If you lost one stream of revenue, would you have another one to fall back on? 


We’re going to talk about diversifying your income and so much more in this month’s income report. 


We’re getting into what it was like to launch and move in the same month. Plus,  I’m excited to go behind the scenes of my $197,000 month. October was a big month in a lot of ways! 

Value Bombs:


  • How I packed up and moved in the middle of a launch
  • The opportunities that have come from owning my own business 
  • What I look for when moving and why we moved 
  • The power of knowing that your business is about more than just you
  • The value of releasing the results and being happy with the journey
  • The importance of having multiple revenue streams 
  • What a $197,000 month looks like behind the scenes 
  • How I continue to put family first 

Do you have multiple income streams in your business?  If not, I have a free, private training coming up for service providers who are ready to create a second revenue stream without adding more time to their schedule, without having a big email list, and without posting on social media all the time. It’s all about creating your very first course or membership and launching and relaunching it over and over again. 

It’s super exclusive, by invite only, and I’m inviting you to apply! The application window closes on December 8th so be sure to apply so you don’t miss out. 

If you’ve been holding onto a Google doc filled with ideas of things that you would love to create you are in the right place. Head to www.betatobiggie.com to apply. 

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Read Full Transcript

Launching, moving, and one hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars in revenue. That's right. This is Octobers
income report. And I'm so excited to take behind the scenes and show you behind one hundred and ninety seven
thousand dollars a month. So let's jump on in.
Before we jump into all the phone numbers, the behind the scenes, I do want to spotlight one of our listeners and
this one's coming from Rebecca in, gives us five stars, says Tangible advice worth your time. Brayne has grown to
become an expert in the online entrepreneur space. I can't recommend her podcast enough. Every time I listen to
Serve Scale Soar, I have a notebook open and ready. I trust her advice. This entertaining and educational podcast
bonus points for skipping the fluff. Thank you so much, Rebecca, for those words, because that's what I love, is that
not only is this a podcast for you to learn, but I hope you're also entertained because there's nothing worse than a
boring podcast. And thank you for always having your notebook ready and taking action. So I'm excited because
this month we're coming down to the last three months of the year. Quarter four is among us when this is being
recorded and actually not even one that's being recorded, but when we actually like are talking about October. So
October came and a lot of interesting things happen. We were a month away from the election. My husband and I
were making some big life decisions and I was launching conversions for clients for the second time.
Now, if you remember, back in May was the first time I launched it and we had over 200000 a month, really crazy
month. And so I feel like there a lot of pressure for this one to be very similar.
And to be honest, working towards million. This launch had a lot to do with if we hit that goal or not. So there was
also a lot of nerves, but big family decisions were also being made.
So if you remember back in September, income report, I talked about my husband and I traveling up to North
Carolina and Virginia and kind of just thinking about like, what would our life look like if we moved and everything?
And we had talked about how we really weren't going to move until our lease was up because we still had another
several months. March of twenty twenty one was when our lease was up and we got back from North Carolina. And
the thing that happens with me is I love the fourth time. The fourth time is definitely my favorite season. It always
has been. I love the cozy flannel shirts. I love the leaves. I love sipping coffee on a back porch. And so in Florida,
you don't have a fall, at least in the South Florida where we were at. And so we went up to North Carolina in the fall,
which we kind of probably won't have any other season. But I was just like we could probably make this happen
quicker than March. And I told my husband I was like, get in touch with our landlord and see what would need to
happen for us to get out of our lease.
And our landlord loves us so much. And he was so gracious. And he said, OK, if we can get someone to cover it, like,
I'm totally fine with that. So we're like, OK, so we had planned to go up to look at houses to rent and stuff after the
launch was over. Well, here's what's happening right now in the market. If you want to buy house, houses are going
fast. If you want to rent a house, houses are going fast. So we really toyed like, do we buy, do we rent? And we
came to this decision. We want to rent for one year just to make sure we like the area and everything. Because
remember, y'all, we have no ties to North Carolina. Our families in Virginia. We have we don't know anyone that
lives there. Literally. One day I came out and I was like, do you want to stop in North Carolina to see the Lake
Norman area? Now, granted, I've been to Lake Norman, the area Charlotte area, a lot growing up. But we like we
don't have any ties like and my husband's like, yeah, sure.

For what I was like maybe to move there. And so I'm very adventurous life.
And so this was a place where we didn't feel ready to commit to buying a house and we wanted to rent. So in this
process, we keep watching that. There's not many houses to rent because the majority, it's very different. In
Huntersville where we were looking, which is the suburbs of Charlotte, it's very different than Florida, where the
majority of your property in Florida is rental property. The majority of the houses available in Huntersville, people
purchase. There's not a lot of rentals. There's not a lot of apartments in Huntersville, things like that. And we knew
we wanted to rent a house. So with the low inventory and covid making it even lower for I mean, it's just a really
hot housing market right now, no matter if you're renting or buying. And we kept on saying every single house we
saw disappear online. They'd come up and they go off. They come up and they are off and we're like, oh, my gosh,
we can't wait are we're not going to have a house. And so we ended up driving up there on a whim. It was the first
week of October. We were like, we can't wait. So it was a Friday. So I wasn't working. So we picked up and we just
left and we got up there and we saw four houses fell in love with this one. And it was such a pain to get in touch
with anyone to actually get more information in the process.
When we finally did, we put in our application. And then once we put in our application, they said, OK, you have
fourteen days. A move in. And we were like, holy cow, what they were like, we can only hold a house for 14 days
and we're like, oh my gosh. So our house got rented out and our landlord called them and they were like, yeah, we
can move in sooner. Like they were ready to move in. And then I looked at my husband. I was like, OK, so we have
to move in 14 days. I'm also going to be launching within 14 days. So we have a lot to take care of. Are we going to
do this or are we just going to let the house go and we decided we're going to do it. So we started packing, getting
everything in order to move conversions for clients. My confident ad manager training started on a Thursday, so it's
three videos. The first one started on a Thursday. We literally had the whole house packed up. I delivered the free
training and then unpacked my office like I had my big camera set up all my lights. If you've seen the behind the
scenes pictures of what my studio looks like, it's insane. We broke it all down really quick and my dad flew in to
help us move because we had vehicles, boats, the big moving truck, all this stuff.
And soon as we unpacked my office, we hit the road and we were off to North Carolina and everything just
happened so quick. And I had time to sit in the car for nine hours with my daughter and but like, she was busy
watching movies and stuff. And I just kept on thinking, like, what a crazy, exciting life, but how grateful I am for the
opportunities that my business has given us. Now, some of you are probably like, why the heck are y'all move? I
thought, you love Florida. We did love Florida. We still do love Florida. And I think we'll probably get a vacation
home or something there at some point. But this year, twenty twenty has made me see things a lot differently. And
my grandfather, as you heard him, February's income report, my grandfather passed away and I didn't make it to
the funeral. Everything just happened very quickly. And I started to think about the relationship that my daughter
has with her grandparents. She loves her grandparents, like my parents are called Mimi and Papa are GM Popol.
And then we have Austins parents who are Mimi and Pops, and she talks about them all the time. She wants to
FaceTime them all the time. And we thought about how the relationship that we had with our grandparents and my
husband and I both had a really strong bond. Like my mom was my best friend. My granny, like best friends.
I remember having Tea Parties and I'm so grateful that both of them are still alive. But it just had us thinking, like,
are we doing a disservice to our daughter by not giving her the same relationship? Because, you know, twelve
hours is a really far away. So she saw them three times last year, like actually in person. And our big decision was,
OK, I still want to be near a big city. I like all the big city amenities, but we need to be closer. So Charlotte is a
really great place for that to happen because it's a massive city. I have everything that I want and my husband also
likes to be in a bigger city. And then we're also two and a half hours from our parents. So the middle point's like an
hour and fifteen minutes to meet them. And this came down to what's best for our daughter. We really wanted to
be someone really good school system. That's not really it's hard in Florida to find a good school system. Charlotte,
this area has some of the highest rated schools in the country that was really important to us. Also cost of living. So
Florida, where we're living, it was extraordinarily expensive and we were fine. We live below our means. But when it
comes to wanting to create a more of a lifestyle of not more stuff, but more experiences and stuff, we were
definitely spending a lot of money to have a house and we were just renting.
And if we wanted to buy like a house that we really wanted, it would be like a million dollars. And so the cost of
living in North Carolina was super appealing to us because you can buy an amazingly beautiful home. That's just
what we need for like under four hundred thousand, which were we were living in Florida, you'd get like a one
bedroom shack for that. So these are things that we really took into account is as our future grows, I don't want all
my money to be going just to be able to like basic living, like a house. And I know that basic living is different for
everyone, but for us, I just really wanted to create a life of experiences. And part of that's her being close to her
grandparents, but also us not having a cost of living bill that's through the roof and just also being able to have a
big backyard for her to run in and play and stuff and all that is so important. So those were definitely the factors.

But it was definitely like throwing darts at the map and seeing where we land type of deal, and it has been
amazing. We love it so much. We love North Carolina. But I know a lot of people have said, like, why did you move
and how did you do that and why? And so that is the behind the scenes why it was really about we live in such an
amazing time that we can have an online business.
And I think more and more people are finding out this year that you can have an online business, that you can work
from anywhere. So if you're not happy with where you're at now, why not change it? It's so exciting that we're able
to do that, because I think about my parents. My dad's had the same job for, like, ever. He can't just up and, like,
move somewhere else if he's not happy with here. But if it's not that we weren't happy, we just wanted a different
lifestyle change. And so I'm just I'm so blessed for are grateful for my business. I'm so grateful that my husband has
learned to trust me and just like go with the flow and be spontaneous with me and us having fun. And so and my
daughter loves it, too. She's like in love with North Carolina. There's a playground in our neighborhood. And she
goes, and there's all these kids that she can play with because where we lived before we had a playground, but
there was literally never any kids at the park. And now when she is the park, there's all these kids and she has such
a blast. And I love seeing her be able to socialize and just meet new people. And so it's been a really fun thing. But
we also did it during a lunch.
And so I want to talk about the launch because the launch I had some nerves and feelings about this launch
because going in this whole year, I've never doubted million. So here's the thing. I finished up last year at a three
fifty three hundred and fifty thousand. And I had a lot of people when I told them that million was my goal, they
were like, that's a big push. So if you did like 700, that would be great. I was like, no, we're talking a million. I'm
going to shout it from the rooftops. And I'm doing this podcast to document the journey all along the way. And I'll
be honest, this podcast has been a way to keep me accountable and not give up when things get tough. And so as
this journey, I've never doubted that we would hit a million until October. I had one moment where I doubted, like,
what if this doesn't happen? And the thing that made me a little nervous was that we were put in what I felt like
were all of our eggs in one basket, which wasn't true at all. These are the stories we tell ourselves. And I was like, if
this launch does not go well, one, we're not going to hit million, which we could have. There's like so many ways we
could have. But I was telling myself, holy cow, like we are putting all of our eggs in this basket and we have an
election a month away.
And that's the thing. We actually moved up our launch. It was supposed to be in November. In the first video
actually would have been on Election Day, which would have been a total nightmare, like worst decision ever. So
we moved it up a full month and I was sitting in the car driving up to North Carolina and I was like, gosh, what if and
I just let these stories play in my head. And, you know, I ended up breaking down crying because. I knew that we
would hit million. I saw it, I knew the vision was there, I saw it, and I think that I needed to figure out why I wanted
to hit million so bad in order to actually be able to do it and really, really know in my heart that we would do it no
matter what happened with this launch. And as we're driving up to North Carolina, nine hours, my daughter's
asleep or she was watching movies during the process. I was by myself and I don't put on music typically like it was
turn all the way down. And I was just in silence and I was just thinking the whole time and I remember like at one
point I think we were in Georgia and I just broke down in tears and I broke down in tears because the vision of why
I want a million so bad came to like I just knew it in my heart.
Like, this is why I want million. It's not about me, it's about this. And I started crying, uncontrollable tears. And they
weren't tears of like sadness. They were tears are just like I don't even know they weren't joy. It was just like I've
tapped into something new. And in that moment, I knew that no matter what happened to this launch, we would hit
million because it was 100 percent not about me, it was not about me. And I can't wait to share with you what it is
about in the next income report. But it was a big moment and it made me think like, how many times are we
getting quiet? Like just alone and quiet and sitting with our thoughts and maybe journaling. And I'm an auditory like
I have to talk things out in order to really process them. So I was actually talking to myself in the car. And how
many times do we sit down and just learn how to process what we want in life, what we want our business, what is
going right, what's not going right, what feels out of alignment and really sitting with that and having time. And I'll
be honest, like I do that sometimes, but I don't give myself enough time. When you're in a vehicle for nine hours,
you have a whole lot of time to be quiet.
And told my husband I was like, I would love once every six months just to go somewhere with just like me or me
and him, but just be quiet like no phones, nothing, and just sit in silence and see what comes up, because I think
there's a lot of power in that. And I encourage you to try it because it was one of the best experiences I've ever had.
So after that experience, I just let go of what the results were going to be from this launch. I said, here's our goals,
but I am just so excited to welcome whoever decides to join us inside of convergence for clients. And I hope it
changes their life so they can go out and throw a dart on the map and move wherever they want or go on a
vacation with their family. And so I really gave the numbers, like my team kept on saying what are good, better and
best numbers? And I was like this lunch. You know, we're just it's been a rough year for a lot of people. We're just

letting it be. We're just going to see who comes in. I have numbers in mind, but like, I'm just open to helping others.
And so that's how we went into the lunch and the doors open. And it was an amazing lunch. So let me jump into
some of the numbers. We did over one hundred and seventy five thousand four conversions for clients, which in the
last one you saw our last month launch, we did.
Two hundred and one this one one seventy five. There's a lot of factors that went into that that I talked to to my
master on and the debrief and some things we tweaked. But our numbers like revenue wise, they were down a little
bit, but our actual numbers, our launch numbers were better, which made me so excited. And it was just like it was
one of those things. Sometimes we just have to release the results and be happy with the journey. And that's
exactly what I did with this. I released whatever results were coming and I just had fun on the journey and it was so
much fun. And my team celebrated. We had a blast. It was it was just so fun. And all this in the middle of a move
and we just like so fun. We added 80 new students to conversions for clients and they are already seeing results.
And it's just it lights me up. I love it. Eighty new people took a chance on themselves to improve their situation, to
make changes, to go towards our goals. And I'm so excited for those eighty new students. So with all this said,
those were the big things we moved. We had a launch. But I do want to talk about something that really came up
also in October is I've been like kidding around that we're building out this new program.
And this year is really showed me how important having multiple revenue streams are. This is something I've tried
to incorporate from the beginning of my business. I've talked about affiliate. Marketing link, that episode up in here,
y'all hear about my membership and my course, and so it's always been something where I feel like I never want
my eggs in one basket. And that's why I said that for some reason I was putting all this pressure that conversions
for clients was holding, like all the eggs in our basket for us. And it wasn't because we have multiple revenue
streams. And so I have a training coming up in October, in December 9th, all about creating a second revenue
stream for your service based business. Because here's what I know is that so many of my students lost clients,
Daryn, if they were working with local businesses and everything this year, they've lost so many clients. A lot of
them are having their best year ever and things like that. But it got me thinking how many times the service
providers do we put our bills or decisions based on our one on one clients? And what if we lose those clients? What
if something happens where, you know, you have a big client that's paying you 4000 dollars a month and also and
they're gone? What is your business look like? I want you to think about that. If your clients left you if one client left
you, if four clients left you, what would your business look like? And it really and this has been something that I
think about a lot.
And we have six revenue streams in my business. I don't think you need six revenue streams, but we have six
revenue streams. We have a course, a membership, my services. So that brings in money, affiliate income.
Delighted with asado. And the mastermind and I was just like, wow, I'm looking at my numbers and I was like, if
that went away, we would still be fine. If that went away, we'd still be fine. And so I want you to look at your
business. And as we go into twenty twenty one, do you have more than one revenue stream? I really believe that
you should have three revenue streams to have a full business and that your services. Your affiliate income, even if
it's a few hundred dollars a month, that's still something, so affiliate income, your services and then also adding a
courser membership. Now, here's the thing. There's no such thing as passive income, but there is a thing is setting
up your business to work and to not put all your eggs in one basket because here's one I know one on one clients
can go away. Course launches can fail, but what if you had three streams of revenue where you were never reliant
on just one? And so that's what my free training is coming up about in December.
So if you had to Beda to begin to be a to be Guy Dotcom, you can apply to join us for that exclusive private training.
But what I've known this year is if so many people had one more revenue stream, they'd be in such a better
position in their business, whether that is, of course, creators that don't have anything but their launches or if it's
service providers who only have their one on one services. I think there's a place for us to have multiple streams of
And I think that we've seen that in twenty twenty, that it's really important that we diversify where our revenues
coming from. So I want to go over our numbers for you and you can see where our revenue comes from. So this is
our revenue. So you'll see that there's only five streams of income. So even though we had cash flow coming from
six streams, the new revenue come in was only from five. So cash flow coming into the bank, our bank had one
hundred and twenty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven dollars come in. That number makes me so
happy because that's the number that's actually coming into the bank. Our revenue for the month was one hundred
and ninety seven thousand five hundred and twelve. That number makes me really happy as well. And where that
revenue came from is one hundred and seventy five thousand of it came from conversions for clients launch. Our
Serve Scale Soar membership had sixteen thousand seven hundred and ten. We have an evergreen funnel that
runs. So we had new members, we had members upgrade. We have members that are a month to month. So we

have a lot of different places where that comes from. And so the membership brought in sixteen thousand seven
hundred and ten. I had four thousand come in for my services and then affiliate income brought in two thousand
one hundred and fifty five and then delighted with Deb Satoh, brought in five hundred. Now remember y'all, I didn't
start this business yesterday. And so these income streams did not just come in overnight.
They've been something that I've been working on for over two years now and adding one at a time, not trying to
add a bunch it over time. I've been doing affiliate since I started my service based business. I've also and my
services. Then I added on Serve Scale Soar and then once that was super dialed in, added conversions for clients
and then y'all know, delighted with Tesoro, it's just something small. I'm not even running ads to it right now. That
just brings in a little bit of extra money. So that is the number break down and now I want to go over my expenses.
So affiliate costs. I paid out my affiliates almost fifteen hundred for promoting my program. My contractors cost
seventeen thousand. So it was a little bit higher than normal this month because I hired a copywriter to write all the
copy for my website. So many of you know, I do not have a website. It has been under construction for a really long
time. And so with that we are actually going to be launching it in January or the end of December. And so I hired a
copywriter to do all the copy for me. So my contractors were a little bit more expensive. In October, my ads, I spent
ten thousand five hundred and eighty three. How cool is that? You all that I spent ten thousand five hundred eighty
three and the launch did one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. That's the power of Facebook ads when
done correctly. And then software cost me two thousand six hundred and fifty five dollars I had that was more
expensive than normal because one of our new programs is coming out. In December, I had to pay for a software
that I normally don't do paid for the year.
So that was fourteen hundred. So those were a little bit more expensive. My education was two thousand four
hundred and ninety one. That's pretty spot on for what I plan. My merchant fees were four thousand. That's really
more than they usually are. But that just means we're bringing in more money. So totally always OK with that. And
so that brings us up to thirty eight to 02 and then my owner pay was eleven thousand. And as you well know I am a
W2 employee of my business. So taxes comes out of that and all that fun stuff. So that's where we're at. So one
hundred ninety seven thousand plus month, super fun month. Super exciting time for my family. Super excited
time for what's to come in the business. And just some breakthroughs I had. And I hope that you can take some of
these things that I learned this month and apply them. So taking a look at your business and how many streams of
revenue do you actually have in your business, too? Can you get quiet and just figure out what comes up for you
and journal that and run with that? And it may be emotional and that's OK. Maybe it's not emotional and that's OK,
and then really just getting clear on what's best for your family, it's always so important to know that your business,
you can always grow a new business like we can always. If this went away tomorrow, I know I could grow another
business, but I can't grow another family. And so what can we do to make sure that we're putting our family first
and we're putting our business as a way to amplify our family? And so that is all I have for you all. It's been a crazy
We have two more months to hit million. I can't wait for you all to go on this journey with us. And so I did mention
we have a brand new training coming up and it's a different type of training. It's not open to the public. It's
application based only. It's going to be all about creating a second revenue stream for your service based business
without having a big email list, without posting on social media and just starting with what you have. So then you
can grow big. And so I'm excited for you to go to Beta, to Biggie Dotcom to apply for the free training. That's
coming up December 9th.
But you have to get your application in by December 8th so we can review them and invite you to the training. I'm
super excited for everything that's to come for the New Year and for you and your business. So go out server
clients, scale your business and soar into that six figure year you deserve.
Before we jump in today's episode, I want to tell you about a free private training that I have coming up. It is invite
only, super exclusive invite only. And I'm inviting you to apply. If you had debated to Biggie Betty to be by Guy
Dotcom, you can apply for a free training that we have coming up. Now, like I said, it's application based only, but
it's for service providers who are ready to create a second revenue stream without adding more time to their
schedule, without having a big email list and without posting on social media all the time. And so it's all about
creating your very first course, our membership and launching and relaunching it over and over again. If you've
been holding up a Google doc with ideas of things that you would love to create, then head to this training and
apply it. I promise you, this is a no fluff training, as always, and it's super exclusive by obligation only, which means
I'll have time to answer your one on one questions in the chat at the end of the training. So if you're ready to say
yes to creating a second revenue stream for twenty twenty one head to beat it to Biggie Dotcom and applied

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