Is indecisiveness your weak point? How do you summon the courage to take action and scale your business? If you’ve been itching to start your game but lack the willpower to make the first step, this episode will definitely get you moving!


Today’s guest is copywriter and funnel strategist Haley Greene. I am so excited to have Haley on the show today because I have known Haley for a while now!  Haley, like many of us, started out doing “all the things”. She worked around the clock and plateaued at $5,000 a month.  


Things in her business aligned and that’s when she decided to go all in on copywriting.  She cleaned up her systems, let go of her hourly clients and switched her business over to retainer and package pricing.  That’s when things quickly grew. Now Haley brings in over $8.500 a month as a conversion copywriter. I am excited for you to hear her journey.


Value Bombs:


  • Remembering that businesses are usually never overnight successes 
  • The importance of business education and investing in yourself before you start your business
  • How indecisiveness affects your business
  • You are actually doing people a disservice by not telling them what you do 
  • The importance of having a way for someone to refer you 
  • How Haley transitioned from hourly services to packages 
  • How to determine what system to set up for your business
  • The biggest challenge Haley had to overcome to move forward in her business 


I hope this episode inspired you to start somewhere, try new stuff and get uncomfortable because you will be rewarded for doing the hard things.  It takes courage to change the way we run our business. Like Haley said- you must surround yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you to take the leap. 


I would love for each of you to take the free quiz on my website.  This will help you see exactly where you should be spending your time- whether it’s niching down, systems, marketing, or elevating your services.  This is a super fun quiz that everyone loves, so I encourage you to jump on over to to take it!

Snap a picture of your results and share with me on IG.  I would love to know what you got and help you with the next steps of growing your business! 

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Remember to go out this week and serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six-figure year you deserve!






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Read Full Transcript

Y'all today's episode I am chatting with conversion copywriter Haley Greene
, and it's such a good episode we talked about her journey that has been started in 2014 how she's left a job went back to a job. Now this is her full time job, how she went from hourly to packages and how that created a way for her to be able to take off a week that she hadn't been able to take off before. We talked about what system she put in place. And as a creative entrepreneur at heart with her copywriting systems were not something that she's ever been a fan of. And now she can't say enough about them. And also just how our journey is different for each and every single one of us. And you don't need a Facebook page or a website in order to scale your business. So let's jump on in and chat with Haley Greene
, all about scaling your business with systems as a conversion copywriter.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business today. Five figure months so they can soar into six figure years your host Brandi is a wife mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

Hello Serve Scale Soar family I am so excited because today I have one of my favorite conversion copywriters with me, Haley. And I'm just excited to really dig into how she's been able to scale her business and being on target for a six figure year this year. So thank you, Haley for being here and tell my listeners a little bit about who you are as a person who you serve and how you serve them.

Hi, Brandi. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here. So my name is Haley and I'm a copywriter and a funnel strategist. So I serve my clients by helping them with their email, marketing funnels and Facebook ad campaigns.

Awesome. And who are you as a person outside of your business?

Oh, yeah. So I live In Washington, DC, I've been here for the last seven years. I was raised in Kentucky, but I've always wanted to live in a bigger city ever since I was a little girl. So within a week of graduating from college, I packed up a moving truck with all my things and came here in a bit heavier sense.

I love it. So how long have you had your online business?

So essentially, all of this started back in 2014. It really been this kind of long and winding path. But I launched this version of my business in November 2017. A little over two years ago.

Love it. Okay. And so now I want to go back a minute. What were you doing back in 2014?

Like in my business?

Yeah. Because you said this has been like a winding path. So take me back. What were you doing?

Yeah, well, I'll try to give you the short version because we can really be here all day. But I was working at my full time job. And I honestly got started because I was super unhappy there. I remember just being On my lunch break, I'm like slumped in my chair googling how to make money. And I found two paths I found like the blogging world. And then I found freelance writing. And I went in the direction of freelance writing because it felt like more of a sure thing. And so I ended up working as a freelance copywriter on and off for a few years. And I took it full time for like six months at one point, but then I got pretty burnt out because I knew how to get clients but I didn't really have any business skills at the time. And I also didn't have the community of service providers that I'm in today. I wasn't investing in myself. And I just felt really stuck. So actually went back to my full time job and took a break from business for like a year while I wasn't taking on clients, but I was investing in business education during this time, which I feel like was really important because I actually had the money to learn how to build a successful service business in my heart. I knew the possibilities were out there. That I was capable. And I always know I wanted to go back and and start again. But next time I wanted to make sure I did it right. So I relaunched in the end of 2017. And at that time I was working a job with really crazy hours, I was in retail, so I didn't have a consistent schedule. So some days I would leave for work at 830 at night, and then I would have to get back up for work at four in the morning. So it was really intense, but I brought my laptop to work every single day and always on my lunch break, go to the coffee shop next door and wait for my clients, which I know you all spoken about this a lot as moms when you have that limited space, it makes you work so much harder. And that's how I felt like I only had an hour on my lunch break. So I had to just make it happen. And I did that for a few months. I wanted to make the leap but I was scared and I had hit a ceiling kind of where I couldn't take on any more clients. But yeah, it's scary to leave your full time job and then One day at work, I was called into the office and I got the news that my company was restructuring. And then I was basically laid off. And my instant reaction was here relief, I felt like this was really my chance to give it my best shot. And that was over two years ago. I've never looked back.

Ah, I love that. And what I love about this and one of the things that I really want to do on this podcast is really spotlight how like we always think of like people is overnight success. And it's not overnight success at all. It's like all this accumulation of everything that's been happening for years and years and experiences in that pour in to the success that we see on social media here on podcast here during these launches, and things like that, but you've been doing this since 2014 in some way or another. And I say that like my direct sales business played a huge part in my success in the online space, the things I learned, and I think that that I love hearing your story how you quit your job. And then you went back and then you will like experience burnout. And all that sets you up for the success you're having now. So I love love that story so much. And Haley and I just to give a little backstory Haley and I met in a program where I learned how to be a virtual assistant. Is that like, were you invested in got most of your business sense on like that? Or were you just investing in like a bunch of different things, and that just happened to be one of them.

That was a lot of different things. That's actually a separate story.

And so I really love that we met in a community online, and I guess it was like October of 2018. And I had started my business in July of 2018. And I had hit that ceiling of the 6000. I put out a post and I was like, hey, Who here wants to have like create six figures A very short amount of time. And you're like serious about keeping accountability and you have to at least be making like $3,000 a month in your business. Like I remember this post being like so detail of exactly what I wanted from this group, and only five people reached out. And then our group had an amazing four. And Brianna, which will link up her show in the show notes. But she was one of them. Hayley was one of them, I was one of them. And then we had another member who was also part of it, and we all kind of like grew together. And it was like a peer mastermind type deal, but we just kept each other accountable. And then all of our businesses started to grow and we kind of like that ended but the friendship stayed there. And now Haley and Brianna are both part of serve scale soar which is super fun, that we're continuing this but that's kind of how we met and I just remember like you talking about being a conversion copywriter and you were doing all the things as well as That point, I think, am I right there? Yes, you're right. Okay, so let's talk about that. So what all services so now we're looking at like fall of 2018 and then going into 2019 so what services were you providing and about how much revenue are you bringing in each month?

Yeah, that's a great question. Well, when I first decided to go into this again like full time, and I was just doing copywriting services, but then that's when I joined the virtual assistant program that we were in together because virtual assistant could make recurring revenue. And I liked the idea of having the stable amount of income coming while I continue to build my copywriting business. So it was very strategic. And when we met I was doing literally all the things

I think we all were so it's okay,

anything under the digital marketing umbrella. So I was doing social media, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook, ads, email, marketing, writing. sales pages writing product descriptions.

I was everywhere. And then you had a client that was doing YouTube as well. Right? were you doing the YouTube stuff for you? I was doing YouTube. You were doing all the things like all of them.

Yes. And I was making around like five came up, but I was stretched super thin.

Yeah, I love that. Okay, so now I know that we're coming into 2019, early 2019. But when did the shift happen? Where you kind of like stopped doing all the things and really honed in on your zone of genius.

So that was happening in 2018. When we started that, August 2019. I'm getting my ears mixed up. It's all been a blur. But when we started the mastermind, that's when I really decided I wanted to go all in on email marketing, and I'd always been intrigued by email marketing and paid advertising, but I was scared to dive into that world of really writing conversion copy, it felt really risky. Key and also doing strategy on top of it. Whereas before I was mostly doing like social media and things that they have a direct impact on the business, but it wasn't like sales copy. But then I took on a marketing system role with a client. And she asked me to help her on some campaigns and I just fell in love with doing sales funnels, the risk actually made it really fun. And since it's a service that has a direct impact on clients revenue, it made it a more valuable skill, and it could charge more for it. So I started focusing in on email marketing, becoming the best email marketer that I can become. But I was still doing all the things I was just scared I was letting fear hold me back because my clients were I was their digital marketing assistance, you know, that was paying my bills and I'd work with them for a really long time. So the idea of letting that safety net go away was really scared to me. And then I joined scale soar and we're in the summer. I was like counting down the days until you relaunched it because I missed the beta launch and I think I bought it like on the webinar, the very first webinar you did. And it really changed everything for me because my biggest challenge in business was always being indecisive. It really held me back in a lot of ways in terms of marketing myself, and but not just like marketing myself and putting myself out there, but also systems. I couldn't put any systems in place because I was doing everything. And I was so afraid that making one decision meant that I was closing the doors on the other endless opportunities out there, but I know now that's not true. I know that people like you who are really successful, just make a decision, and they make it quickly and they just go after it. So that was something that really I found concert skills for.

Okay, so I wanted to take it back because there's a few things that you said that I just want to unpack and one is that I did a disservice and I we actually talked about this in the soaring inner circle mastermind yesterday on how I did a disservice to you and I do is a disservice to a few other people. And I think this goes with our services as well as sometimes that we're close to people and we don't want to mess up a relationship or come across as salesy and I was coming from a direct sales world where like, it was the Hey girl messages. And so I was super cautious. And I didn't tell you or Brianna about my program, like y'all knew that it was coming, but I didn't say like it was open or anything and when that beta came up, and the only reason brand I got him was because she was following me on social and and she saw one post and was like, hey, wait, what is this? And she joined and then I remember the doors closed and you messaged me, and you were like, wait, you have a program like how did I know? And I think this was such a learning lesson for me that when we build relationships, people are just in our space. Like we need to let them know what's going on in our business. If that's your services, if that's you have some program or question Because by not we're doing them a disservice. And we actually just talked about this yesterday about how like, some of us are so scared just to let the people know that are closest to us that, hey, I'm providing this service. And I think that's like the biggest eye opener that I had. And so funny that you're on today when we were just talking about this. So if you are listening, and there's people in your life that you think could like really be impacted by your services, I would encourage you just to reach out and let them know that like you're doing it and you're providing those services, and you think that they would be a great fit and see what they have to say, because you never know who you're like doing a disservice to by not letting them know. So I did want to backtrack because you brought that up. And you did end up like having pay more because you are part of the beta. But I just thought that was such a good reminder about how even with our services, we should probably be a little bit more open. And then the other thing is I know that you have Haley took a really long time to get a website. Do you even have a Facebook business page?

about that? Okay. Yes, let's talk about this.

Yes. Well, there's two things there that I want to share. I have had a website on and off for the last few years, this goes back to my indecision holding me back because I would put up a website, rewrite the copy. And then a month later, I would change my mind and just like basically destroy my site, and thinking I had to start from scratch every single time, which to all of you listeners, you do not have to do that. And I do have a Facebook page. Now. It just got for money. I signed up for it a while back, but I wasn't really utilizing it, but I've just finally got it going. But all that to say is that just shows you that you can build a thriving business without a website or without any social media presence that's going to change this year business. ability is really one of my goals and getting uncomfortable this year. But you can do it because I did it for years.

Yeah. And that's what I wanted to point out. I think it's incredible what you've built. And I'm a big proponent of like, you don't need a social media following like the numbers. I do think like Facebook pages do help people get in touch with you. But and I don't think you need a website, I think that you decide on one or the other. But to that point, I think one it's incredible what you've done. But the second thing, I'm just gonna call you out a little bit about it, because I don't want the listeners to be like, well, Haley didn't have that stuff. So I don't need that stuff. It makes it really hard to refer you to people. So that is the caveat, when I'm trying to refer Haley to people and I'm like searching all over the internet and Facebook trying to find a way to send them to something. So I love there's a catch 22 to this. I love that you've been able to build such a successful business without those things, but for our listeners, just know that it makes it really hard for people to refer you. And so, Haley, do you have anything to say about that?

I agree. And that is why it is my goal to stop being indecisive and really put myself out there this year. Because while I was able to build a sustainable business, I feel like there is a ceiling you hit when you can't market yourself, and really put yourself out there and when people can't find you on the internet, and when they can find you and connect and almost build a relationship with you based on your website or your social media presence, or however they find you on the internet, it's going to be a lot easier, they're already gonna feel like they know you when you connect with them on a discovery call, or talk about working with them on a project. So I feel like there is this kind of ceiling and I didn't want that to hold me back anymore. And when you're charging for a premium service, it's a really good

site. Absolutely. So if any of you are like, but I don't know what to put on my website, the websites holding me back, I'm similar to Haley where I keep on going in changing, it will link up the show notes that we did with Cammy. And she tells us the simple website format that you need for your service based business. So we'll link that up in the show notes. Because like Haley said, you do get to a point where you get to a cap, and if you're charging premium prices, website or Facebook business page is definitely beneficial. But I love that you built such a great business without those things as well. I think it's incredible. And if that's something that's holding our listeners back, I think that kind of gives them permission to get out there and start marketing themselves and getting clients without needing those things. So I think that's awesome. Okay, so tell me, well, let's chat because I know we keep on talking about this great business, but we haven't dropped any numbers and my listeners are so used to me talking all the numbers because I think they're so important. And so tell me what has been your best month, your highest month,

my highest month has been 85 Hundred consistent, I stay with my clients for a while.

I love that. So that is setting Haley up for a six figure year, because at 400 it's actually at 300 repeating. So we just always rounded up to at 400. So at 400 puts you on track for a six figure year, which I absolutely love. And where were you hovering before you got to that 8400 or 8500 point,

I was stuck between like five and six K, I had like five k coming in from my retainer clients. And then I would do like one off projects,

because I find that like, that's where I was stuck in that five to six k before being able to surpass the 8400. So what do you think got you unstuck from that point?

It was really transitioning away from hourly services.

And so now all you're working on is packages.

Yes. That just happened recently. Within the last couple of months. I let my last our legal And I moved on from that position.

Okay, so let's talk about because there's a lot of feelings when we move away from hourly to packages. And I love that that was one of the things that really propelled you though, because we always think that if we stop charging hourly, then people won't hire us and how do we package up? So kind of walk us through like the how you navigated that whole process of leaving our early clients and moving to totally package clients?

Yeah, I mean, like you said, there were a lot of feelings around it. Because my last and early client, I had been working with them for a couple of years, and they were amazing. I learned so much working with them. We had a really great relationship. But it was almost like a part time job because it was hourly. And it was very high touch. Like we were in contact every day. There was always some fire I had to put out during the middle of the day and I felt like it was doing a disservice to not only that Client but my other clients too, because I was easily getting distracted during the day and I wasn't able to put like 100% focus on my work. So I got this amazing opportunity. At the beginning of the month, one of my clients wanted to shift to a higher package. And it wasn't going to be quite the same income match. But I was like, This is my chance. It's time. And I also want to note that I had not taken like time off work in over a year at that point. And so I was like, I'm going to make the end of December my final month working with this client. I'm going to take a full week off of work, recharge and come back into 2020 like ready to go and ready to sell my packages. I made sure all my systems were in place. I set up everything on dubsado and I actually use Trello. I know everyone hears the click up fan. I tried click up I had to go back to but I made sure all the systems were in place and made the transition a lot easier. It's been nothing but good.

I love that because it's so hard in one, I'm a big proponent of you find the systems that work for you. And so click up doesn't work for everyone. And that's totally okay, go with the systems that work best for you. And then I think that's so important because when you are working hourly, you can't take a break, because you have to work to make the dollar. You know, when you're on packages, you can batch out and do the whole project and two days or whatever it may take. And then you don't have to touch it and you still get paid. And so I think that that's such a good reminder to everyone that when you're working hourly, it's so hard to take time off, but then also you slow down to speed up. And I think that's important to you took that week to make sure everything was really solid. So going into 2020 you have like the ability to land your biggest client like you just did, which is exciting. And I would say that that's probably a direct result. To the fact that you've got to slow down for that week. And so do you think that you would have landed that client? If you were still working with hourly?

I think that I wouldn't have been able to I would have really wanted to, but I just would have been completely at capacity. Right?

Yeah, I love that. So you let a client go, and then you landed your biggest client. And this is one thing that we keep seeing inside of Serve Scale Soar, especially this month. It's been crazy. Like, it's like people get in there. And then they like, just get the courage to start firing clients, which is not what I don't teach it all. I didn't, I kind of do but not in that way. But we celebrate like, Hey, I fired a client today and then it's instead of Holy cow, how am I gonna make up the revenue. It's just been amazing to watch all the winds that are like, I let a client go this week and then just landed my biggest one or got two clients, or I let an hourly client go and now I just got a package client and it's been so fun to watch and then you You're another example of that. And I think that that's so cool that when we do the hard things, then we're just rewarded with the good things. And I think that's the one of the best things to watch inside the membership. But I want to talk about just like last thing before we get into rapid fire. What do you think's been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome that with your journey of this online service based business?

I think my biggest challenge and that's why it's my number one goal this year is just getting uncomfortable and really trying new things. I will never forget this one day, okay, it was an office hours over the summer and Serve Scale Soar. And you were generously sharing some of your strategies with us. And we were all asking these like very specific follow up questions and you just said guys, I just tagged stuff like that was your answer. And it made me laugh. And it's such a simple statement, but it really stuck with me. Just be brave and try stuff. And if you come from a place of always wanting to help and serve people It's not like this gross salesy kind of thing.

Yeah. And it's so funny I say this stuff and then y'all tell me I say this stuff. I'm like, that's what impacted you. I'm putting hours and hours of preparing. And it's like these simple things like, Guys, I just tried stuff. And that's the secret. So I think that's so true, though. Like, we get so stuck in Well, what worked for them, what worked for them, what worked for them? And it's not about what worked for other people, but what works for us, which is why I'm a big proponent of pick the system that works for you batching doesn't work for me or this doesn't work for me. Time blocking, but that works for other people and you just try stuff until you figure it out. Yeah, but I love that I pour so much time and other stuff, but it's always these like little lines that I have that may take us in fact, but I think that's so true. Just try stuff that sticks

well and with the systems thing, like I know you're always talking about systems, but systems to some people especially like crazy They don't seem like the sexiest thing in the world. But I know the first time I sent out a proposal that I had already set up like a Facebook ads proposal. And it took me 10 minutes. I was Mind blown. Because before that, I think I'd sent two proposals to custom proposals for projects and had spent like hours on each of them, like probably two to three hours on each proposal, and I never even heard back from the client. So then I got all my systems in place and started sending out proposals based on my packages. I was like, wow, this is such a game changer. Yeah. And it serves your client better, too.

Yeah. And systems are not sexy. Like they're just not but they become sexy when it gives you back more time. Yeah, and you can go do whatever you want, take time off because the systems are in place. And so they're so essential to our business. But yeah, they're definitely not the fun sexy stuff, but they are really important. So I love that you brought that up because it's so funny. When Once again, people in service sales or post, like, I just sent out a contract and it took two minutes and they're like blown away and I'm like, What have you been doing? People

don't realize how much time you're using in a day but it really adds up.

It does. So I love that. Well, Haley, this has been so great, but before we end, I like to do rapid fire so it does not have to be the first word that comes to your mind. Just the first like thing phrase that comes to your mind. So are you ready? Yes. Okay, so what's your favorite part of your business?

Freedom? I like that.

Okay, so what is your favorite software or tool that you can't live without?

upside? Oh,

this is so funny. I thought you were gonna say something like Grammarly? Like I don't know why but I just thought like, copywriter Grammarly. That's what I was coming up with. But I love that it's dubsado and we will link up our discount in the show notes for you. Okay, so what is the best conference you've ever attended virgin or live?

That's a great question. I haven't been to a ton of conferences so far I am attending more this year. I really love TCC IRL, which is put on by the copywriter club. It's actually coming up in a few weeks and I'm really excited to go back if you're a copywriter and you're listening it's a great place to learn and connect with other copywriters

of that. Okay, so tell me what is the best piece of business advice you've ever received?

I feel like I've spoken so much about systems but they really did change my life. And this came from Serve Scale Soar because I 100% didn't have any in place before then. And it's something you always emphasized and I mentioned this earlier, not only just systems helped me but it helps our clients because they feel more informed and care for when you have those really great systems in place.

Thank you. I love that. Okay, so not to make this a whole Serve Scale Soar thing, but what is your favorite part about being in the Serve Scale Soar membership,

Definitely the community. I know, I feel like everyone who comes on says that, but it is an amazing community. It's such a positive space. And I really feel like I can be myself in there. And that's something that was missing from other communities that I've been.

I love that it's one of those things that you set out to create something that just helps people with the A to Z. And something magical just becomes born out of that. And that's 100% the community and so I'm totally okay that everyone says that it's the community. Because once again, it has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with y'all. And that's what's so important. So I love that, Haley. And do you have any last thoughts for the listeners before we end this,

just go for it and put yourself out there, be brave and don't be afraid of getting uncomfortable because amazing things happen when you get uncomfortable.

I love that. That's the perfect way to end this call. And thank you so much for being on here and tell my listeners where they can find you if they just want to reach out and connect.

Yeah, so if you want to connect with me, you can go to my website. It's my name. It's Haley And my Facebook page will be live by the time of this interview.

But it was an honor to be here. I had so much fun with you.

Thank you so much, Haley. And we will link up all your information in the show notes and we will chat soon. Y'all. That was such a good episode with Haley. I am just so wowed by her journey, and her honesty and showing us like it takes courage to change the way we run our business. There has been times where she left her job went back to her job and now this is her full time job which I love. And then also sharing the fact that she was able to scale without a website or Facebook page and I would highly encourage you to take that as a way of hope that you don't need all the things, all the fancy bells and whistles to get started. You just got to get started. And like she said, creative systems for Success and scalability. And so I'm so excited if you want to learn more about what Haley does, make sure to reach out to her and connect. And then also, I would encourage you to go take my free quiz that tells you exactly where you should be spending your time. Whether it's niching down systems, marketing or elevating your services. This quiz is going to give you the full rundown on exactly where to spend your time and where to put the most energy in your business. So you can scale so you can go check that out at Serve Scale forward slash quiz and take it and then let me know on Instagram take a picture of your results and let me know which one you ended up with. And I'm so excited for you to go out this week. serve your clients scale your business and soar into the six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review Be sure to tune in next time.

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