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40: Struggling VA to Booked Out Podcast Manager: How You Can Be Multi-Passionate And Niche Down To Scale

Today I am so excited to have Stephanie Judice on the podcast.  Stephanie is one of the founding members of the Serve Scale Soar membership, a member of my Inner Circle Mastermind, and she is the Serve Scale Soar podcast manager!  One of the things I love most about...

39: Behind The Scenes Of Creating A Six-Figure Boutique Agency With Meg Witt

Are you a freelancer who aspires to have your own boutique agency? How do you manage a team and still run a profitable business? What are some of the roadblocks you might come up against along the way? In this episode, we're going to hear a different perspective on...

38: How to Take Massive Action and Build a Thriving Facebook Ads Business with Ashley Monk

How can offering Facebook and Instagram ad services take your business to the next level?  Today I am chatting with Ashley Monk who is one of the Conversions for Clients founding members.  Ashley serves her local community with her boutique agency, IT Media, and...

37: March Income Report $67,000 Generated: Corona, Tiger King, and $39K in Expenses

Wow! March 2020 will definitely be one for the history books!   In today’s episode, we are going behind the scenes of my business to find out how I generated $67,000 and why my expenses were over $39,000.  March was a month full of pivots- in our lives and in our...

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