, y'all. And you got to follow me this year. As I tell you, every single income report for the year of 2020. And what I want you to know is this is meant to inspire you, to show you the behind the scenes that business does not always go the way you wanted and to be real and vulnerable with you and transparent, because not a lot of people are breaking down all their expenses, telling you the revenue generated, tell you the money that's going through the bank.

And that's what I'm here to do is show you how real business runs from behind. That is highly profitable. So you can have a profitable business as well and hopefully learn from some of these mistakes. So now, you know, you need to make sure what her webinars software you use if you decide to create a course or anything like that, that you have someone that can be in the chats, but also knowing that trolls are gonna happen and it's not about you, it's about them. But I love chatting with you. I can not wait to see all of your feedback and everything on this. We have a lot of fun things coming up in April. A lot of episodes that I think you're really, really going to like. And I'm excited about what's to come. So next week we have Stu MacLaren, which is he, such an amazing marketer. He runs Tribe, which is how to create a membership. So we are going to talk to him about. When is the right time to start a membership? Because you heard all about my income and the membership alone brought in thirty three thousand dollars last month. And so we will be talking about re-occurring profit next week. So make sure to tune in. And until then, go out, serve your clients, scale your business, soar into that six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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