Wow! March 2020 will definitely be one for the history books!   In today’s episode, we are going behind the scenes of my business to find out how I generated $67,000 and why my expenses were over $39,000. 

March was a month full of pivots- in our lives and in our business.  I have been planning my first live event and mastermind retreat for months.  Venues, flights, and hotels were booked and all of the details were finalized.  Then the coronavirus hit and suddenly we had some BIG decisions to make-  continue with a live event or switch everything to virtual last minute. 

 We are diving deep into the details of my income and expenses, new team members to Brandi and Co., and you will find out why I watched Tiger King, not once, but twice! 

 March has been a month filled with madness, but we pivoted and made the best out of the situations we were presented with and ultimately had an amazing month! 

Value Bombs:

  • The importance of pivoting in your business when you need to
  • The challenge of converting a live event to virtual 
  • My feelings behind a 98% virtual show-up rate 
  • The value of good laughter
  • Why you shouldn’t feel bad about charging your clients right now 
  • The incredible power of masterminds
  • The importance of saving for training and education expenses
  • Creating SOP’s to plan for unexpected events
  • Why I spent $12,000 on one program 
  • Working from a place of gratitude


This month was hard for a lot of people, but I also saw many wonderful things happening in the Serve Scale Soar community.  Some of the members pivoted and started working with local businesses to get them online quickly.  Other members are having their best months and I feel incredibly grateful for the businesses we are creating together.  

I learned that when you know your numbers, stay on track, and plan ahead, you can accomplish your goals despite unexpected circumstances. So, keep on doing what you’re doing. Keep on impacting people’s lives and showing up to serve your clients! 

See you next week! 



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so many things happen in March, including generating sixty five thousand seven hundred and one dollars. But oh my goodness, we had Tiger King, we had Corona, we had so many things going on in the world, so crazy, such a crazy time. But I'm excited to do this income report because I'm going to go like super behind the scenes. And when you hear how much my expenses were for the month, thirty thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars and we are breaking all of this down in the craziness of March. We didn't have basketball in March, but we definitely had March Madness. So let's dove on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entreprenuers scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandi is a wife mom. And in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets so you can to.

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No experience required. Even during times of uncertainty.

So what are we to do now? If you're like, yes. I've thought about running Facebook ads, but I don't even know where I want to start. Or if you already have a Facebook ad business but you want to grow it, I encourage you to head over to Serve Scale Soar dot com forward slash ad and you can see it register for my free four part series video. And so in these you are going to take away so much amazingness, so much knowledge. The first video comes out May 7th. And then we'll be dropping them out through the month of May to head over there, get updated for my free training at Serve Scale Soar dot com forward slash ad hail.

And welcome back to the Serve Scale Soar podcast in case we have that. My name is Brandi Mowles and I'm helping service based entrepreneurs scale to consistent ten thousand elements without hiring a team. But before we jump in to this month's income report, I definitely want to spotlight one of our listener reviews. And this one is Five Stars from Reb. towser. And these are your Apple names. So Reb. is size three, two, one action. Honestly, I need action items. And Brandi delivers one hundred percent on this. I love that she shares so transparently, yet with so much authority. Really a breath of fresh air. I was first introduced through her through another podcast, and I'm so thankful. I also love that they are not super long. Perfect bytes of info to hear and then implement. Thank you so much Raptor's for leaving that review and if you would like to be one of our spotlight listeners. Head on down to the review section and just leave us an honest review and you could be our next one. But what I love about this is that she talks about transparency and we are digging down into some transparent topics today. We're talking all about what the heck happened in March with Corona will tiebreaking with pivoting from a live event to a virtual event with over 40 people and all the craziness that went down and how my expenses were over thirty thousand dollars.

But also we came to the end of quarter one and where we're at. When it comes to being on target, four million. So this episode is going to be jam packed, all transparency. Take me behind the scenes to see what it looks like this month, dealing with a business on track, 4 million and all the craziness that happened. And so I'm excited to break this down. So let's jump on in. First off, I know you're gonna want to know the revenue we generated sixty five thousand seven hundred and one dollars in revenue and we're gonna break down these numbers. Money that actually went through the bank account was forty five thousand five hundred and our expenses were thirty thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars. Your colleague Val. Whoa. Val vomited when I saw that. But I'm gonna show you how we can have expenses. Almost thirty one thousand dollars and still come out profitable this month. Enzo, it's all about cleaning. It's all about knowing your numbers. And so this month, you know, things got crazy smart. We definitely experience March Madness, but without the basketball involved and without any sports involved.

And this month was a month that changed a lot of people's lives. It changed a lot of people's business. It will be one that we remember forever, it's telling me has been it'll probably be one that is on the Kindle's when Riley is in high school, because I was like, they won't have books then. And I am just fascinated by what the history books will say about this. And I know that I just want to start off by saying that my heart goes out to anyone who has really struggled through this. If you lost me one, if you were quarantined because someone in your family was sick or maybe you were sick or just all the emotions that go around this, or if you had a spouse that lost their job or if you lost clients. And my heart goes out to you. This month, I really focused in March on pouring into my community and helping them. We released a marketing minute challenge like how can we just help each other get more clients, make sure we have a stable business? And one thing I'm so proud of with the Serve Scale Soar and conversions for clients is that people didn't give up and they pivoted and they saw the opportunities that they could take. And maybe it meant offering a new service or maybe a. Just trying to work with different people or stepping outside of their comfort zone. But they showed up and many members in conversions for clients, which is how you can learn how to do Facebook ads in Serve Scale Soar or having their best months. And then there were people who weren't having their best months. And I want to acknowledge that, too. And it wasn't because they weren't trying or anything. It was just circumstances.

But one thing that I saw is that there was so many industries that were online that were thriving.

And so I know that my Facebook ad manager's dang, a lot of them were having their best months and it was super exciting to watch. We had social media managers having their best months. We had people pivoting to start work with local businesses, getting them online, and they were having their best months. And it was just so incredible to see that as online business owners that when we already work from home or we didn't have to go into a 9 to 5 and how grateful I was for the business and life awesome that I've created. And I don't take that lightly as I'm recording this were mid April. And I think about it. And every single day I wake up and I write in my five minute journal my gratitude towards the business that I've created, because no one saw this coming. No one would have thought to plan their business to set it up like something like that. And I'm grateful that we weren't horribly affected by this. And I know so many online entrepreneurs who have come out ahead or thrived during this time and people who even were local that are now taking their businesses online so they can continue to have a business and thrive. And I keep coming back to the word pivot, and I truly feel like that this is what this time has been about is pivoting and just trying to make what you can work, try to make the best out of a horrible situation.

And I just want you to know that I've been pouring in Serve Scale Soar the membership and telling them, y'all just keep showing up. And when this airs, it will be the beginning of May. And who the heck knows, we'll still be quarantine if we'll be out of quarantine or anything like that. But I just want to give you hope and know that you can pivot to and that this will not last for ever. And don't let this be something that hold you back from the success that you you're meant to have. You are meant to run a successful business and you are meant to show up. And I just want to encourage each and every one of you to keep showing up and do what you need to do now to feel like it's right in your heart. So if that means rest, rest, if that means, you know, like hug your kids a little tighter than do that, if that means getting more clients to do that, you do what works for you, but also don't use anything as an excuse to hold you back from what you want to accomplish right now. Because if your goal right now is to get clients and you can get on their market for 15 minutes a day, then do that.

And I just want you to know that the Serve Scale Soar family, we are here for you. And we acknowledge that. So totally not where I was going to go with all this, but I felt like that was really important to say. So some of the big things that happen this month is, I guess, the first one hit when we had to pivot and decide to take our live event. It was one of those things where it was on like we didn't have to at one point and there was like, OK, guys, we're gonna keep this going. And then California shut down and we're like, we're still gonna go like, we got this. Everyone's so excited about coming. And then more and more states started shutting down. And then it came to a point where it didn't make sense to make people decide if they were gonna come or not. And I mean, the extremely hard decision before it was made for me that we were gonna turn this event from live to virtual. We had 40 people. Everything was pretty much purchased except for the food already. And we had to take it online and we struggled with do we cancel it?

Do we reschedule? Do we postpone? And I was like, no, people have taken time off their schedule already. They wanted this. They were ready. I do not want them to have to wait until all this craziness is over before they can get the stuff that they need to start implementing to grow their business now. And so what happened is we started building out a studio, livestreaming studio, and we worked with livestreaming pros through their program. And they're the same people that did like Pat Flynn and a Amy Porterfield. And I went through their program and did their coaching and everything to set this up. And now we have this beautiful studio. But we created it for the livestreaming experience. And we did a live stream two days back to back for over six hours each day. And the craziest thing is I have the most amazing members inside. Serve Scale Soar we had a 98 percent show up bright for every single session, every single session. That means people were on both day six hours straight and got in, started implementing and seeing results. And it was so powerful. And I was like, holy cow, we made the right decision. I'm so glad we didn't postpone. But part of being a business owner is making hard decisions. And I will tell you, all this is probably the hardest decision we had to make in my business. And I remember it was a Saturday morning and I VOCs the team and I was like, what do we do? Like my guts telling me one thing, my head's telling me another, like, what do we do? And I went with my gut.

I always go with my gut. You don't go with your head. You don't go with your heart. You go with your gut. And there's something about a shocker there. And so I don't know all about that. But I do know that you should go with your gut. And my gut was telling me we just needed to pivot and still have it. We were fortunate enough that we started ordering all the stuff before everything was sold out. So we had I mean, talking about computers and screens and lights and cameras. And it was a full on studio because I wanted it to be the most amazing experience possible. We also ended up sending boxes out to everyone. My husband and I were up super late, like packaging up boxes and sending out gifts and all this crazy stuff so everyone would have a virtual event box and setting up the studio. And it was just so bananas. And so we'll talk about that price first. But that studio, the studio came in at sixty five hundred dollars, so we spent sixty five hundred dollars to get the studio up, running, going and everything. And so that was definitely a big expense. But here's the thing. We plan for it each month. We take a portion of the money and put it into a savings account for things that like I may want to spend on that.

We're not planning on it. So an example is the studio so we can put this much aside for it. But we took the money that we got back from the house because we had mastermind people staying in the house. So we sent them their money back and then I'd made the business had paid a large portion of the house. And so we use some of that towards the studio as well. And then we pulled some of that money out. And so, yes, sixty five hundred dollars, but it was planned for it. And so it wasn't like it was hard to take out that money and do it. We had planned for an account for things like this that come up. So we were able to do that. And now it's an amazing studio is a business expense. I love it. But we definitely had a pivot and go and that was hardcore. After the first day, I was like, so drained. I've never trained for six hours straight. And it's much it's a different environment when you're just talking to a screen all day. And we were all pulled up on Zoom. It was such an amazing experience. But at the end of the day, we're talking to a screen. Even though I had people in front of me and I got done and I was like, oh, my gosh. That was the most draining but rewarding day that I've probably ever experienced. And then the next day was just so much better. And I came in with such a grateful heart for everyone to show up, because that first day you're like, are tech problems going to happen? Zooming and show up like, how's this going to go? And so there was a bunch of hype before.

And you know what? We had a tech problem. My mike went out. We pivoted really quick and we made it work. And that's the power pivoting you like. Don't let the little thing slow you down. Just keep going. And that's definitely something that I learned in March. So another lesson I learned is, holy cow, how viral can something go? And then we binge watch Tiger King. And so embarrassed to say that we'd binge watched it twice. And I love stuff like this because it gives you an outlet like it was a relief. It created means we all got to laugh. And then I watched it the second time for the marketing aspect. What was Carell doing that she can create like millions of people making money from Facebook lives? And then Joe, like, did he have all these followers? And I think that there's a lot to be said when we look at things from a marketer's perspective. And so I went through and watched again through that lens. And I think that Tiger King is one of the most ridiculous documentaries, but it came at the perfect time because it gave everyone a reason to laugh. And I think there's so much important things like that can come from just good laughter and connecting people in a way that doesn't have to do with politics or religion or anything like that, but just like laughing.

And so that was definitely something that came from it. And then it was just we're at a time that it's hard to navigate. It's hard to know what the right things to say are, what you should and shouldn't do. And this is just such uncharted territory. And I just want to thank my. Immunity for letting me show up and help them. I'm sure that I've probably said things that maybe like, I don't know, it's always one of these times that you don't know if you're saying the right thing or not. But hopefully I know that I've helped some people and I know that each and every single one of you have been helping your clients. And I think that that's so important right now. And I also think it's important that we continue to serve and get clients in. Do not feel bad about charging your clients because the economy needs us. The economy needs us. Your family needs you. Your clients need you. And so do not feel bad about charging for your services because that's what keeps everything going. And you are doing that for your family. And I think that's one of the important parts that I want to note is that is so important not to feel bad about selling right now, as long as you're doing it in a good way and you're not being like sleazy or yucky or anything like that.

Then I keep doing that. OK. So we had a virtual event. We've pivoted. Business was about the same when it comes to Facebook ads, services. And then we opened up our mastermind. So we decided to do this back in February, I think.

And I knew that we were coming up on the live event. And I know the power in a live event. And I knew that the mastermind was going to open up again until July 1st. And I was like, you know why we need to open up another one? Because there is just like so much stuff. Your business can change so much in three months. And I think about my business every quarter and I review it and I'm like, oh, my gosh, so much stuff can happen in three months. And so I wanted to give people the option to join another mastermind. And so we opened up the soaring inner circle to a new group. And it was amazing. And I'm so excited about the group. So they're going to get eight months with me. And already from our first calls, they're already making like huge strides. Like, it's so insane. What can come from just surrounding yourself? Bigger thinkers, people who support you. And sometimes you just need someone to brainstorm some ideas with and get you in the right direction. And that's what I love so much about the mastermind. And so I'm excited about this round to we're almost full. We only have three spots left as I'm recording this. So this one will come out at the beginning of May. And we stopped taking applications May 7th. And so I am just so excited about what's to come and getting started and just kicking this new group off, because I know that there's a lot of power and coaching.

There's a lot of power and masterminds. I'm part of the mastermind. I love it. I've been part of one for a year and I definitely contributed to a lot of my success. And so we will link that up if we have any spots left, walling that up in the show notes and you can apply. But that's going to be for eight months. And it's for people who are just making consistent money and they're ready to take it to the next level. And so we open that up. And that's been amazing for a lot of people. And I'm excited about the group. And I think that one of the things that I've learned in March is that when it comes to numbers, they're so, so important to know your numbers. And on that note, I do want to jump into the numbers because we finished up quarter one and I'm going to go over where we're at. But I want to break down how the heck I ended up with thirty thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars and expenses. So my owners pays always the same ten thousand dollars in April. That will actually change. And we'll talk about the changes that are going to happen in April. As I have transitioned to an S-Corp, so ten thousand dollars, the retreat we had seven hundred fifty eight dollars in expenses.

We've already paid for the retreat for the most part. But we did have to mail out so Mei-Ling to send out everyone's gift basket and everything like that, their gifts or $758 affiliates. I paid them out. Four hundred and forty eight Facebook ads. I only spent five hundred and eighty two. It wasn't because I didn't want to run ads or sell or anything like that. It was because our messaging on our training, how to scale a consistent ten thousand dollar days without hiring a team. The messaging needed to be changed too. So I wasn't tone deaf to the times that were going on in the emails. And it was just not a priority. But also because I really wanted to show up and serve my members and I wanted to show up and serve the members that I knew. And I just wanted to be there for them. And so that's the reason we didn't run ads in March. I turned them off shortly after everything got a little bit crazy graphics that's been three hundred and two dollars on. This was graphics for the slides. I had a buy slide templates and some other graphics for the retreat and things that we were building. So that was three hundred and two. Low cost. Sixty five hundred software was eleven hundred.

That's way more expensive than it normally is. But we had some yearly things come up. So like click up. Our year was up and our team has got bigger this year. So that was an expense that I just went on and paid for the year. So I think it was like four hundred and some. And then I had also some renewals for Web site domains and hosting come up. So that one was definitely more expensive than normal, but it was for a year, so we won't have a lot of those expense again for a year. So that was eleven hundred. I made a big investment in training, so my training was thirteen thousand. I spent this month of March. That's because I invested a twelve thousand dollar program with brainand Lucero to work on my messaging and to work with his team on fault reversals and things like that. That really helped because I feel like one of the things that sometimes my cell's pages and some things like that, my messaging isn't super clear. So I knew that that was a place that I wanted to work on. We have so many amazing things come into Serve Scale Soar this summer. re-recording pretty much all the trainings to give it a fresh update. And then on September we'll be opening the doors again. And I have so much fun stuff and free trainings coming before that.

And so I'm working with brainand to really make sure that I'm providing the most value as possible to all in the most effective way. So that was a very big expense. And it's so funny because I text my bookkeeper and I was like, hey, I'm about to invest in this $12000 program. Can I just pay for it in full and save some money? And she said, yep. We've already put aside money for training and education. And so we put money aside for that each month. And so the money was there. I paid for it. No problem. And I was just so grateful that we plan for these things. I was able to make that investment, my processing fees for like stripe and square. That was almost fifteen hundred fourteen eighty four. And then my team was six thousand seven hundred and thirty eight. So I had to pay my accountant. I'm an LLC, but we file as an S corp and so for her to like I had to do a whole bunch of stuff to make sure that as I went into the new year that I didn't have a whole bunch of taxes to pay. And then previous, she saved me a ton of money, but her fee was two thousand seven hundred and thirty eight. So that was two thousand seven hundred thirty eight that we had known that we were not paying counted.

I didn't know it was gonna be that much. So that's why my team expense last month was a little bit more expensive. Also, we added I hired an OPM integrator. So Katy is now part of the team. She has come on now and she's building out our S.O. PS but also Janessa. She's on maternity leave. And so I needed someone to step in to Janessa as role. Plus we needed some other roles and S.O.P. Is created and things like that. So I brought on Katie. So she's our newest team member and she is helping with all the business stuff to make sure that is running to the best and that if anything were to happen to me or like Janessa going on maternity leave or anything, that someone else can step into that role and take over. And business just continues on as usual. And that was one big lesson I learned is that I thought I had Opie's, but they were like piecemeal together. There wasn't like a cohesive one that someone to literally just come in and take over. And that's what we built out. So Janessa is our. She does so much for like failed payments and retention and things like that and updating people's cards if they're expired and all those kinds of things. And I was really nervous about her going away on maternity leave.

I didn't know how to do any of that. And her and Katie together built out this amazing S.O.P. Were it were Katie has been able to step into that position and I haven't noticed a change at all. And that was a piece that we were missing. And I'm so grateful that now that is being built out. So if I need to step away or if we need to, you know, pivot in our business or someone decides to go off in another direction, then we could bring in someone else and replace them and things would just continue on as normal. And I'm so happy with that. And Katie is such an amazing fit for the team. We've implemented a lot new things, especially rocks. So if you've ever read the book Traction, it's such a good book and it teaches you about core values of your business, which we've always had. Even when it was just me, we are now implementing pulse meetings. So every Monday the team has a meeting. But we're also working from rocks because I am someone who loves to do a lot of things like I love to be marketing and all the things. But we found that we're putting on too much on the team's plate and putting too much on my team plate. So Katie's helping. Impliment rocks. Which means we have our focuses for the quarter and that's what we focus on.

Anything else that comes up? Let's move to the next quarter and becomes that quarter's rocks and the team knows exactly what we should be focused on that quarter. What each of their goals are to help us as a whole unit achieve our goals and hit our rocks. And so that has been super beneficial for the team. And she's only been with us for a month. So I'm excited to see how it plays out moving forward. So my team costs were more than normal, but a lot like once again, I won't have a twenty seven hundred dollar cost again until next year. So those numbers will go down. So the big thing is that comes up to thirty thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars and that is including my pay. And so a lot of expenses. But we brought him forty five thousand five hundred. So we still had it like that's money through the bank. So still a profitable month, which is so exciting and enough profit to put aside for taxes. And we also do where we take a certain percentage and put it away. So four times where I get a quarterly bonus and then also for like building out the studio and stuff like that. So I love these numbers because it shows that even if we have a month where our expenses are high at thirty one thousand almost, it's OK.

The business is good. And I think that's important. And when you know your numbers and you stay on track with your numbers and you plan ahead, then you can do that. And so I'll break down where revenue came from because that was sixty five thousand seven hundred and one. And I know you all want to know those. And then I'll tell you where we're at on million, OK? So conversions for clients brought in twenty two hundred dollars. And this is new revenue. This isn't including the money that comes from the bank. If you want to hear the difference between generated revenue and cash flow, then go listen to January's income report because I go all over that. So Serve Scale Soar brought new four thousand four hundred sixteen dollars. That was from. We had some new members in the beginning of the month before I turned off Facebook ads. But then we also had people upgrade because they get put on are playing in our directory. So some people upgraded to lifetime, some people upgraded to the years that that money is factored in there. The mastermind brought in generated forty six thousand dollars. So that's where most of the new generation of revenue came from. Services brought in ten thousand and then affiliate marketing was three thousand eighty five. And so that brought us up to sixty five thousand seven hundred and one dollars.

And I was just so excited because it just it's nice to know that even when all the craziness happens that I'm so grateful for what we're doing. I'm grateful for the people that believe in what we're doing. And I'm just so thankful that I had the privilege to help impact other people's lives. And I think that's the big thing that I'm learning through all this, is just to keep on doing what you're doing. Keep on impacting people's lives. And a lot of times were impacting lives more than we actually know. And so I would encourage all to just keep doing amazing work, keep just loving your people, keep working from a place of gratitude and knowing that you are enough and that you can get through anything. And so with that, before I get off our quarter, one is now complete. And we're tracking millions. So if you haven't listened to an income report, I am doing these for the whole year of twenty twenty. As we track our first million dollar year and take you behind the scenes of what that looks like. So the goal was to be at two hundred fifty thousand and that wasn't the goal. But that puts you in track for million. And we finished up quarter one at two hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars generated in Q1.

And when I did that math I about fell out of seat because like I knew I needed to be at 250. But when it's just a number on a piece of paper, it doesn't feel like, you know, 250. It's a number on this paper. But then when you do the math and you're like, holy Conolly, little old me from Salem, Virginia. Like super tiny town. Now I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. Not to confuse anyone, but little me. Generated two hundred twenty seven thousand dollars in three months. I was like, what in the world? And here's the thing. All that number is exciting. But it's also it's not just about the number I think about. Like I'm doing something I love. I'm helping a lot of. Along the way, and it doesn't feel like work. I don't hate what I do. And it's just I I don't know. It's a hard feeling to describe. All I can do is say that I'm so grateful. And so some people would look at this and be like, well, you're twenty three thousand short of your goal. I look at it as twenty three thousand out of two hundred and twenty seven thousand.

That's like a drop in the bucket. We will make that up. I'm not even worried about it. So we are on target. Four million. And because you don't start out, the worst thing you can do is if you have a revenue ball, it'll be like, OK, so I'm going to start in January and I have to be at. So if you want to do a six figure a year, then you're going say, OK. January I have to be at eighty four hundred in the next month. I mean do eighty four hundred and then the next month and mean renew eighty four hundred. That's not how it works. Like you always want to be growing.

So to me I look at this number and I'm like oh dang we're two hundred twenty seven thousand.

We're like super ahead of the game because we should be growing as the year goes on. And so this number excites me. This number is not about being behind. This is about being right on time. And I think that we all should stop looking at this as is like any of our revenue goals. They're not a race. They're your goals. They are where you are at. They're your success stories. And there's no such thing as a failure. It's a learning experience. And so to me, I'm like, I am not behind. I'm right on time. This is exactly where I'm supposed to be. And then once we get to the end of quarter two, we'll beat the two hundred twenty seven thousand. I'm always focused on beating my best.

And so we're going to do the dang thing. And I'm excited for you all to come along for the ride and see the behind the scenes pictures. So that is what March looks like. Lots of Tiger King, lots of Corona and a lot of pivoting and a lot of impact. And so go out this week, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the sixth year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review. And be sure to tune in next time.

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Meet Brandi

Brandi Mowles is the host of the Serve Scale Soar podcast which is a podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five-figure months so they can soar into six-figure years. Brandi is a wife, mom and in less than one year, created a six-figure business.   Now she is spilling all her secrets so you can too.

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