Wouldn’t you love to be able to quit your 9-5 and double your income in 30 days? I have a feeling your answer is a big YES!  If so, you will love today’s episode because Kristi did just that!

Kristi is one of the members in the Serve Scale Soar membership and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a conference earlier this year.  She is killing it in her business and she was able to double her income in one month. 

Kristi lives in Kentucky with her two kids and husband.  Her passion is building websites and she also runs a membership that helps creative entrepreneurs navigate the tech in their online business.  

Value Bombs: 

  • Kristi tells us the story of how she started her online business and how she realized her love of building websites 
  • How Kristi was able to hone in and figure out her services in the last 90 days
  • How Kristi systematizes her business so she can set herself up to scale
  • Why you should focus on connections and networking at conferences 
  • The mindset blocks that came up as Kristi’s income grew 
  • The resources Kristi uses to overcome mindset blocks that come up as her business grows
  • How to find “friends” in the online space 
  • Kristi shares how she was able to finally quit her 9-5 
  • The impact that quitting her 9-5 has had on her family
  • The issues that come up when your spouse or friends don’t understand the online space
  • Creating a waitlist:  reasons you need to continually market your services even when you are full


I hope Kristi’s interview inspired you in some way.  I hope it opened up your mind to see small shifts that can take place in your business and how quickly things can change in a short amount of time.  Kristi has had an online business for over 4 years. Once she made up her mind and made some tweaks in her business structure, she was able to double her income WHILE working a full-time job.   This led her to be able to put in her notice and go full time as an online entrepreneur.


Kristi is on track for her first 6 figure year and I can’t wait to see what happens to her business in 2020. 


Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

I will see you all here next week! 


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Serve Scale Soar nation. I am so excited because today we have an incredible incredible service provider Kristi Wells is coming in. And she is freaking bomb. com some of the things we're going to chat about today. She's a web designer and she does all the tech for membership sites. So connecting everything making sure it works. And we're going to talk about what happened to in 30 days, doubling her income. So hovering around the 40 $500 mark, to doing over $8,000 and setting her up for a six figure year how she went from having an online business for four years to three months being able to make small changes, but mostly mindset changes. That had a huge impact, how she was able to quit her nine to five job. We chat about what it's like working a nine to five job and having a business and we chat about how to deal with your husband and go to In the beliefs that they have, and how important conferences are to showing up and having a successful service based business, so if you are like yes, I want to learn all the things, make sure to stay with me and let's meet Kristi.

Welcome to Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years your host Brandi is a wife mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

Hello Serve scale soar family I am so excited to have Kristi today on the podcast because Kristi is one of our Serve Scale Soar members. She is also one of the members that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person at a conference which I love She's amazing friends with Gretchen, which will link Gretchen's interview in the show notes below. And she's just killing it in our business. And today we're going to chat about how she literally doubled her income in one month. So welcome to the show, Kristi. Thank you. Okay, so we want to get to know you. So tell us a little bit about you.

I'm very multifaceted. I do a little bit of everything I, my primary Love is doing websites. So that's what my first passion, my first everything, that's what I do. And then I also have a membership side, on the side.

Okay, perfect. Tell us who you are as a person.

My name is Kristi Wells. I am in located in Kentucky. I have two beautiful children and a lovely husband. He's probably gonna kill me for saying that.

Okay, so you have your services you have about your membership. So tell us about the membership and tell us about Your services.

So with my websites, I do membership hubs, I do ecommerce shops, anything that you need on your website, I've got your back and I am a creative at heart. So I understand that's why I love to service the creative market. So I understand how the brains operate of a creative. So those are my favorite people to work with on websites. And then for the membership, I help teach technology and the tech and all the frustrating things of running an online business to creatives.

Oh, I love that. I didn't know what your membership was about. So that's really, really cool. I love that. Okay, so how did you get into the online space? How did you start building websites? What was your background?

So about six years ago, I had a little little fire in my heart. I'm like, I do not like working in nine to five like this is not fueling my heart. So I actually started on that you know, this actually started at monogram and vinyl decal shop so that I created Custom decals, custom monograms added custom cuts and key chains and the whole nine yards. And I was like, This is too much work like this is too much manual work. I am not cut out for two little kids at home, this is not going to work for me. So our local church actually come up to me and said, we really need a website. Can your techie like can you figure this out? So I built my first website for my local church, and I fell in love. And then it's just kind of snowballed from there. Somebody needed help with one thing, and then somebody else needed me to do something else. And so I was like, Okay, I'm gonna give this a go. So I built my first website, then January of 2017. And it's just kind of skyrocketed from there.

That's amazing. And I love that you are creative, and that's also who you serve, because I know you serve other creative So tell us about the people that you're serving and what their businesses usually look like.

A lot of the people that are serve our painters or DIYers, or anything that they make with their hands. They one of my girls is an artist so she teaches how to how to paint online. Another one of my girls is she paints door hangers. Do you know what door hangers are where you're from? I do know what door hangers are because I have one on my door that I made. Not many people know what door hangers are, but she teaches thousands, literally thousands of people how to paint door hangers. And so I get to serve her and I just get to help these women behind the scenes and I have to help them grow their businesses.

That's amazing. Okay, so I know a lot of listeners. We're going to backtrack just for a minute. This has nothing to do with business. But we're not talking about like door hangers that are like on your door at like a hotel that says like don't come in here or whatever. These are like briefs, but they're not reef Thrilla, you put them on your door so I have a big word one that says hello that you stained and all this jazz. So that is what we're talking about, we're not talking about like, it says Do Not Disturb. So just to clarify that, and I love, I just love the way that you interact with them, I've had the privilege of seeing you in person with them. And just, you can tell that those are the people that you really want to work with. And I think that's something that more of us should focus on is like, who actually lights us up working? Because I talk a lot about working from your happiness level. And if you don't love who you're working with, or you don't love their business, or what do you stand for, then how can you truly be happy with doing what you are for them? And so I love that you found those people that you do love to work with, and they're your people and you surround yourself with them, which makes it much easier for you to scale your business as well. Okay, so how long have you had your online business?

I'm going to say six years. Now, it's a, it's morphed and pivoted a lot. And even in the last three months, it's pivoted again. Okay, so let's talk about the last three months because I know the last three months you joined Serve Scale Soar so tell us kind of like where you were before you joined. And then let's chat about like what you've gained. Before I joined Harrison also, I was floundering. I was like, What in the world do I want to do? Where do I want it? Like, how can I make this thing work? And you have really helped me hone in and figure out exactly what I want to do nail down my services and get it a system in place. That's the key right there. Getting a system in place to crank out those orders and crank out that service that you're providing. I love

that. Okay, so how much money were you bringing them per month? So before July,

before July, I was hovering like 4040 200 right right in there. And I'm like, it was just enough to make me like yes, this is a thing but not enough to make it legit like in my head, I couldn't, it was very hard to get that number,

right. And I love that you're a web designer. And you do like the tech stuff as well. And so for anyone listening, sometimes we put it in our mind. And it doesn't matter what service, I think some of us always look and say, Oh, well, especially when people look at me. And they're like, Oh, she does Facebook ads, I don't do Facebook ads, so I can't scale my business. And I think sometimes I hear this a lot from like, brand strategist, or graphic design and web and things like that, or executive assistants where they're like, I can't scale and you can scale. You just have to tweak some things. And there are things that you can do to make that happen. And it sounds like some of those things you did. Kristi was really good systems in place and figure out who you wanted to serve. So have you actually before July? Were you offering more services than you offer now, or was it about the same? What are the big big changes that you've made to your business?

I I was offering everything. I'm like, you can come to me for anything you need, and I've got your back. And that's just so hard to market. You can't market that at all. When I joined Serve Scale Soar , I honed in those things. And I was trying to, to put a fist on those things. But when I met you in Canada, or lunch, that was a huge pivot for me in my business. And I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. And I went after it, and I made it happen.

Yes, I love that. And I don't remember, like, I know we had a great conversation. And the only thing I can really remember though, is your amazing state that you got. It was so good. And you were so kind of gave me a bite and I was like, This is my girl. She's sharing her steak with me. So I love that that was such a big moment. And as we talked about in the episode on conferences that will link up in the show notes that conferences can be much more than just finding clients. It can also be 100 conversation that changes the game for you. And in that episode, I talked about how stop focusing on going to every class and learning but take those opportunities to say yes. When people invite you to go to lunch or dinner, and I was so privileged that y'all invited me and we went and we blast and that was a pivotal moment in your business, which is even better, because we were just there to eat and something just a small thing can spark and change everything. So I love that. Okay, so now tell us it is October, as we're recording this and last month, you had your best month ever so tell us what did that month look like? What were your numbers? What was your workload? Tell us all the things

that month was the craziest month of life. I had 10 businesses launching their membership in the month of our month of September, and it was insane. It was so fun though, but it was also very insane. Okay, so what were you doing for them for these long I was setting up sales pages and I was setting it making sure that the payment worked and the payment put them into the membership hub. Like it's supposed to make sure that it was going to the email list like it was supposed to getting everybody checked and make sure that everybody's added to the Facebook group. And as I say that I'm like who that was a month. Gretchen and I were working together. She was doing the ads for a lot of the girls and I'm like, October's coming. October is coming instead of winter's coming. It was October.

It's so funny. Everyone launched in September as a Facebook ad manager. I know I was in the weeds. I was like, Oh my gosh, why is everyone launching in September like I told her that a friend. I was like next September. I'm going out of the country. It was insane. That's amazing. And so what did your number end up looking like at the end of the

month, the end of the month. I still had some outstanding invoices but we won't count those in landed at it like 82 5080. It was right around 8200 8300 for the month.

That is incredible. So almost doubling what you're making currently. And in one month. I love that and that sets you up for anyone who doesn't know that sets you up for a six figure year. A lot of people think that it's 10,000. I don't know why people think that but like I talked to people all the time. They're like, no, it's 10,000. I'm like, no, it's at 400 it's actually at three and six x six. But but so we just say at 400. So that sets you up for six figure year which is really, really exciting. And that's why that's a really important milestone that we celebrate inside. Serve Scale Soar . So I love that what do you think were the mental things that were going through your mind as you saw that number growing and growing and growing?

I am not worth this. I'm not worthy of this. How can these people trust me? Those were the things that I keep having to fight those words out of my head and think no I worked my butt off for this, I deserve this. This is amazing.

Perfect. And where do you think like where are some of the resources you go to, to overcome those mind shifts

my friends and Serve Scale Soar , like if I'm having a bad day I'll either if I, if I feel good see I'll posted in the group but I have created some lifelong bonds inside of Serve Scale Soar and those are the people I go to and reach out to because they understand and the other people that I work for my clients, they love me and they care about me, but they don't.

It's just different. Absolutely. I'm one of the things that I love. And that as I talk with more and more of you on these interviews, is when I asked what's your favorite part, it's always the community and there's so many people who are creating these bonds like we have several people now at Amy Porterfield event, and they all met each other inside the membership and I'm like, Wow, so I set out to help people like Just scaled but the community and the friendships and that is so much more important than anything because this business can be so lonely. And the cool thing about it is you don't have to do it alone. And it's much, much better not doing it alone.

And so my backtrack a little bit. I haven't told you this yet. I work a nine to five so I have built my business while working a nine to five. And with what the outcome of October and some of the things that are September with the outcome of September and some of the things that September brought me I was able to quit my nine to five and my last day was last Tuesday.

Kristi Why have you not? Like we have winds Wednesday we have like all these chances for you to share. That is incredible. I didn't know I

wanted to tell you to your face.

I love that so bye bye nine to five. You get to be at home with your kiddos. Are y'all still moving to Florida?


hopefully. Okay. Perfect. I love this, oh, this is such a change since Canada. And that's only been two months ago. That

was a pivotal moment in my business.

That blows my mind. And also you showed up at the conference, you really made connections. I'm sure a lot of the new clients have come from that conference as well. And then you really figured out I know, when we were chatting just about pricing and stuff, and the mind blocks around pricing, and have you raised your prices?

I did. I did raise my prices.

Good. I remember that too. So 30 days, it's insane what can happen in 30 days? And I think about it, and this is not this is all on you. You did this, you made the decision to make these changes. So I'm not taking credit for any of that. But the thing that's so cool is that you've had this online business for four years or, you know, like, let's say four years for your services, and then it took 30 days. of a mindset shift a few tweaks into the business structure, and you doubled your income while working a full time job. That is incredible. And that is on you.

Yep. A lot of my income that I earned last month is retainer fees. So they're going to pay me that monthly.

That makes me even more happy. That means that you are on track for your first six figure year with your services and that stinking exciting is going to be a game changer. It is and I'm glad I get to be part of it. So thank you for letting me be on your journey. So I just want to chat about Okay, so we've doubled our income now, what has this well, one and you've been able to quit your nine to five but what does that done for your family? Like I know that money is not everything, but money brings possibilities. And money can help in big ways with family stress with everything so what has you know, doubling Your income done for you and your family.

So the quitting the nine to five has been the biggest impact that it has had working a nine to five, you have to just fit it in when you can fit it in. You're working all night or working all weekend. And so when I quit my nine to five, I promised my husband that at five o'clock, I would be done. The weekends, I would not work anymore on the weekends. And so I have very limited time during the week while my kids are away at school to get my work done. And it's going to motivate me and kick my butt. Just when you when you have a timeline on something you can get more work done.

Absolutely. And I think that's where sometimes I even look now. And before I retired Austin and I was like super short on time because Riley only took one nap a day. And I didn't have childcare and I was like, dang, like, during that time I created a six figure business and I was like, Oh, I didn't have any time and now with Austin home I find myself like peddling jobs and Like, Oh, I can't do this, like I. And that's where I've had to make changes to my schedule, and put myself on timelines and try out some new like batching. And also just like time blocking to help me stay in that zone. So it's, you know, when you were in that nine to five, you had that limited time. And so you made it very, you made that time count. And now you'll just have to be even more protective of that time. But I love that you get weekends off.

That makes me happy. I'm so excited.

Perfect. And so what does your husband Think about all this?

His skeptic? online businesses are very hard for people who don't understand them is a lot of, well, what what happens if they go under or they quit? I'm like, they're not going to quit their business. They're, they're not going to quit their business and it was just a, I have to prove him wrong. And so I'm a three on the enneagram. So I'm going to prove him wrong.

That's so funny. I know very little about anything. I know I'm an eight. I'm a healthy eight. I know that because like, if you're not a healthy eight, you're like Hitler or something. That's about all I know. And but I think that's really important too, because so many people always ask like, well, your husband must be super supportive, or all this stuff. And I have been blessed where I came from six years of direct sales, which isn't typical, either. And so my husband kind of just like, online wasn't that big of a stretch for us. But I talked to so many people. And we have the episode with Jennifer coming up, and she talks about her marriage and relationship. And so it's not this is one of those things that it's really hard sometimes for other people to wrap their head around. And it's not just husbands. It's family members, it's friends. And one of the things that is really important is we protect who we share our goals with who we share our dreams with. And you know, spouses are totally different. Because there are spouses, but like, even when I think about my family sometimes like, I'm protective about what I say, around them, because they don't quite get it. And that's okay. Like, even my husband told the Tesla guy the other day, he was like, Yeah, my wife does YouTube ads. And I was like, I don't do YouTube ads, like, think that it seems like she doesn't do anything on Instagram, but she does like Facebook and YouTube ads sounds like, that's wrong. So like, it's one of those things, you just have to be okay. When other people don't understand. And I love that you're just going to prove him. And there's always more clients, like if one of them does go under, it's okay. There's always more clients out there. And you probably have enough clients where if one client drops, it's not going to break you.

Right? I've I've definitely positioned my business in a way that it's not all my eggs are not one basket.

That's good. That's good. And that's why if you only have one client right now You're not marketing your services, you need to make sure you're always marketing and we chat about this a lot in serve scale soar that even when you get full, you are still marketing yourself. We're in October I'm booked up until February. I'm still jumping on Discovery calls and getting my waitlist solid because I don't ever want to rely on getting to that point where I don't have clients because I haven't been marketing until your marketing is so so important. So don't even when you're full Don't you know take that for granted and stop marketing yourself because then you get rusty to in your discovery calls and all that so much easier just to keep doing those. Okay, Kristi, so do you have any more room to take on any more clients?

websites? Yes, websites I will do all day long. But I have a couple of one on one clients that I work hand in hand with and the those are picked up.

Oh, I love that start that waitlist. That's exciting. Okay, so before We end I like to do a few rapid fire questions. So just whatever comes to mind first, okay. Are you ready?

Yes, I'm ready.

Okay, what is the favorite part of your business?

Doing the new things? Like just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. And if it doesn't stick, we sleep it up and wait and do something else.

I love that. Okay, favorite software tool that you can't live without?

Click up.

Oh my gosh, I did not know your insight is and so many of these episodes, people say click up and I'm like, Oh, well, they get an affiliate program already because I teach click up. They have an affiliate program and we are going to drop that link in the show notes for you because I am so excited. Yes, we all love click up. I love that. Okay, so what is the best conference you've ever been to?

tribe and Canada? Yes, that one was a game changer for me. And not necessarily the conference itself. But the people that I met and the people I got to network with and meet

I agree The conference was good. Amy Porterfield was amazing. They're great speakers. But like, the vibe of it, the people, it was incredible. I'm going back and next year and I even told my husband, I was like, you have to come to this one. So he's gonna come to, so I'm excited about that. Okay, so last question, what is the best piece of advice you've ever got, like business advice,

and to know your worth, and raise your prices?

Okay. Thank you so much, Kristi. This has been amazing, but tell the listeners because they need to get to know you, no matter if they want your services or just to like being in your space because you are an incredible woman and service provider. So where can they find you?

They can find me on Facebook, Instagram, all of the things at creative Business Builders.

Perfect and we will make sure to link those in the comments and for all my listeners. If something that Christie said today resonated with you just hit home for you or you took something away. Make sure to reach out to her on Instagram and just let her know Because I'm so grateful that you showed up today and we're just so transparent and honest with us and I cannot wait to see you soar into your six figure year.

Yes, me neither girl.

Okay, thanks for being on the show. Wow, y'all, that was a powerful interview. And I am so glad that you got to know Kristi. And I've had the privilege of knowing Kristi and I cannot wait to see what's in store for her business in these coming months, the rest of 2019 and watch her create her six figure business in 2020. And so thank you for listening. And please reach out to her and let her know how amazing she is. On Instagram. We will link those in the show notes. And if you're like I'm ready to make the changes in scale to consistent $10,000 months, head to Serve Scale Soar.com forward slash 10 k the number 10 the letter K and register for my free training and we'll see you next

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