Have you ever thought to yourself “if I raise my prices, then no one will hire me!”?

Are you ready to make more money and stop working so much? 

I love talking about raising your prices, because I don’t think enough people are talking about it. 

If you have been thinking about raising your prices or wondering how to do it, make sure to tune in! We are covering money mindset shifts you need to make today!

Value Bombs:


  • How I raised my prices the first time and the fear I had to overcome
  • Why you need to quit worrying about the clients who won’t pay and start finding the ones who will
  • Why a “no” from a client might actually be a good thing
  • Have you ever met a six-figure service provider who didn’t charge premium prices?
  • Why bargain shopping clients aren’t ones you want to work with
  • How to raise your prices little by little as your confidence level grows 


I want to challenge you this week to raise your prices.  If you are hourly, consider raising them $5-10 per hour. If you have a package rate, can you raise it by $100 or $200?  DM me or tag me on Instagram @brandimowles and let me know how much you plan to raise your pricing by this week. If you are stuck and having a fear about it, DM me.  I will help you shift your mindset so you can make more money and have more time freedom! Sounds amazing right?! That’s why I am challenging you! 


Raising your prices takes practice.  It’s a mindset shift that has to happen.  Once you shift your mindset, you will be more confident with your next potential client. 


That wraps up today’s episode.  This week I encourage you to go out there and raise your prices, serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six figure year you deserve. 


See you all here next week! 





Resources Mentioned: 

Episode 13: Landing High-End Clients That Will Pay You High-End Prices with Chanti Zak 

Additional Resources:

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Have you ever thought to yourself

if I raise my prices, then no one will hire me? If that is you, or if you're even thinking about raising your prices and how to do it, this episode is for you. So let's jump on and

welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years your host Brandi is a wife mom and in less than one year created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

Hello Serve Scale Soar family. I am so excited about today's episode because we are talking all

about raising your prices. And boy, I bet all of us want to raise our prices because right now if you hear my voice, and you're like yes, I want to make more money. I want to raise my prices. I want to stop working so much. But I don't want to lose the revenue. It all comes down to raising your prices. And if you're like that is me, give me the amen emoji or raise your hand because I am right there with you. I love talking about raising prices because not enough people are doing it. This whole episode is exactly that. We're talking all about raising your prices. But before we jump in to that super sexy topic that's going to get more money in your pocket. I want to spotlight one of our listeners. So k in 23 m k left your review five stars and said knowledgeable and concise. brandi is a wealth of knowledge on the virtual assistant industry. She keeps things practical, real and concise. I love her kiss mythology and how she shows you how to make real money in simple systems. Thank you Kay in 23 ma. Yes, I'm all about keeping it simple, sweetie. And that is truly what kiss is. We keep it simple on this show. So you can have the biggest impact and make the most money. And what a perfect review to read before we jump into this week's episode, if you would like to be one of our spotlight listeners, make sure to go right now and leave an honest review and you may be our next spotlight. Okay, so let's talk about raising our prices. Because I know that raising our prices can be one of the most scariest things that we do. I remember thinking about the first time I told someone I was going to charge 997 for one month of pads. This was way more money than I was charging for anything else. Before that my highest package had been $600. And that was for organic and that was for a lot of stuff. And then I was going to raise my prices, get out of that hourly and go to packages and start offering Facebook ads and tell someone that they need to pay me 997 to run their ads. And my heart stopped and I was on that discovery call and chat. Okay, now how much do you cost? And I said, 997. And I'm pretty sure I felt like my brain was going to explode. My like heart was going to stop, I was going to faint. I'm sure I was probably pretty red, and they paid it. And then there's been times when I said that my prices were 1500 a month. And they said, That's too expensive. Then there's been times where I said, my prices were 3000 a month, and they paid them. Then there's been times when my clients told me that I need to raise my prices, because my services were that good. And this isn't to brag or boast This is to show you that we all get scared when it comes to raising our prices. It is scary. And we all go through it no matter if you're raising them from 200 to 300, or 600 to 1000. It's scary. But here's the thing. In this episode, we're going to talk all about why is it scary, and what can we do to make it not so scary. But I know we worry about no one hiring us when we raise our prices. But isn't it more important for us to focus on the life that we could create for our family, instead of wasting our time thinking about the few clients that won't be willing to pay those prices? So why don't you just let that sink in? Would you rather have higher prices and create the life that you dream of create the life that allowed your family more flexibility that allows you to go on more vacation? Or do you want to worry about those few clients who aren't going to pay those prices? Because let's think about it.

Those are the clients that

will probably take away the most time from our family, because those are the clients who don't pay on time, who messaged you all hours of the day and night. They suffer from major scope creep. They're asking you to do everything under the sun. Like if I'm running Facebook ads, they're asking me to also like manage their email list. We know that type of scope creep and they complain All the time, the clients who aren't willing to pay your prices are the most difficult clients. And is that the type of client you want to work with? The answer's no. None of us want to be chasing around clients looking for payments, or dealing with Hey, you know, like, sorry, I don't provide that service. Because if we were working with other clients, they wouldn't be asking those things in the first place. So if you're listening to this podcast, this means you're probably someone who wants to grow your business. So let me ask you this one question. Have you ever met a six figure service provider? Who doesn't charge premium prices? I'll let you think about it. Can you name any six figure a year service provider who doesn't have a course or anything like that? They're just a service provider that doesn't charge premium prices. Do you think that the person who created geocachers quiz or writes Amy Porterfield launching emails, which by the way is shanties And we have an episode with her that will link up in the show notes. Or the person who runs written already adds doesn't charge premium prices. Do you think that these people like Jenna Kutcher, James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, do you think that they would have hired those service providers, if they were the lowest quote, and I talked about this with Shanti is when we want to work with hiring clients, when we want to grow our business, when we want to get the clients that don't call us all hours the night we're not chasing them down for payments. Those are the clients we want. And they're not hiring the people who have Walmart prices, nothing against Walmart. But if they want bargain prices, that your people who aren't making money and are going to struggle to pay you to begin with. The people that we're going to attract when they have higher prices are those people who want a premium service provider they want someone who is going to be dedicated to the services that they're providing but I get it. It's scary to raise your prices. And it doesn't have to happen overnight. Instead of doubling your prices tomorrow, next week, next month, what if you started by just doing a little bit at a time. So with each new testimonial, each new client, each new case study you get, you raise your prices a little, maybe it's $100, maybe it's $200. Maybe it's $500. When you celebrate the wins, and when you make decisions from those wins, your confidence level is going to go up. It makes it easier to raise your rates because you're already on the high, you could just got that new testimonial, you just got that new client, you just got that new case study. You're excited. You are confident in your abilities. That is the perfect time to raise your rates when you're in the excitement mode. But here's what I know. You can go out today and raise your price. Maybe it's $10. Maybe it's 100. Maybe it's $1,000 more than what you're currently charging and it's scary, but you can do it. You seriously can do it does not have to be as scary as we make it, we just have to do it once. So what I want to challenge you this week is to look at your pricing model. And if you're selling hourly, then I would go consider what how can we package this up? But even if you're on hourly, can you raise your prices by 5,10? dollars an hour? So if you're at 30, can you go to 40? And there's no Can you can but will you? And if you're on packages, and let's say you're charging 797 for Facebook ads, can you bump it up to 997? The next time you get on a call a discovery call? Can you tell them that your new price is 997 because every time I get a new client, the very next client is going to pay more, because we're always raising our prices when we're in the win. So what I want to challenge you this week, I know this was a shorter episode,

but I really want you to maybe listen to this again, because there's nothing A step by step system with this, we teach that inside Serve Scale Soar exactly how to raise your prices and what that looks like. But what I know is raising your prices isn't so much about the step two steps, two steps. So it's not about the A to Z, the 123. It's more about the mindset shift that has to happen. And so in order for that to happen, it's going to take practice. So I'd encourage you to re listen to this episode, really let it sink in, take some notes, and think about what is holding you back from raising your prices. But what I do now is that you can do it, and I believe in you. And so I'm a fan of taking action. I love action takers, we celebrate action. In my community, we celebrate action in my household. And so I'm going to challenge you to take action this week. I want you to DM me or tagged me in your stories on Instagram, at branding company, and let me know how much are you going to raise your prices this week and you don't have to Go and change it on your website and everything. I'm a firm believer, you shouldn't have your prices on your website anyway. But that's a whole nother episode. But what I want you to do is let me know how much are you going to raise your prices this week. For the next time you get on a discovery call the next time you send out a proposal The next time you send a quote, and I want you to be dedicated to that new change. And I want to know what it is I want to hold you accountable. I want to celebrate you when you get your new client at that new price. Because that is exciting. And so I believe everyone today no matter what your prices are, you can go out and raise them. Maybe it's $5 maybe it's 10. Maybe it's 100. Maybe it's 1000. Every little price increase builds confidence when you get that next client. So please DM me or tag me in stories and let me know what your new price increases going to be. Because I want to celebrate you for taking action. And so I want you to go out this week. raise your prices. serve your clients, scale your business To that six figure year

you deserve. Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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Meet Brandi

Brandi Mowles is the host of the Serve Scale Soar podcast which is a podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five-figure months so they can soar into six-figure years. Brandi is a wife, mom and in less than one year, created a six-figure business.   Now she is spilling all her secrets so you can too.

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