Is your website selling your services 24/7, even while you sleep? Is it attracting your dream clients?  Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what to include on your website….and if you even need one? More importantly, how much time is creating and updating your website going to take and what is it going to cost you?  You might be surprised to find out how simple it can be. 


Today’s guest is Cami Farey. Cami and I met at the ConvertKit conference earlier this year and immediately hit it off.  She is a website design and strategy expert who also teachers other service-based entrepreneurs how to build their website to attract dream clients.  Sounds amazing, right? This is going to be an episode you won’t want to miss! 

Value Bombs:


  • The best way to learn something is to take action- to actually DO IT! 
  • You do not have to be an expert, you just need to be a few steps ahead of your client 
  • Cami breaks down why she 100% believes you need a website for your service-based business 
  • The cold, hard truth that 89% of consumers will search the web before making a buying decision
  • When starting out you don’t need a complicated website.  You can start simple. 
  • The essentials to have on your website when you are starting out
  • Think about what information your clients need from you and then give it to them in the clearest, quickest way possible 
  • 3 big mistakes you might be making on your website 
  • How to avoid getting stuck in perfection paralysis 
  • The importance of making sure you have clear, direct calls to action on every page of your website 
  • Why branding images are a solid, long term investment in your business for years to come 
  • If location is important to your business, make sure this is included in your footer 


I hope you all loved this episode.  It was packed full of information for you to go out and create a simple, beautiful website that sells your services and attracts your dream clients.  


Make sure to go DM Cami on Instagram @camifarey and tell her which piece of advice you liked the most.  Don’t forget to reach out to me on Instagram as well, @brandiandcompany. I would love to answer any questions you have about your website or scaling your service-based business. 


Thanks for listening to today’s episode and I will see you here again next week! 





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I am so excited today for y'all because today's episode I am chatting with Cami and Cami is a website and strategist and she teaches other service based entrepreneurs, how to build their website to attract their dream clients. And we are dropping all the knowledge on you everything you want to know about building your own website, like do you actually need a website? And what should that website include? What is the goal? And does it cost a lot of money and time? And do you even have to be tech savvy to create your website? And so I am so excited for you to tune into this episode and find out everything you need to know about building your own website as a service provider.

Welcome to the serve scale soar podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping service based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five figure months so they can soar into six figure years. Your host Brandi is a wife mom and in less than one year. created a six figure business and now she is spilling all her secrets so you can do

Hello serve scale soar family. I am so excited today to be on this episode with Cami, Cami and I actually met at the ConvertKit conference, which you all have know if you listen to the podcast that is a conference that completely changed my life. And we met there and just totally hit it off. And I love her accent. And she said she liked mine. So we instantly became friends. And she knows all things websites. And so I wanted to have her on so she could tell us really, why should we even have a website and how we should be using it as service providers. So hello, cami, thank you so much for being here. I would love for you just to tell my audience who you are, what you're all about and who you serve.

Hey Brandi first of all. I'm so excited to be here with you and I love that story about us meeting at ConvertKit. Because it's true, I was like all your accent so cute.

But for those of you who don't know me who haven't met me, I'm coming. And I teach service based business owners like you how to create simple, beautiful websites that help you sell your services, and book more clients. Even if you're not tech savvy, even if you're not a designer, even if you don't have a big budget, you don't need any of that stuff to create a beautiful website. And that's what I help people do.

I love that. And then tell us just a little bit about you because now we know what you do as a business, but I like to know who you are as a person.

So as a person, let's see how far back Are we going to go? I am English originally, which you might be able to hear in the accent. But I moved to America when I was 11. So I'm a little bit of a mix. My English friends think I'm American. my American friends think I'm English and everyone else thinks I'm Australian. So I'm like whatever it's up to you. You figure it out. So English originally and have lived in America, most My life, I got my start, I kind of cut my creative teeth in the art world, working nine to five jobs at galleries and museums. And had this moment I don't know if this has happened to you, where you like, look up the food chain, and you think, gosh, I don't want my boss's job. I don't want any of these people's jobs, actually. And like, what am I doing? I've worked so hard to get here and I don't want it. And so I had this moment where I was really thinking about what I was going to do and what my next move was. And I decided to take some time out, travel a little bit, just have a think and hit pause because I had been GO GO GO since basically High School. So I took four months out to go travelling in that process, decided to just blog about my experiences to share it with my friends and family back home. And that actually meant designing and building my very first website, and I've never done anything like that before in my whole life. It was such a steep learning curve for me. But I came out on the other side of it, really knowing that I didn't want to be a travel blogger at all. It means you spend a lot of time in coffee shops dealing with patchy Wi Fi and not that much time exploring, but that I really enjoyed the process of designing and building my website. So I came home from traveling and I was like, oh, shoot, I am broke, and I need a job right now. But I don't want a nine to five jobs. So I decided to get my first web design clients I just started asking around, got my first couple of clients that way, and then slowly but surely built my web design business through word of mouth. And then that transformed into a teaching business, when now I've got a course where I teach other people how to build their own websites. So that's kind of the sparknotes version of who I am and how I got here.

I love that. And one thing that I think so interesting is out of all the guests that we keep having on here and talking so many of us started out as bloggers, and I think we quickly realized like, Oh crap, if I actually want to make money, then I need to do like one on one services done for you services. Because it's a much quicker turnaround. And so I started out with mom blog and then got into my services. And I love that you said like, you kind of like had no idea what you were doing, figured it out came out on the other side. And you're like, you know what I can do this for other people. And I think there's a lot of our listeners right now who are listening. And they don't know if they have the skills it takes to have an online business. And I think that your story, right, there is just another proof that you figure it out for yourself, and then you start offering it and I love that.

And it doesn't have to be perfect. Like I am totally self taught as a web designer, totally self taught in terms of tech. And when I was starting to pitch my first clients like I was by no means the most qualified designer or the most qualified coder out there, like not by a long stretch, but instead I had just enough skills to help them. I was like, just a couple of steps ahead. And then I really learned through doing I learned much faster Through just working with my clients than I would have if I had like, studied for two years and gotten ready and then started doing it.

Ah, I love that even more because so many times we hear that we have to have this course or we have to have like all this training before we can start getting clients and really like you learn the most when you're in action. And you don't have to have a certificate or be like a certified I don't know, web designer or anything like that or formal training, you just get out there and do and like you said, you only have to be a few steps ahead of your client. And that makes all the difference. So I love that you brought that up. But I know that we want to talk about websites. So the first question is I get this question asked all the time, and that is do we even need a website as a service provider?

100% Yes, you do. And not just because this is what I do for a living. There's been a ton of research show that like 89% of consumers will search the web before making a buying decision. People will check out your website and compare it to your competitors, compare it to other people in your industry and make a snap judgment about whether or not they like you whether or not they want to work with you. And then 94% of those first impressions and those snap judgments actually design related. So what all of that means for you is that your clients are searching for your services. They're checking you out, and they're checking out the competition, and then making a snap judgment about whether or not they trust you whether or not they want to work with you, all based on your website design. So I think the service providers, especially when so many of us are building our businesses through word of mouth, through reaching out to people we already know, having a great website is such a key piece of the puzzle. Because if you're saying like if I asked you for a recommendation for a VA, I say Brandi, who you working with Who should I hire and you say you should go hire Meredith She's an incredible VA, I'm suddenly like really a hot lead for Meredith, I already know her like her and trust her, I have that recommendation. So then when I go to her website, basically her website is going to close the sale, or it's going to lose the sale. So it's either going to entice me to take the next step and book a call with her and then probably hire her because I'm already warm. Or I'm going to be like, Oh, she doesn't have a website. This just looks like a Facebook page. I don't know how professional This is. I'm not so sure. Brandi said she's good, but maybe I'll look around some more. So that's really where I see your website as a service provider being so important. And especially as a new service provider, like without a web without a website, you are so difficult to refer kind of make yourself unrecoverable. And that's a shame because you don't need a complicated or fancy website. You just need something simple and straightforward and good enough for now.

Okay, I like that because I think sometimes I'm in the camp of Hey, if you need money now Get a client and then build your website. But I am someone who thinks that there does come a point and it's very soon in your business that you do need a website. And so with that being said, the biggest thing that I know is going through my listeners ears right now is, but I don't know what I'm doing. And it's expensive to build a website.

You don't have to know what you're doing. And you definitely don't have to have a big budget. So the tech tools today, the tech tools that I use for my own clients, and myself and teach to my students are so user friendly and affordable. So I'm a huge Squarespace fan. It's what I love, I recommend it to everyone. And you can get started on Squarespace for as little as $12 a month. So like you cut out a couple of Starbucks a month. And suddenly you've got this incredible long term asset for your business that will help you grow and book those clients so much faster. And then in terms of knowing what you're doing and the learning curve, I always tell people to focus on the idea of having it be good enough for now, I think it's really easy to get caught up in perfection, paralysis and thinking like, my websites not good enough, I don't have these fancy photos, I don't know what to say. And all of that's fine. Like, if you're just starting out, all I need to know on your website is, who you are, what you do, and then how I can get in touch with you and take that next step. It can be as simple as one quick little page. And there are lots of free tutorials both on Squarespace and on YouTube to help you just take that first step and get started. So I think if that's what's going through your head, I wouldn't let it hold you back. You know, you can get started in just a couple of hours really, if you block that time off and make a commitment. Like the only thing I think you need is a positive mindset. So you don't need tech skills. You don't need a big budget. But you do need the mindset of, Hey, I don't know this yet, but I'm confident that I can learn what I need because I've learned so many new things before my whole entire life. I'm a capable person. So I'm going to do This.

I love that because I know like I've never I've been on Squarespace to like pixel. But I've only worked with WordPress. And I know there is a big learning curve with WordPress. And it can be expensive once you add up like hosting and all that. And so Squarespace I feel like sounds like a great thing for people just starting out, especially at $12 a month. That's so cheap. And then I love that you said it doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be complicated. It can be just a one page website. And so with that one page website, or even if they split it up, what are the must haves sections or pages that service providers need?

The first thing I want you to think about when it comes to your website, is what do you want people doing on your website? How do you get hired? So for most of us selling services that's going to be through somebody filling out a contact form. Maybe you have a Pacific project inquiry form or maybe you've got a scheduling software and you want people to book a call. So how do you get hired, because that is going to be the main action on your website, all roads lead there. So we're asking people to book a call with you to take that first step. Then at the end of every page on your website, you need to be saying, if you'd like to get started, click here to book a call. So first, I want you to think about your main goal. And then think about what your businesses need to see and read on your website to help them get to that main goal. So for most of us, visitors need to know where to get started, which is your homepage, they need to know a little bit about you as a person and your skills. That's your about page, they need to know what you offer. That's typically your services page. And then they need to know how to get in touch and that's your contact page. So you can break this out into separate pages if you'd like. Or you can just really quickly summarize it all on kind of like one, a one page scrolling website, doesn't matter. Just those are the things key ingredients, right? And then you want to think about very clearly telling your visitors what to do at each step. So, what should they do after they've read this page? Where should they go next? How do they book a call? I always advise people to keep it ultra clear and ultra direct. Because I think sometimes we get really caught up in thinking all my copy needs to be so original. I need to be so clever. When in reality, if you just tell people who you are, what you do, and how they can hire you, it will make a huge difference. So give you an example. Yesterday, I was going through and looked at about 50 different photographers websites, because I was trying to create a list of photographers to recommend to my students, and most of those websites, Brandi, I kid you not, the photographer was not telling me where they were located. They didn't have a contact page, not like nothing, I couldn't find the information I needed. And I was like all I want you to tell me is that like you're based in Austin, Texas, and here's where I can click to schedule a call with you. And none of them were doing it and I was like This is so simple, like you could just put in your footer of your website on every page. Hey, I'm a photographer based in Austin. I also travel internationally, click here for my tour dates, click here for my contact page. And it's just little subtle things like that. It's like, think about what information your clients are going to need from you, and then just give it to them in the clearest, quickest way possible.

Yeah, and you know, it's so funny because building sales pages and writing ad copy, I always say like, We're not here to be cutesy. We're here to like, make sure our reader knows exactly what to do fourth grade language, all of that. And then now I'm thinking about my website, and I'm like, oh, why is it my website so clear, like I have the contact and everything. But it's one of those simple things that I think sometimes we just think we have to be cute and have like, awesome verbiage and everything and it's really just our goal as a service provider is just to get those calls booked and just making it so Simple and I think you just giving our listeners permission right now to keep it simple, is so refreshing. And I know that's going to help a lot of them. So I love that that's so easy and actionable. Just tell them like get them to booking the call and tell them a little bit about you. And having that contact on the footer. I think that's genius, as well. And so I know that some of our listeners, they already have a website, they're constantly tweaking it. They're trying to make it better. But what are some of the biggest mistakes you see service providers making on their website?

The biggest mistakes I see there, there are three big ones really. Mistake number one is using the wrong tech tools. So when my students come to me and they say to me, I just not tech savvy, I'm not smart enough to figure this out. What I hear is that they're just using the wrong tools for them and for the job. Like if you went to Zara and you tried on a shirt, and that shirt was a little bit too small You, you probably wouldn't go into a tailspin of like, Oh, I'm not smart enough to wear this shirt. Or like I'm too dumb, I should have studied more like no, you would just ask the dressing room attendant to bring you a different size, and then everything would be fine. And it's the same with your tech tools. So if you're struggling right now, if you find your website really difficult to update and manage, and you just dread going into it, you might be just using the wrong platform for you. So I would encourage you to check out something simple and user friendly like Squarespace. If that's your situation. Then Mistake number two is getting stuck in perfection paralysis. So in endlessly tweaking your copy and your images, and then not marketing your business, because you've spent six months, like behind the scenes of stressing about your logo. I'll tell you that no one actually cares that much about your logo, like it doesn't matter. So what I'd love for you to do is just keep it simple, keep it clear, use clear, direct language, use stock photos, if you need Dumb, and then make sure you've got at least one photo of you on there. This could be a professional headshot, or it could just be an iPhone photo that's taken in some natural light with a nice neutral background that looks clean and professional. But I think that as a service provider, like one of your advantages is that you're a real person. You're not some faceless, nameless Corporation. So let's make sure that we're leveraging that competitive advantage on your website, I'm showing your face a little bit. And then Mistake number three that I see people making is not including clear direct calls to action. So on every single page of your website, if you've got a website already, I want you to take a look at every single page and look at the bottom of each page. Are you telling somebody where to go next after they've read that page? Or are you just kind of leaving them dangling because if you're leaving them dangling or missing an opportunity, so I want you to make sure go in and add calls to action to the end of every page of your website. These could be the same across the board, you could just be like Book, Nicole, here's where to do it. Or if you want to lead people through your pages, you could say, like on your about page, for example, at the bottom of the about page, you might say, click here to check out my services and lead them to the services page. So those are my three biggest mistakes and how to fix them.

Ah, I love that. And that's something so easy that we can all go in very quickly do and one of the things that I love that you said is stop tweaking it, like stop tweaking your website, and if it's not completely updated all the time, like with your current offerings, it's not the end of the world, like it's not. And then also I love that you said your logo doesn't really matter. I tell people that all the time. My poor graphic designers and brand strategist in my group are like Brandi, Stop saying that. But as a service provider, we're so fortunate that like our branding, and our logo does not matter. What they really care about is our services, booking a call with us and With that being said, though, there are some people I know who are going to be like, but What color should I use and things like that. So do you have any insight on just like, what are some colors that just perform a little bit better?

The way I approached design is I like to pull what I call them big leavers. So I don't want to spend months fiddling with every little detail if I could just like pull one lever and do one thing and get 80% of the way there. So the biggest lever that you can pull if you want to level up your business, level up your website, and make it all look way more custom and convert better is you can go and have a brand photoshoot, and get some really beautiful images of yourself. So I love images as an investment because you are the only thing in your business that's not going to change. your niche might change. Your packages might change. Your entire business model might change, but you will stay the same. So good images are a really solid long term investment that you can use for years to come. So get some great images. And then what I like to do in your images is I recommend everybody just wear a color or a couple of colors that make you look good. What colors do you look nice and I would for most people avoid wearing black or white and your brand photos because it tends to wash you out. So wear a color that you look good and feel confident in. And then bingo, there is your brand color. There's your brand colors, you can actually pick colors out of that photo and use them in your buttons and in text on your website, and it'll help things feel more cohesive. So I recommend with colors, pick just one accent color to start with. Maybe you want to use a bright pink or a bright blue. You want a color that's kind of attention grabbing and punchy so that you can use it in your buttons. You can use it in your links, you can use it in your headlines, but just one is more than enough to Get started with. So if you've got photos, I would suggest just pull that color out of your photos and start experimenting and find what looks good. And if you don't have any photos yet, you can go go browse Pinterest for inspiration. There are so many ways to get colors out there. And again just start playing around and then you will eventually find something that looks good to your eye. And as long as it stands out and it's kind of bright and attention guessing you're fine, it's great.

I love that I was not expecting the brand photos but I think that is something so important to invest in. And I think it's way smarter to invest in that the necessarily like someone to do your branding because the cool thing about that is I love the idea of picking a color that you feel confident in and using that as your brand colors because that just makes like through social media and your website and everything so much more cohesive. And then you're not trying to find where a color that You don't necessarily feel good. And just for your brand photos, you're doing it the opposite way. And I love that that's such a good tip. Okay, so do you have any hacks or tips for us that we could implement, like this week?

Really quick hacks and tips, okay, make sure go check out your website, make sure you've got a link in your main navigation that says contact, not get in touch, not send me a note. not send me an email. I've seen that one before, but contact it because that's what your customers are going to be scanning for. So, tip number one, make sure you've got that link that says contact. Tip number two is that if your location is important to your business, if where you're based matters, which I would argue that for most of us, even those of us working online, it does, right. If I'm looking to hire a VA, and I'm looking at two candidates and everything is equal, I'm probably going to hire the person who lives in my time zone. So just in your website for so consider saying something like You know, in on my website, I say, Kenny fari design is an online business that proudly serves clients in New York City and worldwide. So consider adding something like that in and then go on to each of your pages and make sure there is a clear direct call to action at the end. If you do those three things, it'll take you less than half an hour, your website will be immediately better immediately more user friendly.

I love that now I want to go ad like serving St. Pete Florida and worldwide to mind that is so fun. I love that and I think it also lets people relate to you as well. Because they're not like wondering like, Where is she like there's that instant connection. So I love that. Okay, so this was so good. I know that my listeners are going to be so excited and so I know that we talked about it, but you 100% recommend Squarespace right? Hundred percent. Okay, and the learning curve is very small. It's very

very user friendly, okay, also excessively priced. And you don't have to worry about any tech maintenance or security issues on Squarespace because they take care of all of that for you, which is amazing.

I love that. Okay, and so before we end, I love to do a little bit of rapid fire. And so are you ready? It doesn't have to be one word. It can be like a phrase, but just the first thing that comes to your mind. Okay, so what is your favorite part of your business?

I love working with people from all around the world. from the comfort of my own home. I have students who are across four continents. When I host a webinar people show up from the Philippines from Malaysia from the US from the UK and I just think it's the coolest thing in the whole entire world.

I love that. Okay, so what is the your favorite software or tool that you love that you wouldn't be able to live without? Squarespace? I thought that was coming. That's perfect. Okay, so What is the best conference you've ever attended live or virtually? Oh viously

craft and commerce, which is hosted by ConvertKit. in Boise, Idaho. It's the best the best content the best people so much fun.

And for y'all who don't know, I talked about this on episode 12. We'll link it up in the show notes of why you should be attending conferences. And this is where it came in. I'm at like I mentioned in the beginning, and so are you going this year? Absolutely. Yeah. I'm everyone keeps asking me and I'm like, I don't know. It was so good. I know. I think I'm gonna have to go all my friends are gonna be there. Okay, so tell me what is the best piece of business advice you've ever received?

Start before you're ready. The only way none of us ever feel ready. I know that on a daily basis. I don't feel ready. But the only way you get ready is by taking action putting one foot in front of the other and learning by Doing. So you are never going to be ready to do the thing to start your business to work with that client to host that webinar, and it doesn't matter. All you have to do is get started, and you become ready through doing it.

I love that that is so good. And there's never a perfect time. And so I just love that that's what you are leaving us with. But before you leave us, I want my listeners to know how they can reach out to you ask you questions connect with you, and find out all the good things you have to offer.

I hang out online over at and where I've got a really great free masterclass for you all about the secrets to a simple website that sells your services. So if you liked this today and you want even more and you want to go deeper, come and check that out. And then if you want to connect personally and you want to say hi, come and check me out on Instagram at camifarey. I read and reply to all of my DMS and I would love to hear from you if

I love that and we will link All of that up in the show notes and I just so appreciate you being on here today and sharing all your website wisdom with us. And thank you so much.

Thank you, Brandi. It was my pleasure. Oh

my gosh, y'all that was such a good episode with Cami. She told us everything we needed to know about building a website and she probably broke a lot of your beliefs that you had that it has to be expensive, time consuming. Take a graphic designer, you have to have branding, and all of those things and instead she showed us how simple it is to get a one page website up. It can only cost $12 a month and how to attract your dream clients and stand out in the crowd and I just loved all the knowledge she was dropping. Please make sure to go dm her on Instagram will link up her Instagram in the show notes and just share with her what you took away from this episode. So I'm going to ask you go serve your clients scale your business and soar into the six figure year you deserve

Thanks again for tuning in to the serve scale soar podcast with your host brandi. If you loved our podcast, please be sure to leave a comment or review and be sure to tune in next time.

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