Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome? Are you listening to wayyyy too many people online who all seem to all have different messages on how you can grow your business? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with what courses to take and which mentors to follow?


This is just a sample of what we will be covering on the show today. In this episode, I’m honored to talk to Maggie Isley about prioritizing family, making intentional mindset shifts, and following through on your action plans. When Maggie joined my membership she was bringing in $3,000 a month and within 30 days she more than doubled it and finished at $7,300! Amazing, right?! 


Maggie Isley is a holistic brand designer and strategist, wife and mom to two boys. She has only been in the Serve Scale Soar membership for a short time, but even in 30 days her results have been amazing!  Listen in and find out how you, too, can eliminate the noise and create processes to WOW your clients so you can hit your personal income goals! 

Value Bombs:


  • How blogging got Maggie into the online space
  • Why you must start at square one when doing your branding
  • How to balance boundaries between social media and your safety
  • Why having only two or three mentors is good for you
  • The magic of using Dubsado to create a streamlined customer experience
  • What mindset shift you can make to double your income
  • Aligning your core values with your systems and processes
  • Why you should consider increasing your pricing
  • How your business can create positive changes to your family life


Maggie has only been a member of Serve Scale Soar for a few months, but she has had amazing results but following the plan and simplifying her business. She’s proved that setting up processes, having the heart to help people, and being your authentic self contribute to a successful business.


Being a woman entrepreneur is sometimes challenging, but there’s never been a better time to be one than now! We must arm ourselves with clarity of purpose, the right tools, and a supportive community to stand behind and encourage us. 


I hope you enjoyed meeting Maggie this week! I loved getting to know her more and hear her amazing journey. 



See you guys here next week! 





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Find out more about Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


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Today on the Serve Scale Soar podcast, we have all kinds of goodness coming from you. Maggie has only been in the membership for 30 days as we recorded this. And she went from having a $3,000 month to $7300 month and celebrating her best month. And she's breaking down for you how she did that as a brand design strategist. And we're going to talk about creating a wow experience for your clients, getting systems in place, only focusing on having two mentors, and really what this has been able to do for her family and how she started out as a blogger back in 2000, and shut down her complete business and didn't bring it back until 2016. So there's so much goodness, so I'm excited. Let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandi is a wife, mom, and in less than one year created a six-figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can, too.

Hello, Serve Scale Soar family! I am so excited to be back for another episode with one of our Serve Scale Soar members. And her name is Maggie. And I'm excited for this conversation because Maggie hasn't been in my life for very long and less than 30 days. And so I'm excited to dive in and just find out who you are Maggie, and what you're all about. So tell my listeners who you are who you serve, and you are as a person.

So as she said, I'm Maggie, and I am a designer and a strategist. So I do graphic design, but holistic brand design. And then also brand strategy. I work with purpose-driven small businesses who want to make a difference but want to make a buck too because I mean, let's be real same right? And as far as who I am as a person, I'm a mom. I have two boys. And then I married I've been with my husband for 19 years. So we started dating when I was a teenager. I mean, that's me in a nutshell. I'm obsessed with the color pink. So Brandi can see me right now and she knows I am obsessed with pink.

I love it. I love pink too, but I feel like you have me beat on the pink. I love it. Okay, so back up a second because I know some of the listeners and me included are like what is a holistic brand design?

So, I take everybody back to square one. When I do brand design, I also do website design. But I go back to square one. I want to talk about what is your unique selling proposition. Who is your ICA? I go back to what makes you different and why you're even doing this out of just starting with like 'what colors speak to your brand?' I don't just do that. I go back to square one. So when I do branding, I do everything. I have a corporate background, and I actually went to school for management. So because of that, I bring that to my business.

I love that. And that leads it into how did you get started in the online space? Like, what is your background?

Oh my gosh, it is so crazy. So to say, How did I get started online? I was an original blogger,

Like, what do you mean 'original blogger'?

Well, I started my first blog of the year 2000. So when I say original blogger, I mean it, but that's not what I want to talk about today.

So the way my business started, so I started my blog in 2000. I was pregnant with my youngest. I have two boys and I was with my youngest. When someone approached me and was like, Hey, I read on your blog, you would be here today. And now we all know that as like 'making it' well at the time, I was scared and I shut everything down. And I was like, I am shutting down my blog and I'm hiding in a hole until my kids grow up. Because that's so scary. So in 2016, I was like, Oh, I'm ready to like be on the internet again, because my kids are old. And you know, they're six foot tall. So chances are, no one's gonna kidnap my children now. They're giants. So I started my blog back up, and I started getting sponsorships and stuff. So I started working with Pier One and Coca Cola. And I started like, I was an influencer, right? And all of a sudden, people started coming to me for branding, without me asking them for anything. Like they were like 'Hey, will you will you design my logo? Will you do this? Will you do that?' But I was working in finance at an insurance company. That wasn't my gig. So I was like, okay, sure, why not? That just kept growing and it kept growing. And I was like, I guess I could just keep doing this. And finally in 2018, I was like, this is this is real. And I've filed for my LLC and, and I went full time in my business in January 2019.

I love it. And so real quick, what was your blog about?


Lifestyle, are you talking about everything?

I pretty much when I partnered with like Coca Cola, for example, it was a share-a-coke campaign. And then I did recipes to go with that. So I did like a burger recipe to go with the share-a-coke. And when I did Pure One, they gave me a bunch of money to do my kitchen and like do a farmhouse style in my kitchen. And then it was like photography, and then I did a recipe on quick and easy meals. So it was like a layout of cold cuts and stuff like that.


So it was like, it was just like the most random stuff. And then I did mindset to go with that. And what I was doing all of that, it just parlayed into local moms who were starting their businesses and they were like, 'Hey, I read your blog. Could you brand me?' and I was like 'Okay.' But because I had that business background, I'm not just going to "I know you like the color green, but what does that actually mean to your brand?" And it evolved into this bigger picture on itself.

I love this because so many of us on the podcast that have already been we started our services because we had a blog, my blog, I only had for two months but it led me into the service-based business and we had Chanti Zak on here who her copywriting led her into it and it's so crazy that so many people start on the online space as bloggers. And I think the big thing is, you were probably making pretty good money with your blog since you were getting the sponsorship. But I know for me, I was like, this is going to be like a long, lbig commitment to see financial gain from blogging. And then when you go into the service-based business, it's like that instant gratification of getting paid which is so different.

I was paying bills.

That's really cool.

It was crazy. And but it's a lot of work to be a blogger. It's a lot of work. And I got to tell you, running your own business is less work than being a blogger. It really is. And it's way more fun to rush your home to be a blogger. And I have so much more fun and I love it so much more than taking pictures of Coca Cola, and I just love it so much.

And I just want to backtrack really quick because this is a conversation that hasn't come up. But when you talked about shutting down your business because your kids were little and having that fear of social media and everything. I have the exact same fear. So and I think this is a conversation that hasn't happened on the podcast yet, but we don't post a ton of pictures of Riley and people are always like "Why don't you have pictures of Riley and why isn't he all over the place?" And it's that same thing we struggle on, where's the boundaries? How do we show up authentically in our life, but also protect her and it's not even like someone's going to kidnap her. I mean, yes, that's always a fear. I think that's every parent's fear. But it's just that boundary of, well, it's her decision to make, and she's not at an age to make a decision. So now looking back, if you were in the same situation, then and your kids were like, as you are now, and your kids weren't six foot tall, you feel the same way like that you needed not necessarily shut down your business, but that you needed to protect them on social or would you be more open now?

If I were doing it now, I would be very guarded. Knowing what I know, I wouldn't have shut it down and run away. I just would have been more guarded. We didn't know back then how to create those boundaries. So I just shut down and left. I simply would have not posted so many pictures. I was so naive, and I literally was like 'going to the kiddie park today.' And I took Logan and my husband and I went and I was pregnant with Mason, and we went to the kiddie Park. And the woman approached me and was like 'I saw you'd be here today.' And I was like, Good God in heaven. What are you doing here? And she was like, why I'm so excited to meet you. And I understand that you're excited to meet me. However, I am pregnant. I have and my kids are 18 months apart. I had a baby with me. I was like, I don't know you.

I think this is a great lesson for all of us. Even now. It's like if you choose to show your kids online, like no judgment here at all right, but I think there is something to be said about sharing in real time and sharing after the fact. And I think that's a great example of where you were 'just going to the park.' And then that happens. And I know this was a big eye opener for us when the whole thing happened with Kim Kardashian, no matter what your opinions are on her, but the fact that they were posting in real time and so the people who attacked her knew exactly where she was. And so this is something we're very cautious of, is we'll take videos and we don't post until after we're gone. Especially like it Disney and things like that. So I think this is just like the total side note, but something that I feel like really important that just doesn't get talked about.

Yeah, and it's so important. It's such an eye opening issue, especially with children. I mean, everybody's safety matters, obviously. But when you're protecting little ones, it's such a big issue. And for me, I was like okay, well then this path is not going to work out for me because I need to go home and and I was a stay at home mom. So that was what I was doing. Until Mason, my little one, was six months old and I was like, I'm just going to go back into the workforce because I can't do this to them. And I did. I went back into the workforce until my blog in 2016. I went full time in my business in January of 2019. So I went back to work until then, after this experience, because it was so traumatic for me. We didn't want them, my kids had no idea what happened. Mason wasn't born yet. I'm like, I almost had my kids stolen. This woman meant nothing by it. In my mind. I'm like, she was there, she meant nothing by it. She was just excited to see me. Right. But it was so early. So I was pregnant. So this would have been 2003 is actually the year that this happened. And I was 'No, I can't have that energy.' Like it's so scary.

And now I think it's great because this was a learning lesson where you said you wouldn't necessarily go back and shut the whole thing down again. We'd like to be more protective. That's a great example of making decisions vary. You were also pregnant, which would have played a role into it too. And I think just learning like they're taking a step back and counting to three before making any business decisions. And we talked about this recently in Serve Scale Soar inner circle mastermind, about being cautious of where we are as women in that time of the month or hormones before making business decisions as well. And so I think this was just a great conversation, but I do want to bring it back to your business. And so you went full time in 2019, January. So tell us like what this year is look like and where you are now.

So we're recording this in February of 2020. And I had my best month ever in January of 2020. I signed up at, the either the end, I can't tell you the exact date that I signed up for Serve Scale Soar, but what I did is I decided at the end of '19, that I was only going to learn from two people in 2020. Because I spent 2019 trying to learn from everybody, which does not work. You don't do that. That is ridiculous. So I decided I would learn from you. And I would learn money mindset from Denise Duffield-Thomas. So that's it. I'm not taking any of these other courses. I'm not doing it. I have my little money mindset thing going. And then I have Serve Scale Soar. So I started implementing all the systems and doing all of that which, by the way, once you get addicted to this portal, is all anybody talks about, all of your clients. So I started that and then I had my best month ever in January. And it set me up for almost a six figure year but I'll make up the difference. It'll set me up for well over a six figure year in the end. So I went to a conference. I was at a conference I left on the 30th. At the time I was at this conference, I saw two more payments come in while I was at the conference, I ended up at $7300 for the month. That's amazing. Just so you understand. It's almost double what I was making in 2019 per month, I was so excited because I don't take spending money in my business lightly. I am one of those people that is like if I invest in a course I am taking the course, I'm going to implement the course. In my personal life, if I buy shoes, I might wear it ones. But in the business, if I'm buying it, I'm doing it. Like it's not it's not a game. When I picked my teachers, I was very, very conscious and intentional, and I had never heard of you, just so we're on the same page. I never heard of you. And I got hooked after your webinar. And I was like this is actually what I need. Like I had been recovering from surgery, I had had surgery in November and I had six week recovery. And I was like, I'm going to only have two teachers. I've made all these conscious decisions, and I went looking for people. And once I saw your webinar, I was like, This is my teacher. This is where I'm going to learn this and immediately saw results.

I love so much about this. I do want to backtrack really quick. One, congratulations that's incredible. And I want to dive into like what that looks like but first with the two people. What made you decide because this is something that I and I know that you just found me so you haven't heard me talking about this. But this is been something that like I go on podcast after podcast and talk about this has been one of the biggest things to my success is only having two to three teachers and really staying in my lane and focusing on that and not having all this like shiny object syndrome type deal. And so why did you decide, after learning from everyone, that going into 2020 you were only going to learn from to people?

The main reason is because I meant to do that in 2019. So 2019, I had decided I would learn from Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo. That was my plan. And I took B school last year like I did, I did it. And then after completing these things I've done took every class in the world and signed up for every single course that ever came my way. And I took them, but the thing is at, like, as you complete them, you can't implement them fully. Because a lot of times when you're taking a course, you want to go back and redo the modules. Because you're not the same business person you were six months ago. And you want to redo them just to make sure that you didn't miss how to implement something or you're implementing in a different way at this point in your business. Things change. So I intended to do that. That's just how I am as a business person because I do have a corporate background. So I understand the importance of finding a subject matter expert and then following that teaching all the way through. But something happened to me last year, and I was just so desperate to see higher results. Desperation leads to scarcity. And that's below-the-line thinking. So I'm a big mindset person. And that's below-the-line thinking. And that's what happens with the shiny object syndrome. So when I knew I was entering 2020, I had that recovery time, which I normally don't take that kind of time. And I was like, no, I'm not doing it this year. I simply won't allow myself. So it was very mindful of having the automation and the systems and then the money mindset, because those two things are truly all you need. Once your mindset is set. You just need your money mindset. And I knew that that was a big, big problem for me.

That's a big one for a lot of people. So you're not alone, right?

So between the two this year should be amazing. It already has been.

I'm excited about this. And I'm a firm believer and only learning from two people and then reaching out. Everyone knows Rick Mulready is my coach-go-to and then James Wedmore for mindset, but them too are like Brian's and everything and then likes to McLaren and stuff like that. So I keep my circle really small. And I think it keeps the blinders on like you're talking about and it makes you focus, you're not taking this strategy, this one, this one, trying to make them all work. It's like just follow the action plans. And they'll get you the results. And so I love that you only have two mentors, and I'm honored to be one of them. So I appreciate that. And then the other thing that I want to dive into is you talked about the portal that your clients can't stop raving about. So elaborate a little bit more on that for us.

So Dubsado is amazing. I'm a Gemini and I don't know if anyone else is like, like loves astrology. I'm not like astrology, like, I'm bored under the sun. So therefore I'm crazy, like, no, it's not like that kind of astrology. But like, I'm a Gemini to where I have a hard time following through on things and have to literally push myself. The portal fixes this for me because everything's right there. I don't have a hard time following through. I sent them a questionnaire, they send it back to me, it doesn't get lost in my inbox. It's right there. It fixes everything. And my clients love it. Because it's right there for them too. They don't have an excuse. It gets rid of all of those issues. Plus, you can just add it to your website where it says client portal, so nobody has an excuse. It's just all of the excuses.

Just to elaborate a little bit. So Dubsado, for anyone who isn't familiar with dubsado, The way that I teach managing your clients, we'll link up the discount code below, but it's really the way that we send all of our contracts, invoices, client management, all of that is housed through Dubsado. And what she's talking about is each of your clients get a client portal where all their questionnaires, their contracts, their invoices, all of that lives. You're not searching through your inbox, your clients aren't trying to figure out where things are. There's a central hub for everyone, which creates that client experience for people who just want to uplevel their services, they want to stand out in the crowd. Wow your clients within the first 24 hours and they will be your clients for life. A part of that is having a system in place like dub Sato to wow them when they come in. But also it alleviates time for you to get back because you're not searching and you're more organized, even if you're an unorganized person which is truly winning for everyone. And so that is what she's talking about. So I'm guessing you weren't using Dubsado before Serve Scale Soar.

Correct. I didn't know it existed. So I saw it on Pinterest, and I was always pushing it on Pinterest, but you know what? Everybody's pushing something you're, all of a sudden, resistant. Like you have defiance disorder. You're like, I just suddenly don't want it because everybody's telling me I need it. And then once I saw your walkthrough, I was like, Oh, I do need it. Oh, I need it right now.' I immediately fell in love. Oh, you guys, you guys. If you're not using it, you can customize your header in the portal. Oh, it's so amazing.

From someone who does brand strategy This was very appealing to you.

Oh, it's so pretty. It's just so pretty. It's I am in love with Dubsado. It is my absolute favorite thing.

And what's even better is for if you are into the visual and the template library. I don't know if you found this yet, but I show you like my pretty proposal. And then the super basic proposal that got me the six figures. And I'm sure that I would imagine your proposals are probably really pretty.

Yes, because of you and Dubsado. I cancelled what I had been using. I've been paying 19 a month for Proposify and I cancelled it because I don't need all this. It's crazy how many different little things you can get rid of once you find a Dubsado. You don't need all of it. Dubsado does it all.

So you've got the systems in place, but what took you from $4,000 a month to $7300 what do you think was the biggest factor that did that for you?

Mindset shifts. A 100%. Knowing that I had made the decision to implement the systems and get there, got me there. I know it sounds like like so you just decided. I made the decisions to learn from the right people to do the right thing. And then I started doing it. So that's half the battle is literally deciding to do it and then doing it.

Right. That's the thing that people make, like a mistake because they either say like, well, I made the decision and didn't happen, or I took action and it didn't happen. But it's really a combination of the two together, where the magic happens, it's you have to make the decision and that truly believe that that's going to happen, not this fake, like, I'm going to make a million dollars, but like in your heart of hearts, you know that you're not going to make a million dollars. And then it actually has to be the action that backs up that decision where the gold happens. And it sounds like that's exactly what you did.

That's that is exactly right. So once I actually made those steps, I then did the work. I didn't just sign up and then go, oh, it'll work out like I'll I'll figure it out. No, I've been letting implemented Dubsado. I went and set up that portal. I sent everything through the portal. And all of a sudden people, I got referral business from that. So would they have referred their friends? If I hadn't had that portal? I don't know, maybe, but I can't AB test that. I don't know. Like, I'm not going to try it. I don't want an AB test to be honest.

You probably did a B test it because all of 2019 using the portal right, and you switched and used it and now referrals because creating a wow experience for your clients makes you so much easier to refer.

And it's like, and it's funny because the first person I sent to the portal to He's like, this is amazing. And that's when I realized I was like, I have to add the link to my website. The next thing I did was add it to like client portal login like that was the next thing I did was add it because I was like this just makes it so much more user friendly. And my whole brand is ease of use for the client. That's what I'm all about is just like low pressure, very easy. That's one of my core values is ease. So having it be like you just click here and everything's right here. It just aligns with everything I do.

I love that. I love that you have the systems, you have the mindset, you're working on the money mindset, which I think is huge. And I think that's going to serve you so well. And then I want to talk about, okay, so you had this 70 $300 month. So what is that done for your family and for you, and let's just chat about that.

So it's actually done a lot for my family. My husband hates his job. My 2020 goal is getting to a point where he can just leave his position. But that includes benefits and all that kind of stuff. I don't want to talk about that. So let's talk about right now. He cannot stand his current employer, right who hasn't been there. So he was like, well, I really want to look for At another position, and out of nowhere he was offered another position. And this is something that Denise DT actually teaches in her money mindset is that a lot of times when you start looking for things, things pop up, for other people, and he was offered another position making about the same but better benefits. But this money will allow us to go there and have him make about the same with me having a cushion. And me providing that cushion. That is even if their first couple months are quite there while we figure out what this will look like financially, will have better benefits, great. We'll have to figure out the rest. He'll be happier. He can switch jobs after all these years at this other position. He knows I have his back because I am able to provide and it's so freeing to know that I'm able to put his mental health on such a high priority with the providing financially. It matters and he's so unhappy there that he's putting in his notice Monday. So by the time this airs, he'll already be at his other job.

I love this so much because so many people are afraid to grow their business because they're afraid of success or they're afraid of what having money says about them or means about them. And I heard this, I don't know where but it's always stuck with me and it's money doesn't change people money amplifies people, right? And so if you are already like a crappy person, when you have more money, you're going to be even more of a crappy person. But if you're already giving person, you're doing these for all the right reasons, it's just going to give you more opportunities. And the fact that you're able to help your husband get out a situation that's not ideal for him that he doesn't like to be in and do that with your business, that is such a gift and I know that it probably feels like a million bucks to you. I'm so glad. And he kept saying he's like, do you think this is the right thing? Do you think this is the right thing? I was like 'I made more money this month than you did, so yeah, it's the right thing. That's how I know it's the right thing. Because even if you made zero dollars next month, I could have paid all the bills.' Like that's what matters. I can take care of it. It'll be okay. And I'm set up in the same way in February, I'm set up to pay everything, like I can pay everything in February with everything, all the invoices that are out. So even if everything went sideways, don't worry about it, I got it. It'll be okay.

It's so amazing that we can create businesses that will allow us to work from home and allow us to have income that CEOs make and we just get to do it and our PJs and all of our pinkness and we can determine our success and I will love that so much. I love that it's providing for your family and making changes in your family. And my this has been so good. I know that my listeners are going to be so just encouraged and motivated and have so many takeaways. And I do want to do some rapid fire but before we do the rapid fire, where can my listeners find you, just reach out to you, say thank you and connect with you.

So you can find me on Instagram at Maggie D like Diane Isley or you can always go to my website

I will link all that up in the show notes.

Those are the best places for me.

Perfect. And now let's do some rapid fire. I love doing rapid fire but it doesn't have to be I'm not like a Strickler. So it doesn't have to be like the first word that comes to your mind. Just the first thoughts that come to you run. Okay, are you ready?

I'm ready when you are.

Okay. What's the favorite part of your business?

The fact that I can be as pink as I want to be an authentically me. I literally have pink hair just so people understand.

I know we're going to get a photo before we end. So I've made sure to show everyone how pink you truly are. And I love it. Okay, so what is your favorite software tool that you couldn't run your business without?


This is new. I love that. Okay, so what is the best conference you've ever been to virtual or live?

So WED Cleveland. So WED is Women's Entrepreneurship Day, and I'm in Cleveland. I actually got to speak at and 2019 that's exciting, and it was amazing. I definitely recommend if you have a web conference, it's always in November. If you have a WED conference near you, attend and you will find the most amazing women.

Perfect and we'll link up their website in the show notes as well.

It's actually through the UN.

Okay, very cool. Well look into that. I love that. Okay, so tell me the best piece of advice you've ever received

To increase my prices. That was one of the first. I will never forget it. It was actually through a mutual client. I met a PR woman, her name is Lorraine Schuchart, Prosper for Purpose. We actually met for coffee afterwards and she asked me what I was charging. And she's like 'Oh, honey, no.' And I have I've increased him like five fold since then.

I love that. I'm all about increasing prices.

What was the best advice I've ever received?

I love it. So everyone listening, go increase your prices, no matter what they are right now.

Increase them, people will pay them and when they stopped paying them, that's when you might want to look at them. But until they stop, keep going.

I love that. Okay, and this one I never tell you all about beforehand and I'm interested with yours because you've only been in Serve Scale Soar for 30 days. But what is your favorite part of the Serve Scale Soar membership?

It is definitely the community. So I am not active. I am a lurker.

Lurkers or learners.

I'm a lurker because my personality doesn't translate that great into writing because I'm very sarcastic. So people just think I mean, but i'm not i'm, i'm just sarcastic. So I learned a lot, but everyone is so sweet. Oh, they're the most helpful humans. And I just adore them. Like when I first commented, I found somebody like an hour away from me or an hour and a half away from me with they're the most, they're the most helpful humans.

And I love this because this is a totally different perspective, because I really didn't know what you were going to say. And I thought it was gonna be something other than community because you're so new to the community and a lot of the people who I've been on the show have been in the community for a while and things like that. And I love that even you're a lurker, which are learners so totally okay, that you still feel that community. And I think that's really powerful. And so this was such an interesting conversation for me to hear. And I have one more question that's not on here, but it's so selfish. And that is, if you didn't know me before, does that mean that you saw my Facebook ad for a master class?


Oh, I love that even more as a Facebook ad strategist.

That means your ad works and that means you're good at what you do. And it pulled me to the masterclass. I loved what I saw. And I thought on it and I signed up. It worked. Good job.

Because I feel like I know what I'm doing. I love this conversation. Maggie. This was so good. And I just appreciate you for being open and honest and sharing all your goodness with us here on the podcast.

Oh my gosh, I had so much fun. Thank you for having me. Thank you.

y'all. That was so good. I loved getting to know Maggie and really like, what she does and who she serves, and how confident she is in 2020 being her best year ever. And I have no doubt she will be celebrating that six figure year. And soon as she does, she will be back on here with all her pinkness, sharing with us how she did it. And I want you to go and leave Maggie a message. Reach out to her and tell her what your biggest takeaway was because I think we talked about a lot of stuff that we've never talked about on the podcast. And I want you to DM me and let me know what your biggest takeaways for as well. So I encourage you to go out this week serve your clients, scale your business, and soar into that six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcasts Please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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Meet Brandi

Brandi Mowles is the host of the Serve Scale Soar podcast which is a podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five-figure months so they can soar into six-figure years. Brandi is a wife, mom and in less than one year, created a six-figure business.   Now she is spilling all her secrets so you can too.

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