Are you thinking about pivoting your business but are maybe scared to make a change? 


Well, fear not! 


Jocelyn Panton joins me on the Serve Scale Soar podcast this week to share her experience with pivoting her business during the pandemic. 


Jocelyn is an actress who started side hustling to support herself in between gigs. She started by offering pitching services to speakers and now offers services as a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist! And in case that wasn’t enough, she started her Facebook and Instagram ads business in the midst of COVID-19!


Jocelyn is sharing what her journey has been like as she’s found her way to her current business, what she wants you to know if you are starting or pivoting a business, and why she believes in putting yourself first. 

Value Bombs:


  • You can start a business based on things you already know 
  • When you try things that you don’t think are for you, you might end up loving them
  • COVID-19 doesn’t have to get in the way of your goals 
  • Why marketing minutes are so valuable 
  • It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re new 
  • The importance of making time for and prioritizing yourself 


Life’s too short to not go after what you really want. If what you’re doing right now doesn’t light you up, do you know what I’m going to tell you to do? Pivot. Change things up. It’s never too late to go after what makes you happy! 


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Episode 25: Passive vs. Active Marketing: How & Where to Market Your Services to Land a New Client in 30 Days 

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Brandi Mowles: Today, we're talking to Jocelyn and Jocelyn went from being an actress to creating a side hustle VA tough, trying to be a pitcher for speakers and having to do a whole pivot. And now is a Facebook and Instagram ad strategist. The girl knows how to pivot, and she started her Facebook and Instagram ads in the midst of covid. So this is not going to be an episode you want to miss. So let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host, Brandi, is a wife, mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can too.

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Brandi Mowles: Hey, hey, hey. Serve Scale Soar family. I am so excited for today because I have Jocelyn on here and Jocelyn is all up in my biz and she is a member of the Serve Scale Soar. She's a member of convergence for clients and the soaring inner circle mastermind. So we can pretty much say that I know Jocelyn pretty well. So I decided to have her on the podcast today to talk about having her highest month and what her business looks like. And she has a very interesting background. And she's a Canadian, and I'm excited for y'all to get to know her. Is there Jocelyn all my audience, a little bit about who you are as a person and about your business?

Jocelyn Panton: Yes, I'm good. So my name's Jocelyn. I'm a Facebook and Instagram ad strategist. I joined with Brandi in November of 2019, and I've been loving the entire journey. It's been awesome. I am married to an awesome husband who is an actor and who does cartoons and TV. You've probably heard and seen him and stuff and that's actually how I started my business because I'm an actor as well and I want to support myself between gigs

Brandi Mowles: I love this and I want to dive. Let's dove right in. So tell me more about that. So how did you actually find the online space and being a virtual assistant?

Jocelyn Panton: Yeah, well, OK, so when I was a kid, my dad was an entrepreneur and I started working for him because I wanted to at the age of ten and he always inspired me with what he was doing. But I also always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I became an actor because I'm passionate about the arts and performing and I love all that. But I also wanted to still have my own business. And I hit my thirties and I was tired of serving, doing all these jobs that didn't work really well with acting. And I did have I did work many years as an office assistant, as an administrator. So I had that experience. And then I was a personal assistant to other actors and I had actually thought about starting my own business before virtual assistants even existed in twenty eleven. But I just procrastinated because I just I didn't know where to even start. And then it was, I think what was it, 2017. So three years ago where I was like, OK, I'm in my thirties now, I cannot serve anymore. I know I want to be my own boss so why don't I actually create a business? And I had done a few things in the past where I invested in some things that promise me to make money fast. And so I felt a bit burned by that. So this time I wanted to make sure and I always have ideas too, but I wanted to make sure that it was something I was going to follow through on. So I was like, OK, what is what can I make a business out of something that I already know how to do? And that was like executive assistants, personal assistant stuff. So I became I started my virtual assistant business offering everything to everybody.

Jocelyn Panton: And then it was since meeting you and working with you and in Serve Scale Soar that I've been able to really narrow down. And that's where the big money has been. The big changes have happened for me.

Brandi Mowles: I love this so much. But what I love about your story is how this unique twist that happened. And so Jocelyn, tell me a little bit about the service, because in Serve Scale Soar, for anyone who doesn't know, we start about like you have to figure out who you want to serve and how you're going to serve them and then like what one or two services you're going to offer so you can really elevate and charge high package. And Jocelyn, you came in and you're like, yes, this is the service I'm going to offer and tell us what the service was and where that kind of led?

Jocelyn Panton: Yeah, so will I, I found out about you through Abby, actually, she was speaking at a virtual conference, an online conference, and she inspired me. And then she was talking about you with Facebook ads. And I was like, wow, that seems pretty awesome. So I reached out to you. And I think and you weren't doing Facebook ads yet, but you're Serve Scale Soar was OK. And I was like, OK, I'm a going to learn whatever I can. And I had paid for speaking services. I have learned to had done a course a year prior to help speakers book more gigs. So I was like, OK, I'm going to dove all in with that before I learn how to do Facebook ads, because I've already paid for this course.

Jocelyn Panton: But then all this stuff happened like I found out in Canada, and it's actually probably in the States too, or you're you are not allowed to pitch speakers because it's considered they're considered talent and you have to be a registered agency in order to pitch them because you're taking a quote unquote, commission off of them or you're charging them a fee for that. So I found out pretty quickly that I can't even do that once I was getting my contract in place.

Brandi Mowles: So crazy. And I don't know if that's the case in the US because I know some people who do that and they're definitely not registered agents. So this is such a great reminder that laws are different everywhere and it could vary country to country, state to state. So it is always good that we are checking those things out. So you found out like, holy crap, this is the direction I want to go. You already had clients that you would find out that wanted you to start doing that. So what happened then?

Jocelyn Panton: So I actually only had I had one client that we were doing a collaboration with, so I wasn't technically getting paid. And then I had I started getting because I was applying everything I was learning with you. I was starting to get clients through doing the LinkedIn accelerator. And I met people through LinkedIn that wanted to work with me. And so I as soon as they said they want to work with me, I went to my lawyer and was like, hey, can you draw this? Can you look through this contract up, make sure everything's OK? And that's when I found out. But then I was like, oh, no. So what do I do? I told them what of everything that I could offer them instead. And they actually went for it.

Brandi Mowles: So, yeah, I'm going to pivot, which, you know, I love the word pivot. So what services were the new services that you were going to offer?

Jocelyn Panton: So I cut out the pitching, but I did the lead generation for them, all the research. And I instead of pitching for them, I created their custom personalized pitch that they would get to keep. And then I trained them how to pitch themselves.

Brandi Mowles: Oh, very interesting. I didn't know this part. So now we're in July. I have to think about what month it is. We're in July. This was back in December, January. And so now you're running Facebook and Instagram ads. So how did that transition happen?

Jocelyn Panton: Yeah, completely different. Well, I knew I wanted to do Facebook ads since I had heard about you. And it's interesting because thinking about Facebook ads in the past probably never would have interested me. But it's one of those things that it's good to try things out, even if you don't think you'll be interested in them, because once you're doing it, you might find that you actually love it. And that was the case for me. It's like on the surface, on paper, it doesn't seem like something I'd be interested in. But now that I'm doing it, I love it. But yeah, how it came about was I saw you off. I knew that I want to do it. And then once you started offering it and because I found out the speaker services weren't really the best thing for me. I mean, yeah, people were accepting the new packages I was creating. The problem was, is busy entrepreneurs. They would get excited and sign on, but then they wouldn't actually pitch themselves. So I would teach them how to do it and then they wouldn't pitch themselves. And I didn't see that as something that was really viable to continue doing that. And I had since I already knew that I wanted to do Facebook ads, I was like, OK, I'm going to jump into this and learn this also. And I've been so happy ever since.

Brandi Mowles: Yeah, and you jumped in like jumped in. So for anyone who doesn't know conversions for clients, I launched the beta in January and I dropped it out over six weeks to them. So it wasn't like they got the course all at once. It was dropped out over six weeks. And so we're getting into. When did you start marketing yourself as a Facebook ad manager?

Jocelyn Panton: I think I was trying to follow in your footsteps in marketing myself right away. And I was like, I'm just going to get people in charge at a lower price. And if it comes up that I knew, I would, of course, tell them that, but also say that's why you're getting this rate. And then I'm like, I'm learning alongside an awesome other Facebook ad strategist. And so I knew that once I got a client, I would just. Figure it out and do the course along with having that client, and that's what I wanted, I wanted to have an actual real case study to be doing it while I was doing the course.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. That's I think that's so smart to do it that way. And then March is when you had your highest month, which was seven thousand dollars. Was that all Facebook ad?

Jocelyn Panton: It was mostly Facebook ad clients. I had three thousand dollars from one speaking client though. So four thousand was from actually I should say three thousand was speaking client. Thirty five hundred was Facebook ads and then five hundred was from an old hourly virtual assistant clients that I don't have anymore now.

Jocelyn Panton: Ok, I love this because you offered a brand new service and brought in thirty five hundred dollars within 60 days, less than 60 days and in the midst of covid so March with COVID like hit the fan. And the crazy thing that happened is the Facebook ad managers were not fazed like they had to pivot, but like you were having your best months ever and it was so crazy to watch. So tell me what that look like, having your seven thousand a month? What were some of the big either challenges you faced or just like, you know, it's such a crazy time because it was during covid. So tell me what that look like.

Jocelyn Panton: Yeah, well, I love having like I love doing the mindset work and knowing that what you focus on is what you're going to get back. And so as soon as covid hit, I knew that I was like, I'm not I've been super excited for the last bunch of months about these goals that I have. I am not going to put them on hold just because of COVID happening. So, yeah, it was mostly just I'm not going to refuse to give up on my goals just because COVID's happening. So I was like super pumped going after clients, like doing my marketing minutes. I have these income goals I set for myself every single month and I was pushing hard towards that.

Brandi Mowles: Ok, so let's go back to marketing minutes for anyone who doesn't know. I talk about marketing minutes all the time, and this is how much time you focus on actually actively marketing. We'll link up in the show notes the active versus passive marketing minute episode. But Jocelyn, I'm pretty sure that was the month that we had the marketing challenge in Serve Scale Soar. Were you going through that or are you someone that's already got like, I'm doing my marketing minutes this amount of time every day?

Jocelyn Panton: I think the marketing challenge was actually April, May. But yeah, ever since I joined your course, I've been doing them every single day like fifteen to thirty minutes a day. I have to say the last month I haven't done it so much just because I'm doing my membership also. So I've been working at getting back into the routine of that. But for sure that's a huge priority for me. It's so important

Brandi Mowles: And that's probably why you have all these discovery calls always scheduled. I feel like every time you pop in the group, you're like, I have a discovery call this week. I have a discovery call this week, and that's what keeps you booked up. So I love this. OK, so we've talked about working during covid. We've talked about pivoting your services from when you found out you can't do one to one. But do you feel like there's been one challenge that's been the hardest to overcome? And then how did you overcome that?

Jocelyn Panton: Yeah, the biggest challenge was I think it all did start in March where I had the I was making the most money that I ever had through my business. And I was so excited because I got all these clients and I was making all this money. But also, on the other hand, I was so busy and I was so stoked to come to attend virtually the Serve Scale Soar live conference. So that added to needing to have stuff done before I put myself all in to the conference. So doing everything, it was really stressful for me. And also having new clients with my new service, with Facebook ads that added to it, learning something at the same time. And I think like so the biggest challenge for me is I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. And so I will put in a lot of extra time and that's probably too much time sometimes. And that is especially what happened in March, which was really stressful. But it's been good because I've had an opportunity to work through all of that and see what's going on. And that is the thing that I need to work through to get to the next level.

Brandi Mowles: I love this because I remember doing the same thing. September 2019 is taking way too many clients, no one helping with thirty thousand. And it was just me and I was like, this is my capacity. I cannot do it. I cannot take on this many Facebook ad clients anymore. I'm not superwoman and so recognizing that and I think that you've done that through March. And so, you know, I was talking about like we go through this stuff. So there's a lesson for us to learn. So for me, it was like, OK, at some point you do have to get help and that's kind of like the moment I realized that once you're doing twenty, thirty thousand and I'm not against team, I just think there's a right time for them. And I'm not saying it's a revenue point, but for me, I knew, like, OK, it's time to get some help with this or stop taking on so many clients at once. So for you, what do you think was the big learning lessons coming out of March?

Jocelyn Panton: I think being OK with and acknowledging that I am new. I'm new at this. This is going to be like I have all the resources to do a really great job and to trust that, but also to know that I am new things are going to take longer and also that I'm doing my best. And sometimes things are outside of my control too, to remind myself that with that and being OK and also making sure that I'm setting time for myself, prioritizing myself, making sure my cup is full, that I'm like sometimes I will catch myself working really late because I have other projects and I want to be working on it. I'm excited about it. But knowing that if I keep doing that, I am going to hit burnout. So I do have to be careful and put limitations on myself and make sure also something I've been doing even just this last week is putting in more white space time that you talk about and making sure that I have time with my husband, making sure and having breaks during the day. Even if I think that I'm going to be working later on my membership, then I'm going to take a break in the middle of the day and go for a walk and just make sure that I'm enjoying myself and feel relaxed and making time for that.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. And that's something, as y'all know, I talk about a lot like finding that we're working because we want to create these amazing businesses. But the business isn't what really matters in life, like our family, our friends that time, our self-care, that's what really matters. And so I love that. That was a learning lesson. I hate that you had to fill the stress and anxiety to get there, but it's one hundred percent such a great learning lesson. So I'm glad now you were able to share that with other people, because a lot of times we feel like we're alone in those feelings and we're the only ones that feel that way. But there's so many people that feel just like that and receive the lessons coming out of that that's so powerful. And I know that's going to serve you very, very well.

Jocelyn Panton: And it's so interesting, too, because I started this business because I wanted freedom for my life. I wanted to do all these things that were nonwork. But now that I found something that I'm passionate about, I'm having to hold myself back sometimes just because I'm so excited. I want to put all this time in, but needing to remember, OK, this is why I started the business, too.

Brandi Mowles: Yes, I can totally relate in so many ways. So I love that, well Jocelyn this has been so great. But I want to before we wrap up, I do want to go over some rapid fire with you. So this isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but it is the first phrase. So are you ready?

Jocelyn Panton: Ok.

Brandi Mowles: OK. So what's your favorite part of your business?

Jocelyn Panton: I think the strategy for coming up with strategy and thinking about the big picture, I like working with people who are doing launches and memberships and courses. So thinking about strategy, thinking about what kind of ads would help their funnel with that. And also I think opportunity and possibility in this type of business that excites me a lot.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. What's your favorite software you can't live without?

Jocelyn Panton: Clickup.

Brandi Mowles: Heart. OK, what is the best conference you've ever been to live or virtual.

Jocelyn Panton: Serve Scale Soar live. But it's also the only one I've been to for business.

Brandi Mowles: No, you also the soaring inner circle.

Jocelyn Panton: Oh yes. That was really great too. There they would probably I don't know which one was better. They were both amazing.

Brandi Mowles: They were different.

Jocelyn Panton: They were they were different. You can't even compare them.

Brandi Mowles: Ok, so tell me the best piece of advice you've ever received.

Jocelyn Panton: To prioritize yourself and have self-care in your business. Keep your cup full. And my mom always said to me when I was younger, to thine own self be true Shakespeare. So that always has stuck with me, too.

Brandi Mowles: I love that. And one last question, but I'm going to turn into a three parter. And so usually I say, what's your favorite part of Serve Scale Soar? But this I'm going to say, what's your favorite part of Serve Scale Soar then convergence for clients and then the Soaring Inner Circle Mastermind?

Jocelyn Panton: I love the framework. And then hearing your numbers, it's so inspiring and also wins Wednesday. I love that because it's so inspiring. And it always makes me think even if I don't have a huge win, that we to put in a little one. And that makes me realize, OK, I have pushed I've made some progress. For conversions for clients, I think the strategy any modules that have strategy elements in them on what kind of ad campaigns to set up that excites me, and then the lesson was that the soaring inner circle, favorite part about that, I think the having the hot seats. I love being able to come onto the call brings something that I want to work on the most in my business and getting amazing ideas and strategy from you and everyone in the group of it.

Brandi Mowles: Love in three very different programs so and you are part of all of them. So I love that. OK, Jocelyn. Well, where can my listeners connect with you, get to know you better and just give you some love?

Jocelyn Panton: Yeah. So my Instagram is @jocelynandcompany and if you want to catch me on my acting type profile, that's at @jocelynpanton and then my website, and also Facebook too is the same Jocelyn and Company.

Brandi Mowles: Love it. And we will link all that up in the show notes. Thank you so much, Jocelyn. And just for being on here and being so open.

Jocelyn Panton: Thank you so much.

Brandi Mowles: Ok, well, I am so excited that you tuned in today and Jocelyn dropped so many value bombs and I cannot wait for you all to take action and really start implementing in the first step is going. If you are slightest bit interested in thinking, you may want to become a Facebook and Instagram ad manager, head to right now and register for my three part training series that's going on right now. You do not want to miss it because I will not be doing this again until May of 2021. So head to competent manager Dotcom and until next week go out, serve your client, scale your business and soar into that six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi, if you loved our podcast. Please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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