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79: Do Service Providers Need an Email List?

What the heck do you do with an email list as a service provider? Do you even need one? In today’s episode, I am answering these questions and giving a not-so-popular opinion. From the mistakes I made when I started my own email list to how to determine an opt-in...

78: Transform Your Money Mindset with Amber Dugger

Do you want to have a better money mindset?   Today’s episode is actually a replay of the number one training that we did for Biggie Size Your Biz Virtual Conference. Amber Dugger totally blew our minds about money mindset, and I knew that I had to share this...

77: Ethical Marketing > Bro Marketing with Michelle Mazur

Do you spend time making sure that your marketing meets your values and beliefs?   In today's episode, I am speaking with Michelle Mazure. She is the founder of Communication Rebel where she helps service-based business owners, coaches and consultants nail down...

76: December Income Report: Wrapping up a Million Dollar Year, Launching, and a Week of Rest

December was full of reflection, relaxation and celebration!    We are covering a lot in this income report!  From how our Beta to Biggie launch went, to how I celebrated my million dollar year. I will be talking about what my big goals are going forward and...
74: 10 Lessons I Learned Scaling to $1 Million

74: 10 Lessons I Learned Scaling to $1 Million

Do you want to scale your business in 2021?    Today I’m teaching you the 10 things I learned scaling to $1 million in 2020. This is going to be a super fun episode with lots of reflection happening for both you and me.    Now, here's the deal. If you’re...

72: November Income Report and My Exciting Announcement!

72: November Income Report and My Exciting Announcement!

November has been a big month and a low key month at the same time. I hope you tune in to this special November income report to find out what I’m talking about.    We have a lot to cover today, from personal discoveries, to business changes, to breaking down the...

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