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87: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business For Maximum Impact

Are you ready to do some spring cleaning?   I am not talking about spring cleaning your home. I am actually going over five different ways that you can do this with your business in this episode!   I think it is SO important to pause to compare where you are...

86: How to Provide Social Selling as a High-End Service with Lattice Hudson

What the heck is social selling? Can you use it as a service? Is it even right for service providers?    I am joined by Lattice Hudson, and we are jumping into the world of social selling to answer all of these questions.   Lattice is a business coach,...

85: February Income Report: Transparent Stories About Contracts, Customer Service, Self-Care and Self-Sabotage

I am SO excited to share my February income report with you! February was lower than other months, but I am okay with that because it is all about the journey and lessons learned. In this income report, I am giving an update on the dispute I worked through beginning...

84: 4 Must Haves for Your Services Page and What You Need to Remove Today

What does your service page have on it? Is it working for you?   Here’s what I know: If it’s working for you, don’t recreate it, but if your service page isn’t doing what you hoped it would, it’s time to change it!   In this episode, I am covering the...
82: How to Use The Clients You Have to Elevate Your Services

82: How to Use The Clients You Have to Elevate Your Services

Are you ready to make more money, more impact and elevate your services?   In today’s episode, I am showing you how to use the clients that you already have to elevate your services, still get paid and get amazing testimonials even when you don’t have any...

79: Do Service Providers Need an Email List?

79: Do Service Providers Need an Email List?

What the heck do you do with an email list as a service provider? Do you even need one? In today’s episode, I am answering these questions and giving a not-so-popular opinion. From the mistakes I made when I started my own email list to how to determine an opt-in...

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