How do you make sure you are intentional in your business? Do you do self-work to make sure that you are in the right niche or offering the right services? Do you work on your mindset?

One of our Serve Scale Soar members, Kristen Lux, is joining me in this episode, and we are deep diving into how we can improve our mindset, how we can improve how we show up in our business, how Serve Scale Soar has benefited her and much more.

Kristen is an Online Business Manager and Systems Coach for client-centered small businesses. She sifts through the chaos of small business operations creating streamlined systems for managing tasks, communications, and the client experience.

After jumping head-first into business ownership without any processes or systems–and then burning out–it became Kristen’s mission to help other business owners avoid this common mistake. Now, the systems Kristen creates with her clients bring positive, profitable transformation to their businesses AND their lives.

When Kristen isn’t busy nerding out over systems, you can find her outdoors hiking, biking, walking, doing yoga, and spending time with her husband Greg and corgi-mix Bullet.

Value Bombs:


  • Three ways you can niche down to make sure you are aligned with your business
  • Why entrepreneurship doesn’t have a finish line
  • Using the project management system that works for you
  • Setting boundaries and systems in your business
  • Nailing down the foundation of your business
  • How inspiring and motivating groups can be 
  • Tips for getting started and defining your skillset
  • How to be more intentional and focus on yourself

Kristen continuously listens to her gut, and that is a huge reason why she has been able to stay in her lane and build the business that is right for her.

We can all use this conversation as a reminder to let go of our perfectionism and lean into what we really feel like we want in our businesses even if we aren’t an expert yet.

Let me know what you think about this episode. I really want to hear your biggest takeaway and what you learned from it!

If you want to meet Kristen and more people just like her, sign up for my free training >> How to Scale to Consistent 10K Months Without Hiring a Team.


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Don’t forget to sign up for my free training >> How to Scale to Consistent 10K Months Without Hiring a Team

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    Brandi Mowles: [00:00:00] Today's episode, I have one of our Serve Scale Soar members, Kristen, and we are like deep Diving into Ways to make your Life better. Like, how Can we improve our mindset? How can we improve how we show up in our business? How her Business took her three years to get where She is now and how She has loved her journey. But it hasn't Been all rainbows and Butterflies. And then also just how OBMs don't necessarily Need to be certified To have high Revenue generating months. And this is just the start Of it all.So let's jump on in.

    Speaker2: [00:00:37] Welcome to the Serve Scale Soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host, Brandee, is a wife, mom and in less than one year created a six figure business. And now she is spilling all her secrets. So you can to.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:01:03] Hey, Serve Scale Soar family, I'm super excited today because I have one of our Serve Scale Soar members, Kristen, on the show today, which I'm always so excited to spotlight our members and hear their stories because their stories truly inspire so many of you. So, Kristen, thank you so much for being here. Can you tell my audience a little bit about who you are as a person and about your business?

    Kristen Lux: [00:01:26] Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. So I'm Kristen Locks and I live in the beautiful college town of Columbia,Missouri, with my husband Greg and Corgi mix Bullet. We are outdoor enthusiasts. So probably any moment that I'm not at my desk working or cooking at home or something, I am outdoors, walking, Hiking, biking. I love to do yoga also in my free time and also just hang out with friends and family and see the sights in our community.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:01:56] I love that. So tell me, what is your favorite type of yoga? The type of yoga?

    Kristen Lux: [00:02:01] I don't know that I have a favorite type. It depends on what mood I'm in. So if I'm meeting to kind of come down, I love to do yoga. That's a really awesome practice for just kind of calming your system down. But I do like the kind of more flowing faster pace yoga as well. And those are the ones I usually tend to need. Actually, really the biggest thing I like about yoga is I have a teacher that I really like on YouTube yoga with Adrian Adrian Mishler. She is kind of my jam and I've been following her for a number of years and she's really helped me Kind of get into A good space with my yoga practice just by doing it at home. So I don't have to go to a studio every day.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:02:35] I love that before having really I used to love to do hot yoga because I cycled. And then after that I would like to do hot yoga because that's the only time that I'm like super bendy, really hot. So I always ask. And now I've also started getting back into yoga because Peloton has yoga, so I do it at home. So I think that that's such a great way of self Care in so Many ways, like not only for your physical body, but all your mental health and self care. So I love that you take that time to do that. OK, so tell me about your business.

    Kristen Lux: [00:03:06] So I am an online business manager and systems coach for micro-businesses, so I'm usually working with either a solo producer or a very small team. And it's typically a business owner who has gotten to the point where they've maxed out what they can do themselves. So they've maybe started to build a small team, maybe some contractors even. But now they're lacking the systems that they need to really scale that the systems and the processes. So I usually come in when they're at that stage and I help them just kind of figure out. A lot of times I don't even know what their processes are or they don't have them clearly defined. So we usually do that work first and then we start looking at how we can better build out their systems to Support the day to day in their Business and their team.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:03:44] I love this. OK, so tell Me, what are you Working with a certain industry like? Are these coaches or these photographers? Are you Just like doing systems But for a bunch of different types of industries?

    Kristen Lux: [00:03:56] So I'm kind of in that niche down phase right now. And I'm not a kind of Person who likes to just like force things. I like to just like let the universe cue up what's next for me. And so what has cued up for me is just really like heart centered, mission driven clients. That's the common thread between all of my clients. But right now, I have a client who's in e commerce. I have a client who is a magician and a business speaker, and then I have a client who's in the functional medicine space.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:04:23] So that is so fun.

    Kristen Lux: [00:04:25] Yeah, but they're all very like heart center. They're all trying to make a big impact in this world. And so that's really the common thread. I have not found yet which industry is the best fit For me,

    Brandi Mowles: [00:04:35] You know,

    Kristen Lux: [00:04:36] Working with amazing business owners.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:04:38] Yeah. So I think That's so good because we talk about in Serve Scale Soar there's three ways to Netsch down. One is By like your Service, then the second one is By industry and the third one's the combo Approach. And so you have that like so nailed down. And so I love that, like, there's so many ways to manage. And you've taken years to also Not only the service, but Also like the personality of the person. So that heart centered, really driven to make an impact person. And I think that will serve you so well. So that's exciting. OK, so I always love talking to my, like, systems admin people because so Many people are like, oh, bring The only people can scale up their digital marketers like Bob. That's not true. Like we have so many people in Serve Scale Soar that are in that Admin system space and they're having incredible months and you're One of them. So tell me, how did you even get started in the online space?

    Kristen Lux: [00:05:31] So quite the journey, getting to the online space. I've been here about Three years at this point, but it really feels like last year twenty twenty was my first year. Basically, I got burned out working for other people, not because they didn't have amazing businesses, But I just I felt there was Something more that was missing. And I also felt like I wanted to help more than just one business. Like I had all these gifts to share. I needed to kind of like spread them out. And so I was just to the point where I was like, I can quit my job. Like, I just got to go. And I didn't really have a good plan in place at the time. And I just. Went for it, which is totally not like me, but my husband was in full support of it and so I just went for it. But that first year I really floundered quite a bit. And since I was going into it already burned out, I further burned myself out because I kind of just jumped into the chaos. That first year didn't really implement a lot of systems, didn't really put a lot of parameters or boundaries around which services I was offering. And at the time, I was actually doing more marketing type services, not really the admin. I was actually actively running away from the admin space and trying to get away from that work, even though that's like my calling and that's what I'm the best at. And so that second year, I actually just had to take a long rest and take a little break. I still stayed connected in the online space that a lot of personal and professional development during that time. But I didn't really work a lot. So really in twenty twenty at the beginning of the year, right before the pandemic, I launched my business. As for the love of Systems and for the last year I've been focusing

    Kristen Lux: [00:06:54] On doing not just Trello setups, but also coaching people how to use travel. So we actually set the system up together. And then mid-year last year, I also added an online business management services. So I've been focused on that for about, oh, maybe six, eight months or so. And that's going really well. But now I'm at another kind of turning point in my business, which we can probably talk about here in a little bit.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:07:14] Oh, you sparked everyone's interest and you're just going to leave them hanging and you're running away from marketing. You are a great marketer, so I love that. OK, I have a few questions before we jump into what's next, because now I'm super curious, but you talked about how what I want to Acknowledge like this has been Part of the conversation a lot in twenty, Twenty one. And I think the end Of twenty twenty that I really started bringing this up more is how entrepreneurship is a journey like there is no finish line. Yes, we all have a starting point, but there's no finish line like It's a journey and we get to Decide what our path looks like. We're all going to go down different paths. And even like where we're going is different. We all have different terms of success. And so I love how yours was. Like, some people can look at you and be like, oh, she just kicked off her journey and now she's having five thousand plus dollars a month. But like, you didn't just kick

    Brandi Mowles: [00:08:05] Off your business in January. This has been a process that's been going on for three years. And I think That that's so relatable to so many people. So thank you for sharing that. Thank you for talking about the burnout. Thank you for talking about how you needed rest. And you top that. But you came back because you just knew you needed that. And I think being self aware of what your body's telling us is so, so important. And we don't need to go to the point of burnout like it's better to slow down,

    Brandi Mowles: [00:08:30] Take that break than get to that Point just for our health, our physical health and our mental health and just for like our family. Like it all goes in together. So thank you for sharing that. You touched on a few things.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:08:42] One, so Does that mean you use Trello?

    Kristen Lux: [00:08:45] I do use Tralala. Oh, I love Trello. And Trello gets kind of a bad rap. But I think for people who are just getting in using project management tools, it's the best tool. And Trello has these amazing automation's that you can build into the system. I have this Racan Customer support board for one of my clients that, like I've built in all these automations were checklists are getting dropped and it's really putting the S.O.P or standard operating Procedure right in Front of the person in the right moment when they need it with all their checklists and stuff. And I know you can do that with click up and all the other tools as well. But I think for people who are new to those tools, that the simplicity of that setup in Trello and just the interface is very simple as well, that I think it's really one of the best kind of entry level tools, probably along with a sun is a good one for people getting started, too. But it's really good for people when they are just getting started out and they need to be exposed. But we don't need to go quite to like click up yet for them.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:09:39] Yeah, I love this because I'm going to say that I was in the wrong because I quoted someone that I thought was a genius quote, and nothing against the quote because I definitely repeated it. But I said that I heard and I thought it was so genius that they've never met a million dollar business Owner that uses Trello. And since I said that on the podcast or was during our virtual conference or something, I've actually Met not one, Not

    Brandi Mowles: [00:10:03] Two, but three multibillion Dollar business owners that use Trello in their business. And it's so funny. I started my good friend Carrie. He's like my business best friend. And we were talking and I had done a call with him and we set up his click up like I'm totally nerdy Out over work.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:10:20] And I found out that he'd just told me they use it for three months and it was so overwhelming. And so they went to use Trello. And I was like, you're using Trello after I set up this beautiful collection. So it's so funny. I love this because this is the whole reason why we stopped promoting Double-Sided. We didn't stop. But we don't lean on promoting tuxedoes heavily anymore, honey. But because the level of injury was too high for Doug Sato, where people can get started quicker with Honey Book.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:10:49] Now, I Will never promote Trello because I'm like obsessed. But I think this is a Good reminder that, like, If clearcuts not working, it doesn't mean you can't use a project management system. You just have to find one that works for you. So if that's Trello, do it. I love that that's what you specialize in, so perfect had to ask that, of course, because Trello doesn't come up much on this podcast. But I know

    Kristen Lux: [00:11:12] Like an outsider sometimes, like I know I understand the rage of click up. Like, I understand. I'm not like, oh, click up sucks. Like, I get that. It's amazing. But I like to work with people who are like so overwhelmed they just need someone to ground them back into reality. And when they're in that stage, if you bring in click up, they're not going to use it. I want people to actually use the tool that I'm helping and set up and not set them up for failure.Basically,

    Brandi Mowles: [00:11:36] I love that. I think That's great. OK, so Then the second thing I wrote down, in case you were wondering what I was doing here, I was writing down notes. So the next thing you brought up is how that first year you didn't have boundaries. You said you didn't have boundaries, you didn't have systems. So since that first year, what boundaries and what systems have you implemented in your business?

    Kristen Lux: [00:11:58] So I would say the biggest boundary is just the services that I'm willing to offer. So I think this is very common when you're getting started as a freelancer, just owning your own business, that you just want to do everything. And I don't think that's Wrong to try to dabble in different things because it's a good opportunity to test out what you like and what you don't like. So I don't regret what I did from that perspective. I recognize that it contributed to my burnout and was a big factor, but I'm not upset that I did it. I think I learned a lot from the experience also Of almost Feeling tossed around by my own business. It's like you create this thing for yourself and then it Just sort of spirals out. And so I Was very tossed around by it, but it was because I didn't put my own structure around it. So what I've come in and done now after the fact is I've narrowed what services I'm willing To offer, like even my Online business management services, they're more focused on customer support and the customer Experience. And then the system's Kind of supporting that. Really the customer journey, like the customer journey, is like one of the first things that I map out. And then we are looking at like what systems we can use to support that. But I'm not really Pretending that I'm a marketing Wizard. And even though I was offering marketing services, I haven't kept up in marketing. So I narrow my scope in that regard where I let clients know, like, yes, I understand email marketing systems. We can help with email marketing Systems, but I'm not probably the right person to be giving you advice on marketing like high level strategy and that kind of stuff. So I've had to

    Kristen Lux: [00:13:24] Narrow in that regard. And then I also have obviously business hours where I'm open for business with some clients, where we have to do a lot of touching base throughout the day. I've layered in like having a Google calendar that I share with them. They can overlay into their calendar and then they can see which hours I'm working in their business. So there's full transparency. And also then I'm not having a message back and forth like I'm very careful in how I set my boundaries so that they're very collaborative and easy for my clients and easy for me to keep them updated. So I would say those are probably the two biggest things that I've set as far as boundaries. And then I'm always just like, I don't know just how situations arise. Like a friend the other day was like, oh my gosh, I bet you could teach like a whole class, an inbox management. And I was like, Yeah, but I'm not going to that's not what I want. I'm focused on systems. Of course, that is an inbox is a system, of course. But that's just not my wheelhouse. And I'm staying in my lane like I learned very much to stay in my lane after that experience.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:14:20] I love that so in Beta to Biggie. We have phases. And so I love to say stay in your lane. And so Beta to Biggie, my program, we say stay in your phase and it's like it's the same thing. We just stay in your lane and that's where you'll see the best success.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:14:37] It's just like the Whole journey metaphore. Like when you're going on this journey, you're driving like stay in the lane you're supposed to be in. And if you need to get out of that lane for a little bit, make sure you come back. So I love that you said no, because every time we say no to something, we're saying yes to something else. So I think that That's so powerful that you figured that out.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:14:57] Ok, so we were just talking. Oh, no, I can't go on now. I need to know, like, what is what is the next step in your journey? My cliffhangers come back now. Where is it? I can't forget about it though.

    Kristen Lux: [00:15:10] I'm at a point of like I don't know if it's a pivot point, but I'm at that gross point

    Kristen Lux: [00:15:14] Where, like, I'm

    Kristen Lux: [00:15:15] Maxed out on my retainer services. So if someone came to me right now is like, I want to hire you to be my online business manager, I'm not able to take them on. So I'm at the point in my business where I have to decide, do I want to bring someone, a contractor or an employee into my team, start building a team. Right now, I have one off contractors like a graphic designer and a website designer when I need help with those things. But I don't have someone in the day to day. So I'm at a decision point where I need to start deciding if I want to build kind of more of an agency model with what I'm Doing or if I Really want to zoom in more on the Trello Coaching and setup

    Kristen Lux: [00:15:48] Services. And even if I want to zoom in more on that, I'd probably still want to bring someone into the business to help with that. So it's kind of like, do I want to grow the online business management? Do I want to grow the set up services? I also am at a point where I think I would like to do a passive income product. So like I'm looking at maybe doing Beta to Biggie next year to bring some Trello templates to market. That would be

    Kristen Lux: [00:16:09] For basically like your

    Kristen Lux: [00:16:11] Day to day work flows and processes. But I'd like to layer and zappia so that people understand how they can really make a system a Complete whole Connecting different tools together and really getting that system to work For them. So.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:16:23] That's Exciting.

    Kristen Lux: [00:16:24] Into. Yeah, it's definitely Like this is the part That I'm just trying to let unfold, Though, because I Know that whatever I'm supposed to do is going to just kind of Show up. And the person who I Want to bring into my business has just shown up recently. It's a really good friend of mine Who is more detail

    Kristen Lux: [00:16:39] Oriented, more project management focus. He's actually a pimp by Trade project Management professional, and he would be the perfect person to bring in his express interest. But now I just have to kind of figure out the best way to kind of bring him into the business and make it work for both of us, because I want it to be an opportunity for him and not just. Coming in to help me, right?

    Brandi Mowles: [00:16:59] I love this, I have two questions, so this comes up a lot. People are like, well, one day I want to start an agency. So I don't think I should join Serve Scale Soar. And it's so funny because I don't teach anything about agencies at all. And I'm very vocal. Like, don't come to Q&A And ask me how to bring on Subcontractor's because I don't know. I mean, I can figure It out, but it's never been My journey. But that doesn't mean That Serve Scale Soar isn't effective because we actually have a lot of people in there who now have either agency models or they have team members working on Their team and they're still Utilizing Serve Scale Soar. So someone said, Kristen, should I join Serve Scale Soar? But at one point I want an agency. What were your thoughts? B And you all have no idea what she's going to say. So you be honest. Don't say anything that you think is just going to please me.

    Kristen Lux: [00:17:44] No, totally. I would say that the biggest thing that Serve Scale Soar has brought to me Is the Understanding and the knowing that I have to be clear on my processes. I have to be clear on who I'm going after for my clients, who is my ideal client? How am I going to now level up my services while we have a module for that also? And so it's kind of like to build an agency. It's like building a house. You have to build the foundation first. So Serve Scale Soar is like the foundation of the house. And then once you have the foundation built, you can go, OK, do we want this to be one story, two story? How many windows do we want? Obviously decide that before the building process. But like you get my point, like there's things you layer on top of that foundation that I look at Serve Scale Soar really is that foundation.

    Kristen Lux: [00:18:26] And it's going to always

    Kristen Lux: [00:18:27] Be there then to support you when you do have your agency built or when you do have your passive income project built or whatever your particular journey is. But even business owners who have agencies at the root of everything you're doing is their services. And so why would it be hurtful to learn more about your how to perfect your services, how to set up your systems, how to do all those things, how to find your target client Or your ideal Avatar? All of those things we're learning is Serve Scale Soar, and they're only going to add fuel to the fire as we move on to the next stage in our businesses.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:19:00] Well, dang, we need to put you in a commercial that's really good. I love the metaphor of those so good. And I think that's so true even for my business. I'm not going to Agency, but like Serve Scale Soar is my journey. And so that created a foundation For me to also Be able to

    Brandi Mowles: [00:19:20] Launch Serve Scale Soar the membership and then conversions for clients and then beta to biggie. But it all started with that foundation of the services that set you up financially and systems, because those Systems will go with you No matter if you decide to have an agency. Of course, once you Learn anything in The scale with simplicity system, which is what's in Serve Scale Soar the membership, all of that is what I do in my business is of course, like I start at the top and go around. And so I love that you said that, Kristen. So thank you for those kind words. So that was good.

    Kristen Lux: [00:19:51] Thank you for having such a great program that's been so helpful not just to me but to everyone in the program. I mean, you can feel the inspiration in that group, especially on the weekly wins, right? I mean, I don't even always Have something that I feel like putting in there, but I still go read them every single week because it's Just like it's fuel for your Fire. It really is. And it's also I think it's so important to get in groups where people are making more money than you're making. You have to be in groups where you can start to see what the next phase of your business is going to look like and to not go in there like, oh, my gosh, I'm so little. I'm only making a thousand dollars a month. But to be like, OK, I'm making a thousand dollars a month. That's awesome. This person is making five, let me strive for five and let me watch their journey and see how they got to where they are so that you can learn from that situation. You really have to immerse yourself in the type of energy that you want to grow into, I think.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:20:41] And I think that's such a good message because it's kind of like the whole the five people you surround yourself with is who you become. And I think that's so. And then we were just talking before we hit record about how you were like, don't stop the income reports because I love to watch your journey. And it's the same thing in Serve Scale Soar on the when you're watching people's journeys where they started, where they're at now. And that's a really exciting thing. So thank you for sharing that. My next question then, I want to go back to as you said, you are an OBM. Did you get certified?

    Kristen Lux: [00:21:12] I have not gotten certified. I contemplate it regularly. But I know that as far as most of this Year goes, it's not on my path. I'm exploring maybe thinking about doing it end this year or next year, but I'm just not sure. I mean, it really just depends on how much I can level up my skill set myself without going down that road, because I know you don't always encourage people to get certifications if they don't need to. And it's an investment. I'm never against investing in myself or something for my business at all. But I do have to look at the cost of it and say, is this going to be the highest and best use of this money? And right now I'm not in a position to make that determination. Just from a time perspective, I need to get some things cleared off my plate first. But when it comes time, I'm going to have to say, is this a high? The best use for my money to invest in myself, because maybe I want to use that money for something else at that point, too, so it's tough for me to say at this point in time.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:22:06] Well, I didn't know if you are or not. So I always ask this because you have hit a number that most people would love to hit over five thousand dollars per month. And you're not Certified. And my question is, has any discovery call ever asked you, are you a certified OBM?

    Kristen Lux: [00:22:22] No. And in fact, my most recent client found me through the website of Facebook group, landed on my website Look to call and The rest is history. But we didn't have any conversation. She just saw something I posted in there and found me and loved my website, resonated with what I was saying on my website. So, no, I mean, it didn't come up once. It wasn't even part of her consideration. I don't think. I think she just wanted someone with that title and understanding to come in and help her with those things in her business.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:22:50] Yeah. And this is why I'm like I mean, I don't judge if you want to go get certified. I think certifications are great for people's confidence. I think that's What they serve is a confidence boost for That person. And if that Confidence helps you get more clients and oh, heck, Yes, do it like all about it. One thing I don't want people to feel like they have to do is go pay a bunch of money to get certified And then think that Certification is going to do something Like. Ninety nine percent of our clients do not know that, like their certifications and Honestly,

    Brandi Mowles: [00:23:23] Certifications are not recognized at Any like it's not like a Doctor, like a doctor has to get certified, a school teacher has to be certified, a therapist has to be Certified. These are managed By like national boards on the online program. Everyone's coming out with the certification here. You get certified for building up until you get certified for knowing how to do Facebook ads. You're certified for becoming a OBM. And it's like, well, who are you to certify? You know, like it's one of these things that if it builds confidence for you to do it and that means you get more clients and do it, like what is the return on investment of being certified?

    Brandi Mowles: [00:24:00] But then The other flipside is it is it actually going to get you more Clients? And that's where it comes down to. Is it worth my time? Is it worth My money to get Certified? And so people ask me all the time, will you do a certification for conversions for clients? And I'm like, absolutely not. Like it's not happening. Who am I to certify anyone in Facebook ads? And how does it serve you for me to certify you like being Serve Scale Soar for seven months? And I'll put you on a Directory and then you'll get Clients that way, you know? And so I it's always a reminder to me That, like, you don't have to

    Brandi Mowles: [00:24:32] Get certified, but if you choose To, then good luck. I hope it helps you get more clients. I hope it builds confidence. But I think that we all need to know, like, you don't have to be certified to get clients.

    Kristen Lux: [00:24:43] Yeah. And I think that with certification programs that they can be beneficial for someone say you're coming out of corporate and you have no exposure to the online space and you're like, I want to start a business in six months, then it can be a more direct Path to figuringOut what the online space. I think If you're in that position,

    Kristen Lux: [00:25:01] You might have the money sitting

    Kristen Lux: [00:25:02] Around to pay

    Kristen Lux: [00:25:03] The thousands of dollars for the certification. So from that perspective, I don't think it's wrong for some people to go down that path. But I think that a lot of people who come into the OBM space specifically, they start as VCs and they know that they're savvy with admin work and they know they're savvy with setting up systems and managing teams. They've probably even been exposed to all of that.

    Kristen Lux: [00:25:23] I know I have. But I needed Some sort of framework to kind of guide me. And so I just started by reading the book. Forsyth, the woman who created the certification program, has a book. And I mean, the book is going to be the same program. It just doesn't have all the teachings. And so for me, that was enough to go, OK, I'm ready to level up my skill set. I already know how to do all this stuff. I'm already doing it. But I just needed a little bit of framework to put around kind of describing what I do and teaching clients about what I do.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:25:51] I love that so much because it got me thinking, like people ask, did I like, take a course on

    Brandi Mowles: [00:25:56] Panels or anything and Facebook?

    Brandi Mowles: [00:25:58] And yes, I did. I think and this is not just because I have Facebook at first, but like I truly believe Facebook ads are something like you really need to take a course on. I really think that

    Brandi Mowles: [00:26:08] Youtube ads are something You need to focus on. There's other things out there that you don't like. You just said you read a book for me to learn, fondles. I read Dotcom Secrets By Russell and I got the Funnel cookbook and I was off to the races like you're learning. I also I'm always like, I want to be a better writer. Y'all can't see

    Brandi Mowles: [00:26:26] This, but I'm holding up a book, so I want to be a better copywriter when it comes to writing. My own sells copies. So I bought the ultimate sales letter. Like there's so many books out there that will teach you this information. That stuff is just true in principles. It's not going to change like how to be an OBM. Systems may change, but the principles are Still going to be the same. How to build a funnel. The funds are going to stay the same. The principles are going to change the same, Something

    Brandi Mowles: [00:26:49] That's always constantly changing. So Facebook and YouTube ads like things like that, you may need to take a course on because they. Are rapidly Changing much quicker Than can be published, and so things like that, even an executive assistant. You're a world class assistant By Michael Hyatt. I read it and I was

    Brandi Mowles: [00:27:10] Like, oh, now I know what An executive assistant does and here's all these resources. And so I think that there's so many books out there that can educate us on a particular area that we can learn how to do that. We don't need a certification. We don't need a coarsen.It's more I

    Brandi Mowles: [00:27:25] Would rather you spend your money learning how to implement systems and

    Brandi Mowles: [00:27:28] Marketing than how to Do like a particular skill set.

    Kristen Lux: [00:27:33] I agree completely. And Lord knows there's enough freebies out there where people are giving away their information. Now, it can be a lot to aggregate those and sift through them. So I think you have to be very intentional if you're going to try to learn from freebies. But that is a way especially for coming into the space. And you don't have a lot of clients yet and you're just trying to get going, download some freebies and just see what other people are doing. I never obviously encouraging anyone to copy anything or steal anything from anyone else, but just see what other people are doing. I mean, I spent so much time, especially during that year, I was off just following other people on social media. And I joined a program like a membership like Serve Scale Soar, just kind of like immersing myself in information. And the more you can immerse yourself in that information and read newsletters and all that kind of stuff, the more you'll just ultimately build that skill set over time. And also just doing the work is really as long as, you know, enough to start doing it. And you're bidding your projects on a project basis and you're not charging hourly, there's nothing wrong with learning something while you do it. Just don't ever push that off on your client and be like, well, it took me 20 extra hours for your project. Well, that's because you're learning, of course. But learning by doing is just such a great way sometimes. So there's definitely ways to kind of piece things together without jumping into a course. I think you're right to say that courses give people confidence boost. And I do think that sometimes it does fast track them into whatever it is that they're trying to do so that they don't have to piece it together themselves. But I don't think they're necessary at all.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:01] Yeah, I love that. I think what's really important when you look for a program for service providers is I think community is one hundred percent like the biggest factor before Anything, something that

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:12] Teaches you Systems, because That's something that can be super overwhelming. So finding something that just gets you quickly Started and then marketing, I think that's the other thing is not enough. People know how to find clients. You may know how to

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:24] Write the best sales page

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:26] Or do the best inbox zero or whatever it

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:29] May be. But if you don't know how

    Brandi Mowles: [00:29:31] To get clients, who cares if you know how to do that skill? And it doesn't have to be Serve Scale Soar it can be any program. But I think if you're looking at a program, those are the things that I would look for and that's the things I wish I would have had when I was starting out as a service provider. So, Cristen, this has been so amazing. I can't wait to see what comes out of everything. You've got me all fired up talking about certifications. I don't have very many soap boxes, but that's like one of them. But tell me, what has been the biggest one in your business?

    Kristen Lux: [00:30:01] I think the biggest win for me has been learning how to trust my gut. When I was younger, I was just just like my first couple of years of business. I was flailing around quite A bit and I felt Almost very rudderless. And I've done some very intentional work to get to the point that I'm at. I have plenty of work to do still, but I'm at a point now where I really can listen to my gut. I really can. I call them science from the universe. You ask, like, should this be this way? And then you go to sign like ten minutes later. So I've learned to really listen to those things and to look at them as when I'm asking if I'm on my path, that those are my

    Kristen Lux: [00:30:36] Answers to that Question. And then it's generally never this like very direct yes or no kind of thing. You have to be willing to read between the lines to really get into your gut, I think. But that has been the biggest thing for me, is just using that as kind of my guidepost so that I'm not trying to force things because I'm an Anagram one and We're perfectionists and we like to have things done a certain way. So for me, it's just really important as I try to not lean into that perfectionist tendency of mine to really just kind of like know that my gut and the universe, if you will, has my back and that it's all going to be OK if I just listen to those things.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:31:14] I love that. So do you mind sharing? If you do, you don't have to. You mind sharing. You said you've done some intentional work. Do you mind giving some examples of what that intentional work is? I know my audience is wondering.

    Kristen Lux: [00:31:25] Yeah, of course, man. It runs the gamut. I've been working on myself for a long time now.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:31:30] I love that. I love that. I work on myself every day.

    Kristen Lux: [00:31:33] Yeah. So yoga has been a big, big factor for me and getting my body into more of a state of homeostasis. I used to be just super like high strung, but like chaotic, strong, Not like balanced And managed. So yoga has been really good for that. I've done some meditation, but I find that my body actually needs more intense work because my inclination is to Not run from the intensity. So I need The intensity and that actually brings balance to my body. I've done a lot of reading and Listening to books like audio books. One of my favorite Sources for that is the publishing company House by House. I love Wayne Dyer. I've done some work With Louise Hay And affirmations like affirmations have been a really big part of my journey. Gratitude has been probably like doing a gratitude journal, I would say has been The most transformative Thing that I have done. I consider like when my husband and I moved to the town that we live in right now, we weren't happy with our house anymore. We wanted to sell it and. I just started finding gratitude for it and I found gratitude every day in my journal for something in our house And like two months later we were just like, We're moving, we're going. And then we mentioned it to our friends and they were like, cool, we'd like to buy your house, actually. And our friends bought our house and we were like up and out of there and in a new city in like three months. And I really attribute that to gratitude, to really taking time to appreciate my house instead Of, like, looking negatively On it and looking for

    Kristen Lux: [00:32:59] All the flaws. And you can take That as a metaphor for many things in your life that when you focus on the good, more good is going to come and when you focus on the bad or bad is going to come. So those are probably the biggest things I've done. And then I just I mean, I just listen to podcasts and obviously listen to your podcast. So that's been a big part of my journey as well when it comes to my professional development, I would say.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:33:22] I love this so very similar, some of my yoga has not been part of it, but some of the other ones is definitely gratitude. Like I'm all about the gratitude. The five minute gratitude journal is amazing. If you all want to get started somewhere, it may just be called the five minute journal, but it's all about gratitude. Whenever, like, we're in a launch, whenever I don't want to work out or anything Like that, I always do like a five minute or ten minute gratitude, meditation, just gratitude for whatever I'm resisting. So like you talked about your House, a lot of Times resistance comes up for me with working out. So just being grateful that I have a body that can workout and my health. And so whenever we Can flip that to gratitude instead of like resistance, amazing things come from that. So I love that. And then affirmations. I have I have to affirmations. But what is your favorite affirmation?

    Kristen Lux: [00:34:16] My favorite one, that's kind of like a general one that I like to use is I am healthy, happy and well, I think it just summarizes, like, how we all really want to be, like we all want to be happy. We want to be in a good state of health and we just want to be well, like we just all want to have a good life. So that's one that I probably write the most often. I would say

    Brandi Mowles: [00:34:35] I love that. So I have an affirmation that I've never shared with anyone. So you will be the first and then everyone. And I think this comes down to mindset, too. And a show Like this is an Affirmation that if you would have Said Britney say this Affirmation four years ago, I would have never been able to say and then, like, actually mean it. And now it's like my go to affirmation and that's everything I create turns to gold. And so that one is like a whole mindset shift, too, because like as women, especially in our society, like if a man were to say that, no one would shame him. But I'm sure there are Some people That it's probably not listen

    Brandi Mowles: [00:35:13] To my podcast or my people, but that could hear me say everything I create turns to Gold and be like, Oh, she's bragging all like and have All these things. And so it's been this Whole like 360 Shift of owning that and Being like, no, that is my affirmation. That brings Power into everything I Create. And because that means Like everything I create turns to Gold means that it's going to impact ten times more people. And so that's mine. I love yours. And so

    Brandi Mowles: [00:35:43] Even that like when you said It yours, I was like, oh, man, hers Is like so good. And I almost didn't say mine. And this is such a mindset thing for all of us. And so thank you for sharing yours. I know that, Like, sometimes when we talk about this stuff, it's like hard just even for me to tell you all that was hard. And so thank you for being so open and sharing all this. Your journey has been incredible. I'm so glad that our paths of crossed and that we get to do this together. But before we wrap up, I do want to dove into some rapid fire. It doesn't have to be The first thing that comes to mind, just The first feelings that Come to you. So what is your favorite part of your business?

    Kristen Lux: [00:36:20] My client's getting to work with the amazing people and just the things that they're doing in their business and getting to be a part of supporting that and the changes that are being made in our society because of their business.

    Kristen Lux: [00:36:31] It just helps me Sleep at night, to be honest. I love it.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:36:34] I love that it's that full ripple effect of being a service provider.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:36:37] OK, so best piece of business advice you've ever received.

    Kristen Lux: [00:36:41] I have to I would say the first is done is better than perfect. That is like my mantra and I still struggle with that one. But sometimes you just got to go like you can't sit around and make sure something's perfect all day. And then the other one is more of like a personal development. But I think it's really important in the context of what we've been talking about is where attention goes, energy flows. So where you put your focus is what you will bring into your life. And that has been hugely important in me just letting my path unfold. But knowing that as long as I had my mind right and I had a good mindset that everything would work itself out.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:37:17] I love that. So what does success mean to you? Oh, boy, success

    Kristen Lux: [00:37:22] For me is having the time and financial resources to be able to live that healthy, happy and well life that we're all striving for so that I can have an impact on the world. Having an impact is a really important part of my existence. But I can't do that if I'm not in a good state, if I don't have enough money, if if I'm lacking things and I can't do that. So that's really important to me.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:37:47] I love that because I always say and I heard this, I'm just sticks with me. Money doesn't change people. Money amplifies people. And you were talking about like, if you don't have your health, if you don't have your wife, you can't help others. And that's so true. OK, so tell me, What is your favorite part about Serve Scale Soar?

    Kristen Lux: [00:38:02] The community, of course. But it's true. I mean, just being immersed in that community. I mean, the women, mostly women, there's a few men in there, but the people in that group are just so supportive. We have little breakout groups where we have get it done days where we work on our businesses. And there's just I don't know, like we're at a point now those of us who have been in there for a little bit, you were making referrals to each other. And I connected a couple of Ladies from the group to a woman in my community who hosts workshops because they were interested in teaching workshops and getting that off the ground in their business. So it's just fun to see kind of the collaborations that come

    Kristen Lux: [00:38:36] Out of it and to be Inspired and be cheering each other on all the time. It's awesome.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:38:41] I love that. And y'all we maybe, I don't know, one Kristen's episodes coming out, but we may have more episodes coming Your way about how to Create community within your programs or all these things that we've talked about, like how do you get started when you know the right time to create that second revenue stream? And so that is coming about. Kristen, thank you so much for sharing your journey.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:39:01] Thank you for being Open, honest, transparent. It was just such a phenomenal interview. And I cannot wait to see what else comes to your life in the next six months to a year. So tell my audience, where can they connect with you?

    Brandi Mowles: [00:39:13] Where can they Just learn more about you?

    Kristen Lux: [00:39:15] Yeah. So my website is for the love of systems dotcom and for is spelled out. Ah, I'm on Facebook at Ford for the love of Systems and I'm on Instagram under my name. Kristen Underscore Lux and Kristen is spelled with a T and like the number and looks like luxury.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:39:36] I love it. And we'll make sure to link up all this in the show notes. And you can also become friends with Kristen and Serve Scale Soar. So she's also hanging out in there. OK, thank you so much, Kristen, for being on the show. Thanks for having me.

    Brandi Mowles: [00:39:50] Oh, my goodness. Kristen was so stinking amazing. I love the direction that this interview Went and because I don't always Know what direction

    Speaker2: [00:39:59] They'll go. But Kristen Was so open, transparent and honest With all of us about her Journey, about the mindset work, where she puts Her energy, where she Has been on her Journey and where she's going. And I can't Wait to hear more of Kristen story in the next six to 12 months. And if you would love to reach out to her and tell her how this episode impacted you, click in the show notes one of those ways to connect with her and Let her know what this

    Brandi Mowles: [00:40:25] Episode did for you. And if you want to meet Kristen and more people just like Kristen, head over To Serve Scale Soar dot com for Free and check out

    Brandi Mowles: [00:40:33] My free training. How to scale to consistent 10k months without A team, even if you think You want to agency in the future, as always, will until next week go out, serve your client, scale your business and saw to the six figure year you deserve.

    Kristen Lux: [00:40:49] Thanks again for tuning in to the Serve Scale Soar podcast with your host, Brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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