Today’s episode is super special because I have 8 of the Inner Circle Mastermind members on the show to share some amazing tips for how to jump-start your business in 2020.


These are members of my Serve Scale Soar community who are making over $5,000/month and some well over 5 figures a month.  Some of them started businesses this year, while others were struggling to get their business off the ground. They have all had amazing growth in their business this year so I am excited for you to get to hear from them! 


I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

How to Jump-Start Your Biz From The Inner Circle Mastermind: 


Emily Bergsagel 

Emily was on episode 7 of the podcast earlier this year.  She started her business in February and is now making over $5,000 a month and having a blast with her husband and dogs. 

  • Emily’s advice: Don’t be afraid of new opportunities.  She didn’t even know this type of business existed at the beginning of this year and could have never have predicted that her life could be like this now. 


Katie Weisz 

Katie came into the membership doing “all the things”.  I know many of you can relate. She started out doing content repurposing and niched down to offering executive assistant services and is now having consistent $6,000+ months. 

  • Katie’s advice: Don’t wait for things to be perfect.  Don’t be afraid to fail. Step outside of your comfort zone and you will be one step closer to a business you love. 


Kristi Wells 

I have had the pleasure of meeting Kristi in real life and recently interviewed her for the podcast which will be releasing next week. When I met Kristi she had a 9-5 job.  Recently she was able to quit her job and take her business full time and has been having consistent $5,000+ months. 

  • Kristi’s advice: Don’t pay attention to where you want your business to go, but pay attention to where it’s actually going.  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your business that you forget to look up and see where you are going. Update your vision and be open to reevaluating your goals and making changes along the way. 


Jen Myers 

Jen is not a stranger to the show either.  You can find her interview on episode 14 of the podcast.  Jen started her business earlier this year and now is crushing her business making over $16,000/ month. 

  • Jen’s advice:  Invest in yourself so you can attract A level clients. Working with higher-level clients allows you to work with clients you love with and not have to worry about taking on tons of clients to hit your income goals.  You have to up your game as a service provider and provide A level service. Improve your mindset, hire a coach, or join a mastermind. When you are an A level service provider, you can attract A level clients. 


Samantha Semens 

Samantha has been on this journey with me since I started this business.  She is one of the funniest, more caring, giving people I know, so I am excited for you to meet her. 

  • Samantha’s advice: Stay focused.  Put your blinders on and stay in your lane.  Stay focused on your why and who you are serving.  Don’t compare yourself to others. 


Brianna Cortez

Brianna and I have worked together for a while and even created a peer mastermind at the beginning of my business.  She is a sweetheart and is a go-getter so I am excited for you to meet her. 

  • Brianna’s advice:  Create intentional space in your life for rest.  Make rest as much of a priority as growing your business.  In order for you to be at your best, you need to take care of yourself.  Make time for hard work and make time for yourself to be able to have fun and be creative and your business will reap tons of benefits from it. 


Greg Tosi 

Greg is one of the male members in the Serve Scale Soar membership.  One of the things I love most is that he is a dad that gets to be at home with his wife and kids on a daily basis because of the business he has built.   He “retired” himself from corporate America and I am so proud of him and the success he has had. 

  • Greg’s advice:  Automate and systematize your business as much as possible if you really want to grow and scale your business.  It takes time to get your business set up and automated, but it will save you so much time and make things easier moving forward. 


Stephanie Judice 

Stephanie is super special to this podcast because she helps makes this podcast happen week after week.  She was the one who helped bring the Serve Scale Soar podcast to life and I am excited to have her as a member of the Inner Circle Mastermind in 2020. 

  • Stephanie’s advice: Look at your network and who you are surrounding yourself with.  Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who are motivated and can encourage you along your journey.  You can set up referrals with each other. Let them know what you do and learn what they do. You can refer business to each other and help each other grow. 


What amazing tips, right?!  I asked each of them to do a recording and I love how they all recorded at different times, yet each had different messages and tips on jump-starting your business in 2020.  Don’t try to go out and implement everything at once. Work on one suggestion at a time and go from there and you will see tremendous growth. 


Don’t forget to send me a DM @brandiandcompany or tag me in your IG story and tell me what tip you are going to focus on first.  I can’t wait to see your business grow in 2020!


See you all next week!




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Read Full Transcript

Hello Hello Hello Serve Scale Soar family. Okay, today's podcast episode is super special because
I have not one, not two, but seven of the soaring inner circle mastermind members coming on to
share some pretty freakin amazing tips with you. So here's the thing. These are members of Serve
Scale Soar who have now made it over the $5,000 month. Most of them are making over $8,000
a month and they're in the mastermind and I was thinking what better people to share podcast
episode with then the people who at the beginning of 2019 weren't making consistent 510 $16,000
months and in a matter of not even 12 months they've been able to change everything. And now
they have more time with their family. They are killing it in their business. And it wasn't a lot of
changes but it was very strategic changes and they have some pretty freakin amazing tips for
you. So we are going to jump on into this episode

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast the podcast dedicated to helping service based
entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure
years your host brandi is a wife mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and
now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

okay, so I am so ready to introduce you to some of my favorite people. And that's the soaring
inner circle mastermind members. And this first member I'm going to introduce you to is no
stranger to the show. It is Emily and we will link up her podcast episode and her podcast episode
is actually the most popular on the show. That's the one about taking a struggling MLM business
to a thriving online business. And she started her business in February, y'all. And now she's making
over $5,000 a month, having so much fun with her husband and dogs, and I just cannot wait for
you to hear her tip. So, let's go on and jump into Emily's tip. My name is Emily, I serve online
course creators as well as people who sell digital products online. I'm a funnel builder. And one
piece of advice I have for someone wanting to grow their business in 2020 is don't be afraid to be

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 1 of 8 Transcribed by

open to new ideas. I didn't even know that this business existed at the beginning of last year. I
never could have predicted that this could be my life now, and

I can't even imagine what my life would look like without my business now. So my biggest advice
is be open to new opportunities.

Oh man, y'all, I just loved Emily's advice be open to new opportunities. Because she's right. She
didn't even know this business like existed in 2019. And now she has a thriving business that is
creating a life that she loves. And I love that she said Be open to new possibilities, new
opportunities, because think about it, what services have you maybe wanted to offer? But you've
been too afraid to jump into that? That was me last December with Facebook ads. And now I'm
like, oh, man, what if I wouldn't have just ran with it and been opened failing and not working out?
But I had that faith and so I think Emily's advice about being open to new possibilities is such an
amazing one going into 2020 Okay, now let's introduce you to Katie. Katie came in to Serve Scale
Soar as a founding member and she was doing a little bit of all The things then she thought she
wanted to go into content repurposing. And now she's an executive assistant. And I know some of
you are like, wait, executive assistant, how do you scale that? Katie's having consistent 6000 plus
dollar a month, and this is only the beginning for her. So one thing I want you to take in mind is
that you can scale any service based business and I love that Katie hasn't let that hold her back.
But now like Katie give you her piece of advice,

hey, this is Katie, founder of wise collaborative. I am an executive assistant for high level thinkers
and business owners. My one piece of advice for someone wanting to grow their business in 2020
is to don't wait. Don't wait for things to be perfect. Try new things. put yourself out there,

release that new offer. And don't be afraid to fail. Because every time you step out of your
comfort zone to move closer to your true authentic self, get you one step closer to living a Life
with purpose and building a business that you love.

Oh my gosh. Absolutely. Katie what amazing advice about not waiting till the perfect moment?
because y'all I will tell you there is never going to be a perfect moment. We all have life that
happens when I started my business. I had that baby little Riley who cried all the time and had to
sleep on me for naps. And at night, it was not the perfect time when I started my business, but I'm
so glad I did. So don't wait to start. Don't wait to start offering that next level of service. Don't wait
to get your systems in place. This is the time to do it because there's never going to be a perfect

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 2 of 8 Transcribed by

time. And I could not agree more with Katie when she says step outside of your comfort zone.
Make 2020 the year that you are brave and you make those bold choices. Okay friends, my next
person that's up is Christie. I've had the amazing pleasure and Meeting Christie in real life, which
is always so fun. And she is also not a stranger to the show. And her episode will actually be
coming out next week. So make sure to tune into that one because when Christie started this
business or not when she started, but when I met her in August, y'all just in August, she still had a
nine to five job. And now she's been able to leave that and she's scaling her business having over
five $6,000 months, and I cannot wait to hear her piece of advice.

Hey, friends, Christie here with creative Business Builders. We serve creative entrepreneurs by
building them websites and teaching them how to automate the tech in their business so they can
get back to making pretty things I could give you one piece of advice for 2020 it would be to not
pay attention to where you want in your business to go but pay attention to where it's actually
going. Embrace where you're headed and update your vision. We often get so wrapped up in the
picture we paint in our head When our business or starts that we forget to look up from our work
and see where we're going. Often, it's a completely different direction, which is perfectly fine. Just
need to reevaluate your goals so that they match in 2020, I encourage you to look at from the
daily task and make sure that you are driving your business to your end goal. Whatever that looks
like for you. If you need to pivot, make that pivot. also encourage you to not focus on the busy
work, become consistent with the tasks that are going to move the needle forward in your
business. Hope you have a wonderful 2020

Can we get an amen to update your vision and embrace where you're going? I love that so many
times we're so focused on where we're not yet instead of focusing on our journey, and the journey
is truly where the magic happens. And it's where we learn. It's where we find out what we really
want. It's where we pivot. And so Christie that was so elegant. I love that so much and what a
wonderful piece of advice for Anyone going into 2020? Now I want to introduce you to my good
friend Jen. And here's the thing, Jen is no stranger to the show as well. Y'all were inspired and
impacted by her story about how her business saved her marriage, and how now she's having
over $16,000 months, and just crushing it as a Facebook ad manager. And so let's see what Jen
has to share with us.

Hey there. I'm Jen Meyers, and I'm a Facebook ad strategist for health and wellness experts. I
work with local businesses, as well as course creators and memberships in the health and wellness
niche. And if I had a one piece of advice for somebody who's wanting to grow their business in
2020, it would be invest in yourself so you can attract a level clients because one a local clients
are a joy to work with. They pay premium pricing so you can grow your bottom line without this

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 3 of 8 Transcribed by

overwhelm of having taken On a ton of clients, however, the secret is, they don't hire be level
providers. You have to up your game as a service provider if you want to attract the best clients in
2020. So whatever that means for you take a high level course in your specialty, join a
membership or a mastermind, hire a coach, read more books, whatever it takes to improve your
mindset and skill level as a service provider. Because when you're in a level business, you will
attract other a level business owners. And that is how I recommend growing your business in 2020.

Dang y'all, that was some good advice. Invest in yourself to attract a level clients and no wonder
Jen is having over $16,000 months because it's so true. We have to invest in ourself to become the
expert so our clients have no problem paying those very big retainers or lunch. packages or
whatever you have, because you are the expert. Of course, they're going to pay you that much.
And I can tell you, it doesn't happen overnight. But it starts with an investment in yourself. Just like
Jen said. So think right now, what is one thing you can do in 2020? That is about you, like Jen said,
is that investing in a mastermind? A coach, maybe just reading more books, maybe tuning into
podcasts that inspire you and make you want to be better? But what can you do in 2020 to invest
in yourself? Okay, y'all, now we're going to meet one of the like, she is one of the funniest, most
caring, go give people I know, and that is Samantha. Samantha has been on this journey with me
since I started my business. And it has been such a thrill for us to be doing this game online
together. And so I am so excited for Heard to be on the podcast today sharing her tip. So let's tune

My name is Samantha Seamoth, and I am founder of 1010. Social 1010. Social serves online
female entrepreneurs as well as local businesses for all of their social needs both organic social
media, and Facebook and Instagram ads. If I were to have one piece of advice for how to scale
your business in 2020, I would highly, highly encourage you to stay focused, literally put those
blinders on girl and just stay in your lane. There is so many shiny things around shiny courses,
shiny everything. There is also lots of opportunities of people selling to you, but just stay focused
on your y. Stay focused on your niche. Who are you serving and how well are you serving them
and run your race don't compare. Don't switch lanes. Stay focused and once you scale, you can
totally look around and switch lanes. But in order to scale, stay focused, follow brandi's, wisdom,
because it's helped me scale to hit six figures in 2020. And you can do it.

Okay, first off, y'all. I didn't not tell Samantha to say that. But I'm not even mad that she dead
about following my advice, and you will be able to grow. I love that. But what I love more is that
she said stay focused and put the blinders on. I truly believe that when you look around and see
the most successful entrepreneurs, they're not following other people's, like 123 they're making it
their own. And I think the easiest way to make something your own is by not looking side to side. I

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 4 of 8 Transcribed by

truly believe this is what contributes to a lot of the success I've had is that I just stay in my lane. I
wasn't looking side to side. I don't even know who my competitive Are I don't like that word. But
even now, when people ask me I'm like, I don't really know. Because I want to be so authentic to
myself and how I want to run my business my life, that I'm too busy look not looking side to side, I
don't have time to decide. So I would highly encourage you to follow Samantha's advice. stay in
your lane and run your own race in 2020. And now is my good friend Brianna. And I just adore
Briana so much and for so many different reasons. We actually created a pure mastermind
before, I think it was the month that I hit 5000 for the first time and I just wanted to be around big
thinkers as well. So there was a few of us, Haley and Brianna and now they're both in Serve Scale
Soar and Brianna is a member of the soaring inner circle mastermind and I just have a special
place in my heart for her because we have literally been on this journey together. She's a
Facebook ads strategist as well. And she is just pumping out all the knowledge. So let's see what
her advice is for 2020

Hey there, my name is Brianna Anthony Curtis and I'm a Facebook ad strategist, I help online
entrepreneurs expand their audiences and sell more of their digital products and programs,
through ads on social media. And I do that through both completely done for you services, as well
as education for entrepreneurs who want to learn to run their own ads in their own business. And if
I have any advice for someone who's wanting to scale their business in 2020, it's create intentional
space in your life for rest, and make rest just as much a priority as your growth. Because scaling a
business to serve more people truly needs you at your best which means you need to take care of
yourself too. And just like you make time for that diligent hard work. also create space for you to
relax For you to have fun and be creative because your business will reap tons of benefits from
that aspects to

oh my gosh oh, I think we could all probably listen to Briana when she says we need to rest in
2020. I am totally guilty of being on the on mode all the time, even when I'm traveling when I'm
working, and then even when I'm on my play days, usually at Disney, there is no rest at Disney and
so I am committed to resting more in 2020 as well. And I definitely encourage you to do the same.
I am so stinking excited because I am about to introduce you to Greg. Greg is our token mail and
service skills or membership and now he's a member of the soaring inner circle mastermind. And
one of the things that I love about Greg is that he is a dad that gets to be at home with his wife
and his kids on a daily basis. Because of his business, so many times we talk about retiring our
husbands. And what's so awesome about Greg? Is he kind of retired himself from corporate
America, and now he's at home with his whole family. And I'm just like, yes, Greg, you are one of
my favorite people. So let's see what amazing wisdom Greg is dropping on us. Hi, my name is
Greg. toasty. I'm a Facebook,

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 5 of 8 Transcribed by

Instagram and LinkedIn ads strategist. I help entrepreneurs sell more online courses, fill up their
membership sites, and promote live events in 2020. If you want to grow and scale your business,
it's crucial to automate and systematize as much as possible to free you up to do the important
things in your business.

I love that. So Greg came in to serve scale sore, and now he's having over $10,000 months and he
contributes a lot of that to the fact that he put systems in place he automated so much of it, and I
think that's truly when you can grow because You get more time back. When you automate and
create systems, it takes a little bit of time in the beginning. However, once they're up and going
on, man, you're off to the races. And I talked about the four tools, I use scaling to six figures. And
we'll link that up below. And those tools are how I automated my business. So Dubsado and
Clickup were the two main ones that I use. And I know that's what Greg is using. So if you've been
saying, I don't have enough time to set up my systems, and automate, just think about all the time
you'll get back once they're set up. Okay, last but not least, we have Stephanie and Stephanie is
super special to this podcast because she makes this podcast happen. Stephanie is not only a
member of serve scale soar, she's also a member of the soaring inner circle mastermind, and she
is my beloved podcast manager that makes this show happen. And so Stephanie and I are
together a lot. We communicate a lot. And she was the one who made this show happen. I knew
what I wanted to do, but I didn't know how to make it happen. And Stephanie is making this
episode happen. So let's see Stephanie's amazing advice.

Hey guys, my name is Stephanie Judice and I am a podcast manager and launch consultant who
works with coaches, consultants and course creators on their podcast. So one of the biggest
pieces of business advice that I would give to someone who's looking to grow their business in
2020 is really looking at your network and who you're surrounding yourself with. So kind of
twofold. I think it is very important to surround yourself with people that are encouraging and
motivating and people that are looking to grow their business just like you are and they will be
that like amazing support system for you. And whenever you have that support system to it is it's
an awesome way to be able to network with them and provide, you know, if you have an
awesome client, you can refer them to someone else if it's maybe a service that you don't do or
vice versa. So I get tagged in a lot of stuff, or podcasts by other service providers. And this has
been one of the biggest ways of growing my business over the last six months, is really having a
tight knit community and getting known for what you do. And then people will refer you and you
can refer them and it's, you know, kind of works both ways. And it's just been awesome. So that
would be one of my biggest pieces of advice is just making sure to get in with other service
providers, and really figuring out what they do and then letting them know what you do. And then
you can provide that networking, you know, to in order to get clients. So I hope that is helpful for
you to go and grow your business in 2020 off.

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 6 of 8 Transcribed by

I love what Stephanie said and it makes me think of that quote, I know I'm going to quote it
wrong and it probably should I looked it up. But like your net worth is the sum of your network. Or
maybe it's your network is the sum of your net worth. But y'all know what I'm trying to say. And
also the five people you surround yourself with is so important. And so who in 2020 can you
surround yourself with to make a bigger impact in your business and in your life, and I think that's
so crucial. And one of the ways that I really did that, in 2019, is joining the mastermind. And then
also creating really strong bonds with members and Serve scale soar membership, and then
whenever I did take a course, I made sure to be the a student, so I can make the connections with
those course creators and really become friends with them. And that has served me so well. And I
just always, if I take a course I just want to get my biggest bang out of it. And then it just served in
building relationships. And so really focusing on who you're spending your time with, I think is So,
so important. And I'm just so thankful that Stephanie shared that. And here's what I know, y'all.
This was just so amazing, all of these amazing tips to help you grow in 2020. And I don't even have
a tip for you because they just killed it. They were so spot on. And I think what's awesome is they
all left you a different one. They all did this at different times. And they all left you a different tip,
which I think so powerful. And I just really want you all to think about which of these tips can you
implement for 2020 You don't need to implement all seven of them right now. But pick maybe one
or two that you could implement this week, this month. And then send me a DM or tagged me in
an Instagram story and let me know which one you're going to implement because I truly truly
want to know where you're going to focus on in 2020. So if you love this episode, we recorded this
using program called speakpipe. And so we are going to open it up if you go to, forward slash speak. So, S p e AK, serve cs forward slash speak, then
you can actually leave us a voice message. In that voice message, you can ask us a question. So, if
you've been wondering like, brainy, how did you retire your husband? Or what program do you
recommend for invoicing? Or any question you have? Or what's your favorite ride at Disney? It
doesn't really matter. Send me a question. And we will be answering those on the podcast. And
we'll figure out we may do a special bonus episode. We may do them on the front end. But we
want to answer your questions because I'm here to serve you and make this podcast for you. So
make sure to check that out. We'll link that up in the show notes as well so you can easily access
that, but I just want to say thank you All of our members of the soaring inner circle mastermind, it
has been so amazing having you on here. And as I'm recording this, we have two spots left in the
mastermind. So if you're like, I think this is what I need. This is for people who are making
consistent income in their business. This is for people who want to take their business to the next
level in 2020. And they're serious about it. This is also for people who are making consistent
income and maybe they're ready to hire someone, or maybe they are ready to create a course or
a membership. This is a group of 10 people who are ready to take their business to the next level
in the first six months of 2020. So the soaring inner circle, mastermind is only open to 10 people,
eight of those spots are already spoken for. And so we have two spots. It is by application only
because we're super picky about who joins us because it is a tight knit circle. And if you Things
that like yes, this is what I need. This is what I've been looking for. I'm speaking your love

SSS ep 17 EDITED_mixdown FINAL Page 7 of 8 Transcribed by

language, you can go to, forward slash mastermind. And we'll link that up in
the show notes and apply and if we think you're up but we'll set up a call, but applications will
close whenever those last two spots are filled, or come December 31. So no matter what you
decide, make this year 2020 your best year yet defining success your way I can't wait to hear your
takeaways. So go out this week. serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six figure
year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the serve scale soar podcast with your host brandi. If you loved our
podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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Meet Brandi

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