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31: How Maggie, A Brand Strategist, Went From $3,000 to $7,300 a Month in Less Than 30 Days By Eliminating The Noise

Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome? Are you listening to wayyyy too many people online who all seem to all have different messages on how you can grow your business? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with what courses to take and which mentors to follow?  ...

30: Steal My 3 Phase Onboarding Process to Wow Your Clients and Get a Flood of Referrals

Do you want to book more discovery calls, land more clients, and have referrals? Does your current onboarding process 'wow' your clients? Are you ready to let technology and systems work for you while you sleep?   In this episode, I will chat about how important your...

29: How Haley Transitioned from Hourly Pricing to Packages to Scale Her Business to Consistent $8,500+ Months

  Is indecisiveness your weak point? How do you summon the courage to take action and scale your business? If you've been itching to start your game but lack the willpower to make the first step, this episode will definitely get you moving!   Today's guest is...

28: Income Report: Breaking Down How I Generated over $101,000 in January

So I did a thing….. I published my first income report.  Talk about scary! I hesitated and wasn’t sure if I wanted to do them, but after polling my audience, you all said you wanted them, so here we are!    This is a replay of a recent Facebook Live I did breaking...
27: Raising Your Prices for Massive Growth

27: Raising Your Prices for Massive Growth

Have you ever thought to yourself “if I raise my prices, then no one will hire me!”? Are you ready to make more money and stop working so much?  I love talking about raising your prices, because I don't think enough people are talking about it.  If you have been...

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