Today’s episode is all about niching down and getting crystal clear on who you serve and how you serve them.  This is one of the first things I address inside my membership because I think it is something that is very important.  


This episode will cover all of the ways you can niche down and actionable items you can take to help you determine your niche.  I know it’s scary to think about cutting your potential client pool down, but as the saying goes “when you serve everyone, you serve no one”.  


Knowing who you serve and what services you offer them will allow you to stand out from the rest. 


Remember, THE RICHES ARE IN THE NICHES!  I can’t wait to jump into today’s episode!

3 Ways You Can Niche Down Your Business

1.  Niche down by industry

2.  Niche down by the service you provide 

3.  Niche down by the industry AND the service you provide 

Value Bombs:


  • The importance of being super clear on the services you provide 
  • How niching down can help you create a referral system for your business 
  • Become known for something to establish yourself as an expert
  • Get started by niching down gradually
  • How to determine what industry or type of client you enjoy working with 
  • How to transition out of a niche you don’t enjoy 
  • Niching down even further from where you are now 
  • Why it’s totally ok to pivot your business


My challenge for you this week is to niche down.  If you are offering a variety of services, I encourage you to look at the ones that you enjoy the most.  Which ones bring you joy? What do you love doing day after day? Do you love designing? Do more of that! 


Take a screenshot of this episode and tag me @brandiandcompany on IG.  Tell me who you serve and what you do so I can share it with my audience.  This is a great way to let other service providers know what you do because they can be a great referral for you too! 


Are you ready for some fun?! Make sure to go to  This quiz will show you exactly where you should be spending your time.    If you aren’t sure if you should be spending your time on packaging, pricing, niching down, marketing, your systems,  or elevating your services, you are going to LOVE this quiz! It has actionable things you can do to move your business forward and make 2020 your best yet! 


Thanks for tuning in.  Hope you enjoyed this episode. 




Resources Mentioned: 

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Episode 2: 4 Things Service Providers Should Track 

Episode 14 with Jen Myers: How This Stay at Home Mom Created a $12k/month Business That Saved Her Marriage 


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Listener Spotlight

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I've been really loving me shutting down and seeing the results. It's been getting me. I've been
hearing about niching down and how it's really helpful for business for a really long time. But I was
resistant to it. I think I was afraid that the more I narrowed it down, the less people would be
interested. But I've actually found the opposite. Since becoming specific with who I want my
target market to be as well as the services I'm going to be providing them. I've reached out to
them consistently on LinkedIn, putting my keywords of my ideal client into LinkedIn search bar,
and immediately started booking so many discovery calls up to I don't know for a week and
maybe even beyond

Wow, Serve Scale Soar family are you in for a treat today, because Jocelyn just broke it down for
us. And she couldn't have said it better when she talked about niching. And so today's episode, in
case you haven't guessed is all about niching down your services, and getting crystal clear on who
you serve and how you serve them. But before we jump into that, I first Want to read one of our
listener spotlights? And this one is from Shana Rafi, to the point, Serve Scale Soar is amazing.
Brandi gives you direct to the point information and advice that is so helpful for you in your
business. If you're having questions about scaling your business and processes and systems to get
you there, make sure to listen in. You won't be disappointed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
Shana. I'm so excited that you left that and that you get actionable items each week on scaling
your business. And this week is not going to be any different because we're talking all about
niching down. And this is one of the first things we actually address inside Serve Scale Soar, the
membership, and it's because it's so important. So by the end of this episode, you're going to
know the ways you can niche down in some actionable items you can take so you can determine
your niche who you serve and how you serve them. So Let's jump on in. I promise that sometimes
when we niche down, it can be super, super scary. We hear the phrases all the time, the riches are
in the niches. But really, when we're niching, down, it's taking a whole bunch of people, and then

SSS ep23 edited_mixdown FINAL Page 1 of 5 Transcribed by

cutting them in half, and third, and one eighth and 116. And it feels like our audience size just
keeps getting lower and lower and smaller. And Holy cow, you're thinking, I'm just trying to get
five clients and I can't even get to. And now you're telling me to cut that pool in half. And that can
sound scary. But in today's episode, I'm going to go over some of the ways to take some of that
fear away and show you how you can actually scale your business by niching down and how
Actually, it's more productive to niche down than it is to serve everyone because when we serve
everyone we serve no one and I know this is so cliche, but it is so True. The online business space
sometimes it's so counterintuitive, and it's hard for us to wrap our head around, but you're not
alone. Other people have hard time wrapping their head around niching down as well. And that's
why I created this episode. So we can really get to the bottom of how impactful niching down
your services is. And I know that some of you are like Brandi you're pronouncing niche wrong. It's
nice. And you know what we can say it however we want. But in today's episode, I'm going to be
saying it and if you say niche, I love it. Let me know on Instagram how you pronounce niche.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service based
entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure
years. Your host Brandi is a wife mom, and in less than one year created a six figure business and
now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can do

So let's start with the three types of ways that you can niche down your services. And those three
ways are by niching down based on industry niching down based on services, or you can get super
niche down and niche down based on services and industry. And so what does this mean? niching
down based on industry, let's think photographers, dentist, teachers, it's really what industry are
you going to serve? And not necessarily how you're going to serve them, but who you're serving.
And so if you're thinking about it now, what are most of your clients? Are they coaches? Are they
photographers? Are they dentist? Are they local? Are they online? Who are you serving and what
industry are they in? That is one way you can niche down is just focusing on serving one type of
industry and this can be very, very lucrative. So for example, me, I serve course creators, that's the
only industry that I serve is people who have online courses. And you may be like, well, that's a lot
of people. But in the grand scheme of things, compared to other services, it's not like think about
all the doctors in the world, or, you know, all the teachers, like, and I'm saying, I only want to
service six and seven figure business owners who have an online course. That's an industry. So
what industry really lights you up? Who do you love to serve? Is that the photographers? Is that
the doctors? Is that other service providers who really do love serving, and what industry are they
in? Now the second way is niching down based on services. So if you're like Brandi, I don't know. I
don't know if I like to work with photographers. I don't know if I like to work with dentist or
teachers. But I do know that I love Like up, and I want to help businesses set up their systems
using Click Up. And this is exactly what a member of Serve Scale Soar community and chick did.

SSS ep23 edited_mixdown FINAL Page 2 of 5 Transcribed by

She niche down to just serving people with Click Up, who want to set up their Click Up to be more
productive, and said that it brought her clarity. It streamlined her systems. And she got super clear
on what service she wanted to provide. And that's Click Up. And now let me tell y'all if you don't
know what Click Up is, clearly you're new to the show. But it is a project management tool. And
it's a newer project management tool. Not everyone knows about Click Up. It's like Asana or
Trello. Or one of those those are well known Click Up is new and scaling her business by offering
Click Up services. She'll serve any industry but as long as they want their click up set up. Now I
love that is she so clear on what services she provides. Then if you go back to the episode with
Shanty Zach, she builds quizzes for people. It's all she does is build quizzes. She's not doing a
whole bunch other things. She's clear on what services she provides. She's a quiz builder. Now,
also Stephanie, my podcast manager, which is listening to this right now, she is a podcast
manager. She only services people who have a podcast and she's only managing their podcasts.
She's not out here doing 1000 things like helping people get on podcasts. She is serving people
who already have a podcast. I love that she's super clear on the services she provides. So she's
been able to scale her business. Now the third way is by niching down based on service and
industry. So you're getting super clear on who you serve, and how you serve them in so An
example of this is Christy Wells. She's been on the podcast before and we'll link up her episode.
But she creates websites for creative entrepreneurs. And this is specifically artists, people who are
actually helping people create door hangers, like briefs you put on your door, she serves those
people, artists creatives, and she builds websites for them. She doesn't build websites for
everyone, but she does build websites for creatives. I love that. Then we have Carrie Flynn. She's
another member of Serve Scale Soar, and she let us know that by niching down, she was able to
service service providers with system setups. So specifically, she helps them in dub Sato. And this
has helped her scale to five k months. And not only that, but it created a referral system. Because
here's the thing. When you get so known for who you serve and how you serve them, you become
a referral Dream. So people think of you because you're known for what you do. So when
someone says, I am, like a door hanger person, I create reefs for people. And I need a website. I'm
gonna be like, oh, Christy Wells. Or if someone says, I need a Dubsado setup and I'm a service
provider, I'm going to say Carrie Flynn. If someone says, I'm a six figure course grader, and I need
Facebook ads for a launch, people say bring me males. When you get known for what you do,
you become a referring machine, people just think of you when it comes to their head of someone
saying, I need this. You're the go to person because you've established yourself as an expert, and
you're only serving a certain group of people. It's amazing how that works, that when you niche
down based on service and industry, how you start attracting more clients, and they just start
Coming to you, because now you're known for something. So those are the three ways that you
can niche down. And let me tell you, it does not happen overnight. This stuff takes time. And
maybe you start with just serving a particular industry. Maybe you start with just serving people
with one service, and then you can niche down more. When I started offering Facebook ads, I
offered it to anyone who would pay me to run their Facebook ads, but I was only promoting
myself for running Facebook ads. I was able to hone in my skills and get good at that skill. And

SSS ep23 edited_mixdown FINAL Page 3 of 5 Transcribed by

then I niche down once I knew what I enjoyed doing. So believe me you don't have to go straight
from offering everything under the sun to everyone to niche down super specific I would start with
one of these. So decide Are you going to niche down by industry? Are you going to niche down by
service and if you're already niche down by one of those wants you to take it to the next level and
niche down Whether you're a combo niche where you know who you serve and how you serve
them, and you get known for how you do that, it will increase your revenue, it will make your
marketing easier, and you will become an expert in your field. So those are the three ways that we
can niche down. But now how do we decide how we niche down? Like, how do I pick a service?
How do I pick who I serve? And you all may have heard me and I know if you've listened to this
podcast before I talk a lot about your happiness level and working from your happiness level. And
so guess what I'm going to suggest that you take and you evaluate where your happiness level is,
who lights you up, what services light you up, that's where we're going to start. We're not going to
necessarily start with who pays the most or anything like that. We are going to find who lights us
up. And what are we doing that lights us up? For Christy? It's building websites and working with
crazy With an chick, it's Click Up. She loves Click Up with Stephanie. It's podcast. She loves
podcast with Jen Myers, who's been on here before she runs Facebook ads for the health industry
that lights her up. So who and what services light you up? That's so important that we work out of
happiness and joy and less Marie Kondo. This, if it doesn't bring us joy, cut it. If you are working
with a local business, and you can't stand working with local businesses, cut that, get it out of
your business, get it out of your life. And I know it's not going to happen overnight. We all have to
pay our bills, I get that. But stop marketing your services to them and find the people who do light
you up who you get excited about working with. And that's where our niching down is going to
start is with that. And so if you're like, I don't know who I like to serve, but I know I love Doing OBM
mark, I love me and online business manager, or I love creating sales funnels, or I love Pinterest,
then let's start with the services. And then if it's the vice versa and you're like, I love
photographers, I love working with teachers. I love working with dentist, but you don't know what
services light you up yet, then start their niche down by industry. And we're working from our
happiness level, our business should bring us joy. It's not always going to bring us joy. But it should
bring us joy. We should enjoy working with the people that we work with, and providing the
services that we provide. Because if you're just doing it for the money and you can't stand what
you're doing, you might as well go get a nine to five, because this is a business that we get to
create that we get to design. And if we have that much freedom to design and decide how and
who we're going to work with, we might as well pick the people that bring us joy and light us up So
start there, start with who you love to work with, and what services you love, and then decide how
you're going to niche down. And if you're already niche down, I'm going to challenge you to take
that next step and niche down one step further. And if you're listening to this, and you're like, I'm
niche down already by industry and service, how would see if there's a way for you to niche down
even more, and I continue to niche down. As you heard, I'm a Facebook ad strategist who serves
six and seven figure business owners who are launching a course. That's pretty niche. So if you
have not launched your course, and you're not a six or seven figure, business owner, I'm sorry, I'm

SSS ep23 edited_mixdown FINAL Page 4 of 5 Transcribed by

not going to work together. That's not my market anymore. And so and even now, it's high six
figures, and I got to that point, it didn't happen overnight. But here, here's the best thing I'm going
to tell you. This is the best advice I could give you is watching niche down. It doesn't mean you
have to stay there. You can pivot, you can always change your business. This is not a nine to five,
we have freedom and flexibility to pick who and how we serve people. And so maybe you start
out with podcast management and you're like, Oh, my gosh, I hate this. That's okay. You can
pivot. I started out with offering everything under the sun, and then an agenda, Pinterest, and
then I realized, oh my gosh, I hate doing Pinterest. And I pivoted and I pivoted, and I pivoted until I
found what I did love. And that was Facebook ads. And we're still learning. I'm still pivoting my
services. I'll still trying to service every now and then to see if I like it. And then I realized No, I
don't like it. But I do love my Facebook ads. So I'm giving you permission to pick something, try
something on and know that if it doesn't fit, it doesn't feel right. That's not sparking that Joy, you
can pivot, we can always pivot in our business. And so I would challenge you this week to really sit
down and decide how you are going to niche. And I would love to know who and how you're
going to serve them. Which way are you going to niche. So take a picture of this episode on your
phone right now, screenshot it, then you're going to tag me at brandy and company and let me
know which way are you niching Who are you serving? Let me share you with my community. And
I really want to encourage you to take this step because I know it can be a scary one, saying, hey,
you're not going to serve everyone, but you're going to serve as a few. But what I know is your
business will grow when you do that. It is scary, but your business will grow. And that's the exciting
part. So I am so excited for you this week to take this put this into action. But also what I have for
you is a quiz. If you go to forward slash quiz. You're going to get to take our
quiz that shows exactly where you should be spending your time. So if you're not sure if you
should be spending your time on packaging, on pricing on niching down on marketing, on your
systems or elevating your services, this quiz is going to tell you exactly where you should be
spending your time. And this is no BuzzFeed quiz. This quiz has real action items at the end for
you. And I'm so excited for you to take it. Let me know your results and let me know how your
niching down. So go out this week. serve your clients scale your business and soar into that six
figure year you deserve. Until next time,

bye. Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved
our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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