Are you curious what a $251,000 month looks like? I’m breaking it down in this month’s income report like no one else does. 

I’m so excited about the results of this month and the lessons that I’ve learned from it. I’m going to tell you all about the amazing experience of going behind the scenes of an $8,000,000 launch, and what being a part of a live launch has taught me.

We’re breaking down finances, talking about being a better mom, and figuring out how to obtain the one thing you really want. Get ready to dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of running an online business! 

 Value Bombs:


  • Why lessons are the most valuable thing we can take away from our businesses
  • What I learned behind the scenes of an $8,000,000 launch
  • Why I love going live
  • How I decided what being a good mom and wife means to me, not to other people
  • How to achieve that one thing that you really want out of your business that doesn’t seem possible
  • A breakdown of May’s income- money generated, cash flow, and expenses
  • Why I don’t just want to scale for the sake of scaling


May has continued to bring new challenges. I hope that we can all take some time to reflect on the events taking place around the world, and think about how we can be better citizens, mothers, and business owners.

This month I’ve had some great learning experiences, and I hope that I have been able to pass some of what I learned on to you. What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? DM me on Instagram @brandimowles

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s income report.  See you here next week! 




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Brandi: Hi you all. It's May's income report. And if you are ready to hear what a two hundred and fifty one thousand dollar month looks like, you are in the right place because that is exactly what May looked like for me. I'm going over all the details, breaking down everything I learned in this episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast. So let's go in and jump right on in. Well, hello, my Serve Scale Soar family. I am so excited you are tuning in and I can tell you I'm pretty excited about this episode and not only because of how much money, though, is generated, because let's be real. It's a whole lot. But because of all the lessons I learned along the way and I always believe that the lessons are the most valuable thing that we can take away from our business for not only our business, but also far lights. So before we jump into a two hundred and fifty one thousand dollar income report, let's first take a Spotlight listener review. So we have five stars from Natasha and Natasha. I thank you for leaving this review. We are so lucky to have this podcast. Brandi is a hidden gem, someone who can trust to tell it straight and to the point. And Natasha, I so appreciate that review. And today, that's exactly what I'm doing on income reports. I'm telling it to you straight. I'm showing you behind the scenes like no one else does. And we're going to break down all the numbers of what a two hundred fifty one thousand dollars month looks like.

Brandi: And I can tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. And so let's go and get started. But first, Natasha, I want to say thank you. And if you are someone who has not left a review yet and you love to listen this podcasts, I would ask that you take like five seconds. Right now, it's more like five minutes and leave. I reviewed those reviews, mean so much to us and we can get your feedback and then you could be one of our next spotlight listeners. So let's jump in to May's income report because y'all, it was a crazy month in April. I shared with you how we were gearing up for the Conversions for Clients launch, which is my Facebook ad course. I also shared with you how we were right in smack dab in the middle of the tribe affiliate launch with Stu MacLaren. And I shared with you Hallowes battling, not feeling like a great mother or wife and what that look like. And so this is kind of like the combination of how all of that actually came to be. What were the results from each of them? What did it look like? And I told you April was kind of like that build up month. And so now May we have finished tribe. That was the first thing that happened in May as we finished up tribe, and that generated twenty seven thousand dollars. But remember, I told you this was not about the income with this one. This was really about supporting S2 and launching Tribe, which is a program I'm super passionate about.

Brandi: And we'll also help promote next year as well. But what I loved about this is it let me behind the scenes of an eight million dollar launch. I got to see what it looks like to have affiliates. I got to see what it looks like to have problems since the launch and how to overcome those. And there was so much that I learned and took away from that. And for that, I'm so grateful. Twenty seven thousand dollars is great now, but I feel like the lessons I learned sitting behind that were so much better. So Tribe Launch finished up like May 7th. It was May 7th because this was the first day of our video series. So for conversions for clients I tried out in brand new launched out. I've always done webinars for Serve Scale Soar and I will tell you I loved it. It was three video trainings, no pitch. I was just training. And then we opened up conversions for clients on a Sunday and magic happened. It was just so amazing. But what I loved about this launch is I got to give so much amazing knowledge and information in such a short period time. And I got to see the problems that people were struggling with and what they needed help with. But even more than that, we just had to try some new things as marketers. Someone who, like, truly appreciates marketing and always wants to be trying out new things.

Brandi: This launch was a whole new beast for me. I've never done this. I ran Facebook ads for this type of launch as a service provider, but I'd never done it for myself. And so this was a big deal. And I can tell you, like this was part of the overwhelm of April and it didn't stop in apro it still went on in May of beings not as present as I wanted to be because there was so much that this launch took because it was the first time we were launching like this. So you have to build out everything. You have to build out the slide decks. You got a built out how you're going to do the platforms. I was doing all of these Facebook lives and I've never you know, we had a bunch of tech. We count down timers and things like that. So there's just a lot more that went into this than there normally is. I think we ended up sending like 42 emails or something. So all those emails had to be done. So there was a lot that went on. But what I loved is I got to connect with people. I love being live. I loved training live because I can answer questions. I can get to know your struggles more. I can help you more. And so it wasn't something that was prerecorded or gone in like five days. Something that was we like went through this together for 14 days, which was super fun, but exhausting in a way. So let me talk about some of the things that we did with this launch and one, we did what is a live launch formula? It's kind of like Jeff Walker's launch formula, but instead of doing prerecorded videos, it's live.

Brandi: So it did all these on Facebook and help people get clients. Show them how they can get clients as a Facebook ad manager, even if they didn't have Facebook ad experience, which was super cool. So that was so fine. My other favorite part of that is we did a live cast, so we had two hours where I was bringing in Facebook ad managers every 15 minutes and showcasing their stories. And I learned this from being part of the tribe affiliate launch and seeing like I got to do it. And then how powerful that was. So I wanted to bring on my students and share my platform with them. And it was just so much fun. That was probably my favorite part of this launch. My not so favorite part of this launch. And what we learned a lot of is, one, I need to do a better job of delegating. So here's the deal. Some of most of you, if you're listening, you are a service provider as service providers. We provide some type of service. For me, it's marketing. It's been Facebook ads or sales funnels. So I know the marketing. So when it comes to a launch, I have a really hard time handling certain aspects over to my team, even though I know they're capable. And here's also the difference as a service provider.

Brandi: I think you can scale to way over six figures. We did multiple six figures with just me. But when you have a chorus membership, you're launching things. You need people behind you. You need support. You have to have the right people. I know my team has the right people, but for some reason, when it comes to handing over, like certain aspects, it's really hard for me. You're not aligned. Not so much like day to day, but in a launch. It's so difficult. So in this, I learned that I need to do better at just being OK and handing things over and knowing people may or may not make mistakes. And if they do, it's not the end of the world. We can always fix the mistake. And so that was a big realization for me. The second thing is we just have to plan ahead. So Serve Scale Soar, the membership opens in September. We all ready our planning for it. And it is June. So that is one of the biggest lessons I learned is like I just have to do a better job of planning much further ahead than four weeks or three weeks. And so that was a huge aha for me. Was that my next one is I love this style launch. I love the value that we were adding. I love that people were able to walk away and they can already start getting results. That was super powerful. I loved that. It wasn't a floor for anything. It was like nitty gritty.

Brandi: This is what you do. And I think there was so much power in that. I loved the live cast. Another thing that we learned was that I need to do better so I can be a better mom and a better wife. And I don't think it's a matter of defining what that looks like based on what other people think, but basing that on what is being a better mom and a better wife look like to me. And so some of the things that I was really debating is like, I love working, I love working, but I love my family even more so. One thing I told the team afterwards is I want to have Fridays off and I'm want to be out of the office every day by 4:00. And that was the goal. And so far, we're three weeks then to that. And it's happened every single week. I've had three day weekend and been on my office by four with an exception of one day, and I was out by five. And it's been so great. I leave my computer in my office. I leave really just put my phone on the counter so I can be super present for my family and the weekends. We have just been having a blast. And it was hard for me the first Friday and definitely the second one. I was like, oh, like, can I really do this? And what I found out as I can. And I'm also taking that time off as a service provider.

Brandi: So I still have client Joel and my team has nothing to do with my clients. I handle all that stuff by myself on that side of the business. But Facebook got service. There is no team there. It's still just me. And so I know that right now, if you're listening and you're like, we'll Brandi he has a team, she can do that. I'm so doing it on my Facebook ad clients and I don't have a team there. So this is something that I always was like, oh, I can't do that. I can't do that. But you know what? I can. And we make the decision and we put systems in place, we totally can. Now, yours may not be four o'clock or awful on Fridays or whatever, maybe it's off on Tuesdays, but defining what?

Brandi: Being a better mom or better wife or a better worker or better daughter, whatever that is for you.

Brandi: What is that look like on your terms for me? I just want to be more present and be able to turn off work. And I know that it's hard for me to turn off work when I've been working all day. So leaving those things in my office. But if I'm not clocking in on Friday, I can be present that whole day because I never got started on it. And same thing with Saturday and Sunday. So I want to encourage you, what is the thing that you've been wanting out of your business, but you really don't think it's possible at this point? What would it look like if it was possible? What would need to be in place? And can you get that in place so you can make it possible? And soon as you open up your mind to, hey, I can make this happen, I just got to figure out how and you are open and 100 percent committed to figuring out the how you totally will.

Brandi: It's the first step. Just figuring out like what we actually want. And knowing that it's possible to get. That's the hardest part. The how is never the hardest part. So I would encourage you. What is that one thing you're resisting? And what can you do to make it happen so you can create the lights you love? Because that's why we do this. It's not all about the business. It's about creating a life that the business helps support. And so I just want you all to get really clear on that. Something probably just came to your mind. But the one that really is the one is the one that hit in the gut like you may have ideas that came to your mind and you're like, oh, that would be nice if I could do it. But then there's that one in the pit of your stomach that you're like, this is what I need to do. That's the one you go towards. How can we make that happen? But you have to first believe it's possible. And once you do that, you can make it happen. So that's my like. That's what I would encourage you. That's your action item for this month's. OK. So that's one of the big things that has been so valuable. After this launch, we actually went down to Naples, Florida, and did like a four day weekend. We left on Thursday and we came back on Sunday. And that was towards the end of the month. And we'll talk about more about that in June's report.

Brandi: But those were my big, big lessons, is how can I just be more present? How can I be the mom that I want to be? How can I be the wife I want to be? And for me right now, that looks like four day weeks and out of my office by four. Like I said, don't just pick that because someone tells you to, because I've heard that before and it never resonated with me. And that's because I wasn't ready for it. That's not what I felt like I needed. Now I know that's exactly what I needed. And I reminded myself that it was possible. I just had to figure out the how. And so that those were the big lessons. It was fine, Neal. Oh, my gosh. So we will have another Facebook ad training in November. So mark your calendars. It will be coming. And then we'll also have a free training in September for Serve Scale Soar, where I'm going to be like, oh, I can't let you in on it yet, but just stay tuned and you'll hear about it more soon. So let's break down these numbers, because like I said, I generated two hundred and fifty one thousand seven hundred and fifty five dollars in May. Now, remember, generated and cash flow are two different things. So if you go back to a EPSO January's income report, I really break down when we hear marketers numbers. I always call it marketing math.

Brandi: We'll hear like, oh, I did two hundred and fifty one thousand dollars this month. But no one ever takes you behind. Like, what is your cash flow look like. Because just because you generated it doesn't mean that it's all in your bank right now. So that's what I love about these episodes as I'm breaking down for you, the cash flow as well.

Brandi: So we generate two hundred fifty one thousand seven hundred fifty five dollars. Bananas are less. Our previous highest month was in January, and that was one hundred and one thousand dollars a month. So we like doubled it. Plus some cash flow in was one hundred and nine thousand dollars went through my bank account. And so what did that look like? We had it was broken down into conversions for clients launch. That launch was a multiple six figure launch. It was two hundred and one thousand six hundred and ninety seven dollars. So conversions for clients was so final. I love this group. I'm in that group. We do six coaching calls plus a bunch of bonuses. So I'm in there helping them through the next eight weeks as we go through it. Serve Scale Soar new revenue generated. This isn't like the reoccurring because it reoccurring. We're at about fourteen thousand for that membership that goes to the bank. But the new generated was nine thousand five hundred and sixty. Then we had the mastermind that generated new three thousand. My services went down to six. I'm going to talk more about. In June's episode of Why That Keeps Going Down, six thousand affiliate marketing was only 300. This was my lowest affiliate marketing in a really long time. But you'll see why. Because I broke out tribe. So tribe is not included in that. And then delighted with Deb Satoh are my deep sorrow. Thirty seven dollar product brought in four thousand one hundred and ninety eight dollars.

Brandi: And then tribe affiliate was twenty seven thousand. So that is the breakdown of where that came from. It's mostly from my products affiliate launch and then my services is a much smaller portion than it used to be. And I'm going to talk more about that. I'm not not going to be a service provider. But in June, I'm going to talk a little bit more about the strategy of the type of business that I want to run, which still involves earning services. I'm just pivoting a little. So then I want to break down expenses for you. So here was the really cool part. Your we brought in over one hundred and nine thousand dollars cash flow through the bank. And our expenses were seventeen thousand. Like, that's insane. It's super exciting. I geek out about that because that's really strong profitability. And so every month when I meet with my bookkeeper, I ask her, what is our profitability numbers? Because I don't want to just like, grow a million dollar business as y'all are going through this with me. I don't want to grow a million dollar business just to grow a million dollar business. I want to have a profitable million dollar business. And so sometimes we hear people say, like, oh, I had one hundred thousand dollar launch, but maybe they spent ninety thousand in ads. There's nothing wrong with that. That's how they choose to run their business.

Brandi: I don't want to run a business like that. I want one that has profit so I can have an impact on the world. It's not just about vanity numbers. I feel like that's kind of like I want to get to a million just to say I got to a million. And yeah, I can't wait till we hit million. So I can say that I created a seven figure business, but I'm also thinking about the impact goals that I have. Like, how much can we give to tribe? How much are not tribes are a village impact. How much can we give to, you know, Black Lives Matter? How much can we give to women entrepreneurs like theirs? And what can this do for my family is changing our dynamic so much coming from a very blue collar family. So there's impact and profit. And I think that's important for, you know, as I just don't want to scale to scale. And there are some people who do, and I'm not judging them. I just want you all to know that when I say that we had one hundred nine thousand dollars through the bank and our expenses were seventeen thousand eight hundred. That's so exciting to me because that's profitability. And what I always tell my bookkeeper is I want to run at 70 percent profitability. And if we drop below sixty five percent profitability, then we need to have a conversation, because my goal is to have a very profitable business.

Brandi: OK, so cash flow. And we talked about that. So here's the expenses affiliates. I paid out my affiliates. Four hundred and two dollars. My membership fees. We send mugs and things like that. Thirty dollars. My marketing, which includes graphic design and all that. But the majority of it was Facebook ads. But my whole marketing budget was eight thousand two hundred and eight and Facebook ads were seven thousand five hundred and sixty. So the majority of that marketing budget does go to Facebook and Instagram ads which of course, that's something I'm super passionate about and believe in. And then software. Two hundred and seventy eight dollars. Education, four hundred and fifty one travel. Because I am going to Malibu in May. I'm recording this in. Now it's June. I'm going to Malibu in June. So I bought some flights fees. So these are merchant fees. So what stripe and pay power charge me three thousand four hundred and twenty six. Besides marketing, that was my biggest expense. And then taxes. Four hundred and sixty six dollars. And then my team was four thousand four hundred and fifteen dollars. And then that is the expenses at seventeen thousand eight hundred and forty one. I didn't include in there. What I will include is my payroll. So I'm actually on payroll now for my company. I talked more about this in last month's episode. So if you want to hear more about that, go listen to Aprils.

Brandi: And I'm now a W2 employee. So that was six thousand dollars and then my own withdrawal was five thousand. So once taxes and withholding and every thing comes out, I'm still at the same ten thousand. But the only difference is eleven thousand is actually coming out of the bank for my own or pay. So the expenses includes the payroll. It doesn't include the five thousand dollar drawled that I pull out. So that is the difference. So super profitable. I'm so excited about May was so fine. We added eighty five new students to conversion. Clients. Seven. I like over 20 to Serve Scale Soar, so it was just such a fun month. And I think that's one thing is I just learned a lot of lessons. I learned what I did and didn't want out of my business. I learned how to define how what a good mom and good wife is to me and not other people. And then also really just focusing on the bigger vision. Where do I want this business to go? What do I want it to look like? Does it look like what I want it to look like? Like I was able to journal and reflect on all of this. When we went to Naples and just relax by the pool and just cut away a little bit and just really evaluated like through this April and May were probably the most stressful months I've had in my business.

Brandi: But I learned so much. And that's why we never make this sessions about our businesses in the Valley. And I'm done. It's hard for me to say this was a valley because we had an amazing. But I think it was like I know some of you are probably listening and being like Brandi. Two hundred fifty one thousand dollars is in a valley. But emotionally, we I was in a valley, so I was exhausted. I was stressed. And it's so easy for us to always think that, like, everyone's doing so great when we see highlight reels. But I think that's what's so powerful about these income reports. As I show you, like, there's rough times in business and you just keep going because you don't make those decisions in the valley. I got through the valley reflected, and then I made decisions about my business. And that is the difference between someone who's gonna burn out, someone who makes decisions out of emotion and someone who makes decisions based on their happiness level, which I talk about a lot. And when we can make decisions, when we're in a good spot, right. Mental space and we're evaluating our happiness level, that's where the magic happens. That's when we can really grow our business. And keeping things simple, we'll just keep them simple. I keep saying that. But that's what may look like so many lessons learned, so much fun.

Brandi: We celebrated with a bottle of Dom Perry on and I'll tell you all this story and more in this podcast. So I have always said when we had our six figure launch, I would buy a bottle of Dom Perignon for you all. They don't know. It's just it's overpriced champagne. It's like two hundred dollars for a bottle of champagne. And I always said, we'll be hit six figures when we hit. Six figures when we hit six figures. But the thing is, I internally never really put my money where my mouth was. I didn't think that we would hit six figures. So this time I was like, this will be the six figure line. And I'm going to buy the bottle of Dom before the launch even starts. So we went and we paid two hundred dollars for those borrowed domna about puked. But I was like, it's fine, we're gonna open it, like we're gonna hit six figures and y'all I was questioned, I was like we're doing these trainings and I'm thinking like, oh my gosh, what is that, Don? Like every time I open up my friend, it was like staring at me and I was like, oh, my. I the way, you know, like I was like, no, no, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. This is our six for your lunch. And on day one of the launch, we did ninety one thousand dollars. And so at that point I kind of knew it was a done deal. But then when we kept going, we kept going. And the final order for conversions for clients when and at one fifty seven Pacific Time.

Brandi: I'm on East Coast so this was like two fifty eight for me. And that final order is what crossed the two hundred thousand dollar mark. And it was such a fun car. Close. I close my laptop. I went to sleep and then we celebrated. Once we woke up in the morning and my husband, we opened up the bottle of Dom. Not that morning. That night. And he said, What does it taste like? And just like I was joking, I was like, it tastes like money. And then I laughed. And it's like, no, it tastes like the 40 but 40 dollar bottle of champagne. That's not even champagne that we have bought before. And he was like, oh. But it was a fun experience. It helped me put my money where my mouth is to really believe that we were gonna hit the goals that we set. And now we have eighty five freaking amazing students that I'm having so much fun with inside of conversions for clients. They are amazing. They're helping each other out. It's just been so fun and that's what I want my business to be. It's fun and I love jumping into the groups. I love my Serve Scale Soar group. I love convergence for clients and I love my mastermind group. And that's where I show up the best in this podcast where I just get to be meet with you and help you in this way.

Brandi: And so that's what I'm truly passionate about. That's what I love doing and that's what I want to do more of. So in June, we will talk about some really powerful things that happen at the end of May, beginning of June with Black Lives Matter and just going. Through help navigating these hard times, so all of that is coming up in next month's income report. And I would love to hear from you. What was your biggest takeaway? Take a screenshot of this post on Instagram DM me. Let me know. And that is the look inside of a two hundred fifty one thousand dollar income report. And hopefully one more these to give because that was fun. And also in June's episode, we'll be breaking down where we for being on track for million. And our overall this quarter report because we'll be at the six month mark. So the halfway mark. That's all to come next month. So make sure to tune in. And if you want to know more about scaling your business without hiring a team as an online service provider, head to Serve Scale Soar dot com forward slash 10K. The number ten, the letter K. And check out my free training. And until next time, go out, serve your clients, scale your business, soar into the six figure year you deserve.

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