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95: From $5 Per Project to $6k Months in Less Than 8 Months with Rhodaline Escala-Phelps

Is your website selling your services 24/7, even while you sleep? Is it attracting your dream clients?  Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what to include on your website….and if you even need one? More importantly, how much time is creating and updating...

94: How Kate Ahl Grew Her Agency and Became the Go-To Pinterest Expert

Are you ready to hear the story of how service provider Kate Ahl became the go-to Pinterest expert? We all know that building a successful service-based business comes with many mindset shifts and important pivots, so it is important to note that this is not an...

93: April Income Report: Investing to Know My Numbers, Paying Quarterly Taxes, and Taking Action to See Big Results

April was full of excitement, fun, and surprises, so I am so excited to tell you all about it in this April Income Report episode! I am going over my recent trips to Florida, a super-secret Serve Scale Soar launch, quarterly taxes, launching a new program, the iOS...

92: The Power Kristen Lux Found In Mastering Her Mindset, Being Intentional and Following Her Gut

How do you make sure you are intentional in your business? Do you do self-work to make sure that you are in the right niche or offering the right services? Do you work on your mindset? One of our Serve Scale Soar members, Kristen Lux, is joining me in this episode,...
91: What No One Tells Entrepreneurs About Accountability

91: What No One Tells Entrepreneurs About Accountability

Why isn’t anyone talking about this...?   No one tells you that you kiss accountability goodbye when you get into entrepreneurship!   When you are in school, you know what time your class is, and you have deadlines. When you are at a 9 to 5 job, you have...

87: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business For Maximum Impact

87: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business For Maximum Impact

Are you ready to do some spring cleaning?   I am not talking about spring cleaning your home. I am actually going over five different ways that you can do this with your business in this episode!   I think it is SO important to pause to compare where you are...

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