How can you use affiliate marketing as a service provider? 

I know there is a hot topic that everyone loves to talk about….passive income.  In today’s episode, I will be discussing passive income. But not the membership and course creation type of passive income (which really isn’t passive by the way).  Today I will be talking all about affiliate income so let’s dive into today’s episode! 


Value Bombs:  

  • How you can have a successful affiliate income even if you have a small email list
  • Affiliate income doesn’t have to be salesy! All you have to do is share your favorite systems and products with your audience or clients
  • How to use affiliate marketing in a genuine way 
  • How to use affiliate marketing to cover your business expenses 
  • Think about the systems and the software you currently use with your clients and apply for those affiliate programs
  • The power of affiliate marketing and how you can continue to make income from current and past clients for months and years to come 
  • The importance of suggesting software and programs you love and believe in
  • How to create your services around your affiliate offerings
  • How you can create a resource tab on your website and what to include
  • The importance of building trust with your clients
  • How to make sure you are following the rules about disclosing your affiliate links


Ok guys! That’s all for today.  Make sure to tune in on your favorite platform so you can find out more about affiliate marketing for your service-based business.  It is one of my favorite income streams! I don’t think enough people are talking about this, so I love sharing about how I have successfully weaved this into my business. 


Find me on Instagram @brandiandcompany and tell me what affiliate program you love to share and how you are using affiliate marketing in your service-based business. 


Thanks for tuning in! See you guys next week! Until then, make sure you go out and serve your clients and scale your business so you can soar into the six-figure years you deserve! 


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00:00 Hey y'all. In today's episode I'm going to be talking all about passive income and no, I'm not talking about that. Passive income of course creation memberships, because let's be real. There is nothing passive about that. But I'm going to talk about the real passive income that you can be making as a service provider every single month to help cover your expenses. So that means more profit in your pocket and less expenses to have to be paid. And so this is all about affiliate marketing and how I was able to make between $500-$2,000 a month with an email list of 400 people and just offering my affiliate marketing tactics to my clients. So let's dive on in.

00:52 Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandi is a wife mom, and in less than one year, created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can too.

01:19 Hey y'all, thanks so much for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. I'm your host Brandi and I am so excited to talk to you today about affiliate marketing. And so in this episode we're going to chat about the three simple strategies of using affiliate marketing as an online service providers. So these are actionable steps that you can leave this podcast episode and like implement today in your business. And if you're thinking like, Oh Brandi, my email list is small, or I don't know a thing about affiliate marketing, or wait, what? What is this affiliate marketing? Well, we're going to dive into all that today, but I'm going to give you those three actionable items that you can implement in your service based business right now. So let's talk about what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is my jam. I love it. What it is is you're just sharing with your audience and by your audience.

02:16 That could be, if you do have an email list, it could be Instagram, Facebook, or how I used affiliate marketing is sharing with your clients the tools that you're using and the products and the software that you're using that you love. And so I like to say that it's like I've been affiliate marketer just not getting paid for it since I was like five years old. So I'm the person at Walmart that if you're looking at yogurt I'll be like, no you don't want that yogurt. You want this yogurt but that you were company does not pay me. The cool thing is when I tell someone how much I loved Dubado because I am literally like love affair status wwith Dubsado you can hear all about that in episode two where I talk about my four favorite tools that I used, but I share with everyone Dubsado I love it so much.

03:09 And because of that I don't have to pay for Dubsado for like the next three years and I'm sharing with them a product that I love, a product that's going to help them with their business. But then Dubsado pays me to tell people how much I love their product. So that is what affiliate marketing is, is when you share a tool or software that you love and that company pays you a commission to do so. And so some of these can be really scammy, like you see some people promoting stuff that they don't even use or they've never used and they don't really know the product. But then you can do it in a truly genuine way. And I know that because you're one of my listeners, you want to be genuine. You never want to recommend a product that you don't love. And so that is why I'm going to show you the three tools that you can use to take your affiliate marketing game up a notch.

04:02 Because when you do that, here's the thing, affiliate marketing was part of my business from month two I fell in love with affiliate marketing because I love to share with people what I love because I want them to use the products that are going to help them in their business. So from month two I was using it, but very quickly, affiliate marketing is what paid for my business expenses. Cause when you run a lean business, you can very easily get to to $500 a month with affiliate marketing and that pays your expenses. That means more profit in your pocket. And that's what we want. We want more profit for your family so you can be at home where you can travel or you can go on that Disney vacation or whatever it is. I want you to have that extra money. So when we can eliminate our expenses, because affiliate marketing is going to pay for them, then that's a win.

04:54 And so how this works is you start it today like once I go over these tips, you are going to start it today because it will make a big impact on your business. And so I was making, you know, $100-500 and then one of my best months was $3000 because I promoted a course that I really loved. But typically it's around anywhere between $800 and $1,200 a month. And that covers a good amount of my expenses even now where my income has went up so much affiliate marketing isI still a big part of that and helps cover my expenses. So that's not coming out of my profit. So let's dive into those three strategies that I'm going to give you. The first one is check all the programs, the systems, the software that you're currently using. Make a list of everything or even services that you're using for clients.

05:50 So for me that was click funnels. It was lead pages, it was like all these platforms. I was helping build sales funnels for clients, convert kit I was using for clients, but I also had a convert kit account for myself. Canva doesn't have one but Airtable. So I love air table and I share with people and I get $10 every time. They just try it out. Like that's awesome. Dubsado just thinking about all the systems and software you're using and make a list. That's your first step. Then once you do that, you're going to go do a little bit of research, so you're going to Google Dubsado affiliate program, our click funnels affiliate program, or if you're a podcast host, like all these podcasts platforms, like you have clients that you're setting that up for what do they have an affiliate program? So you're going to go through and you're going to be like, okay, this one has an affiliate program, this one doesn't, and sign up for all of them that you can that are businesses that you stand behind and you want to get all those.

06:57 And I'm a big fan of air table, so we'll leave that link in the show notes. But like with air table, you can organize all your affiliate links once you apply for them, dump them in there and even apply for ones you wouldn't think so. Like me, I use SiteGround as my host for my website and I use Divi as my theme. Now, here's the thing, I don't build websites. I never built a website besides my own. I don't plan on building them, but the funny thing is I have people come to me and ask who they should use for their hosting and I tell them, Hey, I use SiteGround. I love it. Would you like my code and 9 out of 10 times they say yes, that's like $50 a month or something and commission like per one that you sign up. That's incredible. Also Divi has one.

07:49 People ask me all the time, Oh, what was your website built on? And I tell them divi theme and WordPress. Then I say, would you like my divi code? I love divi and so I'm just sharing with them. But you have to have all those links organized. So I highly suggest that you click the link in the show notes and put them in an air table or a Google sheet or whatever keeps you organized. I will tell you one of the things I do like to do is create a pretty link. So if you're on WordPress, it's just an app that you can or a plugin and it makes the links pretty. So if I had my Dubsado, one would be serve scale it makes it really easy for you to remember. I have some that are or lead pages.

08:38 And so even if there are things that you don't necessarily think that you would need right now, go on and sign up for their affiliate program and make a pretty link. Now, if you can't do a pretty link, it's not the end of the world. I know Squarespace users, I don't know show it users. There is a plugin that you can on there is that mask the link. So just look into that as well. It just makes it easier when people ask you like what your affiliate link is. You just can rattle it off cause it's just the name of them. Okay. So that's your first tip. You got to do your research, your side count one, it's create packages that make sense around your services. So when I first started out I was doing a little bit of everything for everyone and in my program serve scale soar.

09:23 We make a joke about that a lot and we teach people not to do that. But that was my story. I was doing everything for everyone for a long time. And what that meant is I could kind of customize my services. So what I was finding is a lot of my clients were on MailChimp and I'm not trying to bash them, but it's not the greatest platform I was currently using convert kit. I really loved to convert kit. And so I would ask them just nonchalantly, I would say, Hey, have you ever thought about joining convert kit? And the majority of them said that they had considered it, but they didn't know what it would take to switch from MailChimp to convert kit. And I said, Oh well I have a package for that. Like here's my package, I will transfer all your stuff from MailChimp to convert kit.

10:11 And a lot of them took me up on it, but I created a package just around that and they knew I was going to use my affiliate link that they were totally okay with that. But the cool thing about that is I still have three clients that were like my first three clients. We'd no longer work together because I'm not doing that kind of service anymore. But I still make money from them because they're still using convert kit. So that's the power of affiliate marketing. Once that relationship ends, you are still getting income from that client. It's pretty cool. So that's one example. Another one is I couldn't lead pages unless you have lead pages, you can't be an affiliate. And so I was building a lot of sales funnels on lead pages, but like I wasn't making it. So if a client would ask me, you know, what platform do you prefer?

11:02 I would ask them like what are your goals and everything and figure out if click funnels made sense. But then I would say, yeah, you can do click funnels and I'll give you my code that you can use and then that's $40 a month. Like, but I was not scammy about it if it did not make sense for them to use click funnels and lead pages was enough. That's what we used. So I think that's the important part is you're not just pushing things because you can make money off of them, but you're pushing, not even pushing, you're just suggesting things that you love or you know that work or you think it's a better solution for them. I have a lot of coaches that I've worked with where they need to organize their clients a little bit better. And now their on Dubsado. Now I don't do Dubsado services, but if you do do any like Dubsado or 17 hats, it would be very wise to be using your affiliate link to set those up.

12:01 So these are the things. Think about what are your affiliates, what are your services and are there anything that you can like use as a service that's close to what you're offering and offer that affiliate because then that makes your price go up a little bit more cause you're not just getting the $500 from them, you're getting the 500 plus all the commissions from affiliate. So like one of my clients, my first sales funnel I ever did, and it was in click funnels and she paid me amount for the sales funnel, which was really good. But I'm still, that was back in October. We're recording in August and so I'm still making $40 a month from that. So that adds up. So think about things like that where you can kind of create your services around your affiliate offerings as well. Then my third tip for you is create your favorite resource tab on your website or an opt in or anything and create a one page document where it just shares your favorite resources and why they're your favorite resources and add your affiliate link in there.

13:09 And so I'm going to link mine that you can opt in for below as an example and it's going to have all my favorite affiliate programs and favorite resources. So then you can use that for yourself and you can kind of check out what my favorite resources are. So you can create a tab on your website that people can opt into or they don't even have to opt in. It can just be on your website that says my favorite resources and you list them all there with your affiliate links and that's a great way to get some affiliate commissions as well. I will tell you the number one way to grow your affiliate sales is just by sharing what you love with your clients and fellow online service providers. Because here's the thing. Your clients will come to you and say, Hey, here's my situation.

13:59 What do you recommend? Like I have clients that don't even work with me anymore and they know I use Kajabi for serve scale soar and they're like, Hey, what are your thoughts on Kajabi? And I'm like, I love Kajabi, like membership for our course. It is the bomb. I also tell them that there are some downsides. I tell them the positives and the downsides and I say, if you want my length, I'll be happy to share that with you. And so people will come to you. Because as a service provider, we build trust with our clients. Our clients trust us to tell them the truth and we need to make sure that we are telling the truth when we suggest these products. But because that affiliate commission is there, why not offer your link? You should never feel bad about offering an affiliate link unless you don't truly stand behind.

14:51 What you're doing and then you definitely don't want to offer it. But if you were just sharing with clients, with friends, with family, something you love, why not get affiliate commission, it is not costing them anything extra but it helps you. The company's paying you, not your friends and family. So I think that's really, really important that we make note of. Cause I know some people like feel bad about affiliate marketing and if you're doing it in a good way, in a way that's just out of wanting to help and streamline people's businesses, why not use your affiliate code? So those are my three actionable strategies that you can take action today and start making it happen. And I just love seeing all the affiliate like resource pages and everything. So I'm going to link my resource, my favorite tools, resource opt-in, below so you can go to and you can get all the show notes.

15:56 I'll link up everything, I'll link up pretty links and all that for you. But then I'll also have my page that you can download to use an example. And if you want to use any of those products, you can click on my affiliate links. But one thing you will see, it's really important that you disclose that you are an affiliate because it goes against the law. If you don't, I don't want you breaking laws. So anytime you link to an affiliate on your website in a form, send it to a client, you really need to make sure that there is proper, you know, notation that it is an affiliate link. On my resource tab on my sheet, you'll see what it says and you can kind of use that as your own. I'm not an attorney. You should Google affiliate disclaimers and create one.

16:44 But the big thing is you just let people know that it is an affiliate link. You can't just send your affiliate link to anyone without their knowledge. So that is super, super important. And I want us all following the rules. No one breaking the law and doing all of this out of integrity and just wanting to share. But just by me sharing the things that I love, think about what can an extra $200 an extra 500 an extra thousand dollars do for your business each month. But even that will can add an extra thousand dollars do for your family. And that is truly passive income because it just keeps coming and you don't have to do anything extra. So if you're like, Oh, I need to get into the passive income game, the service based business is too hard, I will tell you affiliate marketing is really awesome.

17:33 But that being said, it is truly what I believe, the only passive income that you can make. And I would love to hear your biggest takeaways from this. So make sure to go to and you can download my resources, check out the show notes, we'll link everything up. And then just either post this in Instagram stories or DM me if you have any questions because this is something that I'm passionate about and I don't think enough people are talking about it in the service world. So let me know your questions. I love to connect with you over on Instagram, and we will chat next week. Have an amazing week. Make sure you go serve your clients, scale your business so you can soar into the six figure year that you deserve.

18:25 thanks again for tuning in to the serve scale soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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