Today I am so excited to have Stephanie Judice on the podcast.  Stephanie is one of the founding members of the Serve Scale Soar membership, a member of my Inner Circle Mastermind, and she is the Serve Scale Soar podcast manager! 

One of the things I love most about Stephanie is the exceptional service she gives her clients.  This makes it so easy to refer her to other people looking for podcast managers too!   

In this episode, we are talking about the mindset shifts that had to happen for her to scale her business and who she is surrounding herself with to reach her big goals.  

 Stephanie is sharing the ins and outs of what niching down looks like, and how it’s benefitted her business.  A little more than two years ago, she started her journey in the online space as a virtual assistant. For over a year she struggled trying to figure out what she really wanted to offer.  Even though she was multi-passionate and offered “all the things” for many different clients, she finally found podcast management and was able to bundle it up as a streamlined service. 

We are talking mindset, niching down, pricing your services, service to your clients and building relationships that matter and make the biggest impact.

Value Bombs:

  • Why niching down might be the best thing you can do for your business
  • Choosing a niche when you are multi-passionate 
  • How to provide an amazing service and build relationships that matter and make the biggest impact
  • How to release clients without feeling financial stress
  • Niching down can help you get more referrals, not less
  • Why keeping it simple is best for everyone
  • Building relationships with other service providers 
  • Why you need to shorten your discovery calls 
  • The dynamic when you coach is also your client 
  • Effective communication systems are a game-changer
  • Why being the dumbest person in the room is a good thing

It’s time to let go of the work that you don’t truly love doing and watch your business thrive! If you’ve been thinking of niching down, take this as a sign that it’s time to go for it! I hope this episode inspires you to take action toward finding your niche so you can scale your business.  Stephanie’s episode shows the importance of seeking like-minded people and communities that will support you in your journey toward your business goals. 

I hope you all go out this week and serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six-figure year you deserve. 





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Brandi: Hello, Serve Scale Soar family yo. Today's episode is so good. I have the podcast manager for Serve Scale Soar, Stephanie, joining us on the podcast. And what I love about Stephanie is the exceptional service that she gives her clients. We're talking about service that makes her so easy to be referred to by other clients. And in this episode, we're talking about the mindset shifts that had to happen for her to really be able to scale her business and how surrounding herself with other people who wanted big things in their business helped her want bigger things as well. And how niching down his truly served her in a big way. Not only making her systems easier, but having clients refer her and how that has truly impacted her business and what it's like being wrapped up all in my business. Because not only is she the podcast manager for Serve Scale Soar, she's also a member of Serve Scale Soar membership and she is one of my students in the soaring inner circle mastermind. And we are talking all things mindset niching down pricing and how to provide amazing service and build relationships that matter and make the biggest impact. So if you're ready for all that and more, let's jump on in.

Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandee is a wife mom. And in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can to.

Brandi: Welcome, Serve Scale Soar family. I am so excited.

Brandi: I'm like extra excited today because I have Stephanie on the podcast and Stephanie is a podcast manager. She's also my personal podcast manager. So she helps this whole show actually come to life. And not only that, she's a member of Serve Scale Soar and she's a member of the soaring inner circle mastermind. So she's just like all up in my business. She's just like the light to every single day. And I truly mean that. So, Stephanie, I'm so excited for my listeners just to get to know you. So first off, tell us who you serve, what your business is all about and who you are as a person.

Stephanie: Yes. OK, I am so excited to be here with Brandi, of course, and especially with all my Serve Scale Soar people and everyone in Brandi's group and everything like that. So I'm very honored to be here. So thank you.

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie and I have two little boys and a wonderful husband and I live in Lafayette, Louisiana. So down south in the swampy, very humid parts of the south. But I am a podcast manager and launch consultant. So I work primarily with coaches, consultants and course creators on helping them launch their podcast and then helping them, like Brandi said, just manage that day to day, the ongoing month after month, all the tasks involved with running and producing a podcast.

Brandi: I love it. And just because it took a lot for me not to crack up.

Brandi: Laughing But whenever you say you're from Lafayette and some of you may know on the podcast, but I'm super fan of Live PD like it is every Friday, Saturday, and they started going to Lafayette, Louisiana. And soon as they did, I like since Stephanie pitchers every Friday and Saturday night of these ridiculous people that live in her town. And.

Stephanie: So it's literally so embarrassing. Yes. I love it literally all the time. Whenever I get a box from Brandi and she's like, hey, your town's on TV. I'm like, oh, how embarrassing.

Brandi: I love it. OK. So I want to know more about, like, how you got started, because this is actually something that I don't know a ton about. So how did you get into the online space? Because our listeners probably don't know what.

Brandi: You're also a licensed real estate agent. So how did you find out about virtual assistants? And when did you really start with podcasts, management?

Stephanie: So my journey actually started two years ago. So I started in January of twenty eighteen. That is when I was late nights scrolling and clicked on a Facebook ad. And at the time I literally had no clue that Facebook ads even existed. Like, I just didn't even know what I was clicking on. And I clicked on an ad for a virtual assistant course. Anyways, I watched the webinar, which I had no clue what webinar was at the time. I watched a webinar about the course and that is how I got started in the V.A. world. So whenever I got started, I had no clue what a virtual assistant was.

Stephanie: I really didn't even know the online space existed. I knew it was there, but literally going to a Web site. That's what I knew as far as the online space. So I was totally clueless. I have a background in marketing. I have been a real sir for six years. I still have my real estate license. But I was working as a realtor for a long time. And while I loved it and I loved my clients and I loved my coworkers, I really found myself working a lot of nights and weekends. And that was very hard for me with my family. And I have a husband who's got a demanding job. And he worked a lot during the week. And so I was finding myself working when he wasn't working. And so we just didn't have a lot of time to get there. So that's kind of how I got started in the online space a couple of years ago. It was very slow going whenever I started. I wasn't full into it. I didn't just hit the ground running. It took a long time, you know, and whenever I really think that I got into it and really started kind of nation down and thinking that this could be something that I could literally turn into a business was probably the beginning of last year. So really a full year in it. I need sit down to podcast's management around April of last year. So it's really been a little less than a year that I've been doing podcasts, management only.

Brandi: And so why podcast management? Like, where did that come from?

Stephanie: Yes. So it's kind of funny. Whenever I started, I did general V.A. work, just like most everybody does when they start out. I kind of did everything for everyone. I did website design, graphic design. I would work in people's cadabby. I did helped them with their courses. I literally kind of did everything. One of my clients who is actually still my client, I did general the work for her and she came to me one day and said, hey, I'm thinking about starting a podcast. And I was like, that sounds fun. And she said, Can you help me start it? And I said, Sure. And, you know, I had always been a podcast junkie.

Stephanie: I've listened to a lot of podcasts before that, but I never realized that behind the scenes and what it took to actually produce a podcast. And so that is how I got started. I helped her. And by way of. Google, really in the beginning, just helped her launch a podcast. I helped her launch it. And then, you know, still provide the ongoing management for it. And now her podcast is, you know, exploded. And it's been great. But that is how I got started in it. And one of the things that really drew me to podcasts management was I kind of feel a little bit multi passionate. You know, it's got its pros and cons. But I felt like I was multi passionate and I loved working on the website design and I loved organizing things. And I loved the project management piece of it and I loved the design work that's involved. And so that podcast's management allowed me to be able to do all of those things that I was kind of picking and choosing and doing for a lot of different people. But it really helped me package it up and provide it as a service, you know, that was scalable.

Brandi: I love that's how you just broke it down, because I've never thought, like as multi passionate entrepreneurs, like many people are, that, like, we can find services that are niche down that still had all those things, because I'm sitting here thinking and I love sometimes to be creative and do the graphics, and I do that with Facebook ads.

Brandi: But then I love, love, love numbers and I like the black and white. Like, this is how much we spend. This is how much we made. And I get that with Facebook, but I never thought of that. In a sense that, like, I'm hitting all those passions that I have in my service and I love that you've been able to find a service where you're hitting all of those. And that's an interesting way to look at it, especially cause so many people that are listening are probably like, but I don't want to get bored. That's something that we keep seeing coming up. Like, I don't want to get bored. And it's like, well, you don't have to get bored when we think of it in that sense. And I love that. That's how you see podcasts, management. So going to that. So you were doing all the things which I think is super smart when you get started. But the quicker you can hone in on the thing you love, the quicker you can scale. So I'm guessing that you had clients that you were still doing all the things for, plus you were bringing on podcast's clients. So do you still have it clients that you're doing all the things for?

Stephanie: No. So literally at one point, I mean, I go back, I look at my journey whenever I first started that first probably full year of kind of doing that general DEA work. I mean, some months I made anywhere from five hundred dollars. You know, I was working hourly. I didn't have any sort of packages at the time. I didn't know any. I didn't have a retainer setup with any clients. I literally worked hourly. So it was very inconsistent. Some months I made at last July at all. It was before that I made forty two dollars one month. I mean, I build a client for a partial hour. It was, you know, it was, it was his lowest forty two dollars and you know, it was as high as maybe a couple thousand.

Stephanie: But just like I know Brandi said before, whenever you were doing all the things for all the people, I was working all the time. And, you know, there's so much work involved with having to learn all new systems and doing new things for new people. You can't really systematize and automate anything at that point. So that's where I really struggled. And so my income was so inconsistent at that time. But, you know, whenever I was finally able to really need down to podcast management is when I really saw things, you know, really started realizing like what what the business could be and get really excited about that.

Brandi: Ok. So then I want to talk about this. This question comes up a lot and I don't think we've talked about it a ton on the podcast. We talk about it inside of Serve Scale Soar.

Brandi: But how did you release the hourly clients? Did you, like, say, OK, I'm releasing everyone because that's what I did. I was like, OK, in order to scale, I'm going to have to release clients, learn a new skill and then cross your fingers. Hope that you get the clients or did you replace them with podcasts and then let them go?

Stephanie: It was a little bit of both. So what I did was I let's see, at one point when I was like I said, when I was making maybe two thousand dollars, I think at one point I had nine or 10 clients. I mean, that is a lot of clients to manage for, not a whole lot of money. So at that point, I had that many clients and I started looking at, as, you know, there's different ways that you can do it. But I would suggest for someone who's thinking about, you know, wanting to release clients, look at those clients, that maybe is what's your least favorite service that you're doing for them at that time. They might have to be the first to go. Maybe looking at the ones that, like, aren't really you're not doing much for you're not really making much money for. And so those were the clients that I started releasing. And luckily, you know, I hate to say it, but I kind of had an excuse. It's very hard for me. I'm a people pleaser. I love my clients. And I was very close to a lot of my clients. So whenever I had to release them, I felt it was like a breakup, you know, and you get to really know your clients. So one at a time, I just said, hey, look, I am kneeling down. I have decided that I want to do podcast's management. I love it so much. And so at this time, you know, at the end of whatever month it was or, you know, I'd give him a 30 day notice or something that I will not be available to work anymore. And that's kind of how I broke. With a lot of them, and so it was slow going to get podcast management clients in the beginning.

Stephanie: There was a time I kept two of my favorite clients and the ones that I really enjoyed working with and was still doing some stuff for. And I kept them around for a few months within it. But then after that, yeah, I slowly kind of just I, I was able to luckily pass them off to my team. One of my team members that I brought on. And so now she's going to take her over one of my clients. So it kind of came full circle. It felt really good to be able to help another B.A. who was just starting out on her journey. And she was so thankful. And she's an awesome the way she works for me. And so I was able to kind of, like, help her get started on her journey, too. So it was a little bit slow. But that's what I would suggest is, you know, I mean, some people say go full force, you know, dump a mall, go. It just depends on your personality. That was very hard for me to just dump all my clients in one month. I did it a little bit slower, but I think it kind of just depends on your personality. But that's how I did it. I just kind of released them one at a time and it was pretty quick. I mean, it was probably within a two month period I let all of my clients go.

Brandi: And so when I say, like, I dumped mine, I don't want everyone to think that I just dumped all my money and went like and I was at a point where I was making six thousand dollars and dropped down to four.

Brandi: And I had a very strict timeline of when I was gonna get that back. So I dumped them in November, January, I had my first ten thousand dollar a month. So it was like quit. So if you're going to do something like that, never do something that's gonna cause stress when it comes to money, because then you're not going to be able to move forward. So with me, it really came down to if I was making 4000, the bills got paid. My family still was great. Like, it was more of knowing my numbers and knowing that I had the money to invest in a program. Painful. And then elevate my services, which I think is important. We're not saying create stress, financial stress because then it's harder to move forward. And having had your money from real estate.

Stephanie: Yes. And doing that, too. And I know some people struggle with this. And I think that if you do just go and release all your clients at once, you know, and luckily, I'm not in this position right now. In the beginning, I kind of was desperate for clients. I had to take any and every client I could find. And I think if you go and just release everyone and you don't have a little bit of financial stability, I think it's going to cause you to probably have to take on maybe a client that you're not in love with or that maybe not may not be your ideal client or anything like that.

Stephanie: So I tried not to put myself in that position of desperation and having to settle, I guess, you know,

Brandi: I love that. And then when you were talking about releasing a client to another V.A. and how good that feels. That's one of the things we teach inside Serve Scale Soar. And that's why we have the directory, the service provider directory inside of Serve Scale Soar.

Brandi: And everyone's like, oh, do you make commission off that? And I'm like, no, like if I don't provide the service or I know people who do just refer them and don't expect anything back because I think it just comes full circle with until you release that client and now you're taking on some heavy hitters as clients. And I truly believe that all comes around full circle. You did something that helped a previous client and a newer V.A. and now it's coming back tenfold for you. And I 100 percent believe like if you're out to build relationships just for like a financial gain, then it's never going to serve you

Stephanie: totally. I mean, that is one of the things I will say, like in Serve Scale Soar that I have loved so much is a lot of times people say, wait, how are you getting your clients? A lot of my clients come from referrals, which is great, but a lot of my clients come from people in Serve Scale Soar knowing what I do because I refer them clients, they refer me clients and they tag me on Facebook. And that's how I have gotten some of my clients. And so really building those relationships with other service providers has been huge. And I mean, you need someone, you know, I mean, the online space can get lonely. And so being surrounded with like mine, people that are trying to grow their business and everything like that has been one hundred percent, one of my probably favorite things and one of the biggest game changers in my business.

Brandi: Yeah. And no matter if it's inside Serve Scale Soar or somewhere else, just having that group that support you and can y'all do different things and reach out. And even inside Serve Scale Soar, there's other podcast's managers and when you can't take you refer them to those other podcast managers.

Brandi: And I love this like whole eco system that we have where we're all getting clients, we're all sharing the love. We're all like preferring each other. But I think that also comes down to the testament of you niching down and people knowing exactly what you do. It's hard for people to refer you when you're doing all the things. But people know Stephanie podcast, you know, like it's easy. And so I think that's also something to be said about niching down. Is it just makes you an easier referral?

Stephanie: Totally. I mean, yeah. And that's some of the people in Serve Scale Soar. One set of knees down. I know exactly who does what. And a lot of men have knees down by don't like you said on the past podcast episode, you reach down by service. So I know what service they provide or I know what type of client that they're looking for and who they work with. And so it's very easy to tag somebody in a Facebook group. You know, if I see somebody looking for Facebook ads for health coaches. I know exactly who to tag in that post for that, you know, so that has been definitely the biggest thing. And I will say, I mean and I know a lot of your listeners will admit I struggled big time with this for a long, long time trying to figure out what I wanted to neach down to. But when I did, that is really when it got so easy for me. And one of the things I was gonna tell you, it's just even getting on discovery calls whenever I used to get on Discovery, cause I was I was kind of nervous. I mean, I met people person. And so I don't have a I don't I can talk to anybody. But when I would get on discovery calls with clients and I really didn't know what they needed and I kind of didn't even know what I did because I kind of just did everything and they would say, do you do this? And I'm like, yeah, sure, I do that.

Stephanie: And I really didn't even know how to do it and I'd have to go learn it. And so I didn't have the confidence that I have on a discovery call. Now, if I get on a discovery call now. I mean, besides the fact that I have it all organized and laid out, what questions I'm going to ask. I can literally probably get on a discovery call. And I know exactly what the person is going to ask me. I know exactly what their struggles are going to be. I know my packages forward and backwards because, I mean, I think that just gets over time. But when you sit down, it allows you to do that to really know what services you offer and what you don't. And I've gotten the calls lately, and I did not think I would be at that point to where I get on a call and the person would be an awesome person. But I would just have to say, you know what? I'm not a good fit for you right now. And, you know, and I would know off the bat why I wasn't a good fit. And I never thought I would get to that point to turn down a client, you know? And so when you get to that point, you just you really know what's important and who you want to work with and who might not be a great fit.

Brandi: Yeah. And talking about discovery, cause I know Stephanie is a talker, and so I want to know because I don't know the answer to this, how long.

Brandi: Let's say in April when you get down to a podcast management, how long were you discovery calls and how long are your discovery calls now?

Stephanie: A hundred percent different. I have not mastered Brandi's 15 minute discovery call yet, but I'm getting there. But yeah, whenever I started discovery calls, I am a talker hen they would be forty five minutes or longer. And and just like Brandi says, when you get on those calls and they start turning into forty five minutes, they start getting into a lot of strategy. You're talking a lot about that is it. You can go way off. So I. Now the last ones that I've been doing are definitely under 30 minutes, so I've definitely shortened them. And you know, some recently have been at the 20, 30 minute range is kind of what I'm down to now. So I'm getting better and better.

Brandi: I love it. So now I want to quickly jump to your super power.

Brandi: And I don't even know if you realize this is your super power, but I truly believe that your super power is your ability to provide exceptional service to your clients because most of your clients come from referrals. But you're an easy referral not only because you've nitsch down, but it's because of the experience and the way that you serve your clients. That makes it even easier. And then they want to refer you because of just like the wow factor from the time they schedule an appointment to jump on a discovery call through the whole process with you. You probably didn't know and I didn't tell you I was going to ask this, but like, where do you think that came from? Do you also, like, see it as a hindrance? Do you see it as, like, helpful like. I'm sure there's some roadblocks that come with that, though, as well.

Stephanie: Totally pros and cons. So thank you very much. That is probably one of the things that I most want to do is to provide exceptional service. And me, I'm an Enneagram one. And so if anybody follows in, your grandma knows anything about India, Gramme, any great ones are perfectionists. So that is one of the reasons it took me so long to reach down and all of that kind of stuff. But I really pride myself on providing pretty graphics and pretty, you know, I want everything to be super organized and I'm a very organized person and I want everything to flow and I don't want to be a hindrance to my clients and all of that. So I really have tried and started mastering, really getting my systems down and getting everything to flow as smooth as possible. One of the things that's been huge for that is whenever I got into Serve Scale Soar, I mean, I feel like I always provide a great service for my clients. I do hope that they would say that to my past clients. But whenever I got into Serve Scale Soar and being able to really set up that DBS auto the way that it just it's so professional and so streamlined and, you know, I mean, I have gotten so many compliments even from. My big hitters, as you say, that that I have met with. You know, how streamlined everything was and how put together everything was in. So that is what I've really tried. And I think that that is what sets you apart. As you know, that premium service offer, I am not the cheapest podcast's manager. And, you know, and I and I've said that and there's people that are looking for podcast managers that are a fourth of the cost of what I provide.

Stephanie: But that is not my ideal client. And so I have really tried to set everything up and really provide that special little bit of special. And that's why I think what sets you apart from maybe somebody else who offers the same thing?

Brandi: I love that. And I think that's so important. The first 24 hours of someone being on boarded is the most important time to show them that you have yourself together, to show them that they made the right decision, because whenever someone goes to hire someone, there's like that lump in their throat.

Brandi: Did they make the right decision? And so when you can make it as professional, as streamlined as possible, you have one that client over. And so I love that. And I will say that are systems and I say ours, but they're like yours. And we use to manage all of Brandi and company. I used up Satoh just for Facebook ads, but that's just me. But then with the team, Stephanie and Janessa, we use click up an air table and you all we have people that are like drooling over our systems, offering to pay us a lot of money to come set them up. And it's just keeping it simple. So even once you get to a point where you have more offerings or you're growing an agency or you have a course, like keep it simple. I think that's the thing is your systems are simple. They're not complicated and use the same systems with all your clients.

Stephanie: Correct. And, you know, and I try to really tell myself to that thinking long term before I kind of just did whatever I had to do just to get by to get all my stuff done. But now what I really try to do is to make sure that every task that I do, if there is something that, you know, they kind of say if you're doing something two or three times, like make a S.O.P for it, create a system for it, create or whatever. And that's what I've done. Like, if there's a link that I need to change, I'll go back and change it. And the, you know, the first original temple to make sure that, like moving forward, the next client that I bring on like that, it's really streamlined for them and everything. And it's sometimes it takes a little bit longer to have to go back and change something or update a check list and click up or. But I really tried to like make sure that I have all of that nailed down or, you know, whenever I do bring on the aid that's been cut into one of the hardest things as growing a team is I want to make sure that just like Brandi said, that those clients are still being provided exceptional service, you know, and so I think having my systems and processes in place, it's easier for me to be able to walk of the through and to have that expectation of what they'll know, that they'll provide the same service to to those clients as well.

Brandi: Absolutely. I love that. Oh, you're in Serve Scale Soar. Would you join in May? You were a founding member. Yes. And I did not know Stephanie. And she joined as a founding member.

Brandi: And then in January, you invested in the soaring inner circle mastermind. I know there's a lot of people who see business coaches and all this stuff, and I hate the term business coach. I don't know a better one, but like, there's all these masterminds and business coaches. So my question is, you know, as a service provider, I don't think there's a ton of masterminds out there for service providers. But what made you be like, OK, I'm in this program, I'm getting the community, I'm getting clients. But now I feel like I need a business coach or a mastermind. Like, what was your thought process going through that?

Stephanie: I think the biggest thing that I found whenever I got into your group, which I had never really kind of thought about it before, it's like you just would be in Facebook groups and you just were looking for a client, looking for a client. And whenever I got in Serve Scale Soar, I realized that community and how big and how important it was to growing my business and how I mean, I literally got in Serve Scale Soar and then, you know, you become known for something like you said, and I would start getting tag to whatever it it was really forming those relationships in there that were a helped me out just mentally. And, you know, I mean, business is hard. It's hard growing a business. And then, you know, day to day is or struggles that I'd have. I mean, a lot of the women, you know, I'll send him a message on Facebook or all box room or whatever and say, oh, gosh, this happened to me. And they walk me through and they helped me through it. And so that was huge. And so whenever I realized how much of a difference that having someone like that, you know, surrounding you, it really made me realize the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded people. What is the quote? You're the sum of five people you spend the most time with. And so I wanted to be the average of like high level people. And it was kind of funny. I was listening to Samantha's whenever she was on the podcast and she said she had always had this dream of like five thousand if she could just hit 5000 in her business. And that was kind of my thing.

Stephanie: I remember thinking like, oh, if I could just hit three or four thousand consistently, like, that would be all. That's all I needed. And whenever I started surrounding myself with people that were making eight thousand, ten thousand even more, I realized the possibility. And that's something that I didn't see before. I mean, some of my other groups, I think it was, you know, a lot of service providers just starting out and starting to build their business. And I loved helping them. They were in a mindset of lack. And I wanted to be in that mindset of abundance. And so that is why I knew whenever you were like starting a mastermind, that is one of my goals that I had for this year, is I wanted to be in a mastermind surrounded by people that we're trying to grow their business and that were in a mindset of abundance and not lack. And so that has been huge. And, you know, it's kind of funny. They say when you're in a room with someone, you should be in a room surrounded by people that are ahead of you. And I feel like everybody in the master I mean, everybody in the mastermind is ahead of me and that. But that's a great thing. I feel, you know, they're all whenever they have winds, you know, their winds may be a lot bigger than my winds, but I see, you know, what they're doing and that and I realize that I can do that, too. And so, you know, being around people that are making ten or fifteen or twenty or more thousand dollars a month, you see the possibility.

Stephanie: And that's when I never saw in some of the other groups and, you know, not allowing myself to be in that space.

Brandi: Your way, it was way nicer. I've always heard you want to be the dumbest person in the room. Cover your eyes.

Stephanie: Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Brandi: But the funny thing about Mastermind's is, like you say that they're all ahead of you. And I would. Must guarantee you that 90 percent of them would say that you're ahead of them. And that's what's so cool about a mastermind, is everyone brings something different to the table and it's such a small knit group of people that is just different. But and here's the thing. I love the fact that you're here so active in the soaring inner circle mastermind, but you're still like, weren't you?

Brandi: Last month you were number two, I think, last month,

Stephanie: every month of most active, the most talkative person in Serve Scale Soar.

Brandi: And you're still so supportive and Serve Scale Soar and you still plug into there.

Brandi: And I think that that says a lot about you as that you get like the higher level and the mastermind, but you still are there to ask questions and cheer on people that were where you were just a few months ago. And that also is such a testament to who you are as a person. And I truly believe that that impacts your business as well. So I just want to personally thank you for being that in the group.

Stephanie: Good. Good. No, I love and I love to help others and to give back because I feel like along the journey, I mean, I'm the person that asked 50 million questions to 50 million people. And I had so many people helped me along. And so the least I can do is do the same thing for someone else.

Brandi: And I have one more question because it's so funny.

Brandi: After this podcast interview, I have a podcast interview with Rick Mulready, my coach, and he'll actually be interviewing me, which we'll see how that goes. But before I run, Rate will read his ads and he's my coach. And you run the Serve Scale Soar podcast and I'm your coach. So what do you feel like? Is that dynamic there? Were you worried going into that situation because I was your coach? No. Well, Serve Scale Soar. So you were in there and then so you've kind of been in a different because Serve Scale Soar you came in first, but you were a founding member. So we were definitely like closer than others. And then we went to a conference. We room together. I was like, we're gonna do this in four weeks. We had a podcast. She got hired. But then in December, you joined then our circle, which made you more of me as your coach coach on a more personal level. And so take me through, like, how that relationship is for you. And did you have any concerns about it?

Stephanie: I did. I mean, I definitely struggled with that. Whenever I met Brandy, I met her through the virtual Savvis group. And being in there and I remember Brandi reaching out, she said, Ahamad, to start this Beda group, would you like to join in?

Stephanie: It's going to be you know, I don't even know what the beta price. It was so cheap back then and I thought, oh, I don't know. It's just like another thing to have to do, another group to have to be. And I don't want to have any more expenses. I mean, thank goodness. Now, looking back, it's a total, you know, reason for that. But whenever I joined and then I go to podcast's movement with Brady and, you know, at the time I'm like, Brandi's this I hate, say, an idol. But she's you know, she's like the leader of the Serve Scale Soar, which is this great group that I'm in. And so I got to meet her and I was rooming with Angie and Brandi was coming. And I met Greg and Christina who were in the group too. And so it was really fun. So whenever we went and we met there, then Brandi decides I'm going to start a podcast and we literally met. It was kind of funny, I thinking back on it, how disorganized it was then. That was right around the time where I was really getting my system set up and doing all of that. And y'all Brandi was sitting in a in a bed next to me. She was sitting in one bed. I was sitting in one bed and she was doing work and I was doing work and I was emailing her the contract at the same time, we're sitting in the room together.

Brandi: So that's how it kind of started. And so we started working together. And I definitely, you know, going into the inner circle, I was worried. I think that what if it doesn't work out with Brandi? Like, then what happens to our relationship? As a coach and in the mastermind? Like what would happen there? But, you know, I, I just knew I guess this is something that I've learned to. And my experience is they always say, think about the worst that would happen. I mean, what's the worst, worst, worst that would happen? Stephanie. Brandi, it doesn't work out Brandi for one reason or another, you know, which, of course, I've never even thought about. But if it doesn't work out with Brandi, the worst that happens is so quit the mastermind. I mean, that's not the end of the world. I tried to think of, like, the worst that could possibly happen, and it just wasn't that bad. I mean, the people in there I loved so much and I just knew you as an entrepreneur and kind of seeing your growth. I didn't seeing how you form relationships with people. I didn't think that there would ever be a weirdness, like even if it kind of didn't work out, like you're just always very professional. All that to where I just didn't I feel like it would probably be a good breakup. You know, and I could finish off the mastermind and it would be fine.

Brandi: Yeah. And it is it's one of those conversations that I had as well as. Are you able to separate them into.

Brandi: Two different boxes, and for me, I can do that and we can do it on Voxer, it's like, OK, this is like your coach. This is like your contract or like we keep it separate. And I love that. But in a sense, I feel like it almost makes the relationship stronger because I get a view like how you work. And I've been able to say, like, hey, Stephanie, you probably shouldn't be doing this for people, you know, like I'm in there, like with it and I can see your systems and everything. And so. But it is one of those sticky situations. But yeah, I'm the same way. And I will also tell you all, Stephanie has created a business model that is so amazing because people can't leave her like it would be almost like it would be very difficult. You all would not have the Serve Scale Soar podcast for a while. If Stephanie left and she's created on my part, that's like horrible. As an entrepreneur. But for Stephanie on her part, it makes it. Where like like what am I going to do? Learn how to do all of these things. I know all the moving parts. But there's no way that I could piece it together and make it work the same way. Time efficient. And so Stephanie has also created a model where, like, your clients can't leave you or it's gonna be extremely hard for them to leave you. And I think that should be the goal with the majority of us. I mean, I do that with Facebook ad clients to the point where, like, they wouldn't even know how to run a launch without them. And it's bad for them, but great for you. And so I would encourage all how can you create an experience? It's so amazing where your clients just like, can't leave you because I'll dazzle.

Stephanie: And then I have found like that. You know, I will say that every client so far that I've launched their podcast, they've they're continually an ongoing management client.

Stephanie: And I mean, just like you said, that's probably I have thought about that. That's probably bad for them. Like, they really don't know what I do. And Brandi is in on in Brandi's click up. So she sees what I do. She has checklists. I mean, she wouldn't probably know everything. Literally, they record their podcast. They send me a box or they say Stephanie Episode Elevons and the Google Drive or whatever. And that is that's the extent of what they do for their podcasts. And so it magically appears everywhere on all the platforms on the day that, you know, when I schedule it all out and everything. So unfortunately, yeah, I guess they don't really. But I have kind of set it up like that and I kind of pride myself on being like a full service podcast manager. So some podcasts managers do maybe only editing or maybe only writing the show notes or something like that. But I've really tried to put everything all together so that someone, whenever they hire me, that's only one person. They don't have to hire an editor and a V.A. to do Shona, a copywriter, do show notes and a V.A. to upload to social and, you know, to have five or six different team members. I kind of packages all up and provide all of the service.

Brandi: Yeah, you're right. I could go and click up and like, have the workflows and now but I think that's also everyone things that they have to have their clients in their project management system.

Brandi: But here's the thing. Your clients don't need to be in there, like unless they're dead set on it. Like me, I want things running through click up. And Stephanie knew that coming in I was like, you will be out of tasks like out. We'll need all the checklist and everything in here. It's because I want certain things to communicate through clifftop so I know what's going on. For my part, it's not so much overseeing like Stephanie doing stuff. It's more of if I need to record a podcast, I want that to show up in my click up and may not have to worry about going to Google Calendar and stuff like that. But for the most part, your clients don't want to know like all the details about what you're doing. So unless they say like, hey, we'll need to add you to our project management system, there is no reason for your clients to be in your project management system that should be for you. So if you're like turn it for you're on how to add all your clients. I would say most cases there are gonna be some like Obinze and stuff like that where you don't need them in your project management system. And if they're that particular, they probably already have their own project management system that they'll add you to.

Stephanie: Correct. And I've found that like with you and just like you said, it's not micromanaging anything. I mean, it's just the way that Brandi and I communicate so I can tag her and click up or I tag her in every client's different.

Stephanie: Like Brandi's great about if I know that's how I assign her, you know, to her recording days and I assign her to her stuff there. But a lot of my other clients, they're not like that. They don't use click up. They don't I don't even know what project management they use or they use something different. But, you know, and I ask him, do you want to be in my click up? Do you do you want to know that told what's going on in most of them say no, just I want you know, that they only do that one task out of the twenty that I do. They don't want to see all the moving pieces and parts. They just you know, it's it's can be overwhelming. So remember that with your client, too, that, you know, kind of adding them in and making them learn something new and do all that. Sometimes that can be a burden they don't want to take on.

Brandi: And another reason we. Unclick up, it's also because I tried to remove myself out of that side of the business Facebook ads. I'm all up in because I'm the only one. But that's out of the business.

Brandi: What my goal is, is to show up and be valuable to you. So it's on the podcast. It's inside the group. Conversions for clients. Course I show up in there. So my whole goal with the business is to show up and be as much value as possible. And the best way I can do that is to stay out. And so Stephanie and Janessa communicate with each other inside a click up, because once the podcast episode is ready, then chief Stephanie Tagg's, Janessa and Janessa writes the emails. And then so everything is going on without me being there. And then when I was at it, my mastermind this last time in San Diego, I'm a little checked out. And there was like all these parts that had to happen that were different than how they usually run. And I just popped in and saw the chat and they figured it out together. They made decisions together. And that was when I was like, yes, just like the Facebook ad business having systems in place. On the other side of the business, we also have the same systems in place and it runs without you or a run. So you're not the bottleneck. And I think that's the power of having systems, whether you're a solo producer or you have a team with you.

Stephanie: Yeah, and that's what I've loved so much about working with a client for a long time on a long term basis is I pretty much know exactly how all of my clients work. I know what they like. I know what they don't like. I know how they like things, you know. So that is what I love about having those long term retainer clients.

Brandi: Absolutely. OK. So we're going to wrap this up, but I want to do a few rapid fire questions for you. OK. Are you ready?

Stephanie: Yes. OK.

Brandi: And Stephanie's cheating because she knows these questions ahead of time. So.

Stephanie: I had to send them to myself.

Brandi: Yeah. So what is the favorite part of your business?

Stephanie: Favorite part of my business is kind of like what I talked about earlier. It's being able to do a bunch of different tasks and not like you kind of said, not get bored with doing anything. And one of the other favorite parts is really the connections and the, you know, that I've made with my best, best D, as I say, and with my clients, just really forming like the relationships has been my favorite part.

Brandi: I love that. And I always say relationships over revenue all day long, so I love that. OK, what is your favorite software or tool you can't live without?

Stephanie: Click up for sure, because without click up and all the moving pieces and parts of managing multiple podcasts at one time I couldn't do it. And Bokser everybody that knows me. I love a good Voxer message. So that is just an easy way that I communicate with all of my clients and with a lot of my best friends.

Brandi: Yeah. And you've got a three X Stefán area. I'll be there all day long.

Brandi: Ok.

Brandi: What is the best conference you've ever been to? Virtual or Leive.

Stephanie: Ok. So best conference to hear one. And in this kind of goes in two different ways. One of my favorite conferences was I told you earlier, the visa course that I took was with Lauren Golden from the Free Mama group. She had a retreat, an in-person retreat, and I loved that retreat for the same thing. I keep saying it's building those in-person relationships and really going deep with people. And that's why I'm so excited or Serve Scale Soar live next month. I am so excited to meet people in real life. I feel like I'm literally going to be hugging everyone because I just I feel like I know everyone at this point. So super excited about that. And really, the one that was probably one of the bigger game changers in my business was podcast's movement. I think that's when it really solidified. How big podcasting is and how many people are in it. And just made me feel kind of like a big girl that I'm going to a conference that is revolved around what I do. It just it was my first time in the online space being away from my kids for so long. Being away from my husband and doing something on my own. Flying there on my own. I mean, I had traveled by myself, but never for that, you know, extended period of time. And that was one of the best.

Brandi: And Stephanie is probably going to kill me for saying this, but she sends us a message and says she's bringing twelve bottles of wine.

Brandi: And I was like, oh, wow. Bottle is good.Good Lord. And she gets there and they're like the little mini one.

Stephanie: I brought a little mini bottles for Angie and Brandi so we could have a little sippy wine.

Stephanie: After all the conference all day,

Brandi: like you said, twelve bottles. And I was like, how is she getting twelve? Bottle of wine.

Stephanie: Going to do a lot of checked luggage.

Brandi: Yeah. OK. So tell me the best piece of business advice you've ever received.

Stephanie: The biggest thing for me as an Enneagram one, like I said, total had problem with indecision and really wanting everything to be perfect. I am a planner by nature and so it's very hard for me not to know what the end goal is. But I think that that is one of the things that I literally have a sticky note in front of me right now. That's action breeds clarity. And I think one of the things and I see it with Brandi all the time and a couple of my other clients are so awesome at this. And this is why I love it. Much as they just do it, they don't overanalyze. They just do it. I mean, when I type Brandi, I'm she just does it. I think it's crazy. You know, and so I have tried to be a little bit more and more like that. But there was an analogy that they said one time, when you're driving down a road and you see that up ahead, you can't see if it's foggy and you can't see maybe a mile ahead. But if you just keep driving, keep driving and keep driving, you just see a little bit more and it finally becomes clear, you know, and you see that result. And so I'm just trying to take one step at a time and just know that, like, these are my short term plans for now, just taking one step and maybe I don't know the ultimate goal right now, but just seeing the what could be has been the most fun thing.

Brandi: I love that. OK. So the last question I always ask, but I'll ask you two is what is your favorite part about Serve Scale Soar the membership?

Stephanie: One hundred percent. The people I will say Brandi's frameworks are awesome because especially for someone like me is she is a she simplifies everything. So there is not. And when you go in, I think a lot of people get overwhelmed with, you know, thinking like, oh, it's just so much more to do. Like, they're short there to the point, but they help you get that system set up and not over analyze it. It's like you just get it set up and it will save you so much time moving forward and just seeing how big you grew your business by automating and systematizing and all of that kind of thing. Getting all of that setup has been huge. But ultimately, it's still just the people. It's the people. And there is like everyone is so encouraging. And in a lot of groups, you you you feel and you sense negativity. And that's very hard. I really try to surround myself with positive people and and being in there like everyone. I mean, like our weekly win XYZ. One of my favorite things, it's just everyone is so jazzed up about literally literally the smallest wins, you know. And so that's what's really exciting. I mean, we're like sending all the gifts. I'm like the gift person in that Jeff gift, however you say it. I love it. Yeah. That's one of my favorite parts.

Brandi: Ok. And then what has been the biggest game changer for you in the soaring inner circle mastermind.

Stephanie: Oh, man. Again, the people in there, I think and one of the things, just like Samantha said it was the mindset shifts that occur when you're surrounded by people that have that abundance mindset in some of the people in there. I mean, I so was on the opposite of the woo woo scale before, and I'm probably still, like, not even very woo at all compared to some people. But just seeing what something could be has been the most exciting. And I tell and one of the things that I say a lot of a lot of times is, you know, the personal development that has come from in the last year and even in the last three or four months has been huge, just excited about life. And, you know, and my husband and I dreaming about what could be, you know, a lot of times it was just like when you started your business, like you just wanted a little extra money to maybe do this or to pay your bills or to whatever. I mean, we we are I'm lucky enough that we live off my husband's income, but my revenue was always, you know, the extra. And so now it's even more of a drive to see, you know, that there could be a potential field for him to be able to retire and do his own thing and a few years or you know, and one of the things that we're doing this year is going to Europe in that we would not have happened without the growth that I've seen in my business.

Brandi: I love that. I love that so much. We're both going to Europe this year. Not together.

Stephanie: You're going to give me you're gonna give me all of the notes.

Brandi: Yes, absolutely. Okay.

Brandi: Well, Stephanie, it has been such an honor. So tell my guests where they can reach out to you and just shout out to you and, like, just connect.

Stephanie: Yes, totally. So my Web site is Stephanie Judice dot com, and you'll find me on Facebook at Stephanie Judice as well. And on Instagram at Stephanie Judice. So I'm Stephanie Judice everywhere. And I'm wearing a bright blue shirt everywhere. So and I look about like this and that's where I am everywhere. So, yes, definitely reach out. I love connecting with people.

Brandi: I love it. Well, thank you so much for being on here. And thank you for running the Serve Scale Soar podcast.

Stephanie: Thank you. Now I need to get to work.

Brandi: Yeah. Well, thank you so much. And we will chat soon.

Stephanie: All right. Thanks, Brandi.

Brandi: Yo, how freaking amazing was that episode? I've loved having Stephanie on here. I love just her sharing her heart and what you may not know as we stream this episode alive. So she had all the pressure on her as well. And I came with her some hard questions. She was not expecting and she brought the fire. That was so good. And I really would encourage you to go in and reach out to Stephanie. And she's an amazing person and follow her on Instagram because she truly does provide a service that's so exceptional that her clients can't leave her.

Brandi: And that's what we all want from our business. And if you want to get to know Stephanie better or if you're like, I love what she was talking about, about being with bigger thinkers, then the applications are now open for the soaring inner circle mastermind. It will be the last eight months of the year. So May through December and you will get to be in a small community with high achieving, high level thinkers. So if you are making consistent money already in your server space business and you're ready to take it to the next level, or maybe you're ready to start taking your one to one to one to many by creating a course or a membership or coaching program. This is the program for you. So you can head to Serve Scale Soar dot com forward slash mastermind and get your application in there, because here's the thing. It is by application only. And so we only select a small group of people. So the good news is when you apply your application, you may not. Get in. So why not just give it a shot and join Stephanie and the other members of the soaring inner circle and make the last eight months of your business totally worth remembering. So I encourage you to go out this week, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into that six figure year you deserve.

Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review. And be sure to tune in next time.

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