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46: May Income Report: Behind the Scenes of a $251,000 Month

Are you curious what a $251,000 month looks like? I’m breaking it down in this month's income report like no one else does.  I’m so excited about the results of this month and the lessons that I’ve learned from it. I’m going to tell you all about the amazing...

45: From $2,300/ Month as a Subcontractor to a $9,000 Month in Her Business in 90 Days with Jennifer Feeney

Are you trapped in doing subcontracting work? Do you feel that you have the skills and the tenacity to start having your own clients and making it a business? Where and how do you start?   If you dream of breaking free from subcontract work, this episode is such...

44: Using Local Workshops to Get More Clients with Shannon McKinstrie

Have you ever wondered how you could get involved with your local community? Are you looking for ways to grow your support system as you grow your business? Workshops could be the perfect solution for you. Shannon McKinstrie is a wife and mom who works with online...

43: Using 3 and 6 Month Contracts to Retain More Clients and Increase Your Revenue

Have you ever wanted to know how to keep clients around longer? How to make sure that you have consistent income and you're not always chasing around after new clients?  In this episode, I am breaking down the 3 reasons to implement 3- and 6-month contracts in your...
42: From Laid Off to 5-Figure Months as an OBM with Corinne Blagg

42: From Laid Off to 5-Figure Months as an OBM with Corinne Blagg

Have you ever wondered how the heck you're supposed to scale your business as an OBM, a project manager, an executive assistant, or a virtual assistant? Do you question if your service is even scalable? I truly believe today’s guest, Corinne Blagg, is going to break a...

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