Are you ready to go behind the scenes?


In this income report, I am going over my six-figure month, some exciting personal things that are happening, hiring employees, my Conversions for Clients launch, my LLC, and more. 


This is a jam-packed episode that will empower you, inspire you, and give you action items that you can apply to your personal life and your business.


As always, my goal is to show you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to grow a seven-figure business.


Just a reminder: I am talking about actual revenue, not revenue generated.

Value Bombs:

  • What I learned from my launch in March
  • What to do when parts of your business feel heavy
  • An overview of my conversions per lead
  • How I am planning on bringing on employees
  • The importance of following your intuition and leaning into it
  • The benefit of multiple revenue streams (it doesn’t have to be seven!)
  • Why you need an accountant, bookkeeper, and an attorney in your corner

Don’t forget the importance of protecting your energy, making tweaks as you see fit, and following your intuition. This goes for both your life and your business!


I am really proud of how my team and I rounded out the first quarter of 2021, and I am so looking forward to all of the new experiences and lessons that this business brings me!


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    Brandi Mowles: [00:00:01] A six figure month cash in hand, exciting personal things are happening and we launched conversions for clients, this is going to be such a packed behind the scenes episode, so I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on March twenty twenty one. Let's jump on in. Hello, Serve Scale Soar family, oh, my goodness, we are back for another income report, these are your favorite episodes each and every single month. I hope they empower you, inspire you, and that you take away action items that you can apply to your business. This isn't just for seven figure business owners. This is for anyone who wants to grow a sustainable business with their family in mind. First, and I hope this never, ever makes you think that you can't have everything that's been going on in my business. But more importantly, I really hope it inspires you to dream bigger and want more. And if it does, no matter if that six figure, seven figures maybe to send your kids to private school, I hope these episodes do that for you. But also, I hope that this shows you behind the scenes full transparency of what it takes to grow a seven figure business. And now we're working on multiple seven figure business. And so that is what I'm here to do is bring full transparency and y'all so much amazing feedback from February's income report. If you didn't listen to that one, apparently it's a good one to listen to.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:01:30] I have never received so many DBMS. I have never received so much positive feedback. And every time you send me these messages, I'm like, Oh, man, I'm so glad I said that, even if I didn't want to. Because a lot of times these conversations are hard. They're vulnerable. I'm opening up about things that normal business owners don't open up to about the public. But I think that's what makes these these I think that's what makes these income reports so important, is because no one's talking about the hard stuff. They're talking about the money, the exciting stuff, but they're not taking you behind the scenes of what's really going on. And that's why I love bringing you these. And the moment that they stop being fully transparent is the moment we will stop having income reports. And so let's dove on into March, March. We did have a six figure cash in hand month, which is always exciting. And I'm going to break those numbers down for you in the end. But first, let's chat about some things that went on. There was three big things that happened in March one. We're wrapping up quarter one to we launch conversions for clients and we're thinking this will be the only time we launch it this year. And we have a really exciting personal announcement to make. So I am not pregnant. That is not the announcement. So with the conversions for clients launch, this is something where we were supposed to have it in April, a bunch of things shifted.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:02:54] We ended up doing it in March and I'm so glad we did. But here's the thing. You'll you'll see the numbers launches are so much better than Evergreen. And there's a lot of reasons behind this. There's a lot of energy that goes into a live launch. There's a lot of momentum that happens with a lot of people in a short amount of time that you just can't get the same effect on Evergreen. So what and for anyone who doesn't know, Evergreen means it's always open, like you can always join. And the worst thing that can happen to you is someone put you in their saved folder like, OK, I'll come back to this when I have a second. Like, how many of you have Amazon wishlist full of stuff or Cartes? Like mine's like add to cart and then you can like save for later. My save for later is like completely full on Amazon. There's no deadline. There's so many programs that I'm like, oh look, I'm going to join this one and then there's no timeline, so I'd never make a decision. So I am a big fan of launching and a lot of times people say launching is stressful. It's this roller coaster. And that's because if you allow it to be that, that is what it will be for you. But I can honestly say this was the easiest launch that we've ever done.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:04:07] It's a rinse and repeat of the two launches before we actually took away one whole section of it that is takes a lot of my energy. And I knew that coming into this one, after what I chatted about in February, I wanted it to be a super powerful launch. But I didn't have the full bandwidth or energy to do one aspect, which was our live cast in. The funny thing is that's like my favorite part, where we bring on all of our members and they get to, like, just share their story and oh my goodness, that is definitely one of my favorite parts. But I knew going into this launch I didn't have the bandwidth or the energy for it. And I think that's really important is knowing where your energy is. But not only that is that we're now down to a team of three. So it's me, Stephanie, our podcast manager, and Janessa, who is our director of fulfillment. So she handles like all of our students. She helps with them if they email in to support. She's the one that's there for them and they have issues with payments or anything like she helps them. And so I knew that from a bandwidth side, our team just it would be a lot less pressure and a lot easier for us to get rid of that for this launch. So we did. And y'all this launch felt. Such a breeze, and I actually went to Florida in the middle of this launch, but it felt so easy and I was just showing up and doing what I love to do, which is teaching and helping people make progress.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:05:33] And so what I want you to know is if your business feels heavy or it feels like it's weighing you down or something feels stressful, we take we need to take ownership and why that is and what can we do better? What can we get rid of? What we can we change. And so one thing I know is when it comes to launching is people like to recreate the wheel over and over. They want to do a different type of launch. They want to change this. And what they want to change this and this is the one of the reasons I created Beta to Biggie is because there's no reason to be doing all those things, like there's absolutely none. This was a full rinse and repeat of our last launch, and we just removed one element that was going to take a little bit too much energy from me this go around. And so in to Biggie. What I teach them is like we make small tweaks each launch because that first launch, you're going to have a lot of assets you have to create. But after that, these are assets that will serve you launch after launch, after launch, after you've launched twice. Launching should be easy because you're not recreating things.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:06:32] And that's exactly what we did this time, is we did not recreate the wheel. And it felt so amazing to just have a launch of multiple six figure launch and it just be easy and light. And I want everyone like your business to feel easy and light. But in order to do that, you really need to step back and recognize, like, what's making me feel this way. What can I change? What am I doing that maybe I need to tweak? Where's my mindset out around this? And so I would encourage you to sometimes you just have to change our belief patterns that like if we were told enough that launchings hard and it's a roller coaster and it has to be stressful, that's exactly what it will be for us. But in my company, one thing that we do is normalize launching to be easy. So you'll also hear in April's income report how we were doing a mini launch and it feels so easy. So what can you make easy in your business? What feels heavy, hard right now that you can flip your mindset around, you can flip how you're doing things and make it easy for you. I want business to be easy. I want it to be simple. Remember, keep it simple, sweetie. Always default to that. So we launch conversions for clients. We had over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars launch, which was incredible.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:07:50] Now it was our lowest launch out of any of our launches for conversions for clients. But one of the things we look at is our earnings per lead, which ours was one hundred and three dollars. And that means for every lead that comes into our launch. So everyone who registers for the launch, we know that each of those leads brings an average of one hundred and three dollars. So the reason why this was important is because during the launch we had a lot of issues with Facebook and which is why we didn't hit the numbers we wanted. We had the least amount of leads that we'd had during any launch. And there's a lot of crazy things going on with Facebook right now. But ad costs were just really high and I kept on thinking like, oh my goodness, these ad costs are so high. Like, should we just stop running ads? Should I not spend as much like I didn't know what to do? And so we spent double what we did last time and had twenty five thousand dollars less launch than we did last time. But y'all when we're looking at numbers of one hundred and fifty thousand, I spent sixteen thousand on this launch and we walked away with one hundred and fifty plus thousand dollar launch. I'll do that all day, every day. That's super profitable. And so sometimes we have to put our business hats on and look at it like, OK, yeah, this is way more than I've ever spent, but is the return worth it? And in this case, one hundred percent it was worth it.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:09:17] And of course, the thing that everyone always says when they get done with the launch, I wish I would have spent more on ads and it's so true. So coming out of this launch, you always learn something. And what I learned from this launch is, well, we have such a we have just got so good at launching and making launching easy. And that to me is so important that we can just pick up and launch whenever we want and it's easy. That feels good to me. That feels really good. And the other thing is that I really need to bring in someone else to help with my ads. And it's not to help. It's because when I'm the face of the launch, when I'm doing all the training, when I'm doing a lot of the stuff, I can't also focus on ads because really focusing on ads when you're spending, you know, fifteen, twenty, thirty thousand, we could have even spent more because I didn't have the time or space to do it. But if we bring in someone, then we're able to do that. And so then it came down to do we hire an ad manager? What do we do? And I am big on bringing in people that are going to. Stay with me, so Janessa is celebrating her two year.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:10:23] She celebrated her two year anniversary with bringing company in March this month that I'm talking about. And then stuff is coming up, our podcast manager on two years in August. And so I like when people stay in. So I know if I brought in an ad manager, it may not be a permanent solution as a contractor. And so what I'm doing is I'm getting everything in place to hire a full time, not full time, but part time employee position to bring them on as a marketing assistant. And what that will look like is they come in and they go through conversions for clients. I have this whole program that teaches you how to run ads, so I'm going to have them go through conversions for clients. I'm also learning YouTube ads so they'll be added to that program and we will be training them in-house how to run our marketing. And then they will be assisting me with the whole marketing and growth department from an employee level, which is really, really exciting, because then I'll be able to trust them, work side by side with them. And I'm excited about this. And so we'll be doing that come. This is the thing, though, when you want to bring in this will be our we're moving Janessa to an employee and we have some other things that we'll be bringing on our first employees. But I know before just bringing on employees, I want to make sure all of our systems are really, really there and solid so nothing falls through the cracks.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:11:45] I think sometimes people get super excited. And you may have worked with clients like this where there's like, I know I need to hire, I know I need to hire. So they just hire and then nothing's in place for that hire to like you have no idea what you're supposed to be doing. They don't know what you're supposed to be doing. And then everyone's frustrated. And so right now, in the back end of our business, I'm really cleaning up things, getting things organized. And we have really tight systems, but there's always room for improvement. And from a legal standpoint, there's a lot of things that I have to make sure that are in place. So that's something that's really exciting. So talking about that, I totally forgot. Another thing that happened is I have been trying to get an LLC filed in North Carolina since January and I totally botched the LLC application because I also have an LLC in Florida. And so it's so funny how things work out because I botched the LLC form and then came back and rejected it. Then I was talking to my attorney and they were like, well, you really need to you have to like cancel this one and then resubmit. And I called the lady and all the stuff was just like, oh my gosh, my head wants to explode.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:12:57] And so then I got with an attorney in North Carolina. But the funny thing about that is my husband and I started having conversations about what we want because we were looking in houses in North Carolina. And some of you may be like, oh, my gosh, Brandi, this sounds so familiar, but we were looking at houses in North Carolina and we just could not commit. And so this happened to us in Virginia and why we moved to Florida in the first place. If you don't know that story, that's part of when I brought my husband home from work and everything. And the funny thing, as we were talking and we realized that we move to North Carolina for the wrong reasons, we moved to North Carolina to be closer to our families this year. Twenty, twenty. It is tough for a lot of people and to be closer to our family. And we figured this is what they would want. And there was a lot of tension and stuff going on behind the scenes around just our family and how far we were and all this stuff. So and then y'all know, my grandfather passed away last year and so we moved up here not because we didn't want to be in Florida, not because we didn't like Florida, but because we were trying to help other people. And in essence, we were trying to fix other people. And after I got back from my trip to Sedona, it came to my attention that it is not my job to fix other people.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:14:19] I can't fix other people. And so with that came real conversations with my husband about what we actually want. And one thing that we've realized is we have not loved being in North Carolina. We do not love the cold. We miss the beaches. We miss being able to walk around year round. We miss our outdoor living. We miss biking, we miss Disney. There's just a lot of stuff that we miss about Florida. And so after having this realization, we decided that we think that we're going to move back to Florida. But if we move back, we're going to buy a house. And so I was talking this over with my accountant, which is really important. You know, when you have a business that you're having conversations not only with your family and you, but also you're having these conversations as a business owner. So I called my accountant. I was like, listen, I think we're going to move back to Florida. It probably won't be twenty, twenty two. What do I need to do? I have this LLC that's in Florida. I'm trying to get my LLC in North Carolina. What do I do in my account was like, OK, we need to set you up with a foreign L.L.C.. So then I had to get with a North Carolina attorney, set up a foreign LLC, and it was like they needed all this stuff.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:15:32] And it was just a big thing, like a lot of people don't get foreign seats. And so we got all of this set up and it all got approved. And it's so funny because it's just funny how things work out, because when I botched the LLC intake form, it was because I selected I wanted a foreign LLC. I didn't even know what a foreign LLC was. And that's when they rejected it because I didn't give them back all the right information that they needed. And it's so crazy that, like, subconsciously I submitted a foreign LLC when that's not at that time what I wanted, but subconsciously it is what I wanted. And so it came back and then we had to submit another one. And so now I have a foreign LLC. Not really sure what that means, but I do know that means that I have an LLC in North Carolina and in Florida. So with all that being said, is that transitions from one, you need to have people that you can talk to, you need to have accountant, you need to have bookkeeper's. You need to have attorneys with stuff like this. It doesn't mean you have them on retainer at all the time, but you do need to have these people that you trust that you can lean into with decisions like this, because it would be it would not have been great for me to cancel my LLC in Florida and then need it back in a year.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:16:47] It would have been a big issue. So instead of making mistakes like these, which we can always fix, but have these conversations with the people that you trust in your corner before doing things, that's one thing I've learned so much when it comes to legal, accounting, bookkeeping. Have these conversations with people before you make decisions. OK, so we want conversions for clients and real honest conversations with my husband. And we decided we're going to start looking at homes in Florida and we got the LLC situation fixed. So then I'm in the middle of conversion. And so we had decided Austin and I had decided we were going to go down to Florida in April. We ended up contacting. We had to get pre-approved. So we went through the whole Lindor process. And then we also our prequalified, whatever it's called, prequalified. So we found a lender that works with small businesses. So that was a concern of mine is like my business has only been around for two and a half years. So we just got year three of our incomes, our taxes back. So that look good. But still I'm the sole provider. So we found a lender who works specifically with small businesses and then we also found a real estate agent. And so we had an appointment to go down in April to fly down there and look at homes.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:18:12] Well, this is March. I'm right in the middle of convergence for clients launch. How the videos went was Tuesday, Thursday, and then we had the break over the weekend and then they picked up and went Tuesday, Thursday of the next week. And so Thursday, Friday came. So I've done video one video two for conversions for clients. And this was at the end of March and our know the mid-March. And so it's Friday afternoon. And I just all day Friday, I was like looking at flights to Florida and I don't know why I just had this gut feeling. And I told Austin I was like, you know, maybe we go down to Florida and stay for like two weeks. I'll do the launch down there and then we can just like vacation. And Florida is like booked up. You cannot get into Florida. This was also during spring break, y'all, which I did not realize. And so it was so crazy because, like, we couldn't get any place for two weeks. We were looking at Key West, all this stuff. And I was like, I know that we need to be in Florida this weekend. I said, I don't know why, but we need to be in Florida this weekend. And my husband was like, well, Brandi, it's like at this point it's like five o'clock on a Friday night. And I was like, we need to get out. Let's just pack, we'll drive to Jacksonville, Savannah, stay, and then we'll drive the rest of the way tomorrow and then we'll come back on Wednesday.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:19:34] I'll do my live training on Tuesday and then we'll come back Wednesday. And he was like, no, like we can just wait till April. And I was like, no, no, no, we have to be in Florida. I don't know why, but we need to go out. Like, I have this gut feeling we need to be in Florida. So at six o'clock on a Friday in Charlotte, traffic, we pack up, get ready and we're driving to Florida and we pack up and go on vacation all the time, especially to Florida and stuff. So, like we always find a hotel room to stay and then we'll have our hotel. So I book a place for us in Sarasota, Florida, and for Saturday through Wednesday and Friday night, we're just going to find something off the interstate and stay. So we get to Savannah and we're like, OK, what's like 11, 30, let's just get to Jacksonville, it's not that much farther and we'll stay there. So we get outside of Jacksonville and we pull over Hampton Inn Holiday and all those, they're all completely booked. And we're like, what the heck? Like, how are they booked? And they're at one hundred percent capacity. So it's not like I mean, this place is like cars everywhere. So we're like, OK, we'll just keep driving a little bit further before we stop everywhere.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:20:46] From Jacksonville, Florida to Sarasota, Florida, which is five hours, we stop every single place that's off the interstate. We even went off the interstate to other ones. Not a single hotel had anything. Everything was completely booked out like crazy booked out. Cars were parked in the front. We're like, you unload your stuff. And we were like, what is going on? And apparently everyone is just flocking to Florida. And so we my child slept in our car seat. Of course, we get to the hotel that we had reserved. So instead of driving only four to five hours, we ended up driving nine and a half hours. And by the time we stopped all these times, it was like ten and a half hours. All we did in Sarasota. And we are we get to the hotel where I have reservations for Saturday night. And by this time it's five thirty a.m. Saturday morning. And we're like, oh my gosh, please tell me you have a room. We have a room tonight. And they're like, no, we're completely booked out and everyone in the area is booked out as well. And we were like, what the heck? And so we ended up taking turns like Austin up for an hour. Then he woke up. I slept for an hour in the truck. And then because we had Ryley in there and she slept through the whole thing. But we were homeless, sleeping in my husband's truck and we got one hour sleep.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:22:09] And then we went to previs and we had to meet with our real estate because I text her and I was like, hey, we're driving down. She was like, wait now. And I was like, yes. So she agreed to meet us Saturday. So I'm like brushing my teeth in parking lots and all this stuff. And we're getting ready and we're driving around. So we go look at these different neighborhoods. So where we want to move is called Lakewood Ranch. It's a planned development, which means like there's like twenty nine communities through different neighborhoods in there. All the land is already planned. It's been planned since before they built the very first house and there's it's forty seven percent green way. So natural preserve swamps, trees like so beautiful they have their own chopping their own schools. It's a really cool area and it's just south of Tampa and Bradenton and Sarasota. So about thirty minutes from where we were living before in Florida. And the thing with the housing market is some of you may know is because the covid, it's like super hot market. Well, the thing in Florida is it's even hotter market because everyone is moving to Florida, like from up north New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, they're all coming down to Florida, even California to Florida. And so it's a really, like hot spot right now. So this whole planned community, they have some resells, but the whole thing's less than ten years old.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:23:32] And then they have a bunch of new builds and we wanted a new build. And so we're going to look at this one and then we're like, we're on a wait list. We're only we have over one hundred fifty people on our waitlist really letting out eight spots at a time. We went to this other one. It was going to be a bidding war like and then you're it's just crazy right now. And so we're looking at all these neighborhoods. We understand that it's going to be a long process. And so our real estate agent takes us to several. We like them, but there's concerns with each of them, like the one had a cell phone tower right at it. And I don't want to be that close to cell phone towers. You can look out why there's not great for your brain and stuff like that. The other one had just like it was a little farther south, didn't have a great school district. And so we're driving around in Miralles to our real estate agents. I will meet with you Sunday. And I was like, OK, OK, so we're just driving around. And remember, there's all these communities, but a lot of them are already completely like they're they just built their last house, like there's no lots available. And we passed this one called Savannah. And I was like, Hulston, this one looks really nice.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:24:40] Let's try it. Like, do you think that they have any houses? And I text my real estate agent and said, hey, we're passing this community, Savannah, do you know anything about it? And she was like, I think they're done building in that one, actually. And so I was like, well, there's model homes on. So Austin, I drove past and I text my real estate agent. I was like, oh, no, we need to be like, can you meet us here? They still have two lots available. And she was like, OK, OK. So she comes and we start looking at the floor plans and everything, and there's two lots available. One is the classic series, which just means you have a smaller lot, the signature series. Bigger lot. And so we look and we're like, oh, my gosh, we really like this, but the floorplan we had, they didn't have a model. And so we spent the whole night Saturday doing a lot of research. They sent us over blueprint, stuff like that. And then Sunday we went in and we said, OK, you know, like this is the floor plan we want. And they were building one and they just got the drywall up. And as soon as we walked into that house, I was like, this is it. This is at the start going to be our house. And so we said, we want it, like, not that one, that's someone else.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:25:52] But we want this last lot that you have. Like, this is what we want. And so we were able to get all the documents signed and everything. And literally the people that came in right after us bought the other lot in the classic series. So if we would not have went down that weekend, we would not have had that lot like it had just come on the market as of two days prior. And then we got down there and we got it. And then the other one, that was two days prior, someone came in and got that lot right after we got our lot. So the thing the whole story is it's so crazy, but follow you and your intuition, that gut feeling like I had no idea why we had to be down there in this weekend, but I knew that we did and we made it happen like I was in the middle of a launch and everything. And I was just like, I know we have to be there. And so when you have these feelings, whether it's in business, if it's in life, follow your gut like it knows you already know everything inside of you. It's just we have to be better at listening to what our gut, her intuition is telling us and be more trusting of ourselves. I think so many times we know what the right answer is, but we don't trust ourselves to make that decision or go with our intuition.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:27:03] And I can tell you, holy bananas, I am so glad I listened to my intuition because we would not have got that house. And so now we're in this really cool phase in our life where we're building our dream house. We have a lake behind us that had an alligator swimming in it. It's there's bald eagles. I mean, it's just like, so amazing. I'm super excited about it. We get to we're going down in April to pick out, like, all of our cabinets and finishes. And I'm just so excited about this point in my life. And one of the things I'm so blessed is for this business because because of this business, we're able to do this because I get to help other people create their dream life. I'm able to create mine. And there's so much power in that. But the big lesson I want you all to take out of this is listen to your gut, listen to your intuition. You know what you need to do. Just start listening to yourself more. So during that line, try to do one of the videos. It's kind of a hotel room. And it was totally fine. It worked. We made it happen. I was super yellow because of the lighting in there, but we made it work and we drove back and we slept in cars and great stories like I think that's the other thing. Sometimes we're in the situation and it feels like it just it's a crappy situation and we can't see the other side of it.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:28:15] But how can we turn these situations and make them into stories? Because we still laugh about the fact that we sleep in a truck. We were up for thirty six hours straight, like it was just such a crazy story and it felt so rough in that moment. But now we can laugh about it. And there's so many business lessons that I've learned that it feels rough and it feels yucky in that moment. But now I can look back and be like, oh, that happened so I could tell you this story or that happened to me so I could help this person, especially in Beda, to be a lot of our launch stories like the reason they've helped is now that I can help my Batebi students not have that happen. Like what happens when a troll comes into your Zoome room, go back and listen to February twenty twenty income report and you can hear how that happened. And so this is the thing you're in the moment. It never feels good, but what happens after that moment's over and what did we learn or what comes from that moment? And so I would encourage you to listen to your gut, but also don't get stuck in the moment right then and there that things feel hard. Don't quit there. Get through the other side and then let's go back and see what we need to do to learn in that moment.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:24] Now, I know we will never leave the house without having a hotel reservation ever again, but what I learned even more is that follow my intuition more. OK, so we launched conversions for clients. We bought a house, we got my LLC in North Carolina and in Florida. And it's just been such a fun month, y'all. I love building this business. I will tell you that it's not always easy. There's times where I'm like, gosh, this feels like so much work. Like through this whole L.L.C. thing. I was getting so frustrated because a lot of this fellow me like I had to get documents. Same thing with the loan process, like just so much stuff to have to go through. And it's like, oh, but it's so worth it. Like this is just that, like yucky stuff that's not fun about business, the unsexy stuff. But that's OK. Sometimes we just have to suck it up and do it so we can get to the fun stuff, the part about business that excites us. And I will tell you all this back and stuff is not the exciting part. So let's talk about the numbers for this and then I'll talk about the quarter, so and I'll talk about another lesson that I also learned. So this month, March, we did one hundred and twenty six thousand and seven dollars.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:30:35] So that's money in the bank. Our revenue generated was over two hundred thousand. But remember, this year we're not talking about revenue generated. I'm just talking about the money that actually went into the bank account, which was one hundred and twenty six thousand seven dollars. And one thing that is really significant about that is we had six revenue streams because I teach like how multiple revenue streams don't put all your eggs in one basket. But three of those revenue streams brought in 90 percent of the dollars. So that was Serve Scale Soar, Beta to Biggie and conversions for clients. And so I really, really, really would love to show you all that. Like, you don't have to have six revenue streams. You just have to have two, one to two that really crush it. And that's exactly what we have in our business. And also with convergence for clients, I brought in over ninety thousand dollars money in the bank. And so with that, that shows you the power of launching. I don't know many people who are doing ninety thousand dollars per month with only a sixteen thousand dollar ad spend on Evergreen, you just won't see it. You may see people who say like, oh, we have one hundred thousand dollars per month on Evergreen, but they're probably spending like 70, 80, 90 K a month in ads. So here's what I want. You know, we had ninety thousand five hundred in the bank. It resulted in one hundred and over one hundred fifty thousand from the launch.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:31:58] But over ninety thousand of that was in the bank and we spent seventeen thousand on ads. That's an extremely amazing ROIC that you just won't see on Evergreen. So if you're like, Oh, but I don't want to launch, I just want to do this evergrowing thing that everyone talks about. I'm here to tell you Evergreen has its place, but you're not going to see momentum like this and an evergreen. And so there is power in launching. And this is exactly what we teach in Beta to Biggie. But three revenue streams, that was the main ones. But we had six total already talked about how it was easy and it was just a rinse and repeat launch. And then we our expenses were just under forty five thousand. They were for forty four thousand nine hundred and seventy two, which gave us a profit that month, a sixty four thousand or sixty four percent. That's incredible. I love that number. Sixty four percent on one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars a month is really, really exciting to me. Like extremely exciting. And so what does that mean. Where did those expenses come from. The forty four thousand are right under forty five thousand. So affiliate was just under four hundred dollars. I did make a donation to Village Impact. They were doing a fund raiser. I'll make my big one towards the end of the year.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:33:15] But we did just we always like to make a donation to them. They were raising money. So we got them several, several, several, several, several, several covid kits, which was really cool. Team and payroll thirteen thousand five hundred. That includes mine marketing was eighteen thousand. So that was definitely one of our that was our highest expense, my LLC and all that. Six hundred and fifty three dollars for attorney fees and things like that. Software was one thousand eight hundred and ninety two. I was like why was that so high this month. But we had some months. It's weird because KJB because of how Wickens flow and stuff kjb we charge we were charged twice, manage that charge twice so we won't have those fees come out in April. But they all came out in March. So we had some of that. We did invest in help scout. So that way we can track like people's happiness level of our service and that's Justice Department. So she set up help help out with us. Education was forty four hundred, travel was sixteen hundred. This was all from February when I went out to Sedona, but it just hit the account. March 1st. Merchant fees were four thousand. That was like double what we projected, but that just means we brought in more money than we thought. So I'm OK with that. I am so running at sixty four percent profitability, so happy with that. We had a great month and one thing that I was looking at is we finished up quarter one.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:34:41] Y'all like, holy moly, where is this year going. We are down one quarter one. And so I was looking at my numbers and I didn't know how to feel. I was kind of feeling like we were behind our goals and everything like that. But I went back and looked at March 20, our quarter one of twenty twenty, and we had finished up quarter one of twenty twenty at one hundred and three thousand. I'm sorry. That's not right. One hundred and fifty five thousand seven hundred and sixty nine. And I was like OK. And then we did remember one point two generated right. Under a million in the. Last year, and so I was like, OK, well, let's see where we are this year. And so the end of quarter one, we finish at just over two hundred and fifty nine thousand four quarter one, which puts us on target for a million. Again, we finish up it or a million is two hundred and fifty a quarter. So we finish up over that, which is super exciting. And what's even better is that's a 40 percent growth over last year's quarter one, which is really, really cool that we're growing. That's always nice to see and to know that we are doing 40 percent more than what we did last year. And last year we finished writing a million and we have 40 percent growth just gives me like, hey, where are we going to in this year? This is going to be fun, but we are on target for a million, which is great.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:36:05] I'm super happy with our profitability. We do have some big tax bills that will be paid in April and May. So those are coming. But John, it's fun running a business. There's all kinds of behind the scenes. But a few things that I hope you got from this is one, let's take a look at back where we were last year, last quarter, because I think that really helped me. I was feeling like I was behind for some reason. But then when I look back at what we did quarter one and see 40 percent growth, that's really exciting. So can you look back at what you were doing last quarter? One for twenty twenty and where you are now and what is your business look like? I think there's a lot of power in there. Also launching doesn't have to be a roller coaster or your business doesn't have to be a roller coaster. It doesn't have to feel heavy. We decide how things feel and we can take inventory and see how we can make things light and easy in our business. Also, follow your intuition. Oh, my goodness. Friends lean into that. If you don't take away anything else, take in that. Follow your intuition. You know what's right for you.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:37:08] We just have to learn to listen to ourselves more and always have people that you can reach out to accountants, attorneys, bookkeepers before making any decisions. These are really important people to have in your business corner. They don't have to cost a lot, but we definitely, definitely need them in there. If anyone needs recommendations, happy to give those. But it is definitely something we want to look at because remember, this is our business and we need to treat it like a business, not a hobby. And one thing I'll tell you when I'm looking at these numbers is when I look at our expenses, I think we run about forty thousand in expenses each month for one hundred. So we did over one hundred and twenty six thousand this month and spent forty five thousand. So if you look at that and you have to say like, I want a million dollar business, what are like how much money you spend in each month? And this doesn't mean spend willy nilly because, you know, I'm all about profit. But you can't say you want a million dollar business and then your expenses be like a thousand dollars. It's just not going to work like that. It does take money to make money. But I want you to do that in a smart way. And so if that's with your services, if that's with, of course, our membership, if it's with both, let's make really smart decisions.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:38:29] But more expenses doesn't mean less money. You can have highly profitable business. We ran at sixty five percent for one hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars a month plus we had forty five thousand in expenses. Some of you might be like, holy cow, I would love just to make forty five thousand a month, but to have expenses. But it's a building process. You'll get there but you can't be afraid of these numbers. In order to get there, you have to embrace these numbers. So y'all, I love having these income reports. If you want to learn more about creating more revenue streams, also how to manage your money effectively with launching and how to launch with ease. And you're ready to take your idea and turn it into a beta and launch it four times in twenty twenty one. Or if you already have a program and you just really need to learn how to launch effectively and with ease to make each launch bigger and better, then go on and head to and apply to for our free training that teaches you how to create a second income stream for your business and how to launch your program four times in one year and learn more about my program. Better to be so head to And apply today y'all until next week. Go out, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into that six figure year you deserve.

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